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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Re: My Identity Verified" by Victor - 6.14.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 11:12 PM EDT on June 14, 2017

"My Identity Verified" by TPAO - 6.14.17

I wrote this early this morning as a reply to TPAO and I had no way to post it at the time. Now I see that she did get her walk of shame and a headstone. I think I will still share this, in that seeing through the dark forces we are fighting is not easy for many and it may seem harsh their treatment, but no so. They are very proficient and other worldly pernicious at what they do in order to get to ......"US"....... This is how I see things in relation to TPAO. My morning reply starts below and this is by far the longest super post I have written. This reading will take some time for sure.

TPAO, You are proof that a place of High Truth attracts an opposite reaction from the Service to Self side. Such has been the way of snakes since the Garden of Eden day. You have to show up here to do what you do and use your sweet talking ways. Those ways worked back then and are still the cunning methods of All poisonous adders.

I think a ......”TRUE”.......dissection of your forked tongue talk, and is double meanings is in order here as a going away present. Just to say good bye while we wait for your inscription to be carved in stone. I have to do this because I can see that slimy snakes still are able to corrupt so many .....”Naive”....minds. You are a worthy adversary and I can see that you will not give up to your last hiss.......your words are filled with such cunning twisting of meanings and ....."implanting of subtle thoughts". That skill attests to your resilience and much expereince over time with your intoxicating erudite ways.

You say one thing, but mean another. Your "Other" I call it .....”Cunning Snake Meaning”.... (CSM)

In your post:

----You say “ Fear can not stand in the way of Truth”

(CSM) you mean: You (TPAO) are the only one here telling the Truth and OWK is spreading fear and actually standing in the way of Truth.

----You say “ Now that my identity has been verified by Patrick, I will happily step aside because it should speak volumes. And the fact that no apology or retraction has been received or made.

(CSM) you mean: Lie.......OWK identified you originally as the one operating under a false alias, not Patrick. OWK gets All the credit in your first exposure. NO, you are not happy at being exposed but are angry that you where caught by OWK, because you now can not continue to cause harm and poison others with your “forked tongue talk”.

The volumes being spoken here is that by OWK focusing his ....."attention"...... and our attention on a problem Cabal snake, it solved the problem and did not empower the dark as you have always promoted. Even to the blasphemous twisting of the work by Abraham Hicks. All done in your double talk. YOU are NOW removed and made powerless by the focusing of attention that you fought so hard against, because you knew it would work.

So the hard work and exposure by OWK, who promoted Service to Self healing and Love, All of that, did not empower darkness after all. You are the proof itself that what you recommended did not work, since you are now powerless once your cover was blown. Your power was only a false power that worked when you where hidden under a false Identity and a false agenda. All your actions where false actions.

No apology was given by anyone and to you especially, since only the Truth was ever spoken in relation to your Identity and your intent here. All your sly action here only verified all the original statements and disclosure. No need for an apology from the defenders of IDC.

----You say “ I have remained here because a balance of energy was need. I think Tank outlined really well what most can see with eyes wide open in terms of identifying cabal operatives. Even unwitting ones.”

(CSM) you mean: You are here to do as much damage as possible and create as much deception as possible and lead as many people off the path of Truth as possible and work for the Service to Self Cabal, by poisoning with your opposite dark energy to try to destroy anything of TRUTH. That is your true intent of saying .....”Balance”....The opposite of what you say is always the true meaning you have in mind.

You now mention Tank and his post of yesterday. IMO.....that post was also laced with double talk (CSM) and meaning. It jumped out right way to me, as a very sophisticated way to attack and subliminally plant doubt into the community by inferring that OWK is not what he says he is. He did all of that in that long post without ever sticking his foot in his mouth and mentioning names by directly attacking OWK or directly supporting your ways, although it was implied. Kind of chicken shit in my opinion, but what ever. But may be under these new rules of engagement......you got to save your scales/ass......and may be that is why snakes can’t stick their foot in their mouths.........cause they ain’t got no feet?....Off topic I know.

The sad part of you referencing his post and infering that he agrees with you, is that it supports my first "suspicion" of that post Tank made. You should not have ever referenced it and inferred that you where two of a kind. That post and Tank could have missed a bullet because it sure sounded nice and loving on the surface. It sure did, who could argue with that? Now if you use some discernment.......”??????”......then you see a poker player who has exposed his tell....(IMO)...... Well you TPAO have at least exposed an intent and with friends like you. Tank is in it now I think.

By you also referencing Tank and his sweet post. You are saying that Your......”Sweet ways” .....or your answers or your distorted interpretation of love is now supported by a light worker, which implies you "two are of one "like mind?" or may be you are just.....”Another snake in the grass”.....who does not care who it takes down, even its own kind?

You also continue in your (CSM) by saying/hinting at/ inferring, that the Cabal Operative here in IDC is OWK and not yourself. You have tried to take attention away from yourself and prove your false innocence with Tanks culpability here and even use the term eyes wide open........all pointing to the Stanley Kubrick movie......”Eyes wide Shut”......Kubrick who was killed for exposing Cabal in that movie. IMO again, you also try to tap into that power from that movie, by energizing it with a subtle subliminal reference to it.

In that reference you further go to imply that you are such a successful hidden Cobra snake here, that everyone had their....." eyes wide open".......and YET......they did not see YOU......the Cobra in the grass, the TPAO slithering among them. None saw you but OWK, who broke your invisibility spell and power.

So OWK is not the unwitting victim of Cabal propaganda here. His eyes where ...."wide open"...... since he saw you and caught you. He caught your misdirection intent at the Real Truth Call, but I don’t think Tank or Fisher or Dr.W.C. saw you coming. You where too ......”Bad”.....for them and they did not see though you. Only here by OWK, did you get exposed.

----You say “ Being of service is not always pleasant thought for the most part it is uplifting even when in the line of attack. Like Cowboy I will too now remove myself from this site.”

(CSM) you mean: You imply that you where the Martyr victim here who was attacked, when it fact it was proven that what was said about you was true, and you wher never falsely attacked, only the Truth was spoken about you. That is not at attack but a loving exposure. It was you who where doing the character attack on OWK and on All of us here.

You continue to deceive by implanting more propaganda here by subtly and quickly saying that ........”Service is not always pleasant”......No.... not true. The Service to Others Path is always pleasant. It is always pleasant for US. It was your (CSM) talking Service to Self that is not pleasant for a snake on the Service to Self path. Then you go on to disclose or implant that ......”Your path”.....Service to Self......it is uplifting for you when in the line of .....”attack”. You really are a very smart snake in deed Cobra and in words also. You do actually admit and boast how you find the energy of .....”attack”..... to be uplifting for you and are looking for converts by deception to your ways, who will also be drawn to that path. For sure.......”Attack”......does inspire the negative path Service to Self path. You are that proof once again.

In more deception you twist meaning once again by implying that Cowboy agrees with your views just because he has left. You imply that his leaving and your leaving here is because of it is unpleasant and not enough Truth is in charge here. When in fact, more than enough Truth is in charge here and it is that Truth that has exposed YOU.......Cobra......and you where removed because you where Cabal......not because you removed yourself here voluntarily. Just more slithering lies by you.

----You say. ” Remember the key out of where you are is by being different to the millennia of history we have to teach us. Arrest, segregation and healing, even escorted reintegration has always been in the plan for those who have played the role of the dark for us in this final act.

(CSM) you mean: You cunningly ask people to NOT Follow Truth. To be ......”Different”......Meaning do not Obey Truth or Obey the LIGHT. Dare us to not follow the Truth here in IDC or dare to not follow OWK. You are asking people to not go along with Service to Others but join you on your service to Self Path as you have implied Tank and Cowboy have done here. I hope they are smarter than that.

No......reintegration was not always part of the plan. That is your interpretation of the Plan and your way to keep yourself from never surrendering here or at any time. It is your distortion with words and working on the weakness of Light Workers who do not understand the slimy snakes. You on the Service to Self Path are always trying to distort until you are taken out.

Anyone who understand the Service To Others Path, knows that a Cobra has to go ALL the way and will never integrate. You know and I know that if one on the Service to Self Path wants to fully experience the path. You will NOT be integrated until the higher 6 dimension and beginning 7th dimension, where the Service to Self Path becomes impossible to continue, since ALL that is left, at that level is Service to Source.

Yes, some on your path will not go all the way and will convert and be integrated here, but most will not give in. The choice of intergration, that is never at risk. You are always/most of the time, offered one more chance through Free Will. Any Cabal who is now taken out is because of their own Free Will, not because their Free Will was taken away from them. Any taking out is not done by anyone on this level but it comes from most high.

Your option to be integrated can not and will not ever interfere with by US. YOU on the Service to Others Path have for our own Path. Our main service is NOT to support your dark path. We do not work for you. We put our own path first. If you choose to go all the way and die.....Sobeit..........that is loving for us and for you.

----You say “ The key to new age forgiveness is not lynching. Do not be seduced by this ruse to be the same again.”

(CSM) you mean: You try to promote victim hood again and fail accept responsibility for your own Service to Self Path, since no one is lynching you. Lynching only is what your path enjoys and does. No one is lynching the Cabal but themselves here. The only one selling seduction is you again.

Forgiveness is what is always available to those on the Service to Self Path. They have that available to them by choice, but they have to first give up their dark path. Most will not, so forgiveness does not mean foolishness and not knowing your adversary. We know you well enough to never turn our back on you.......since we don’t forget all the times your Service to Self Path accepted Forgiveness and used it once again for more betrayal. Yet to be expected for those with forked tongues.

----You say “ This is not cobra;) lol. Such insanity. NOW Make your own decisions.”

(CSM) You mean: “ You mock the phrase much Love since you hate it. You use it as you have used all your words. Everything is a contrarian point of view as is the Service To Self Path. Everything is always the opposite. You still deny being Cobra, meaning you don't tell the Truth. You describe the Truth here as ......”insanity”.......Then you .......laugh at Truth here......”LOL”...... and then you mock our blessing of being able to use Free Will and make our own decisions. When allowing the making of decisions is the last thing that the Cabal and Service to Self Path promotes. That is why you laugh in our faces.

So you further mock the ......”NOW” ........by screaming it in capitol letters. Since you are the contrarian you scream at the ........”NOW”.....since you know it is the only LIGHT and the only thing that exists, when your path is only an illusion. You scream that out with your last defiant and mocking hiss in this conversation.

And as your last words and complete despise for ALL here .........you post the Pentagram as your last Lucifer image to pollute more minds. Thinking we will Fear again and pray to what you serve. NOT likely........... Sobeit............and you are it....Cobra.

Much Love Victor



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