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Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Regarding Servitude" by Timothy - 6.11.17

Entry Submitted by Timothy at 1:43 PM EDT on June 11, 2017

What would the Most high do and have us in an earth suit do?

Each and all in the image of God/god have the invisible God/god essence, which is a Source essence of being and precedes and oversees creation... This essential being, and innate being, is of the truth and nature of God/god…, including the Source essence…that is the ultimate and genuine truth of God/god…

Ye are gods (or Gods—no upper versus lower case distinction in texts upon which the bible is based…) children (offspring) of the Most high (consider Psalm 82:6). God/god is a kind. So-called offspring of the Most high are of Most high being…having the same essence, and, in a manner of speaking, the same innate being DNA.

Seek ye first the kingdom (basileia: royalty) royalty of God/god and his (autos: regarding the self, as in autobiography) self righteousness (equity state of God/god being involving the qualities of love, light, truth, wisdom, power…)…

Where is this found?

The kingdom (basileia: royalty) royalty of God/god is inside of you.

All of the God/god kind are royalty, regardless of incarnate bloodline.

How so?

Ye are gods/Gods…and one of the qualities of God/god is royalty, along with love, light, strength, power, equity…

In being the highest purest truth of the God/god that we are, including our unique yet equal Source essence, our very innate being, we make known our royalty (including sovereignty) which is also that of the Most high state of being… In this, we are being the light of the cosmos (God is light; you are the light of the cosmos), making known the nature (combination of qualities), including truth, of Most high being.

In this, we are, in a manner of speaking, bringing our incarnate part into service in agreement our Most high and very innate being, which cannot depart from highest purest love…light…attitude…and action, and so we create and manifest... In being the Most high truth of who and what we are and that is found inside of our innate selves, (not outside of ourselves), righteousness (justness—equity state of being, which is of and in accord with highest purest love…) is manifested of us, such that God/god, including very innate being of God/god, is disclosed and made apparent. Consider apocalypse: revelation/disclosure.

Law is for those who have not brought their incarnate awareness and knowing and intention and expression/action into agreement with their Most high and royal and innate being. Lawyers, including judges, have the chore of practicing something of lowness that is falsely held to be high…and attorneys may practice something lower than law… Law may be seen as a necessity for control of beings whose intentions and actions are so low and impure that they fail even the lowliness of such law; and in this egos can be quite problematic regarding those who seek to control (govern = control) others while those controlling egos are aberrant and themselves in a low and delusional state, lacking true enlightenment, and in some instances lower than that of those aberrantly being judged...

God/god (God/god being, including Source essence of God/god) is superior to the law…and is not subject to/under the law…all the while being equity (righteousness/justness/fairness), because God/god is love... God/god does not understand (stand under; compare understudy: study under) the law. God/god does not understand (stand under) legal charges…though spiritual zombie(s) (slumbering; Let the dead bury their dead) may make delusional laws or allegations or arrests or judgments or debts or collections or seizures…and falsely/aberrantly think to justly act/govern/control via law/legality…

Equity (re: righteousness/justness of one justified in state of being) is regarding those who have through spiritual process involving faith and repentance (change of heart mind) and awakening and knowing brought their incarnate part, including intention and expression/action, into agreement with that Most high, very innate being that they truly are… These are above the law...and many are unjustly opposed and judged…via aberrant use of the law/legality… Against the things that these God/god beings of Most high being say and do, there can be no law (some things having the appearance of law have ever been void)… They are being God/god incarnate: they are being like Christ… The same practice of law, government, dominion, commerce…, e.g. that hanged Jesus (Yeshua) on a tree, may present the same aberration/error…and such has been a daily occurrence on the earth…with its aberrations of law, government, commerce… Righteousness being called evil; and evil being called righteousness/justness…

There can be no law against the truth of innate sovereignty or anything else of our Most high being; and Galactic law is no exception. No one being in accord with that one’s Most high and innate being, sourced, in a manner of speaking, above and beyond even one called Prime Creator (provider of creational experiences), may be justly/lawfully, in accord with highest purest love…, taken to the central sun to be dissolved without our consent. It may be seen that the same principle of truth is why one called Prime Creator has not the authority/sovereignty or power to take away free will…as was announced some months ago.

Note: When I heard the notice, I essentially said, Bogus! I do not consent! And there was a similar notice that Prime Creator had ended innate being. Of course, I essentially said, Bogus! Prime Creator has not the authority or power to end innate being! Ending innate being would also end Prime Creator’s Source essence, innate being, and there would be no Prime Creator. Know that Prime Creator, Father God, Quan Yin, Grandfather, Elders/elders, dragon/royal families, saints, angels, ascended masters, Galactics, cabal, bankers, lawyers, attorneys, judges, military members, etc. are all being observed and most surely and truly known from beyond creation…

If in our incarnate expression (what is inside and outwardly manifested via our earth suit) we be the Most high love, light, truth…of our true innate being, our very being or very innate being, we are being Christ, or God incarnate or the Most high incarnate, and we very well may say, I am saved (from my aberrant way of being, from my zombiness/slumber/lostness), and For me to live is Christ.

Until we truly awaken and progress into manifesting the truth, love, light, equity…of our Most high essence, we will have the false notion that in serving the Most high we are serving another. The truth is…manifesting our Most high essence is not a servitude under law or under some other being, it is intentionally using our incarnate bodies, including actions/expressions thereof, in agreement with the truth of our Most high essence…and we know that is a self-service that does no harm because to harm another is to harm ourselves, our kind, for we are, God/god is, one and in connected and shared experience…

In service involving the Most high, there is mutual service and that not under compulsion of an overlord apart from ourselves… An incarnate one in service regarding Most high being need not be commanded…; in that one merely being and actioning the truth…of that one’s Most high being in accord with that one’s true innateness (originating before and above and beyond creation)…, that one displays/manifests/discloses/reveals/etc. the nature (combination of qualities) of Most high being, including highest purest truth, peace, harmony, love. light, balance, equity, strength, power, wisdom, abundance, oneness, mastery…

Let us so be.

I am that I am. We are that we are.
Being one we are near, and never are far.
We lift each other on wings of love...
Our very being (innate being: Most high being) every above
Lowness and darkness of impairing night.
Soaring we shine with the purest of light.
Together we rise! Together we rise!
Together we rise! Together we rise!




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