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Saturday, June 17, 2017

"OWK and the Miguel 800 Number Post" by (Anonymous) - 6.17.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 3:18 PM EDT on June 17, 2017

"My Exchange Story!" by Miguel - 6.17.17

I do not usally post to such things but I have been sitting here for hours going back and forth on should I put my input in. Then Fireswan reply to Miguel 800 post made me decide to post the following.

The subliminal messages of numbers names and his symbols used in his message were 100 percent illumaniti occult cabal. He is no fallower of Tank but cabal himself or it was written by high end occult. They are so obsessed with there numbers and symbols many do not know. So I will exspose them and it is not to cast fear in those who do not understand its so you understand how they work and you can start seeing his post was not only a threat to lightworkers but to the galatics and divine themselves as if they still had that power.

Here is a link that was written in 2010 and gives a understanding to cabal agenda. They do not have that power anymore (the steeling parts of us at accention was there plan no other any more!) but in 2010 it was a very real threat. This is why ones like OWK and others are working so hard and why other forces are working so hard at our protection. We owe them a great thanks if that even enough.


OK so first mistake ATNT building ? So are you threatening TNT Ray or are you saying you know an exchange location and we all know TNT is dynamite since your cabal bombs are now gone. We all know the Huge illumaniti holdout in CA. So save it for someone who will never care .

Before I rip this post apart here is a cabal code as example. C=3 N=14 N=14 3+1+4+1+4=13 CNN=13 CABAL FAVORITE NUMBER
CIA=C=3 I=9 A=1 so we have 391 or 3+9+1=13 FAVORITE CABAL NUMBER

So next the wealth manager was Mary who was like an Angel. Everyone knows that Sandana chose the Head of the Angels to incarnate as his mother. Yes Mary off planet is head of the Angelic Race. Then you claim she lit up like a Christmas Tree . Another cabal symbol. You can read the link above but illumaniti agenda is to get you to give away your golden blood there symbol for that is a pine cone(your pineal glandl) also know as the eye of Horace or the eye on top of the pyramid . The pine tree is your spine. A hue is a color or our bodies man is frequency bands that are multi dementional. Thus in short terms human. When our frequency is high enough and the kudndali attaches to our brainstem and our pineal glands produce or makes a golden blood serum that transmutes us into crystaline bodies. During accention the cabal wanted to steal our dna golden blood and are X y chromosomes. This is what in occult terms means gifts under the Christmas tree. The lights are us (humans light up prod
ucing golden blood turning into crystaline light bodies ) Trying to get what they needed from us to make light bodies of there own. They can not accend.

Sorry I know this goes far beyond
Many but I know what u meant when you used Mary lit up like a Christmas tree. So now you threaten Quann Yin who was once Mary on earth. Do you dare say you are to attempt her harm???

Ok so some will say far reaching well let's start with the this is not 1977 it's 2017. That means there is a 40 year difference. 4 = the foundation for magic . There was a book titled FOUR Written by Alcester Crowley if that is not a sign. The #0= sun worshiper and is the symbol man is reborn in occult.

Again 40 was the number of cubicals. So there magic cubicals "not real"
Also 1977 =24 the number 2 means to divide (the brake up of our duality that is an illusion) and 4= magic foundation. Or 2+4=6 the number of human. So I see this as divide the humans and confuse them to take away there metaphysical abilities as magic is not real to them (even know humans were made for that) and the cabal use black magic and rituals to keep humans under control...

22months of missed work is really 11 doubled and means destruction and death of man. Hmmmm so far all numbers given are adding up to cabal threats of fear like we are not smart enough to see threw your bullshit.

The number 8 is also sun worship for it takes Venus 8 years to orbit the sun 13 Times. So 8 is really a hidden 13. He said he had 888 trillion dollars. 888 is really 13+13+13=39 This is the highest magnification of 13 you can get. The sacred 888... Sorry for the heads spinning but I hope other lightworkers see this was no harmless letter but calculated threats....

Now for the 9,999 that was paid out in 100 dollar bills which is impossible. Let's look at these numbers shall we?
9, is the number of divine completion and the fall of man.(this is occult meanings)

999 is inverted as 666= hidden evil so 9,999 is the fall of man from God by a hidden evil.... This is were my line is drawn. You can not fall from God if your of his divine light. It's an illusion. Now every number he used name and place but 7 all matches the occult dictionary of threats. As if 7 would throw me off.

Who ever Miguel is higher up than Tank for he is compelled by symbols and numbers. They can not live think or breathe without using them.

I care not who you are and your kiss ass statement to OWK was to throw us off your sent.
THANK GOD I HAVE OWK in my life as I do others. I normally stay quiet but this letter was a threat to living people hidden in a fake story filled with emotion to draw people in. Well you have no power anymore the divine light already won. And you no longer have credit and i dont feel sorry for your damn occult ass. I fear you not. You left me no parents and abused me as a child however I am grown I have my metaphysical abilities and you will never harm another living being again. May the divine light burn threw you till your only light energy and incarnated as a rock for billions of years that's if your human. If your Anunaki or Draconian down lines well you are not that lucky....May you get all that karmatic energy back at you for the evil you have done..... You have messed with my pack and I see first hand of the cabal evil most don't even know so I can say watching you be ended would not bother me in the least.

Sandana being called a shape-shifting grey reptilian. And Quann Yin threatened all in the same week has me playing defense for those I love and those that are kin to me. I STAND WITH OWK AND SHOOT TO KILL STARTING WITH THE EVIL ILLUMANITI WHO WROTE THE POST SIGNED MIGUEL..... YOU WILL FIND ITS NOT JUST AN INNOCENT PERSON.

Ps. Sorry for errors I did check a few times but I do have dyslexia....

Goddess of my Father
Guardian of his light.



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