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Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Re: Essence of that Which is Like Unto itself is Drawn" by Victor - 6.11.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 6:42 PM EDT on June 11, 2017

"The Essence of that Which is Like Unto itself is Drawn" by TPAO - 6.11.17

TPAO.....You falsely say that working on the level of ....."Effect".....is Wrong. I say that your statement and YOUR whole argument is Wrong! and not supported by the actual fact of the working world of ...."snow flakes".....or how snowing works.

You say:

"Running around attempting to identify a troll or cabal agent or indeed evil. Why? Focus gives it energy, more life.

FALSE.........because if this was a true statement, then why have the Cabal themselves used the complete opposite strategy during their whole oppressive rule? The Cabal always worked in ......"Secret".......and always attempts to stay hidden, because that is the only fake power that they have. Their power is a false power and can not stand up to the ...."LIGHT".......False power can't stand up to what is real and True since it is ........."NOT REAL"........and non-existent.

That is why the Cabal or...... "evil"...... does not want to be exposed....."EVER"....... Because once exposed it is shown to have no existence or real power. Once the LIGHT is turned on in a room, All dark just fades away as the ....."false effect".... of existence that is was. Dark was not created by LIGHT so in its presence (dark) it just does not exist. That is why Cabal NEVER wants to be exposed.

It is ......"IMPOSSIBLE"...... for your ......"attention or focus".....to give power to darkness as you falsely try to spread this FEAR. How could that work ? How could LIGHT give LIFE to something that does not exist?.......It can not. If this false (TPAO) assumption where true. That LIGHT would empower darkness by giving it attention!!!!..........I f that where true, then the Cabal would be doing every thing in its power to be more exposed and to be more ...."Known"......Yet it does not seek to be know.

If focus did give ....."Evil".....more energy, the Evil would itself would be ....."PROMOTING"..... more exposure of Trolls, because it would be getting more of ....."our own power"..... of Attention, but this is false. Since Evil does not want promote exposure here of Trolls, as you TPAO are NOT promoting exposure. You are promoting ......"hiding evil"..........You say hiding evil is Now a Loving act.! You are twisting words and creating new ...."false meanings".....by saying that LOVE is so insecure that it has to itself adopt the ......"Cabal ways"........or "Evil Ways".......of FEAR and hiding and not exposing.

When you use this twisted ......"False logic"......You are saying WE should be ....."Afraid of Evil".......and it that way give it the power of Fear it needs. Because if LOVE exposes Evil or Trolls........LOVE would energize Evil with its light.

You imply that LOVE would become complicit in promoting Evil by exposing it. NOW, that is impossible since darkness does not exist and is only an effect of LIGHT not being present in the first place. When light is not present, .....Evil appears to exist. But once the light is turned on in a room, Evil just vanishes.

Therefore to ........"To Expose a Troll"........is the most Loving Act possible. Turning on the light eliminates the ...."Illusion"....that Evil exist, when it does in fact have no power of its own. So spreading the light, exposing evil is completely LOVING since it only Empowers the LIGHT and can never empower darkness by being what LIGHT itself is. .....LOVE. What exists and does not exist can never mix since evil is only an illusion.

LOVE can not be divided or made into something that it is not and that would be any form of Evil. LOVE can not be divided or corrupted by what does not exist. That is why LOVE or the Light can go into any dark or evil room and always......."Remains Un-Effected".......Love can not be corrupted or divided, it is ONE.

You also continue to distort when you Say:

"Making everyone fearful, distrusting and suspicious of everyone and anyone????!!!!"

You are saying that the attributes that evil puts out as a defense, when exposed to the LIGHT. That this false defense, like those mentioned by you,is the responsibility of LIGHT and only promotes more evil. You are distorting to blame LIGHT as being responsible for the Free Will actions of those who accept an illusions as real.......when that is impossible as stated above. LIGHT only promotes ...."ITSELF"......

"Fear, reproach, condemnation, focusing on any attempt to eradicate ‘evil’ in a density that is a duality and requires Yin and Yang, is insanity."

NO......none of this ...."Exposure"........is insanity as you say, but the simple.... cure/healing or just......LOVE ....being what it is. LOVE is not afraid and not afraid of ....."exposing its nature"....LOVE likes to expose and Shine Everywhere. It is only evil that does......." protest too loud"...... To say hidden and small is not what LOVE does. Cable and Evil is what lives in the darkness of non-exposure to LIGHT. Exposure is ...."ALWAYS" ......the ......"Cure".....the healing cure that only spreads LIGHT and LOVE.

Much Love Victor



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