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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Re: Casper's Observations and Opinions" by PNW - 6.8.17

Entry Submitted by PNW at 4:25 PM EDT on June 8, 2017

"Observations & Opinions" - Casper Update 6-7-17

Whoever wrote this (Casper?), "Observations and Opinions", I want to say thank you.

It's hard to know if the intel offered by folks on this site is literal or metaphoric. Some of the stories and what is communicated...I scratch my head to understand if it is symbolistic type of writing with the telos (RV) we all seek in mind, or actual extraterrestrial battles happening below our feet with many clones of principal players in the political field filling the medias implanted agendas.

Speaking of clones, there are so many clones mentioned, no one could possibly know or keep track of any one person and if their actions are real or just digital tricks. Honestly, there's no up, down, correct, incorrect, left, right, that can be deciphered anymore. The news you get on CNN is just as inaccurate as the news on this site. I don't say that in any vicious manner at all, I say it simply to mention an observed pattern.

I thought your statement Casper, about the audience being filled with desperate people looking for any sign of hope so they have a reason to keep going (and therefore easy prey), was insightful.

Desperate audiences will go to great lengths to find hope, so anyone offering hope is likely to be well received here because Dinar Chronicles (DC) is full of desperation, and the gurus address this desperation each time they write, and that sets the hook for a desperate person because they feel they are being spoken to directly--that's called identifying with an audience and it enchants a desperate audience looking for someone who acknowledges their pain directly.

I guess you could say in one sense the intel gurus opinions, tho wrong, are indeed serving a good purpose in one sense because many keep going another day because an intel report gives them just enough reason/hope to keep going. If your belief that come morning your ship will pull into the harbor is enough for you to keep from jumping off a bridge, then the false intel here has served a positive end, and that is a good thing.

In another sense tho, it's devastating to those that trust what is communicated here, and are repeatedly let down, because let's face it, some of these gurus know how to appeal to people's hearts in ways that are very compelling -- especially to those that are looking for good news because their life is a living hell right now. I'm with you in that sense.

There is a madness associated when a desperate person considers thinking all these digital numbers are there for the taking, but they cannot be accessed because of delay. It's like being lost at sea dehydrated and starving...then seeing land...but never seeming to get to it no matter how hard you paddle. It's the oasis in the desert that's always just over the next sand dune. Madness sets in after a while of doing that.

So that leaves me with wondering who to believe and who to trust? I honestly feel every person who claims to offer inside information here be it Tank, OWK's, Bruce, ADMINDOC, and others...I think each one sincerely believes what they are writing and has no ill will towards anyone. I think that's why it's so easy to believe what they are communicating. They believe it themselves and their intent is good. Maybe I'm being deceived in thinking that, maybe not. Nevertheless, I don't sense these folks want to hurt people.

That said, if the intent is malevolent in nature, then we are ex experiencing a true situation of human emotional extortion and predation. But frankly I don't see the value in such a sinister kind of plan and all it would take to pull that off--and to what end? To sit around and laugh at people believing lies? Watching fellow humans squirm and moan and die is fun? It can't be so. How is that entertaining, and how does that serve anyone monetarily? It doesn't.

Selling a ZIM for $50 dollars a pop to a few new members joining the family each day does not justify such a concerted effort by so many people writing so much down, editing it, packaging it and distributing it. It's far too much work for far to many people for that to be a reasonable answer. A criminal would never work that hard for such a small pay off in the end.

Terrence McKenna once said, "Life is an intelligence test, and everyone is failing the test." This causes me to pose the question, "Are we ahead of the ball on DC, and the world is all behind our insight? Or are we the patsies who are deceived?" Are we the ones deceived and therefore alienated from the world to be studied like a petri dish bacterial sample--which must be kept isolated from the rest of the cultures so it remains a pure experiment.

You can't prove what is said and the intel changes so fast here by the time you could actually track something, the plan has changed dramatically. Just look at the amount of videos Gary Larrabee is turning out each day from the constant flow of intel. The DC site here has dozens of new notes daily and some are over 3 pages of writing. It's impossible to keep ahead, or possibly prove ultimately as there simply isn't time. I don't even have time to watch all Gary's videos or all I would do all day is watch YouTube all day. Who has time to do that and who would want to??

Literally every week and weekend are different and since before the change of the year the RV has basically been picked to VERY VERY likely happen by at least one guru each weekend virtually every week. Even weekDAYS are often chosen since the "best bank days" are Tuesday through Thursday. Then that changes, and "it's better on the weekend when the banks are closed and nobody would suspect a situation".

You see?

So there's absolutely no way anyone can track this kind of thing because every scenario it will happen makes sense, and every reason why it didn't happen makes sense --cabal were caught and taken either into custody or off planet for processing, someone didn't sign a paper, or there was an electronic glitch, or someone didn't show up at an exchange center, or a ping didn't return...or...or...or...

As for all the active intel providers, can I simply request you do your best to be as accurate as you can? I'll tell you, it truly is painful to hear time and time again how it's all going to happen, and for it to again be delayed and not happen. I don't put any blame on any guru and I thank you for your efforts. I'm simply requesting being sure of what you are saying because I'm trying to continue to trust your motivation and believe your intentions are pure. It is getting harder to do that and with this note from Casper, even harder. But I'm still keeping the faith.

All we can do is be thankful for the people DC does serve, enjoy the encouragement and "familial" environment the DC site offers, and trust, allow, and be thankful. What other choice do we have? We cannot check up on what's said, we cannot prove anything to 100% accuracy, and therefore are left to approach this in steady faith with no dependence in any direction. That's the only way to stay sane in an environment that makes no sense. It's like the drowning person flailing in a swimming pool. They are drowning because they are flailing. If they simply relaxed and slowly breathed, they would float. This is what must be done here at this site. One must stop insisting for a result (flailing), and relax, allow, and be thankful for whatever result presents. This is the state of peace. No dependence. No klesha. No fear. No desire. No Maya.

Trying to stay positive! Thank you everyone for your time. I'm hoping this comes together soon as I can't make it much longer.





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