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Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Real Life/Death Encounter with a Cabal" by Fireswan - 6.17.17

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 12:57 PM EDT on June 17, 2017

I was living overseas with my State Department/Peace Corps. employed then-husband and two children. We were there to spend tax-payer money to do humanitarian projects.

We were living in a walled compound in a very poor community. All jealous eyes in the community were on us 24/7 as we lived in relative luxury with our septic tank, water purfication system and tin roof over our heads. The walls around our compound were 20 feet tall with broken glass and razor wire over the top. That didn't stop the neighbors from throwing coconuts over the walls to scare us and our Embassy Guards who wore motorcycle helmets because they weren't issued riot gear.

Riot gear might protect them, but it ruins the image of being humanitarians, so they just wore their motorcycle helmets to work.

My daughter and son went to school at the Australian Embassy. My daughter attended their version of first grade in the morning, my son attended kindergarten in the afternoon.

Every morning, I would have the Embassy driver take me to the Australian Embassy. I would watch my son with the other mothers play with his friends on the grounds, then pick up my daughter from school while my son was in class. Because there were no girls for my daughter to play with, I had the Embassy driver take us to a local ex-pat owned cafe for us to spend the afternoon while waiting for my son. The cafe owners sometimes had girls my daughter's age to play with.

Then, when it was time to pick up my son, the Embassy driver would come to get us from the cafe, take us to the Australian compound and drive us back to our compound in the poor neighborhood to greet the Embassy guards wearing motorcycle helmets protected by 20 foot walls with broken glass and razor wire on top.

This became a comfortable routine that we adapted to until one day when my daughter and I were at the cafe, two men that looked local but also Jamaican (with dreadlocks) came to the cafe playing guitars to "serinade" us. As they were playing, I started to feel very strange, liked I was being drugged, and dizzy. It felt like it was coming from the guitar.

Meanwhile, my 6-year-old daughter was being separated from me by the other guitarists and she was unually chatty and excited to talk to him. Like she had been given too much sugar at a birthday party.

Now that I know about guardian angels, higher selves and Divine Help, something very core and still and untouched arose within me. To break the spell, shut this down and protect my daughter. It was deeper than "Mother Bear", it was from an eternal place that can't be corrupted by anything happening in 3D. A 5D me? Perhaps.

As I snapped out of it, I protectively moved towards my daughter, and undid the separation that they were attempting. I noticed that the man who was focused on me with his guitar bend over looking inside the guitar and seeming to want to fix something. As he bent over, I saw the image on his T-shirt under his dress shirt. Osama Bin Laden.

I said with power and and force, "Nia la diak, nia oho ema americana barak". The men looked scared and shocked, but they did not look like they understood what I said. Strange that they didn't understand. I said it in the local language. Translation... "He's no good, he killed many Americans". I was saying that I saw the T-shirt, I'm upset and angry that they are aligned with our enemy. The locals would totally get this... No clue. These guys are not locals. They were some kind of psy-ops plants to kidnap us (or my young daughter).

After the shocked guitar players recovered, they quickly ran across the road and sat on a bench and were writing notes.

Where is the Embassy driver?

We are getting nervous. If I had a cell phone, I'd call the Embassy, but they didn't have cell phones in this country then. I went inside to the cafe to see if there was a lan-line I could use to call the Embassy. Nope. The cable was cut a few months prior and hasn't been repaired yet. May never be.

Where is the Embassy driver?

I'm worried about my son being let out of school and wandering around the Australian compound with no supervision. Not that this would be unsafe, but we were given very specific instructions that the Australians aren't going to babysit our kids if we aren't there to look after them.

I'm starting to be very concerned.

All of a sudden a whole bunch of taxi drivers start driving on the road by the cafe, looking like they're offering rides. Sometimes actual taxi drivers go down this road to the cafe, but it happens about once-an-hour, not 10 in 10 minutes.

I "knew" that I would have to take one of these taxis. To figure out which one was safe, "I projected out to them with my intention/thought/mind in local language. "Ema sai uma Australia". Take us to the Australian compound. One of the drivers looked like he "heard us" and pulled over. We had a conversation in perfect dialect. He agreed. We picked up my son, and rode home to our compound.

When I arrived, the guards-with-motorcycle helmets looked shocked. Like they saw a ghost. They got on their walky-talkies and spoke in low voices to their Embassy handlers. I didn't hear what they said in whispers.

The next day I went to the Embassy and talked to the Security Officer. Reported this whole event. After 5 days of special operations training for civilians, myself and my children were evacuated.

Bottom Line

This is how the Cabal operate.

1. They isolate us in a place of "danger".
2. They get us comfortable in a routine/rhythm where we start to "sleep".
3. They get us dependent on "protectors".
4. They send in their "guitar players" and put us into an altered state of consciousnes.
5. They separate the more naive innocent (children) and give them birthday party frequencies to make them feel good and trusting.
6. They shut down the natural protective and descerning abilities in the "adults" by sending "jamming up/disruptive" frequencies to get them to feel weird or doubt themselves.
7. The children disappear and the adults "don't know what happened." RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.

And but for the grace of my Higher Power/God, I would have been one of their victims. IN REAL LIFE, in the real world !!!

Had Arch. Angel Michael, my Higher Self or the deep protective love I have for my daughter not stepped in, she might have gone the way of JonBenet Ramsey, whose body parts are apparently featured in Smut films.

This is why so much focus is being put on waking up the lightworkers. Until the Cabal are completely removed, we have to be vigilent.

Sadly, my now-ex-husband might have been part of this plan. His narcissism is so deep (or he was taken over himself) that he would have sacrificed his own daughter and made his wife "crazy" to show loyalty to his handlers? Actually, judging from everything that happened after the divorce, I'd say an emphatic YES!!!

Don't fall prey. This is not fear mongering. Use your "spidey senses". See the rats for what they are and understand their game.

You won't be able to do your humanitarian projects if your DEAD!




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