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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Question & Message From Grandfather" - One Who Knows - 6.7.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 5:55 PM EDT on June 7, 2017

Question & Message From Grandfather


"Still Waiting"

Entry Submitted by Hope for the World at 2:34 AM EDT on June 7, 2017

I'm still waiting. I'm still waiting for Mr. One Who Knows to post a photo of a headstone stating that "Hope for the World" is dead. Is hope for the world really dead, Mr. One Who Knows?



Hope For The World, you are not on anyone's list as a problem. All is well for you. As far as my contacts are concerned, they are not worried about you in the least.

There is a big difference between posts that are a little negative, and those that are destructive, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The house cleaning we have done in recent days, came from the top. There is no way that Patrick is in a position to vet the people who seek to post on his site. That has come from Republic sources who have found out for us all, who were the good guys and who were not. Some have been arrested, others were just blocked from posting.

However, I have had conversations with both Grandfather and Quan Yin about you specifically, Hope For The World. They sing your praises as they clearly know you better than I could. I have heard that you are quite intelligent, knowledgeable, and have a wealth of experiences that you could share with us here on IDC, and importantly, that you are NOT a Cabal minion. They don't seem to be bothered by your recent negativity as there is a big difference between negativity out of frustration and negativity intended to harm.

I get great pleasure out of kicking Cabal Trolls off our site, but those who are hurting and just frustrated, I want to help. I would love to see some posts from you that show us who you really are. I know that if Grandfather and Quan Yin, think highly of you, then you would be a great asset to our community. I have "Hope For The World," and I know you do as well. Let's bring this GCR in on a high note!

Message From Grandfather

I Had A Talk With Grandfather

I had a talk with Grandfather last night on this matter. I asked if the energy of the IDC site had increased since we had all TAKEN A STAND against our oppressors and tormentors and he said, "YES, Dramatically!"

Then I asked him if what we were doing on IDC was "Rocking the Cabal?" He replied, it was not just rocking the Cabal, it was bringing them down!" The light that shines from IDC is being felt all over the World, giving encouragement and hope to those who need it, and discouragement to the remaining Cabal minions. It is so clear that the tide has not only turned in our favor, but is gaining momentum and size and will wipe out whatever is left of the Cabal.

Grandfather wanted to "Show Me" how much the Positive energy in the World has increased just over the last few days as a result of us finally publically taking a stand and uniting in our cause. But, those abilities of mine, are not fully developed yet. So he said he would let me "Feel" the positive energy that is in the World now.

WOW! What can I say, it was so wonderful. I could feel the "feel good energy" of the Light Workers that is all over the World. See if you can "tune" into that feeling now, it is amazing!

Light Workers

I have written about Light Workers many times, that they are alone in their beliefs. Those around them, be it family or friends, just don't know or understand what we know. Here are a couple of those posts:

"What Is A Light Worker?" - One Who Knows - 1.17.17

"4 Phases of the Light Worker's Journey" - One Who Knows - 2.26.17

However, one thing I have never mentioned is that we are strategically placed all over the World, spread out among those who are not awake. We are each beacons of Light and High Vibrational energy, evenly spread out, so as to cover the World with our Light. That is why you are alone in your beliefs among those around you. You are the "Point of Light" for your area of the World.

Taking Action, Taking A Stand

Sometimes it is hard to take a stand that effects other people, but take a stand you must. We have removed many from our Home on IDC, but in doing so, we have raised the energy of our Home, and the World as well. It is no accident that we are all here on IDC at this MOST important and pivotal time in History!

We met here on this site, but our energy transmits to the World from where we stand, both physically, and energetically. We have come together, in a way that has NEVER been done in all of Creation. That is no accident. There is always (In All Ways) a higher order plan in action.

Recent House Cleaning

As I look back at the last few days, it is easy to see the community coming together and the change in energy is unmistakable! Now I have a report from Grandfather that we are literally changing the World as a result of our unity and commitment. That is just fabulous!!!!

It is no wonder that we suddenly got reports from the NPTB about certain posters on our site that needed to be removed.... Clearly, the time is NOW! Obviously this super high energy, and the positive effect we are having on the World, coupled with the demoralization and collapse of the Cabal, is all in the Big plan. One day, we will look back at our actions and realize that they were EXACTLY want was needed at the time. We united and MADE A STAND FOR THE LIGHT, and changed the World as a result.

Help The Ones We Can

The Cabal Trolls could not be helped by us because they intended us harm. But, for the ones who are frustrated, Love is the answer. They will come around so fast, as we are just a few weeks from total completion of everything. The GCR finished, The Republic Announced, NESARA/GESARA in acted, and most likely Disclosure as well. These are amazing times, emotions will be at an all time high in the final days. In that regard I want to be the first to extend an olive branch out to Hope For The World. There is a difference between Frustrated and evil. Let us help the frustrated and boot the evil, and recognize the difference.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I got word from the top that Hope For The World, is not Cabal and that she has more going on for her than we know. What is important is that we Made A Stand against the Cabal Trolls that we did have and in doing so raised our vibrations and energy so high that it has helped the World, and rocked the Cabal. Who knew that we had that much power? The Elders and the NPTB, of course, and now you do as well.

We are a very special group of people. While we come from different countries, different backgrounds, and have different life experiences, we are of one mind and one heart and our unified Light Shines Brightly for all the World and the Universe to see. If I could express how Proud Grandfather, Quan Yin, the Republic Leadership, and the Galactics are of what you have accomplished and how we have come together, I would. But it is more than mere words can explain. It is DEEP Appreciation and LOVE for us and what we have done to save ourselves, and save our World. We inspire the Universe. We have finally come together as a unified group of Light Warriors and taken a Stand for what is right, and we shall soon reap the rewards for a job well done. You are Special, You are Important, and You are appreciated. Thank You!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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