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Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Response to OWK" by One Who Hears - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Hears at 6:28 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Firstly, I express how sorry I am to hear that you were attacked and continue to be attacked. I am grateful that you have protection. These are truly issues of self-defense. This does not remove the damaging effects of these actions, though. I am glad you have this venue and this group here to support you. (Do you have a blog?)

A few years ago, I received a direct psychic attack from a moderator of a conference call. After the call, I received an email from someone apologizing to me for the incident on the call. I stopped calling in. A year later, I called in to speak with a new guest and was cut off by the moderator who made it seem to the callers like it was a technical error. (How on earth did the moderator remember my prefix all that time? Think about it.)

I received many of these psychic attacks within a few years. One for sure came from this moderator. I would never even believe such phenomena existed had I not experienced it for myself. In general, it would not surprise me if people who vibrate at a higher frequency were on some kind of actionable list. Additionally, what kind of entity would have access to that information and be able to act on it? An ex-military person? An intelligence contractor? Makes one wonder.

Recently, I scanned through a call by that moderator. A lady caller asked a question to an Intel provider. Before she could respond to his input, she was cut off. I recognized the M.O. right away. The moderator dealt with her swiftly and removed her from the call. All listeners were wondering where the caller went. I knew. I heard this caller before and knew that she was intelligent with a sincere desire to learn…but, like me, had been perceived by the moderator as a threat. Sometimes, the moderator has only to see your prefix and drops you from the call or puts you at the end or on hold, so that you either have to wait longer or you never get on and/or have to dial in again or just give up. I proved it to myself by dialing in several times during one call. By chance, you do get on the call; you are not allowed to speak as long as the other callers, before you are removed. No direct apologies, of course.

I kept thinking as to why this moderator had such anger toward me. I was not a frequent caller, had said nothing negative to cause that type of reaction, but had merely asked a question about some Intel I had heard. For a long time, the whole ordeal puzzled me. One day, I mentioned the episode(s) to a friend. The friend said that it was not the person, but something inside that person that had made the attack(s). “Aha!” I thought to myself. That made perfect sense to me that this person was possessed by some very dark energy. That dark energy had apparently picked up on something in me that it reacted to. (Light, perhaps?)

Still, these attacks are incomprehensible since I just don’t think like that. This 3-4D energy, it seems, can only think this way and act out of their dark energy.

Do these attackers find the callers by tracing their phone numbers or some other methods? And then they use some form of technology or directed energy thoughts to cause them harm? I changed my phone number in this event. The latest (directed energy weapon) uses scalar technology, which has the capacity to do more harm than good, IMO.

What is really bothersome is how this moderator and its cronies choose to laugh at the attacks they render at others. They mock and call names. This is how the dark defensive reacts in fear when it is being called out. It is as if they delight in their ability to cause trouble and they feed off the energy thereof. Could this be a form of “loosh?” I find this behavior extremely uninformed and harsh, adding insult to injury. If they were mature, loving folks, they would simply ignore OWK’s information and/or make a simple apology if they had caused harm to him. Make amends and move on. Instead, they take no responsibility whatsoever for their harmful behavior. In fact, they take pride in it. This is the behavior of psychopaths, if I am not mistaken. People with no heart. Where is the LOVE in these people? I’m not feeling it. They are so unlike the man they worship and the scripture they quote.

There is a lot of pretense on that call—phoniness and high-flying religiosity that masquerades as love and light. The moderator evangelizes to make it seem aligned with God. Old 3D energy, if you ask me. The puzzling part is how it talks about all the things it is doing to help people and the future projects it will be working on. Many folks drink the cool aid, as they say. It proves there is still something about humans that wants to believe what people say as opposed to how they behave. In my experience, real humans are not cruel by nature.

What do we do with these “people” who continue to attack those of the light? Who pretend they are themselves of the light?

Do we drop them on the spot? How do we discern whether they are simply humans who are possessed by the dark or real nefarious dark characters that are nonredeemable? If they could be run through a light chamber we would find out. Perhaps they will not survive the higher frequencies. I trust their are ways to sort out these entities to see what they are made of.

No, I don’t think we should allow these entities/attackers to keep up their antics or go unnamed, but my sense tells me that the protectors know who these entities are and will, at the right time, take care of them, unless the entities simply disappear on their own. Like with the political scene and everything else, the wise ones have ways to deal with problematic issues that result in the least possible amount of collective anxiety. This is an approach in which we on earth are not entirely familiar.

We have to also consider that these attackers are evidently exchanging their currencies. Will they use their funds to wield their ego power over others? It is hard to imagine or accept that would be allowed to happen. If so, we simply have to let it play out. One thing is for sure. This Reformation event is truly an amazing experiment!

Finally, I ask why certain Intel providers still choose to appear on that call? Do they not recognize the cool aid? Do they have nowhere else to go? Are they a part of some dark agenda? A distraction? Do they have more than one personality? While I applaud the effort a certain Intel provider puts into his posts, it has become nauseating, subservient, bordering on masochistic, how he continues to idolize this moderator. Like hero-worship. There is something morbid and distressing about that behavior.

Lastly, I don’t think that this Intel site wants to protect murderers, but to call them out by naming them could bring harm to the site and its owner. We don’t need that either, for the common good of the site and the positive energy that it provides.

Thank you. One Who Hears



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