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Friday, June 9, 2017

"Resolution Re: In Plain Sight" by Timothy - 6.9.17

Entry Submitted by Timothy at 1:13 PM EDT on June 9, 2017

"In Plain Sight" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - June 9, 2017

The intention of this post is only peace and harmony of highest purest love…and light, in accord with Source intention. Love is active good will (e.g. the Greek agape; in this, love does no harm; if it does harm, it is not this love); and light is that which discloses/exposes, brings/effects apocalypse. Apocalypse means disclosure/exposure, such as when a light is shined and darkness is dispelled/displaced.

Note: Ye are the light of the world (kosmos: the ordered system of things, including the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, universe and the multiverse…); and, do not hide your light under a bushel… (principles reflected of the bible at Matthew, chapter 5)

This post is to help the heart minds of those of us who are aware of the injustice and fictitiousness (lack of genuine truth, lack of just/righteous claim) and bogusness of the United States…yet who may not comprehend the obligations of the honor of the elders and others regarding the notions:

“Child support, back taxes, court settlements, and wage garnishment will all be taken out of your exchange at your redemption appointment.

If there's an active warrant for your arrest you will be taken into custody and processed.”

In music, resolution is a state of which a dissonant (disagreeing/off-key/off-pitch) sound/frequency is brought into consonance (harmony/agreement) with another note or within a chord structure. With intent and meaning involving the essential principle of dissonance brought into consonance, I use resolution in this post.

The words of “In Plain Sight” and some previous posts evidence some things involving resolution in the matter of transition through an orchestrated change of things involved in our earth experience, and having effects also throughout the cosmos.

We have been living in a corrupt system involving government, law, finance/banking and commerce, including their various corruptions and darkness. With rare exception, earth commerce, including government, law, finance, banking…(realms of elder involvement) is war… Consider the Roman god Mercury, the god of war and commerce, (including government, banking, finance…); and, in connection, there is the mercenary, whether armed with a gun…or legal practice. In the United States legal system, all crimes are commercial, and the court system has been martial (military; consider Vatican and Jesuit involvement) and fictitious and flying the gold fringed flag of commerce/admiralty…within a legal construct of fiction…

Know that no loss of property or liberty can be genuinely justified of fictitiousness/pretense. However, a process may be involved in clearing obligations of pretense…such that one is liberated…

The elders and others have had their parts regarding the problematic system, including the Vatican, Britain, the United States, etc., including the entirety of the so-called Holy Roman Empire, including the various derivatives if the foregoing. Consider entities/persons/offices/…/corporations/courts/banks; devices of fiction/untruth. The system also has been perverted beyond any honorable intention…of the elders…

Consider also the influences of Anunaki, reptilian, arcon…that have been involved in creating the system…

While the elders and others know of the fictitiousness and injustices of the system and how it has been wrested even into great dissonance concerning such as common law, and even more dissonant concerning equity (fairness/righteousness/justice; equity is of love and superior to law(a low thing)) and has resulted in much unfairness/unrighteousness/injustice against the earth…the people…and other inhabitants of the earth…, the elders have performance obligations within the construct.

We can anticipate that the elders...will honor their obligations and some others within the system construct; and this is, in part, why the fictitiousness and unrighteousness of judgments and warrants within the construct are allowed…and processed, and we see the notions: “Child support, back taxes, court settlements, and wage garnishment will all be taken out of your exchange at your redemption appointment.

If there's an active warrant for your arrest you will be taken into custody and processed.” This does not necessarily mean that the elders have neglected to intention and action for resolution…in accord with highest purest love…and light…; and we may anticipate redemption and liberation in the process, else the elders and others incur the effects of dishonoring their greater obligations of highest purest love…and light…in accord with Source intention…

We have choices regarding how we view the dissonance of the fictitiousness and injustice/unrighteousness of the United States system…, and global commercial system, including its so-called warrants, courts, judgments…administrative records, claims…, in comparison to genuine truth, genuine obligation, genuine equity/fairness/righteousness/justice. We may allow that honor on the part of the elders involves their clearing the books of so-called debts/obligations feigned of the commercial system involving fictitiousness and bondage (age of bond, debt obligation), all the while doing no harm against the people (gods/Gods and Source-essence beings: those who are genuine royalty and sovereigns because of their innate being, regardless of whether or not earth law so recognizes them)…or other beings. The responsibility is very great, including that of not creating chaos in the process. If there are the Golden Age and prosperity/abundance, the pretenses must be dealt with and dissolved…and the people…liberated and compensated…, including liberation from the bondage (age of the bond) involving the so-called birth certificate...; and the earth must be likewise liberated...

It is wise and loving that we be aware of the great obligations of the elders and others, and the great complexities, in effecting resolution of the corrupt system with highest purest love and light in accord with Source intention, and that we not jump to any conclusion, or be in any fear..., that the elders…have any foul/aberrant intention.

Let us altogether and with one heart mind, and with vigilance, set and hold and action the intention of complete resolution with highest purest love…and light…, including the liberty and abundance thereof; and let us anticipate the perfection of that intention…in our experience.

Let us not present any obstacle by any unfounded/false conclusion (including reduction), fear, or anything (thinking, motive, action, suspicion, vengeance, lack of forgiveness, accusation…division) that is not in accord with highest purest love…and light... Us and we include, among all, the elders...and so-called new powers that be.

Along with the elders and new powers that be, we are responsible in the matters of resolution.

I am that I am. We are that we are.
Being one we are near, and never are far.
We lift each other on wings of love…
Our very being ever above
Lowness and darkness of impairing night.
Soaring, we shine with the purest of light.
Together we rise! Together we rise!
Together we rise! Together we rise!




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