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Friday, June 23, 2017

"Nothing but Love for You All " by Bluestar - 6.23.17

Entry Submitted by BlueStar at 2:50 PM EDT on June 23, 2017

Nothing but Love For You ALL

Want to know a simple trick for avoiding frustration while we wait? Use your internal guidance system of discernment and cherry pick the posts that resonate with you; doing this will allow you to avoid the posts that bring you dow

Basically, there’s no need to comment on or Re: respond to a negative post. It’s a waste of your energy. The Cabal feeds off of the drama and the back & forth bickering… that they originally likely caused.

Just use your energy to “feel” out a post that matches your vibration & read only the good posts, or posts that match your vibration and let OWK do his Lightwork of rooting out the Cabal troll’s, minions, and 3D trouble makers. He has the energy and drive to do so, and frankly he enjoys doing so and is VERY good at it. Support him even if silently, send him love & energy. He defends our space which is an EXTREMELY VALUEABLE SERVICE TO THE LIGHT.

For me personally… I can hardly keep up with my studies these days on this website. I’m doing SO much at this time in my life that balancing everything I have going on is incredibly challenging. Farm, work, farm work, business, businesses, husband of common law (natural law), exercise, studying, family, projects, struggling to stay afloat, etc. all of which divides my time.

Forged in the Crucible

Back in the fall of 2016 when we were relentlessly “Psy-Op’d” to the EXTREME… I was reading close 90% of all that was posted. It was crucial to my manifestation process to understand AS MUCH of the GCR/RV process as possible in order to truly harvest/utilize this blessing to the MAXIMUM POTENTIAL of my very being for the benefit of humanity and all who I reach individually. Now I only read about 4% of what's posted (guessing).

I skim and use my internal “feeling” (heart) tools to seek out posts with good, valuable, or critical information. I read a lot of Richard’s posts because he is a very good writer who brings us clarity, positivity, relief, enlightening perspectives, accurate analysis of really anything that needs a greater analysis, light, love, support, gratitude, encouragement, information about what's going on through vibrational “feeling,” and ongoing updates of “Game Play” through a macro-view of the battle between Dark & Light. He answers ANY & ALL questions… think about how much energy he is putting out/into this Dinarland Rollercoaster ride. A REMARKABLE AMOUNT OF ENERGY IS EXPENDED THROUGH ANSWERING THE HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF LIGHTWORKER QUESTIONS/REQUESTS HE RECIEVES AND PROCESSES. And some of it is the same stuff, same questions that he tirelessly answers. Impressive to say the least, and a valuable resource he is. Let’s be conscious of this as to not burn him out. Questions are good & they help all of us, so make them REALLY good questions.

Up to the point of finding out about NESARA/GESARA, the GCR/RV, the Benevolent changeover, the Galactic Federation, The Ascended Masters and all of the other infinite help/support we receive from the side of the Light… the previous 5 to 7 years was spent preparing for war/survival.

War and destruction was ALL I could see in the imminent future, before I learned of the epic cosmic battle between the Darkness & the Light. The timelines of the Golden Age, and the nearing or end of the 26,000 year cycle of energies, which I still want to know more about.

You can only imagine the TREMENDOUS relief I felt the moment I understood NESARA/GESARA and the impending Financial Reset. A Benevolent Changeover of World Government coupled with a New Golden Era of Peace, Love, Abundance and Prosperity for the Earths People. And all that was happening behind the scenes on behalf of Gaia and her inhabitants in the Light of Love. It was and still is magnificent to bask in the victory of ALL of our efforts. Finding out the Light has won inconceivably in every aspect of this lengthy cosmic war and it feels so AMAZING. Knowing now that a utopia is not only possible but is well on its way is something I couldn’t see before I comprehended NESARA/GESARA, GCR/RV, the fall of the Cabal and the global redistribution of wealth and resources. Beautifully is how the utopia came to be.

You see, back when I declared war against the invisible enemy (6 to 8 years ago) before I knew about all of the good stuff (Galactic's/Lightforce’s), I had already made the conscious/subconscious choice to be a crusader of the light and basically sacrifice myself in the battle if necessary by literally going after the Cabal before I even knew about the Cabal. With nearly every purchase I made it was/is the ethical choice. Cleaned up my body & mind (diet/exercise), adopted & executed grueling fitness goals to essentially power-up my being, dabbled in many important hobbies critical to humanity’s survival, educated those who were capable of hearing/expanding. I continued to study the environment, the helpful/regenerative technologies & methodologies, human health, the invisible enemy and their many numerous plagues of attack upon humanity- including but not limited to chemical warfare through our food systems, industrial agriculture/biotech, contaminated water, continuous assault on the environment, geoengineering, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, organized religion, fake law or (admiralty law, maritime law, law of the sea, corporate law, statutory law, & every other nonsensically deceiving type of law that I omitted), fraudulent financial system, corrupted (fake) government, mainstream programmed lifestyles, television (tell lie vision), Satanist pedophile world leadership, and on & on & on & on.. & on…..

My agenda was one of absolute resistance to all of it. I still purchased gasoline, but you better believe my efforts through living my daily lifestyle offset and DISRUPTED mostly all of the Cabal attacks and energy drains. I sacrificed my comfort at times to divert money from getting to the Cabal. I bled the Cabal by not supporting their organizations, their products, their entertainment, their programming. I supported the side of the Light with my dollars (votes) and through petitions, by marching and protesting, providing educational materials and outreach to my community, living the best way I knew how to do. I alone was & still am kicking the shit out of the Cabal. I don’t even have health insurance for obvious reasons… it wouldn’t support my modality of treatments through my choices of natural homeopathic medicine, holistic medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine. So I choose to absorb the risk again and sacrifice my comfort/health to abstain from supporting the Cabal.

Quick Example for anyone who doesn’t know: Most of the mainstream soda in the U.S. is Cabal, like Coke, Pepsi, etc. By not buying/consuming this stuff you are essentially “dismantling” the Cabal. And that goes for mostly ALL of the rest of the dirty mainstream brands of processed, conventional food and poisonous products. If you didn’t know this, now you do. Practice this and the Cabal will fall faster!

Instead buy organic & non-GMO when you can. Cut back on meat to lol & Vote with your dollars when you can.

Why did All of this Happen? (the Darkness)

All of this stuff happened for a reason; infinite expansion & the Cabal helped us to evolve quickly by playing in the darkness. Now it’s wrapping up and it’s nearly time for us to step up as humanitarians to repair & reconstruct the new nova world unhindered by dark forces, where all of the earths living things can once again be free to flourish. So on the bright side, all of that energy draining parasitic nonsense really helped humanity to evolve (with help), and the universe to expanded as a result. All is well and as OWK say’s “everything IS as it should be.”

Turn a negative into a positive. The Cabal assisted our evolution in mankind's ascension.

Some of us are just warriors of the Light, plain & simple. I for one identify personally as a Lightworker, a Light Warrior, a Rainbow Warrior, an Indigo Child, and an Infinite Lightbeing. What are you?

To those who are resisting OWK:

If you haven't noticed… this is a hub for many of the best, strongest and most capable of lightworkers. Let’s recognize shall we the content of the information that is tossed around on this blog. Galactic's and the Galactic Federation, healing machines, portals, advanced incoming light frequencies, DNA upgrades, free-energy, telepathy, cosmic disclosure, dimensional shifts, 3D to 5D, co-creating your own reality, god power, travel to the stars and beyond, hollow earth, inner earth, angelic realms, thousands of advanced technologies kept locked away… like replicators? Space ships, ET’s, etc. etc. etc…..

Why would you doubt anything Richard says? Neo.

Do you really think that the tunnel leading to Richards’s house under the ground was dug with shovels? Come on, with all of the really BIG things that are discussed on this website and your brain gets stuck on hand digging a tunnel in Florida under the ground? I know you’re frustrated, but if you think about it… there are more things than ever before that have snapped into place in recent times regarding the reset. We really should just hyper focus on surviving/staying afloat for another year. Sure it’s tough, but if we just let it go and not worry ourselves over the dates… the GCR will POP into the public sphere all by itself before the year is up and catch us by surprise. Probably even before summer is up. Just look for the numbers every other day and this will happen naturally. No need to get caught up on the dates, let it go and know that your training (Psy-Ops) liberated YOU from being enslaved by this rollout. Let the Cabal be as they are “caught” up in the daily ebb & flo of when it will go. The (Psy-Ops) are for the Cabal, not us. If you’ve been following for a couple of years, you’re tuned & trained to NOT be adversely affected by the “It’s gonna go this weekend!!!” drama.

A quick peak is all that is required every other day to catch that elusive number.

Dinarland University

Folks enjoy your time here and make the best of it. If you’re mad at the Cabal then take a look at whatever you buy and make sure it’s not of Cabal origin through their corporations. This will help us all and speed this process up.

Look back at your personal evolution of when you awakened, what you decided to do about it and how you found yourself here at IDC, and maybe even recognize the relief you felt when this concept/idea of a global reset finally sunk in and you realized that there is something being done about the darkness. You are not alone in your fight against the dark; it felt super good when I learned of this. It also feels really good to slowly take apart (like a mechanic would) the unethical beast that we all know as the 3D matrix.

I use my “tools” & I expect you to as well.

Relax, watch the show, and most importantly enjoy the ride.

I have nothing but Love for ALL of You and the World.

Signed: BlueStar



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