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Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Re: OWK Update 2" by Mobius - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Mobius at 2:15 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

"Dinarland Status Report: Update 2" - One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Hi All,

I'm not a born diplomat so, here I go with my perspective.

Richard, after reading OWK Update 2, this is what I got from this.

Richard, I'm super happy that the Galactic's got your back and that you are still with us.

With your temerity, If I had proof I got that kind of protection, I would freankin Jump for Joy.

And as I understand it, no Cabal's name had to be called out on I.D.C. for that intervention to take place. They knew.

40 guys ( taken out / arrested ) in one operation is very efficient protection.

Such protection implies a link, a connection, a communication with these protectors and/or being monitored 24/7 by them so that Cabal members can be identified by them (the Galactics), using the most direct path, the path of least resistance. I wish I had such a clear link with them & get some Merlin training.

I'm impressed by the efficiency described in your story and I'm thankful that you were not hurt (shaken without a doubt).

By now, I guess you have multiple proofs that you are in good hands. Having a ship over your house should give you some piece of mind.

Many important people are blessed with this level of protection in these times and I think it's Awesome.

You seem to have a thing with the Cabal. 67 attempts on you put's you in a particular line of work my friend.

I heard stories of many ''transmuters'' of energies and even participated in some sessions or people getting attacked by Cabal minions but 67 times !!

You must get a personal kick out of taking shots at the Cabal/Minion every time you get a chance, you want to get even and it looks like you like it. It's your thing. I remember you wrote something about it and for you, it's a personal thing.

Your life experience - I would guess - is composed of elements I don't feel I need to include in my reality with the same intensity that you wish for in your. Know that you have my vibrational support like all other Light Workers. You are not alone.

I'm not for the attacks you have experienced and there is an underlying reason for you experience the Cabal up close & personal.

I just don't see the good of turning I.D.C. into a Cabal Most Wanted List with a free format. You know people will call out everything and anything bringing feuds & arguments into the process. You won't find perfection in people yet and they have time to kill. It's predictable to think it will get messy.

I feel my job is to hold the highest vibrations I possibly can in support of the NESARA process. Didn't you say that the Cabal feeds on Negativity ? Lets do what we can to watch the ingredient we put in the soup ! I understand that certain persons (NPTB) are in place to get those Cabal/Minions. That fact help me concentrate on my part.

Not to mention the unclear possibility of being stamped as Cabal helper if some of us don't have or share the same perspective as you, regardless of what our role is and where we stand in this process. That part, hum... lets say, I hate having the feeling i'm walking on eggs.

If I stop reading I.D.C., it won't change my position & effort. I'm not hear just to take Intel info, I'm here to share stuff also. Very little of what I share come via I.D.C. posts.

I stand relax and ready to go under the scrutiny of Source anytime in regards to the quality of my intentions invested in this & I will keep doing my personal clearing to purify these same intentions even more. It's my task to do so. In no way, shape or form I will ever accept being stamp as Cabal material because of someone else opinion. Misguidance is part of any quest, Good will (higher self) puts us back on track when needed. As for the rest, I'm more taken by the projects planning, that's my thing.

I understand things are intensifying on many levels, people are experiencing it differently and we all have our own valid perspective.

I also understand that some Cabal members/Minions are in it to the death. Therefore, terminating them makes lots of sense. The minute they write, they are spotted has Source (Grand Father) has a watchful eye.

I dare to say that some Currency Holders are working hard regardless of what they read because the change is such a ''Mind blowing'' thing to wrap there head & heart around and find a way to get their ideas up to par with the Ascension process too, regardless of who the Cabal is. Some of them are working on taking the TRAUMA out of the DRAMA of life (as per Saint Germain advice). We will know at the end, who everyone is, in relation to what.

Maybe I don't understand fully the good ( vibrations ) that will comes of the Cabal Name Calling Project.

Somehow, the idea feels heavy to me, like a distraction from the why I'm here.

I understand that Patrick is having some reserve with this subject. It a tight spot to be in and he shouldn't be pressured.

What if allowing the Cabal Naming bring more negativity to I.D.C., what then Pat ?

If it's simply a list of names, so be it but, if it comes with Drums & Trumpets & Bells & Whistles, then, I'm not for it.

It would sound more like a personal therapy. What does it take for the Company of Heaven to get note of someone specific ?

I'm sure I.D.C. is not the only channel that exists on the Web ?

The purpose of the request is to ID them period so they can get ''taken out''. No circus should be included in there.

I.D.C. became a peaceful place with time, no bullying, good momentum building, aspirations, then this Cabal thing...

I never felt the effect of the naysayers that you call Trolls and people always answered something relevant back to them on their negativity. They appeared to be frustrated people more than anything else for the majority. Not saying there were no true Cabal in there. These people should write their text and wait 24 hours before sending it. Read their text again the next day and see if they still feel the same before hitting ''SEND''. I'm sure many posts would not have made it to I.D.C..

As I understand, People are "Chalked", verified, bugged with tracers, scrutinized before & during the exchange, the military is involved big time, the Cabal is no more, we are free... Yet it sounds like is not quite the case & that is a bummer.

Even if I understand why it's like that, I mostly get tired of all these false starts, way more than because of the naysayers.

Confusing & Interesting times isn't it ?

Anyway, you get the idea of what I'm saying. You are an interesting guy Richard. Thank you for your service.

I Love you all.


PS: If I get to ascend early, you can all get my currencies. They will be the last thing on my mind.

The RV is important and also is only 1 step on the ascension ladder. TIll then, GO RV !



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