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Friday, June 2, 2017

"Re: Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker" by C40 - 6.2.17

Entry Submitted by Compassion4Others at 1:56 AM EDT on June 2, 2017

Re: Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker by Cameron Day

Wow....how could we possibly know who is who?

Or, more importantly, how can we trust each CHANNELER knows who is really giving them their info?

"Most channeled beings will claim to be affiliated with the (false) light-based “Spiritual Hierarchy” which includes “arch angels,” “ascended masters” and “positive ETs.”

These channeled messages are a dime-a-thousand, and more keep pouring out every day. The dirty little secret is that these beings are beholden to the corrupt demiurge, and are waging a psychological battle on people that don’t want to be associated with any formal religious structure.

In other words, the “new age” is a multidimensional psychological operation designed to channel the soul energy of the “believers” of these teachings up to the “ascended” teachers.

Another one of their secrets is that most of the so-called “ascended masters” in their “hierarchy” never had a human incarnation.

These are incredibly deceptive beings that are playing a game in order to garner the energy of worship. In the real universe of non-deception, nobody would worship them, but in the illusory “sub-universe” of the corrupt demiurge, they are able to trick good-hearted people into pouring energies of love, devotion and praise into them.

As for the “arch(on) angels” they are in more or less the same category. They are not aligned with the Infinite Source of all creation, but rather they serve a lesser being posing as the creator: the corrupt demiurge. Therefore they are not what I would call angels at all.

In honor of the truly deceptive nature of these beings, I have given them a new, more accurate title: The Spiritual Liar-archy."


Look at the legendary and historical CHANNELERS listed below......Edgar Cayce and the Prophet Mohamed.

At one time or another, they all thought EVIL SPIRITS were tricking them. This was long before the likes of Yosef or OWK. This has been a real threat for all mystics.....long before DC.

Who are the Spirits Behind the Channeling

10 examples

The Spirits’ Motives

Do many channelers sense that the spirits are not who they claim to be? Yes, and the channelers’ doubts are carefully handled by the entities.

For example, one of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ spirit guides, “Salem,” “proved” he wasn’t a demon to a skeptical priest by allowing himself to be soaked with “holy water” while in fully materialized form. He was supposed to disappear but didn’t, thus “proving” he was not a demon.[1]

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was not certain if he was possessed by a jinn (an Islamic demon) when receiving the revelations of the Qur’an, but he was eventually persuaded otherwise.[2]

When unbiblical revelations started coming from Edgar Cayce’s trance sessions, the famous medium openly wondered if “the devil might be tempting me to do his work by operating through me when I was conceited enough to think God had given me special power.”[3]

After his first unbiblical reading on reincarnation, he replied, “If ever the devil was going to play a trick on me, this would be it.”[4]

J. Z. Knight went through a period where she felt “Ramtha” might be a demon, but she was eventually persuaded to trust him.[5]

Laeh Garfield, author of Companions in Spirit, “was infuriated” at one spirit guide who “had tried to fool me in order to gain my trust.”[6]

She confesses that bad or evil entities can and do “approach you in the guise of a guide,”[7] and that “some spirits are tricksters.”[8]

Initially, several individuals associated with “The Michael Group,” a company of persons involved with spirit messages given to Jessica Lansing, all had their doubts. Lansing herself confessed, “To tell you the truth, we were all pretty scared “ Emily, a participant, adds, “I kept thinking about all the warnings in the Bible about various malicious spirits, and I didn’t know what to think The more I considered it the more worried I got.”[9]

Another example is Uri Geller, famous for UFO contacts and various psychic powers. Both Geller and his teacher, parapsychologist Andrija Puharich, MD, had an uneasy feeling that there was something “funny” or “wrong” about their spirit contacts. They suspected they were being “played with” and wondered if the entities were unstable.[10]


Per the articles above, could some of these EVIL SPIRITS be involved in some of these channellings from Ascended Masters, Archangels and our Gurus that are relying on Channeling for their intel?

If they can trick Edgar Cayce and the Prophet Mohamed.....they can trick anyone!

Are these good common sense questions to ask.......

Or is it an act of the Cabal, to ask those who want us to unconditionally accept EVERY WORD they tell us ?

Can we realize the historical threats listed above by these historic figures are real or ....should we just ignore the real threat these dark forces pose and go blindly down a path that we never question channeled info?

That is for each person in DC to answer.
I can not answer it for you.

You would think all the physics and Intel Gurus would be aware of this and see these potential dangers and allow us the right to ask them to take extra precaution and demand that our CREATOR help them discern truth and pray for guidance and verification that their sources are genuine and of the light.

Why haven't any of you asked these questions.......stop posting random bible verses and protect your faith as demanded by the apostle Paul.

The Apostle Paul warns the Corinthians against false ministers:

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder!

For Satan himself transforms himself into an “angel of light”.

Therefore it is no great thing if “his ministers” also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness(“angels of light”), whose end will be according to their works"

2 Corinthians 11:13–15

Can we hope our Gurus and others channeling us info will take this seriously?

But then again, DC has turned into something I can not recognize from when I first got here. This place used to be a sanctuary full of kindness and benevolence.

Now it is a daily witch hunt with graphics of tombstones with peoples names on them.

Is anyone using discernment anymore or are you just too afraid of being attacked?



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