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Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Re: AreLian and She Who Walks in Spirit" by Daughter of Terra - 6.3.17

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 5:31 PM EDT on June 3, 2017

"On Prophets, Disgust, and Traps" by AreLian - 6.3.17

"A Most Humble Loving Voice" by She Who Walks With Spirit - 6.2.17

Firstly, thank you both for posting. I have learned much from both post, and that is the number one reason as to why I AM here.

Job of a Lightworker

l do think however, that there is something that also needs to be considered. Many here are lightworkers and that implies action. Is it something you must do...perhaps not you in the same way. See the funny thing about being on this side of the RV; even thought its here is that the cabal mindset is still here for some.

We are not removing or voting on the removal of some naysayers or confused people who just need answers. Like Peter K and others. We are removing and limiting the influence of the Cabal and their minions one whack at a time. And because we are no longer cowering in the corner of what we thought makes us, us now there is a problem. They have rights. Where is the rights of lightworker in Australia on this site who will not post or come to IDC for light and unliftment; because the cabal have broken the gates of truth down and we did nothing but allow it because thats what we are trainned to do?

The Paradox

We are not the same. Some people carry light. Some people fight for it. Some people know of it. You cannot say that any of the above choices should do it your way. By your own testimony in your post you are making a judgement. This is not what we are doing, beloved ones - We are making a stand. A stand to embrace light in all its various attributes and manifestations.

A microwave cooks food with light. Medical treatment uses light to heal patients. Fire can cook food or burn down a house. All light. Different functions and properties. You cannot say that because someone is not doing something your way its wrong or should not be done. Its just not how you would do it. We all can't get on the same page, if by soul contract we all have different books. The sameness and end of duality is the UNDERSTANDING. That resides in consciousness alone. Not in the lower mind of man or woman.

I understand that there is no one way. I also understand that while troll whacking may not be my area of expertise poetry is. I also understand that we all have contracts we made. And just because you may have forgetten about them does not mean that, that contract have forgotten about you. Some kind of awakening has to take place in order for you to remember. Re-member. Come back to the whole.


And the rest where are they why have they not returned. They were cabal and removed. This is not attacking or mob mentality this is leadership. This is coming into your own. This is empowerment. I don't know how someone can be empowered or lead by the spirit and not participate. That does not mean it cannot be done or isn't. It only means that I have not had that experience. Even manifestation required action and intention. We are here at this start of something beautiful and we did something... in one voice we said "NO MORE".

No debate

As a result...there is no debate. The world is changing now and for the better because of what we decided. We decided to be lead not by man but by the calling in our heart. We decided to lay down the swords we were carrying of hatred and lack. And we indeed picked up swords of peace. We heard the call to action and we are here to embrace it. Now some would say the act of picking up a sword and peace should not be in the same sentence. Thats fine. But if Im standing in the forest. All I have at my disposal is wood. I have to use it. The only thing that matters is my intention. DO NO HARM so instead of making a stake to drive into another living being. I would build a house. In the same way I can use that same sword to cut through lies. To slice through hopelessness in disbelief in the only real thing here. Love.

I love IDC. What I am indifferent to are those you come to this stoop with an agenda. To harm and corrupt and confuse.


Lets face it we are lightworkers. We are the underdogs. The crazies. The ones everybody knew nothing about. And the only way we are going to shake off all the years of life that threw dirt and shade on our light is to shake it off in a place we are accepted and loved and that is here on IDC. To let trolls in and support them is to put fellow lightworkers back in the shadows. No.

ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL, should be our motto. The cabal and their minions are not part of the group because they already choose not to be. But you are steady trying to make a place setting for them and that is why we are in conflict. "Birds of a feather flocked together". "Do not be with those unequally yoked" and countless other quotes and examples. The Universe is an extension from the Undivided to the Divided. That division is a reflection of wholeness from whence it comes. When the divided parts work in conjunction with the whole as a fragment of it not removed; but a part. Wholeness is still attainable. However when the fragments go against the whole for the benefit of itself. It is cabal and it is dangerous. It has removed itself from its own source. Dangerous indeed. All for one and one for all is the new universal mantra. Not all for some and some for themselves because they fell left out. If they wanted to come back to the ONE, they could. That is how forgiving SOURCE is. You forget they don't want to and not only that they want to take some with them.

You may not have to whack troll. Some do. You may not have to do intel; some do. You may not have to active participant now; may be you will be incredible later. The point is we are all playing our parts and those parts add to the light here. Makes it shine that much brighter; for that much longer. Its not your way great. It doesn't have to be. But the moment you come out of you place to report on another light-action. You are not where you need to be. All roads lead to love theres just many roads. The only thing that matters is that we DO NO HARM. And in regards to the cabal and their trolls. Its karma. Its what they elicited because of the choice they made. The manifestation they created. It was already elicited how else could they be whacked. There are no random events no accidents. They called for it and there happened to be a Whacker on call. And where else but on IDC. And at the same time it gives us reason to fight (not beat people up). Fight for love and light every time they came around. That is empowerment. Its pre-RV training. You had the power the entire time. The money is secondary and for those who need it to empower them. Our true power comes from with in.

Be well. Love and light

Daughter of Terra



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