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Saturday, June 3, 2017

"Opportunity Island" by Victor - 6.3.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 10:31 AM EDT on June 3, 2017

Opportunity island is a place that exist in the middle of the ocean. Just like IDC, just like Dinar Chronicles. It appeared one day in the middle of the ocean. I sprung up out of a need and out of imagination. It was a place created by Gaia itself to answer a call of sorrow. To answer the desire of lost sailors on the on the voyage of Life.

It was a magical place that not all could see or find. It was a place that was for all sailors who where tired of rowing their boat or waiting for the winds of life to carry them aimlessly to another storm. This was opportunity island.

The island had no real rules except one rule........."Do No Harm"......This rule was not a man made rule but a Universe cosmic rule of Creation itself and of Gaia itself. This rule served all who landed on ......"Opportunity Island".......It was there to protect the island and the visitors to its shores. The island was there because the world was in a state of war. A large tumultuous war where many where perishing and floundering and lost.

The people on the island where from all parts of the world and there was no discrimination. The funny thing about Opportunity Island is that not all people could see it of find it. Many sailed right past it even after being given clear instructions on how to find the Island. Many where even given physical invitations called Zims. These Zim notes where just a ticket to get into the island if you could hold the Zim in your hand.

The Zim was like a wish created out of a bottle by a magical genie. It was not for everyone. Some who held the invitation would touch the Zim and they would light up with joy. They would see visions of a new land and new world of light and Love when they held the Zim. Others would touch the magical....." Zim note"..... as it was called. It was called a....."note"....because it either sang to you or it did not.

For those that the note did not sing too it was no event at all to hold the "Zim Note invitation" to Opportunity Island .They held the note, if they could even see it or find it. But nothing happend for them. It was a magical thing after all, but Not for All. An invitation created out of desire for something new. The zim vibrated at the energy of desire and hope and of LOVE. If anyone touched the Zim who did not resonate with it, the zim did nothing. It was dead for them. It did not sing..........

This is how Opportunity Island was and is. It is not really a permanent place, but just a resting place for like minded travels to gatherer their strength and rest. Rest with other sailors who could hear the song of the magical island and where refreshed by its healing energy. It was a place where all the sailors rejoiced in finding others like themselves who had worked very hard for a long time to even find the island. Many did not even know if such and island existed, but these fearless sailors did not care. They sailed off before even knowing the island existed.

Such was the strength and honor of the visitors to the shore of Opportunity Island. Many where really beaten down. They had left their families behind and even lost their children on this long voyage. These sailors knew and appreciated the Miracle of the place opportunity island was. They knew it was a fragile creation manifesting out of the Miracles of Universal Law. Universal laws of attraction that operated in a manner not known by many. Since not many understood these laws occasionally some wandering sailor would land on the shore of the island.

When these Souls arrived they where always welcomed and told of the main directive........"DO NO Harm"......Everyone who arrived in this way always agreed to the terms at first, but always would break the main rule, since they where not attracted vibrationally to Opportunity island by is healing power, not really.

Some who landed on the Island where fighters of Universal law. They where addicted and victims of the Vampires law. This was an artificial law created by Dracula himself. This was the rule of the land away from opportunity island. This was the reason a few sailors sailed the seas, to escape the enslaving effects of the Vampire law. That is why when any sailor who had the magic Zim note and could hear the song of the island could not believe how lucky they where to have found such a place, away from the vampires that ruled the world.

Some of these vampires would find their way to the island by accident or intend or instructions. Even they where offered a drink of fresh water. Fresh water was new to the vampires that roamed the world. They where used to drinking sea water and they did not feel well when they drank the healing waters of Opportunity Island. They could not take the withdrawal symptoms of the cure. Those that arrived to the island in this way, they would in no time break the main rule of the island. They could not help themselves.

The other visitors of the island who knew all about the cure of the healing waters understood the sick vampires. They knew that the vampires could not stay on the island because they would hurt those resting there and the Vampires in a way would hurt themselves by drinking the water when it was not what their hearts desired. It was just not for them or like them. The vampires like all the other sailors of the sea all had an internal compass and a internal ....."Theme"..... to their lives. Some travelers where meant for the island and some where not. That was another Universal law that operated called ......"Free Will"......

So the island was open to all but really only ......"Real"..... for a selected few. Those selected few that appreciated this Creation in the middle of a harsh ocean fought to protect it. They valued it and resonated with the Island. They drove the vampires away even though all the vampires denied that they worked for Dracula. They would say.......no we are free thinkers and we do not work for anyone. But they where very sick and did not even know it. They could not help themselves because they where infected by the low vibration of Dracula himself. They had been bitten and where one with Dracula's energy. They though that they where free men and women, when all along they where creatures of the night, working to make food for their master.

They where creators of fear and disharmony, that is what Dracula need and demanded of his infected minions. So these minions did not even know what they where doing when they denied that they worked for the dark creature of the night. They like Dracula himself, hated the song and bright ....."Light"..... of the island. It was a very real threat to their very existence. The island should not have been there but it was.

The impossible existed and it healed or repelled all who landed on its shore, that did not fit in. This temporary island was there created to fill a need and answer a prayer for Salvation from those who by some miracle did escape count Dracula and his minions. This island would disappear back into the ocean once its purpose of providing temporary rest was over. It would sink back into the sea and those who where left in the world would never even know that the island had existed. They would only have rumors and gossip and such.

That was the way of Opportunity Island. It was a temporary sanctuary for wayward travelers on a long journey. The island let the few who could be healed know that once they left the Island again in their boats, that the Power of the island and the healing Zim would be with them for all their lives. These magical Zim transformed the holders of the note. They would become like genies themselves and go to create new and different island in the ocean of Life. The wher co-creators themselves now, with real power. They where unlimited in power now.

Their boats would turn into ships that could carry many to the new other healing islands that could now spring up out of new desires in a No Lack World. The old world was fading out and dying. There was no more food left for Dracula to have. The minions where left behind all alone to live out their chosen themes.

So it is and was on Opportunity Island, it was seen and manifested to benefited only a selected few. The ones that could see it and feel it and Love it. They where empowered by it and they used it and they sailed away when they graduated from the island. They inspired to go and create their own healing island for others.

Much Love Victor



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