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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Real Truth Call w/ Dr. WC, Yosef (5-31-17) Notes by BB136

Entry Submitted by BB136 at 7:01 AM EDT on June 1, 2017

Again, if Dr. W.C. has a concern that the call is transcribed, I apologize, but it was a public call…a few interesting things said:

Yosef called into the Real truth Call, May 31, 2017:

YOSEF: “I’ll answer a few questions.”

Caller 732: Hi, Yosef, A caller came on yesterday, and said there is a deadline of August 1st for RV.

YOSEF: “I don’t know if there is any truth to an August 31, deadline, but there is some truth to a May 31st deadline, which is why I’m on the call….I’m just going to answer questions, I’ve been updating more than regularly on Dinar Chronicles so I’m just going to take some questions…

“Dr. W.C.’s prayer tonight drew me into the call…she was a roller coaster driving us into spirit…thank you for coming back Dr. WC, you dragged me in here, I started picking things up from you…”

“Time is nothing. Now I want to answer something, there’s a war in spirit between good and evil, and that is true, there’s no question about it and those of us that fight in spirit and form, will tell you that…but I want to just really calm everyone…

“The war is over, and victory has been achieved (past tense)….and we’re all going to have to come into a receiving/received (past tense) energy, so that the seed can be planted in our now fertile soil…there is no more struggle for this, there is no more sword swinging that must be done on our end, the place we all need to be in this moment is one of gratitude….is one of understanding after many years/decades of education…and just allow the blessing to fall on us, that we marinate in the mercy…if you’re looking for a fight don’t come here…don’t come to this dimension, don’t come to this planet, don’t come to this species, we have served our penance, we have done the time, the thirteen millennia of control is over, the release back into the galactic community has been achieved, the financial system has been reset and the access to that recalibration of the human experience has been going on, but it will be now received financially, by us at the individual level, in our own homes with our own families disbursing our own blessings, to anything we see as the greater good… there’s no drama to it...there’s no higher intelligence to it, it just is so, we are alive in the moment, we exist in this moment for this moment, all of us were born for this moment, all of us; all of us were born equally for this moment…[Dr. W.C. gurgled that Yosef was going in and out, but he was not; btw Dr. W.C., I have bought you a new phone head set, so just need your address…]
[Some caller rambling…lol]

YOSEF: “We are no longer chained…if you choose the chain, at this point in time, that is your choice; if you choose to exit the earth at this point in time that is your choice; if you choose suffering, that’s your choice…we are completely free as a species, as a dimensional, collective of beings…there is nothing holding us back…that’s a tough concept to wrestle with, after a lifetime, all of us, many, our souls have many generations of memories of being repressed and shackled…”

Caller: Will the Republic manifest? Along with these changes?

YOSEF: “We have already manifested it…I hear you with a toe in the water of infinity, but I’m here to push your butt in the pool completely, everybody, you know what I mean, at the summer party, that’s me…

“It’s a process and you gotta be loving on yourself and I will tell this…you guys are going to be encountering a lot of people at different levels of belief, they’ll be vibrating in different realms, many and most much lower than you on this call, but some higher, and you’ve gotta be flexible with your own vibrations in reading others, and understanding if your above or below them vibrationally, because ultimately the highest vibration always wins at every encounter, whoever’s vibrating closet to the intent and will of the frequency of God, that’s where all the energy ends up moving towards, and everybody takes on that vibration, it’s like a happy baby entering a room, everyone starts smiling, cause the baby is perfectly connected to the vibration of God…so it moves whole room with it…”

Caller: How is your baby?

YOSEF: “Oh…beyond words, beyond anything I can communicate…she is the divine feminine, and I just marvel at her presence, just her breath, it’s like a slice of Heaven…I don’t know if I’d have been this way at 35 or 25, because of my advanced age, I just love everything about her…

“I don’t know that she’ll be driving…She won’t be driving a car, she’ll probably be in some kind a transport, that will be hovering, propelled through some electromagnetic levitation, or solar…she’ll just dial up Uber and be there…

“The lid is being lifted off and there are no more chains…now it seems as though the world has caught up to you [Dr. WC] and now we are riding your coattails…where was I in the 90’s? I was asleep and you [Dr. WC] was a wake…”

New Caller: I’ve been following DC, and thanks for frequent updates…

YOSEF: “I can feel it, when we get close like this…have you ever heard the Buzz Aldrin story about breaking through the sound barrier 1600 mph, he was test piloting a plane that he knew could go faster than the speed of sound, but they had never really pushed it, and when he was getting ready to throttle down…the plane began to shake and crack up, or it could have turned out that way, he had a choice to throttle down or back off the throttle, and he chose to throttle down; when he went through the sound barrier, on the other side there was complete silence and complete peace and the aircraft just settled down and became completely free of any kind of vibrational danger….and I just felt like we were in a moment where the DC community had to throttle down, and one way to help us was perpetually posting…and that’s why I was posting so much…we were going through the birth canal…”

[more Caller rambling…lol]

Caller: A) It’s on an autopilot clock…B) 800# by COB tomorrow…releasing shortly going into weekend…am I correct in my assumptions…?

YOSEF: “You might be a little too generous on your time lines, I think what your experiencing is your now coming into, your antenna is picking up on something already happened…meaning if you have a Thursday morning Tee time, you’re talking about teeing it up on Saturday or Sunday morning [instead]…I’m on now to help people through…”

Clueless Caller: Sounds like you’re saying we ought to be looking toward the beginning of next week?

YOSEF: “Did I say that? I said the exact opposite…you keep pushing it back, if we stay on the phone you’ll be talking July…”

DA Caller: Let’s get Mountain goat and Dr. Clark on…

YOSEF: “They are not there to raise the vibration…they are there to lower it and disunify the community. They always take the opposite stance of anything that’s showing progress. ”

[Caller rambling like he is on drugs about operational group in Langley, 25 cubes, Hi guys in Langley, a cube farm in Washington]

YOSEF: “They are not all doing that negatively…part of the psy-ops is to fracture the community so there is no cohesion, there is no consensus…that way there is not enough energy to conspire to reveal it…[Caller: we don’t want a stampede? Don’t make the cows nervous?]…Exactly, they are creating disinformation to protect us…[Caller: keep ‘em milling around, chewing on grass, don’t spook ‘em]…right, exactly, don’t yell fire in a crowded theatre, the only problem is that’s an antiquated philosophy in the new era and thus it’s inaccurate thus it’s not unifying people and it’s not a greater good function of someone’s life. I mean concepts like Langley are going to go away…concepts like the CIA are going away…

“Well it’s here…there will still be secrets in the dark, they just won’t connect, they won’t go anywhere, they won’t latch on, they won’t build speed, they won’t take hold, they’ll be seeds that’ll be planted that won’t grow, not in alignment with the vibration of the earth…it’s as simple as that…I can give you a thousand different examples but...if they are not in the vibration of the era of the moment, they can’t stay in the plane…nobody can, nothing can…it’s not a religious thing, it not a DC thing, its not an RV thing, its not a money thing, if you’re pulsing something other than love, it no longer has a place in this vibrational plane…its mathematically doesn’t reconcile from a cellular place.…it’s the exact opposite of cancer…people are going to start living a lot longer..by default…

[Caller: What will happen to steak houses?]

YOSEF: “The vibrational energy of killing animals…a lot of people are going to have a hard time giving up meat…vibrationally you won’t be able to ingest it…the diet they give us now is killing us…

“We are the ones that are going to be creating another world, the world that exists will be fading away…we are here to recreate the world as God intended, not as it was given to us…

“I see the concept of the corporation going away…all will return back to the individual…isn’t it more healthier…more of a village concept?”

Caller: [He has a business background, he says he needs to grow (Sure you do…) long rambling, geez shut up…]

YOSEF: “No. no, no, nope nope nope…That’s dumb…just be yourself…surround yourself with good people and learn…engage higher souls, you have to feel the vibration, what they are pulsing…being true to that pulse…stay in alignment with that covenant that you and God got you into this…stay pure in that covenantand stay honest with it, it will grow…be sincere, other sincere and dynamic people will come to you..”

[Caller rambling again…this is Gerry MaGuire, but speaks a lot better English]

YOSEF: “Our job as massive funding sources, because your business career may be useful, but corporations are leaving, so it may be “unuseful”, everything is going to change...medicine, education, history…and best not to get involved with any one person or thing…you so much money….you have the ability to roam to different arenas, industries, racial makeups, venues, countries, etc. Look for, as the funding source, the purity of the thing, the covenant of the person, that town…let all the other stuff wash away…see the tears well up in their eyes, then fund that…hire that…all we are trying to do is push the rock forward everyday…make things better everyday…you are here to serve God and the purpose that you and the Creator decided you were going to come to this world to do…that’s it…that’s all we’re here to do..…God will handle the whales and the oceans, the chemtrails…unless those are your covenant…

“The more money you get, the simpler your life has to become…the bigger something is, the smaller it has to be in your heart to manage it…”

[Caller: He was going to have every toy, and fifty cars and 100 houses…now he just wants a good staff… that can take care of stuff for him...so he can be him…lol]

YOSEF: “Don’t get out of your purity…your staff is part of your purity…”

[YOSEF is a Saint…this caller is “interesting” to say the least...if he is like a majority of the Dinarland peeps, oh boy…he started talking about a $125,000 rate…geez…$1 is more than one can possibly spend…

YOSEF: “God has already chosen your rate.”

New Caller: Why does President Trump keep saying he’s getting us out of the Paris Agreement?

YOSEF: “Ah, the Orange one…The Paris Agreement which is GESARA and the gold standard…Presidents are allowed to sign and get us out of treaty’s without congress approval…boy Donald J. trump…he is malevolent, serving a benevolent purpose…everything you see him doing, he is instructed to do for benevolent reasons…and he is acting malevolently to awaken us from a deep sleep…you know how a good parent will poke at their child to get them angry to do their homework…then they’ll challenge them…to clean their room in thirty minutes…and the kid will do it to prove the parent wrong…that is what Trump is doing for the world, he is taking the mantel to creating chaos and awaken and challenge for humanity to arise..whether he knows it, I’m not sure…but ultimately he is being allowed to do this…there is no worry in those in control of the process...he has no power whatsoever.

“Humanity is aware they are being shook, but they are not aware of the complexity to the Donald Trump theatre…its very confusing to no end…its infuriating to no end…Donald Trump doesn’t know really…yep…yep…yep…it’s fascinating that they have that much control over the situation, that they are allowing Trump to make a decision, when in reality he has no control over anything…he has 209 judges and state department employees to nominate, no one even asking for the job…no one wants to work with a dead administration…it amazes me he’s lasted four months...it stuns me he lasted four months…there is a benevolent reason he has lasted four months…everything has a benevolent reason…when you come from that place...there is no more limitation, no more matrix or vibrational hold or control or quarantine on the planet …when you come from that place, you can look at world events and maybe get a deeper understanding see how they are transitioning the era of light out of the era of darkness…and you can see the benevolence in the malevolent man…

“Don’t you feel that way about John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney…and all the clowns on TV and the CNN and FOX news, the broadcasters, they are singing for their supper, cause the changes are imminent, so they have a job, and don’t go to jail…everything is happening for the light…that’s the vibration of the world…

“Trump is still acting out like a spoiled child running out of energy and all its doing is alerting everybody how important the Paris Agreement is, that it’s not going away…Don’t get into a political conversation with old friends, they cannot even fathom this is happening, they have no way of hearing the harmonic of your voice, you cannot even have a conversation…one of the sad parts of ascension, the close you get to God, the fewer people go with you…”

Caller: What about those that have just missed it, the RV, etc.?

YOSEF: “It wasn’t there covenant…the thought adjusters would have rang their bell…they would have committed their life to it…you wanting them to get it couldn’t be further than reality…your heart is good, and its in the right place, you are frustrated, they are good people and knowledgeable, you want them to come along, but quite frankly, they want things to stay the way they are, and they are not…”

Caller: Do you know about Omega, Bertiven Savage and the third one, the trio, in the late 60s and 70s?

YOSEF: “I got involved in 2006, so I am a newbie about the Prosperity Packages…

“Well what’s interesting about that was in the 50’s that why they created Viet Nam to stop the transition…”

Caller: Someone said Trump’s tweet “CovFeFe” means “I resign in Russian”

YOSEF: “That’s true.”

Okay: 5:57 am, gotta work today in 3 hours…nap time…Let’s hope the 888#s come out today!





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