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Saturday, June 10, 2017

"Re: Sovereign Diplomat" by Timothy - 6.10.17

Entry Submitted by Timothy at 12:44 PM EDT on June 10, 2017

It is indeed a blessing that inteldinarchronicles be a forum for sharing, with a priority of truth...disclosed in and of love…

Questions of readers of the site beg some assistance…some sharing…

Know that we are being provided some very generous clues/nuggets about what is involved in our progression; and know that we are being observed regarding where we are in our awareness, development, apparent knowledge, wisdom or lack thereof…and those who control the content of inteldinarchronicles are being observed and the truth regarding them is known…

So, for the generous clues/nuggets we give thanks…and awe re in appreciation…

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (or fingers type); and by their fruits you shall know them.

And each and every one of us is responsible…

Know that a diplomat/representative of a sovereign is not the sovereign.

Know also that a sovereign that becomes a diplomat incurs loss of sovereignty in the realm of being a diplomat, for he/she has stepped into agency.

This raises some notions of clarification.

Exactly who is the sovereign; and…?

What of our sovereignty is waived/lost in being such a diplomat?

What is the authority of appointment into position of such sovereign diplomat, and how are such authority and appointment verified and evidenced/credentialed? Etc.

In the legal-diplomatic realm, a diplomat must be cleared of certain debts, e.g. child support, judgments...such that he/she/it is answerable only to the principal...

A diplomat is an agent (of a principal).

In legal fiction, a fictitious person may be deemed sovereign… Such legal practice is regarding fictio (Latin, not misspelled; fiction of law, regarding which by rule/operation of law that which is known to be false or likely to be false is deemed the truth, which said law will not allow to be disproven) of Rome (e.g. the Holy Roman Empire, the Vatican…, the current legal/commercial system…) and derivatives of said fictio that comprise the current earth legal/commercial/banking system, including the fictions involved in commercial instruments (consider notes, bonds, etc.)…

In what may be called reality, my name may be seen in the form “Timothy”, while in the realm of fiction there may be seen “TIMOTHY”, which is not me, but a fiction…

In the realm of equity (which is superior to law, including common law), an agent is a trustee, and the true owner of the res/property of the trust is not the trustee; and the beneficiary is the true owner; and the obligations of the trustee are according to the intent and purpose of the grantor...

Then there is the legal realm, including statutory, which is a different perspective with its distinctions…, yet inferior to equity…and equity ignores fictions…

If the agent/trustee does not perform the intent and purpose of the grantor, the agent may be considered in breach of trust and lose the res/property of the trust… If we are to be trustees regarding proceeds of exchange, we have need and right to full disclosure…of the arrangement, and the grantor has the obligation of full disclosure and complete delivery of res, including transfer of title to res…; and if that is not provided (e.g. at least at exchange), there are lack of disclosure, which is also a form of fraud…, and lack of delivery such that there is no genuine trust, though there may be the pretense…which may be dissolved and result in forfeiture of trust res/assets… Full disclosure prior to exchange is not likely possible due to the obligations of the current trustees operating in equity and the private (outsiders are not within the private realm of the trust) and with a priority obligation not to disclose/harm/jeopardize the trust; such disclosure would be a breach of trust and a dishonor… If the people are truly beneficiaries, each of them has a right of disclosure in private (it may be seen that the public may involve clones, or others not friendly to the trust arrangement; and the trust must be protected and kept secure…). If the people are trustees/agents, they have related right of full disclosure… If the agent is a fictitious person involving some occupant (real man/woman) that man/woman has the right of full disclosure regarding all matters of occupancy… The obligation of full disclosure is on the part of the grantor, who may also be a trustee within a prior trust arrangement…or a beneficiary who is delivering res/assets into the keeping of a trustee and use of res/assets in accord with intent and purpose of the beneficiary who is being grantor of subsequent trust…delivering res/assets and title…

At this time, I do not discuss repudiation of trust, which may not be possible in some instances due to the fact that knowledge cannot be unknown back to the deliverer of that knowledge for intent and purpose of giving/delivering that knowledge (consider notice). You may research it…

So, if we are an agent…,

  • who is/are the grantee/grantees, and what is the nature of such—real being or fictitious…, person (man or fictitious that the law deems as having rights/obligations) or non person (e.g. a man/woman that is not regarded by the law as having rights obligations…within the construct of the law—it does not apply, e.g. the notion that God/god or Source is above the law and without its scope, including God/god incarnate, e.g. you and me in our innate being…);
  • who is/are the beneficiary/beneficiaries (true owner of the res/property), and what is the nature of such—real being or fictitious…;
  • what is the res/property in trust, and what is the nature of such—real, fictitious/imaginary, common law, statutory…;
  • what is the disclosed intent and purpose of the grantor/grantors, and what is the authority of the agent/trustee…?
There cannot be a genuine trust where there is anything lacking regarding a trust. You may research requirements of a trust. Consider res (including grantor’s right regarding res), apparent/known intent and purpose of grantor, delivery of res to trustee, beneficiary…

When we give our currency to the man/woman banker with the intent and purpose that it be kept for our exclusive use, we are the grantor and become the beneficiary. If we are the bearer of a bearer instrument, we have all rights of the bearer, provided we have not stolen it…or otherwise wrongly acquired it…; and its value is due us. Receiving a greater value…would likely incur a compromise of the proceeds regarding our sovereign discretion… Fictions and legalities may be used to give the appearance of contract instead of trust… The law is a lowly creature that does not have eyes to see equity (true fairness/justice)…as a zombie compared to a God/god being…

There are many more things needing clarification.

On the face of what is has been presented via various intel providers, there are things that tend to indicate that there are people in power/control that are in some things operating in equity (in the private) while also promoting law, including its fictions, and controlling thereby.

We, each and every one of us, are responsible in the matters of being diligent and vigilant, and not being gullible…

Know that a truly benevolent being…who is trustee regarding great wealth for the benefit of the earth and beings inhabiting the earth…has great obligation of effecting the fulfillment of the intent and purpose of the trust for the beneficiaries (the true owners, e.g. the earth and inhabitants…). Such benevolence also necessitates the well being of the beneficiaries, including, as much as is possible, prevention of chaos and loss of trust assets/res to beings not friendly to the trust... This requires great wisdom and heart strength…on the part of the trustee(s), and on the part of the beneficiaries…and agents… And, if because of any action or failure on the part of the trustees the trust is not complete by perfection of use of the res/assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries, the trustees are left holding the bag and the obligation/debt… And, idiomatically speaking, a so-called come to Jesus meeting would follow…

If of highest purest love…and light…and innate being we are One and equal while also being unique, the sovereignty of each and every souled being (e.g. non-clone) whose very innate being is Source-essence (=innate sovereignty, including free will) should be acknowledged and fully honored. At the same time, the people are very much undereducated and with lack of disclosure/knowledge and are in need of some nurturing and complete disclosure of things necessary to competency in being sovereign…and affecting truly loving experiences regarding the earth…

Let us anticipate that we be completely honored, educated, protected, blessed, unharmed… Benevolent beings would have us more knowing… It is the intention of Source that we so be; the truth shall make us free…and love and truth are one, and inseparable…

Let us be in gratitude regarding the clues/nuggets provided us…and their loving effect in helping us rise to the occasion…and be all of the highest purest love…and light…that we are here to be…

I am that I am. We are that we are.
Being one we are near, and never are far.
We lift each other on wings of love…
Our very being ever above
Lowness and darkness of impairing night.
Soaring we shine with the purest of light.
Together we rise! Together we rise!
Together we rise! Together we rise!




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