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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Re: My Thoughts on the RV and Trump Support" by Victor - 6.27.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 1:59 AM EDT on June 27, 2017

"My Thoughts on the RV and Trump Support" by Reallucky1 - 6.26.17

RealLucky1.....I enjoyed your post tremendously because I sense and honest voice in the wilderness. Since I am in the Wilderness myself I recognize the similarities we both have. We are both in a similar creation and you have crossed my path again and probably for a good reason, besides I enjoy talking to someone that I feel has a brain and is honestly inquiring, which I think you are.

I say this because I can see that you like myself are encumbered by the limitations of our minds and this place/world still......which is not a problem just limited to us. Most everyone here has this problem, or most everyone. May be ....."channeler's don't"?...... since they are having contact with other dimensions that you and I can't see yet. I think that is my condition and it is also your condition, hence my joy in having this discourse now.

I like you have gotten criticized for speaking my mind and supporting you on your last......"coming out".......I love causing trouble and taking flack, dont' you? YOUR coming out, into the world to speak of your own self worth, which you now acknowledge and your own power to think for yourself and your own integrity......Is amazing and rare. KUDOS......So "I" salute a brother in arms, who is willing to inquire in the face of many incoming bullets from the ......"crowd"..... I feel a sense of integrity in your post, which I like and resonate with.

The details of what we agree on can change and do and that is just so much called wheat ...."Chaff".....but ......."Integrity" .......THAT is something that once you have it, it is hard to get rid off. It was a prize that was hard to get and is hard to loose. There are many parts to your long post so I am not sure if I can get to all of them so I better hit the main ones, lest I forget or run out of space.

I think it is correct that OWK is using channeled source here. I think that is 100 % correct and was never in dispute for me. I knew that. I think you must have missed that time I first realized ....."This fact"..... and I was extremely surprised by this and actually challenged him on it and He did acknowledge it. I was pissed off that he did not regularly ....."warn us "....about this. That was my reaction back then.

Now I realize that .........that is who OWK is and how he rolls. IMO......he is not from around here. What he does, WHO he is, and what he is..... is very comfortable to him and very normal for him. All of it as comfortable as you being who you are right now. NOW do you disclose all the time that you are limited in your perceptions and you do not channel?.....NO you don't. Now in other dimensions, that would be a great handicap and it would effect your credibility.You get my point?

OWK......He does not......IMO.......think about disclosing this (that he is using channeled source) all the time to the .........."New kids on the block". Maybe he should do more often?....I dont' know and it is rather mute point now, since he is no longer posting here. Will it help prevent shocks to others in the future is he does not regularly disclose this fact"?..........like the ...."Fact".....that you do not "channel". So when you are using all that you are NOW to post there and to analyze your reality now and share with us......" All of it"..... is from a limited perspective of your 3d mind set.......Yeah disclosure would help some, it would.

A mirror or reality, only reflects back to us our points of view. Points of view are the whole issue in a multi reality world. This is our GAME......Your Game....open it up.

So I don't think OWK ever thought of deceiving anyone over this fact. This is where he lives and he just does not use the ...."Channeled " .....disclaimer all the time. So now you know. What if you input that information and let it ruminate in your mind for a while and see it as a friendly thing. A thing that you do no yet understand, like I do not yet understand.

Now what helped me contextualize this mixture of ....."worlds"...... that we are living through, is the fact that the Cabal are not from around here also. This GAME is much, much bigger than an intellectual philosophical game. So this means that the tools I bring to the table are severely limited in this game. It will be hard to fit multi-dimensional understandings into my mind.

If you plug this new understanding into your mind you will ...."Intuit".......what the exposure of the Cabal here was for and why. The methods of ....."Proving Evil"......where not ever conventional methods that you could take to a court of law. The same thing goes for the attacks of the minions and where this battle is taking place. It is taking place first in other dimensions and then some of it we can see here. The evidence that you need in 3d may or may not add up. That does not mean it is not happening, just because it is cloaked from you.

All of this is non-linear in nature. So you and I and most people here are easy targets for deceptions since we are severely limited in what we can see or understand.......so we are very much......"Asleep"....to most of the Game. I agree with some of your points on Trump. That made sense to me also since more than half of the people feel that what...... "HE"..... is about is their liberation. So........I started to get my own thoughts about Yosef and what he was saying.

I don't think it will help us to get into a battle of details because I think most of what we know is wrong about our reality. So.......somehow we have to rise above the Game and ....."SEE".....I think this web site has gone down hill without OWK posts. So........that I don't like. IMO.......the bad guys have this place.

What is next for the world?......May be it will all unfold in a way no one had prepared us for? How about that these benevolent higher powers just turn on the healing ....."RAY"........and one morning everything is different? Like you are now healthy, your finger has grown back, your back does not hurt and you all of the sudden look years younger. NOW a miracle like that would convince many that the New Powers that ....."BE"....are here to help and not hurt.

In the face of that. I don't give a dam about Trump or Obama or what kind of gender they are or in fact anything that ANY government has to offer. With power like that. We don't need war, we don't need militarism and ........we convince everyone real fast that we have all been lied too real bad. We all need one good shot of TRUTH that we can see and know for ourselves.

You wake up with a new improved body........well that ought to do the trick. Then if you are offered wealth on top of that and a new benevolent world....you will most likely go for it without to much of a fight or negative shock. Those that can't handle it? or who are criminals still........well, we might just have to ship them to another place. That solution seems more better to me than all this Yosef explanations of governments and delays and stories that only divide us. Way to much BS and too simple and too slow for where mankind already is.........IMO.

Show me the good shit and lets go.........



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