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Friday, June 23, 2017

"One Time Frame at a Time" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


FaithPrevails » June 23rd, 2017

IMO they are testing web site and we will continue to see it go up and down. Frank anticipates once it is done the real rate will appear. Between us and them Holidays are abundant so Frank do we pick a new window so people can plan accordingly?

Frank26 » June 23rd, 2017

IMO .............. Do not. Instead stay with one Time Frame at a Time.
For now we STUDY ................ 26th to 30th. \m/

HoneyBunny » June 23rd, 2017


Doc.K » June 23rd, 2017

POST 136 from LAST NIGHT .https://cbi.iq/news/view/168

STILL SHOWING11 DINARS purchase price to buy 1 USD


Those are the INDICATIVE RATES as stated at the bottom of the page


Look at the rate below.

It takes 11 DINAR TO EQUAL 1 USD

1 USD = .9 IQD (point nine IQD )

the link I gave you above from LAST NIGHT.


See these rates below
Post 239
Dollar exchange rate in Iraqi banks and markets
33 minutes ago Dollar Visit 155

Dollar exchange rate in Iraqi banks
US $ 1 = 1,169.7000 Iraqi Dinar
IQD 1 = US $ 0.0009 -------- IF YOU DROP THE 3 ZEROs........ it is point nine .9

Last Updated: Friday, June 23, 2017, 8:48 GMT Baghdad
Dollar exchange rate in the Iraqi market
100$ – 124.950


Doc, I believe that is from Feb. 2017.....daily currency prices dated 28/2/2017

Doc.K » June 23rd, 2017

Yes, they have been Approx 1 USD to 1 IQD IN COUNTRY RATE since FEB 28 2017.
They should be much higher now They are HIDING IT ON THEIR SITE. I GOT THE SCREEN SHOTS

Tommy17 » June 23rd, 2017

Don't u find the timing of this interesting with the iraq stock exchange off all next week , end of eid, and release of chapt 7 end of this month announcement the kuwait files done. Lets just sit back and watch things unfold next week. And if not 'go study some more. Imo. Sooooom

StephenMac » June 23rd, 2017

IMO This cbi.iq website is the one that is for mainly international eyes as the locals wouldnt need to access is for any reason. Remember the theory of the CBI Intra-net that is accessble by bank managers, IMF, UST and whoever else that has the "authority" to access? IMO, that theory still holds water.

If you were a country doing price changes (improvements) on your currency while setting up shop, you would want to do it as quickly as possible to control your losses. Losses? Yep, right now the international rate for the currency is very weak while the interior rate is getting stronger.....

Meaning someone has a better advantage of purchasing currency at bargain basement prices while the rate is demonstrating proof of strength. In other words, we are at the point where we can buy the currency for cheaper than what it is really worth at this moment.

In country it is demonstrated that the IQD is almost par with the USD, out of country its 1184 to the dollar.

As for doing it "quickly to control losses". For every dinar that increases in value comes with a price and it will cost more to 'back it up", so what do you do? You keep the international rate the same while you hustle to get things done. Once the hustling is done and you go international, you have limited your "losses" to a minimum.

It took a lot to be able to drop a zero, even two of them, and possibly all three of them....all the while the country is fighting a war.

No wonder it was to be done in 3 month increments. They could have done this over a longer time span such as dropping a zero once a year but it would have been way too expensive of a routine, this way, they went in and had "crunch time". This crunch time had to be pre-planned to the tiniest detail in order to be successful.

I feel that it is very possible that they may make the announcement that we all wish for before the end of the month but I am keeping grounded as this whole experience is something that I am not even vaguely familiar with as my high school didnt teach this subject.

Im guessing that they need to be announced to the proper people as being International and three days later the public is informed. Im thinking Iraq will inform UN and the IMF on the last day of the month, escrow gets turned over, and three days later it is public knowledge. Even though it would be July 3rd, but still they were International at the end of June, officially.

And if the RV happened while I was writing this, never mind, I was wrong (smile)

Don961 » June 23rd, 2017

End the preparations to celebrate the feast of victory

6/24/2017 0:00

The latest train in the Middle East launch of the

Baghdad / morning

ended in Baghdad competent government departments, preparations for all long to celebrate the victory on the remnants of "Daesh" terrorist gangs in the city of Mosul, which will coincide with the Eid al - Fitr , which will begin tomorrow preparing celebrations Cd..ufema City Zora Games to launch the newest train in the Middle East first day of the feast, it ended the Municipality of Baghdad, a new and broad campaign to remove the abuses taking place on the main streets and public squares and sidewalks , which tarnished the landscape and aesthetic capital , such as celebrating Fitr launch of the latest train in the Middle East and said the city Zora games intention The latest train in the Middle East launch of which is a specialized German equipped the companies and signal conditioning system advanced.

It said the city administration in a statement the "morning" received a copy of it: that "(Tschu Bahnen company) , Germany has completed the processing and operation of the game for high - speed train two different Ptsmaimin in Zora Games techniques and specifications are the latest of its kind in the Middle East region will enter the actual service first days Eid al-Fitr".

" The train includes a cooling system fit in with the atmosphere of the country warm to provide comfort to the families of Baghdad as well as sophisticated techniques to open and close the doors and ride with special needs and devices sound, music, surveillance cameras and controlled by air navigation systems (GPS)." The statement said that " the train , which is a miniature model trains famous German transport company (deutsche bahn), is an important step towards the development of the tourism sector and to benefit from the expertise of international companies and using them to serve Baghdadi families along the lines in place in the cities of the global theme park (Disneyland ).
A campaign to remove the excesses in the capital ,

for its part, ended the Baghdad Municipality in coordination with the Baghdad Operations Command , a new and broad campaign to remove the abuses taking place on the main streets and public squares and sidewalks that distorted view of the aesthetic and the capital Baghdad, in conjunction with the Eid al - Fitr celebrations of our people. According to the Directorate of Relations and Information in the Municipality of Baghdad , a statement received "morning", said that " the municipality of Adhamiya , the Department has completed a new campaign to remove the abuses taking place on the streets of Imam Azam and Omar bin Abdul Aziz Square Antar Street Morocco represented by removing roofs shops of past stalls that have caused obstruction of traffic, traffic and remove billboards ".

She noted that " the Municipality Rusafa Center Department carried out in cooperation with the guards and the Security Directorate and in coordination with the Baghdad Operations Command , an extensive campaign to remove the excesses of nursery owners and shops selling construction materials in Palestine Street , along with removal of the abuses taking place in the aviation yard of stalls and Albesttiyat carts street vendors", indicating that "Sadr Municipality carried out the first part of the campaign to support security guards and the Directorate of security in which 35 removed exceeded."

Security measures

to this, a security source said yesterday that a decision was issued to prevent the entry saloon wheels are not registered in the name of the rightful owner to the capital Baghdad during the days of Eid.

The source said in a press statement: "It coincided with the Eid al - Fitr, the decision was issued to ban large trucks crossing through my control Jkor and factories in the capital Baghdad."

The source , who asked not to be named, said that " a decision taken by another security leaders in the capital , which prevent the transit of saloon cars through the main checkpoints entering Baghdad is its rightful owner and the owner." A security source had said earlier, the issuance of a decision to prevent the passage of the wheels are not registered as the owner through the control of Jadiriyah in Baghdad during the days of Eid al - Fitr.




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