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Thursday, June 1, 2017

"Re: Boogieman, Simplistic Humanitarian Template" by BB136 - 6.1.17

Entry Submitted by BB136 at 1:56 AM EDT on June 1, 2017

"Boogieman GCR/RV - Simplistic Humanitarian Template" by (Anonymous) - 5.31.17

Dear Anonymous:

I know you have thirty years of experience in handling all sizes of projects and that makes you an expert as to counseling folks on how to run a FOR-PROFIT corpiration....But in the Golden Age, a non-for-profit, humanitarian, benevolent business, I believe, requires a different approach....I have to disagree with all of the many and diverse parts you think should be set up for The Chosen One, Inc. and its many affiliates and subsidiaries...I'm curious what big corporations you were involved with, but I can guess they were typical corporate entities...(a lot of waste and meetings IMHO!)

IMHO, the structure you are putting forth/describing is for the cabal world, that is, the fraudulent corporate world, and not really apropos for our benevolent business structure.

I recommend that every Chosen One, Inc. K.I.S.S. !!! especially those of us with very little business experience and very little desire to be "hands on.":

A K.I.S.S. plan for example:

One of my plans is to provide for senior citizens in some way, to enjoy their life, to make up for lost years, the ones who lived paycheck to paycheck, saving as they could, chasing the American Dream, but just got by, because of the cabal and their minions implementing their shitty malevolent plan of keeping us all in debt and stupid:

So I choose 5 or 6 adjoining towns in mainstream America, with about 50,000 people total.

After I take care of my immediate family, I take a short business vacation, and spend time relaxing, and writing down what I want to accomplish for the seniors (you might write down your passions, e.g. vets, kids, sports, art, education, etc.) I come home and hire three top young business majors who have yet to be corrupted, to put together my benevolent business plan based on what my passion (seniors) is: I tell them exactly what I'm thinking, and let them put together several business plans based upon my passion. I take my family on vacation this time, and let my new business executives develop my possible business plans. During this time, I'll enjoy my family, and schedule skype/phone meetings to check on progress and answer questions...I am the Boss---- [although my business card will read "Executive Consultant" as I tell everyone that I am the "agent" of the rich philanthropist (which is me BTW)]--- They are done: (I gave them a reasonable deadline): I LOVE and choose the plan that is this one: We have a "contest" where young people submit their parents names (50 plus age) by way of a short story, the parents who have never quite seemed to enjoy anything in life but worked hard to raise their children. The "WINNER" which will be most of them, will be given a ten day vacation to a place of their choice, some place they have always wanted to go, expenses paid plus $25,000 spending money....I have my business executives prepare and implement the plan; I have also hired two young lawyers trained in common and constitutional law, to handle any legal matters and contracts. I've hired a young tax lawyer to manage my funds and taxes. I've directed them all to hire assistants, with me having final say on the hire; AND I MAKE SURE each of these employees is paid very well, meaning at least twice the going rate, with 4 weeks vacation, 4 day work weeks and benefits. I let the executives and lawyers acquire space, supplies, etc. and hire an I.T. employee to handle computer needs. So. we get this business going (the business majors will hire more people as needed to implement, on my direction and agreement) and I simply oversee what I expect to be accomplished (how I want to give away the money!)so it is done correctly (which is MY WAY with MY GOAL ACHIEVED). My management staff of this benevolent Chosen One Inc. #1 is no more than 3 business professionals and their 4 assistants, 2 lawyers and their 3 paralegals, 1 tax lawyer and his paralegal and an IT guy/gal. That's 15 "corporate" employees. I will let them hire sub-employees to do the leg work/dirty work, in this case two travel agents to book trips, a transport company of three drivers to drive the seniors to and from the airport, and a local advertiser/marketing associate to get the contest out there and read the letters. They also all get a very nice wage and benefit plan. This is basically distributing the funds benevolently, to 20 employees, and by paying them a nice big salary, and making them work less hours and with little stress. And the company sends perhaps 50 seniors ( 25 couples) every week on wonderful vacations and and gives each couple $25,000 spending money (which they won't spend in 10 days) which they will have to spend when they get home to buy themselves what they have always wanted. This business helps the airlines, travel companies, restaurants in the destination countries/places, etc. and 2500 seniors a year in 1/2 a dozen cities.

And once this gets going, I set up The Chosen One, Inc. #2 under the same format. I can stop when I can no longer handle the CEO duties...I plan to set this up for every city in my state (16 million people) , which means I'll have to manage about 50 companies (as silent CEO). Once all companies set up, (and there are at least 70 million baby boomers who can't afford a nice vacation) I'll be sending 125,000 seniors a year on nice vacations with $25,000 spending money; At a cost of about $3 Billion a year (If the ZIM hits as expected, that's a drop in the bucket).

Let's say you want to help vets: Your business executive staff will hire two social workers or psychologists or psychiatrists to manage veteran PTST, depression, counseling, etc. ; they hire tradesman to teach vets a trade; they hire teachers to teach vets who were uneducated; they hire a realtor to locate homes to rehab; they hire an architect to handle the rehab plans; they hire other employees to implement your veteran assistance plan; YOU ALWAYS pay the people well, provide benefits, and don't make them work more than 4 days a week. That is one way you are distributing the funds benevolently. Once a home is acquired and rehabbed, gift it to one of the vets.....and so on for your Chosen One, Inc. #1

Do the same structure for your Chosen One, Inc. #2 in another town or towns.

Do as many your Chosen One's Inc.'s as you can manage in your own time. (As the Silent President/CEO). Again, act as simply the agent of some rich philanthropist (even though it is you!) You don't want anyone to know you are the rich person, so just put on your business card "Executive Consultant"...or similar.

You don't need marketing, or a website, 'cause you know what your overall plan is: to benevolently distribute your blessing in a myriad of ways. Think like franchising, like Subway or Starbucks....set up one company to run smoothly distributing the blessing and helping vets; you are implementing your passion, and then doing it again for as many times as you can handle. If you have kids, let them be the silent "philanthropist"/consultant for the Northwest region of your state, etc.

I cannot emphasize enough, (and I have a legal, business and corporate world background and lot;s of experience,) just K.I.S.S. and let highly skilled and highly paid employees do the work, with you at the top making the final decisions, after they have worked the details out. You will essentially "own" all the franchises that are implementing your benevolence fueling your passion...





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