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Sunday, June 25, 2017

"Payments System" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


DLR » June 25th, 2017

"God never uses someone greatly until He tests them deeply." ~ A.W. Tozer

Don961 » June 25th, 2017

Ok ... back to studying ... this is cool ... from the new CBI site :

Components of the payments system

June 13, 2017

Components of the Iraqi payments system:

It consists of the Iraqi payments system from the following systems: -

• The total settlement of real - time system Real : Time Grosse Settlement ) RTGS )
• Clearing electronic instruments system . Check the Automated Clearing House is ) the C-ACH , )
• internal clearing system The Inter Bank to Clearing the System ) site IBCS )
• Central Depository System Securities , the Central Securities , Depository ) the CSD )
• infrastructure payment system Retail Retail Payment DVD Nasser the system infrastructure ) RPSI )
• The total settlement of real - time system Real : Time Grosse Settlement ) RTGS )

1. The total settlement Wares system (Real Time Grosse Settlement System (RTGS

Work with this system in Baghdad began successfully on 24/8/2006, and this system connects the Central Bank of Iraq with the main branches of banks and the Finance Ministry for the exchange of orders to pay high-value inside Iraq.

The activities of this system provides for the replacement of manual execution of operations and thus ended the risks arising from conducting a comprehensive settlement of the values ​​of payments between banks.

Central Bank of Iraq is the owner of the system, and takes it upon himself to the inauguration of its programs in the participating sites, as well as holding training courses for users of banks who shall either administrative role of the Central Bank of Iraq is different from the most important tasks of monitoring bank accounts.

In the first phase of the implementation of the system of five banks in a settlement processes involved with each other, but in accordance with progressive plans developed by the central bank to expand its work where it is currently system includes all banks and branches of foreign banks and developments on leave to work in Iraq.

Available system security features (such as the principle of four eyes), and the Altakoel necessary for the operation of the system is provided by the Central Bank of Iraq exclusively.

The number of banks participating in the system (65) banks in addition to the Ministry of Finance and the National Pension Authority and the Department of the care of minors and the branches of this bank.

2. Clearing electronic instruments System (Check Automated Clearing House System (C-ACH

Is a system that can participating banks and branches of the exchange of payment orders among them mechanically, and are sending net final settlement to the total settlement of real-time processing system, as well as being through the system the exchange of electronic instruments encoded ink magnetized and is retained a copy of the original instrument in section deposited in it and send an image of the instrument and its data through the branch system to the participant in the public administration system.

The system is run effectively on 14/9/2006 branches of major banks (Rafidain, Rasheed, Baghdad, Iraq's commercial, Middle East) in addition to the other two branches of each bank participant. It has been involved more than 19 bank so far, in addition to the branches of the Central Bank.

The training branches of the Central Bank staff in Basra, Irbil, Mosul and Sulaymaniyah, and the installation of the system in all branches of banks in the provinces above to activate and facilitate transfers between provinces.

The electronic clearing system instruments is part of the automated clearing system. The start implementing the system (Bank of Baghdad, the Middle East Bank, Credit Bank, Dar Al Salam Bank, Commercial Bank, Trade Bank of Iraq) in addition to two branches of each bank and through the gradual expansion involved in the system now (17) and most of their descendants.

Continue to train Iraqi banks and branches of foreign banks open gradually in Iraq for the purpose of engaging them to the system.

The number of banks participating in the system (59) banks in addition to the central bank.

The number of banks participating in the system (28) In addition to the National Pension Authority and the Department of care of minors.

Infrastructure payment system Retail in Iraq , Iraqi Payment System Infrastructure) IRPSI)
within the framework of the pursuit of modernization and development of financial and banking services in Iraq and in line with international developments in this field , the Central Bank of Iraq has sought to create the infrastructure for the payment system retail including setting up national distributor for retail sale and payment by mobile phones to transfer money electronically to the POS and ATM automatic devices, where the system provides the opportunity for the Iraqi banks and mobile network operators and access to the most modern and sophisticated cash payments.

System components:

1. National divider National Switch to pay for retail payments through the use of the cards.
- national targets divided
o expansion using payment tools for e (Rtat, mobile phone, Internet).
o spread of POS and ATMs throughout Iraq.
o reducing the use of cash and instruments.
o database for all transfers and easily accessible.
o supervision and control electronically transfers.
o mobile payment Mobile Payment DVD Nasser
o mutual retail payment system in Iraq provides an opportunity for Iraqi banks and operators of mobile networks , mobile access to the most modern and sophisticated cash payments integrated tools will the proposed system is unique on the interoperability level where Iraq has at present many the main advantages that are expected to facilitate the adoption of the payment system ,especially retail banking operations by mobile phone.

• The most important achievements taking place in the payment systems in the circle of payments

- activate the number arithmetic Unified of the International Bank Account Number) IBAN) payments system (RTGS- ACH) is defined as the international bank account number, which is based on international standards , a prototypical special figures client accounts banks allows users to validate number

- the converter has the account, it was directed banks to adopt the common arithmetic figure in the IBAN internal transfers from the date of 02.01.2017.

- start working to assess the readiness of the Iraqi payments system in line with international standards (PFMIs) of Principles for Finical Market Infrastructures World Bank to improve the payment and settlement systems in Iraq as part of the agreement with the World Bank and dealing with electronic payment systems in Iraq.

- reform of payment of the staff of institutions and government departments salaries mechanism by settling their salaries bank accounts and ensures the bank to meet all the requirements for the application of the process of localization of salaries in banks and transfer the payment of salaries system to civilian staff , including allocations and benefits to an electronic system and from this point of the Central Bank of Iraq has sought cooperation with banks to bring this project into existence and localization of the success of the salary process has been started to work on the localization of the bank's employees' salaries is then circular on the rest of the ministries and government departments all over the year 2017

- to strengthen the role of payment systems in the financial inclusion through Digital services provided by banks and providers of electronic payment services as an important dimension in the Strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq and the automation of work through the use of electronic payment tools and encourage the use of financial and banking services provided by banks and providers of electronic payment services, and it also supports micro , small and medium - sized and small enterprises and to facilitate access funding.

- activate the electronic payment operations between government ministries and institutions.
- banks evaluate providers of electronic payment services technically and through the evaluation of the technical aspects of services and basic electronic banking systems, which is inferred through which the level of banking efficiency in the provision of electronic services to customers.


Peggy68 » June 25th, 2017

Pictures .. Children of Mosul celebrations.

4 Saaە ago BAGHDAD / NRT

Celebrated the city of Mosul, the Nineveh province, Sunday, Eid al - Fitr , where the people came out in areas that have been restored from the organization Daesh to celebrate the arrival of Eid, as children celebrated the holiday for the first time in more than three years away from the control of the organization .

Showed pictures published by "Reuters" Today (June 25, 2017), children in the city of Mosul as they celebrate Eid al-Fitr, and they are riding fun games.

Markets have seen the left side of the city before the day of Eid, the busiest and the movement of commercial active, after a day of attacks by elements Daesh on a commercial market in the city, as the security forces imposed tight security measures in most neighborhoods that have been restored recently.

Activists have launched civilians in the capital Baghdad, a charity initiative under the title of "Eid in Mosul," with the aim of solidarity with the people of the city after the "salvation" of the organization Daesh, and includes a field visit to the camps to help the displaced.

The activists with the participation of civil society organizations and some ministries, organized the initiative, which includes securing 15 buses belonging to the Ministry of Transport to transport participants from Tahrir Square in Baghdad, on Tuesday morning, to Mosul.

These are the most prominent images children Mosul celebrations coming of Eid al-Fitr, after more than two years spent under the control of Daesh.


Dreamer13 » June 25th, 2017

So nice to finally see smiles on their faces.

Peggy68 » June 25th, 2017

Yes Dreamer , I must agree. The world will smile once again very soon. But our children or should I say God's children should always come 1st. Xoxo

Johnnycs1 » June 25th, 2017

BEST PICTURE EVER !!!!!!!!!! KEEP'UM COMING !!!...........

Catone » June 25th, 2017

Just wanted to make a comment regarding the children and their henna tattoos....though my PTSD from my stint as (thanks to an IED) a triage nurse and translator for Doctors Without Borders some years ago in Jordan, DOES NOT allow me to translate Arabic or Farsi as I once could....some small things sneak through! The Sun in the center of the circles (best of my memory) stands for "bright days" and the arrows around and alongside them mean "ahead and for always"....

This combination is reserved for times of great celebration,are often reserved for the bride's henna work on her wedding day, as well as the birth of a new baby. Kinda time for them to be able to do it, huh?

Henna is only semi-permanent unlike ink. This kind of tattoo is also of great import in India and Pakistan, yet I cannot recall a time other than weddings when it's used. Doesn't mean it is NOT...just cannot (dang it) recall. IMO, THESE GRAPHIC SYMBOLS ARE MORE INFO THAN WE COULD HOPE FOR at KTFA....may not see them again in our lifetimes on children!!!

Thanks for everyone's hard work and many blessings to all..

Hugs and stuff, Catone



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