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Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Response to Yosef's Trump Hate Post" by Reallucky1 - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 10:36 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

JUST IN: Over 5.7 MILLION People Voted Illegally In Election TRUMP WAS RIGHT and Dems Had to...


Really tired of you bashing our President, I voted for him and I support him. I am going to post many links, that will show you Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote as you have mentioned. There were 5.7 Million illegal votes, who by law, regardless of what ex Pres Obama told them they could do. In addition to the illegal votes, 2.3 Million votes were from dead voters. So that takes 8 Million votes off her total, and gives President Trump the electoral as well as the popular vote win. Regardless of your opinion, or the liberal rag newspages, he is a popular President and the polling numbers are completely wrong. He is hanging right at 50%, regardless of your radical liberal ways, they will never impeach nor remove this President, because of the sheer volumn of numbers voting on his side.

So for all of you that agree with Yosef, its the anti American way. We have a diplomatic process in this country, the majority of the country that voted for President Trump, love what he is doing, and love that he is draining the swamp. I have followed this geopolitical site for many years, and while we love the Intel, if we do not stand up to people that try and sway our minds, when we know what is right, we are just as guilty as the bashers. I want you to grow a set, quit bashing and calling the President horrible names. It is not only not necessary, it is beyond healthy.

People do not want nor need your opinion about the President, the RV/GCR will go on with or without this constant slamming, its just not necessary, nor wanted. I hated President Obama, when he sent the ransom to Iran, a clear policy that we do not allow in this country, it pissed me off beyond words. But I sucked it up, and did not go out and rag on him, nor post that his dumb ass, was ruining this country. The reason this country is so desperate for help, is the liberal idiots, that go to there safe spaces, and do not allow people to use their first amendment right of free speech at college campuses. Whether we agree or disagree, these rights are for a very sound reason, and regardless of how I personally feel, they have a right to speak. Its the liberal colleges, and the mindsets that have brought this country to an unsafe agenda. Our men are not men anymore, they have become more feminine, and more confused. Whether its the GMOs that were put in our food, or the liberal professors, between the mindset and the staring into there cell phones and electronic devices, we have become a true zombie nation. Tired of people, that allow others to influence their minds, with their own agendas. I support and love President Trump, and feel he is the best President of my lifetime. Whether you agree or not, is not important, but I will not stand by and watch you continually bash, without fighting back or stating my side.

Our government has been out of control, between the 9/11 and the subsequent false flags, all done by my own government, I am tired of sitting idly by and watching. We live in a police state nation, controlled completely by donors, lobbyists and SuperPacs. This was the main reason I supported our President, to fight the Deep State, and the cabal and to get this country out of the swamp. These false flags, were done to keep us in check. Now we must be completely scanned, shoes removed, and patted down when we fly, because this was done by design. We are no longer a free country, we are a police state nation. This and many more reasons, is why I support this President. The entire Trump family has class, something we have not seen to this capacity since the Kennedy's.

Your extreme hatred, tells me you seriously, need to get over the election we are going into the 9 months since the election, and I never kept my hatred going for more than a few weeks. The President has little control over the nation due to our Deep State and Industrial Military Complex. I am proud my President is fighting this insanity, that our nation is run by a bunch of militarized puppets for the elites. Not since JFK have we had a President fighting the shadow governments like this. So either you are on the side of the Deep State and war mongers, or you are on the side of freedom and taking our nation back. You can not have it both ways. Just want you to know, that people do not feel the way you feel, and your continual words, will never change my opinions. I quit voting long ago, until President Trump. I feel his family and his businesses, are the classiest we have had to date. I am proud of them and the things they are doing, regardless of your opinions.

My opinions are not dependent on the RV, as I will be able to cash my currency, regardless of my feeling about the President or how you feel about him. I also feel Russia and China, would never set up our country to have a civil war, and therefore they will not remove the President publicly before the roll out. After all, we have these trade sanctions you mention, and the US will experience harsh penalties if we do not get this RV going. Its to make the country and the new currencies international, and not create a civil war. So for the record, your opinions and my exchanging of currency, is not dependent on how I feel about our President. No money will ever replace my opinions about people. You stated that Rex Tillerson and Ben Carson have no experience, I beg to differ. Rex Tillerson has worked with all these nations, with his Exxon Mobile career, and he is a welcome change to John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Ben Carson has a vast amount of knowledge, and wants to get the HUD agencies going into a different direction. If you can not see that a successful businessman like President Trump, is making big changes to our government and using his expertise to get us to be lean and mean, then I can not help you.

I guess unless they are stealing and robbing this nation blind, or selling off our Uranium to Russia, as Hillary Clinton did, she sold 20% of our Natural Resources, without permission, she just made the sell. Has there been any type of prosecution or an Oversight Committee meeting against her? Silence, like crickets. Her use of a private email server, not only put our country and military at risk, has she been prosecuted for these crimes? The main reason James Comey is out of a job. The hypocricy of all Democrats, to overlook someone that smashes her servers with hammers and bleachbit, even when classified information cost American lives. The equal justice under the law, unless AG Lynch, has sold out then its to be overlooked, but slam down on President Trump, when no evidence has been found of his collusion. So sick and tired, of the constant, look at Trump, but leave Hillary alone, she is old and sick. Give me a break mentality, the woman is a criminal, and I thank God every single day that the country did not put her in office. Not only would the RV not be rolling out, it would be business as usual for the Deep State. When Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on the airplane tarmac, she should have stepped down immediately. No it was business as usual once again. So now you think the country will just watch as they remove the only President of my lifetime that has made a dent in our corrupt government, good luck with all that.

You either support the criminals that have been running our government, or you are going to give this President a chance. He has only been in office for five months, your extreme hate is nothing but a self inflicted wound, that could be handled in a different manner. Like we have to file lawsuits, and wait until they make it to court, I suggest you do the same. People in general do not want your negative opinions about the President, we only want the Intel for the RV, not opinions. No true Republican is a fan of Paul Ryan, he is merely the Russia and Chinese choice, he could not win a true election, or they would have tried that route. The main reason President Trump got in the race, he was able to reach out to a large majority of the population. President Trump got more votes than any candidate in history. For the final time, Hillary did not win the popular votes, because in America, illegals and dead people are not allowed to vote. Get over it, and get ready to see the vast changes coming to America. I went and searched for the Camp David record to see if the President had turned in a resignation, you can not get this information, so they will never come out and publicly state that he has been removed. They will start a civil war, and create more problems than they want with the delicate nature of the RV/GCR. So get a grip and get ready to see the President announce ISIS liberation tomorrow, so we can get this ball rolling.


Over 40 Illegals Arrested For Trying to Vote in California


3 Million Illegal Aliens Voted In Presidential Election



Trump Poll Numbers Surge

Gallup Launches Fake Poll Numbers Against Trump Just Like During The Election





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