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Monday, June 12, 2017

"Roll Tape" by GK - 6.12.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 3:49 PM EDT on June 12, 2017

I could pretty accurately lay out a history of the devil mafias from mesopotamia to present day and be very close to right as to who is still to blame today. 

People see Satanists, Luciferians, Jewish mafia, Jesuit, Khazarian, along with corporate syndicates that have at their foundation government agencies that launder drug money through them to finance destabilization efforts around the world. Especially in countries where uniquely tappable resources are found and can be exploited. Or places with excellent climates for growing coca or poppies.

For drug addicts who will be the backbone of the prison industry.

So it would seem poppies and catnip share similar properties... Let's see what the wizard and the Taliban have to say about this sudden courage...

I would point at the all seeing eye and pyramid on the money. I would get into secret societies, orders, fraternities, tactics to maintain loyalties. I would point to timeline chronology, migration patterns, what family seized control of which institution first, who married into those families, and who was replaced by lookalikes...

I would avoid the reptilian stuff, the alien stuff, the clone stuff but I would acknowledge Jules Verne, HG Wells, and other science fiction writers who seemed to know that there were places beyond our traditional maps.

I'm told it is worth a cool quadrillion...​

I would show how they were involved with the Fabian society, and their emblem of a turtle with a sword that knew they had all the time in the world to incrementally gain control.

I would discuss the significance of 1066 London, the Talmudic babylonian money system of contract law that got it's teeth from Admiralty law and its vision of the one world order through such things as the uniform commercial code.

I could point to Colonel Pike and the KKK and the masonic letters telling of the coming world wars. I could point to the men at the time who had significant things to say about the treachery they were observing first hand. Those that knew Lincoln and the Civil War was not some sort of noble march to free slaves but London once again dividing and conquering and getting a foot in the door.

OMG I just dream tthe entire global currency reset is to be featured on Ashton Kutcher's Punked....

I would show con artistry as a leading weapon in every aspect of politics, war, finance, propaganda... social engineering through trickery and emotional traumatic events to garner the reactions and momentum that lined 18 year old men up at recruiters offices.

I would show how certain lies were key to maintaining other lies that cemented the diabolical grasp on humanity. Especially regarding the Bankers who funded Hitler and Churchill, and the counting houses of Frankfurt Germany, and the difference between the false Jew and the wandering world Jew. I would say who came first and that Jesuit meant Jew suit. And that satanism loved all religions as a place to hide.

I would try to convey that each of these power house syndicates had a hierarchy of one mafia being more powerful than all the others and how all of these institutions transended decades and centuries keeping power in a small decision making circle and world manipulating think tank of string pullers.

I would emphasize how EVERYTHING is a set of lies that hand power to this small enclave of men and women void of conscience whose love of power, materialism, and perverse rituals were allowed every deviant desire by virtue of controlling everything.

Chapter One: Why the Federal Reserve deserves a second chance.

And if I were to get into the devil in the details to prove every damn assertion and accusation my essay would be a book thousands of pages long.

But the one thing I cannot prove exactly, is who is whom.... we all look alike.

The people all around us, in our communities are certainly extensions of the beast, our police and military are, our courts, our schools and most of these people simply have no clue about the grand deception and how they help facilitate it in their naive ignorance and belief that they are good people. Just doing their jobs to serve the system.

Their families generations before intermarried, their great grandfathers established important industries then lost much of it to outsiders who set their sights on absorbing the fruits of that labor.

So in the conclusion I think we need to vote yes on proposition 69... or was that no on proposition 96... crap...I left my notes in the car...

The organizations and fraternities they shared were seemingly to protect but little did they suspect that collectivist gathering was to deny the individual true freedom to own its labor, accomplishments and victories.

The parasites were all around sucking the blood with quiet smiles and subtle manipulations. The breakdowns along the way like divorce, or bankruptcies or sickness.... Quite often weren't happenstance but made to happen.

There is definitely an unveiling and an unmasking going on all around us... But is it bya divine goodness or an evil entity finally wanting to take its bow, and get some credit for all its dirty works.

And as Geno laid in bed counting his imaginary money and dreaming of his humanitarian of the year award, a bunch of rodents robbed him blind...

I know people want to believe in the best but isn't that the exact desire that allowed the parasites to land and begin their blood sucking?

How does all this apply to the global currency reset?

I could offer two distinct theories.

One of a benovolent process.

One of a malevolent process.

I really don't care what the majority on this site says, I am only interested in the truth. A thousand people can think they are right and one person can actually be right and being upset about that which is uncomfortable to consider, doesn't help anything but evil if it turns out the majority is wrong. A revelation that usually happens decades too late.

I heard this place sucks...

And if a minority is right as to what the evil agenda is, that won't change anything either if the majority refuses to consider the worst and identify the true culprits and contain them. So being right as a minority is to be swept up in the disaster with no power to stop it. Hey look a tsunami is com...glug glug glug.

And what if the evil convinces the majority that the minority is in the way of the final reward? When in fact the minority was the only entity that had identified the real plan?

Sounds like the type of belief system a malevolent con artist would use to put the final nails in a coffin right?

So again, I honestly don't know who to trust because everyone looks alike. The bad guys think they are the good guys and wear hats that reflect the color of their belief system.

Woah is it me or did everything just turn to color? I think I am going to need rehab if ever I get home...

We have all been conned into our own sets of lies and we are willing to kill to defend those lies. Or throw tantrums.

And God forbid critical thinkers stop with knee jerk reactions and just calmly watch the events and their manipulators.

Like in London the other night where plenty of pictures were snapped of police men getting into costume for the false flag event.

You see how that works?

Regular citizens with cameras on their phone calmly exposed the lie that is trying so hard to launch chaos.

So what is my point?

My point is do not react.


Take pictures.


Quit running to join posses, lynchmobs, recruiting offices.

That phone in your hand is the ultimate weapon of individuality and freedom when coupled with the internet.

Expose the con-artists.

Shame them.

Subterfuge is failing. Let it fail.

Smile. Say cheese.

Yep. When I am a quadrillionaire I am going to have sexy robots in little plaid skirts clean my bathroom.



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