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Friday, June 23, 2017

"No More Anonymous!" by Lori Blackwell - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Lori Blackwell at 10:28 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

No MORE ANONYMOUS!!! by Lori Blackwell

Yes!! Of course, Richard/OWK, I support you!! And, Good God, I sure hope I’m not the only ONE here on DinarChronicles with the balls or ovaries to do so!!

As for the Cabal Posters and Minions…... their latest "anonymous angle" is but a new version of their same tune. Same melody, different words.

Of COURSE they don’t want to be called out—for who they REALLY ARE BEHIND THEIR PEN NAMES!!!!! OF COURSE they want ou to HOLD OUR TONGUES!!

Every Bully I’ve ever encountered, —is INCENSED, literally INCENSED when their “victims” grab a pair and finally call them out directly, for who they really are --- Bullies —and their bullying ways!! When I’ve stood up and said, “This stops NOW!! Not, with me!” They always, jerk back, in surprise. Literally, thrown momentarily, at the sudden change of rhythm. This is NOT the way the game has gone in the past. Stunned for a beat, to be so suddenly exposed by YOU—Lightworker!!! After all, you've “taken it” so silently to this point. They are “offended” by your change of position from victim, to Warrior.

BUT, (and there’s always a but)…..on the very next beat after their initial surprise….they ALWAYS then ATTACK back. This can come in a variety of forms, each form getting more intense, should you continue to hold your ground—and not take back your declaration, or your line in the sand back.

1. They feign insult. "How can you accuse me of such thing as being a bully?? " (aka cabal, aka mean ex, aka hostile siblings, aka narcissistic mother or father, aka abusive boss, aka president, or religious leader, pharmisuedical poisoner, corrupt government, bogus banking system, biased press etc.)…..

2. They then turn the accusation back on you…..ie. "You are the bully to accuse me of such things”…."You are the unloving one….”You claim you are a Lightworker... but look at how unkind and unfair YOU ARE BEING TO ME!!! …etc. They can use their hurt tone, angry tone, unjust tone, pity tone, intimidating tone—whichever one they think will work best on you.

3. When you still don’t kiss and make up, and take back your claims on their behaviors/actions….they silently vow to take you down. Blatantly and subtly. And they won’t forget, and they will be relentless. And, in their minds they feel that YOU DESERVE to be maligned, unloved, and brought to your knees for what you have done by calling them out. In Richard’s case…they feel justified ….that he deserves to be killed for speaking the Truth about them. We ALL, in their minds deserve what they will actively bring us now….

Why? Because—No ONE CALLS THEM OUT and gets away with it. That’s NOT how their game is played. No ONE is allowed to tell the TRUTH ABOUT THEM. Under “their rules”, they can LIE about YOU, but YOU CAN”T TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM. And, in the past they would/could/did have the means to intimidate you back into silence and compliance. I get this. In my small-scale life, they did it with me.

But, when are we gonna Wake UP ENOUGH TO TAKE A STAND, Zimlander’s??? ( as Yosef now calls us!!!) To stand next to Yosef and Richard —instead of behind them??

This is but another case of us Lightworkers being AFRAID to take a stand against the Bullies. Plain and simple. The meek are afraid of the “apparently” strong. We’re a bunch of Cowardly Lions….afraid to pull the curtain back and expose, for ALL TO SEE, that the Powerful OZ is nothing but the old guy in the beginning of the movie who was selling fake remedies to his unsuspecting, naive customers back in Dorothy’s hometown.

Yes, maybe in every case of bullying in your childhood and adult life….. the cabal…aka bullies…..have defeated you…..Maybe the meek have a poor win/loss record. Maybe there hasn’t been many Davids-beating-Goliaths' stories in our present day realities…..BUT, ISN”T THIS THE NEW ERA??? Hasn’t it ALREADY BEGUN…even if we regular Joes and Josies haven’t seen full evidence of it quite yet??

Isn’t Richard, really a David? He’s being protected, why wouldn’t we be too? After all, aren’t WE on the same team? Aren’t We Lightworkers are all wearing the same luminescent jersey?? Wouldn’t WE ALL have the same sponsor’s name (Grandfather), or (Galactic Federation), or (Sananda/Jesus/Yeshua)on our backs? Aren’t we ALL “chalked” as on the Good Guys’ Team??

And, if we took a stand with Richard, wouldn’t that naturally mean that we too are protected and known by our benevolent sponsors as well? Spiritual Logic would say, YES. If Patrick is being pressured/threatened by the dark, not to post(very likely)….might Patrick be reassured by the NPTB, that he and his family will be similarly protected and safe—no matter how relentless they are—just as they have done for OWK??? OWK, couldn’t you send your peeps to reassure him of such?

I signed my last post, "The Ball is Back in our Proverbial Court" by PuffLori - 6.6.17 Puff Lori,…..in an attempt to stay "half-anonymous". A large group knows my real name behind that nickname—so I was fully naming myself to some, but NOT the cabal. However, responding now to Richard’s post, I realize I must have been "half afraid" of the bullies, earlier this month to have signed my post in this way.

This morning I see clearly the bigger Learning for me now —maybe for you too. It’s time for me, not only in my personal life, but in the cyber life and groups….to take a stand. I must decide to stand fully in the LIGHT of my Lightworker status. Instead, this time, I will sign my post with my full name.

By doing so, I AM NOW SENDING A Direct and CLEAR, ENERGETIC message to all the dark bullies—famous, anonymous, disguised, blood relations or strangers, Faces and Minions as well. I AM ALSO, SIMULTANEOUSLY, ASKING THE NPTB….to protect me, my physical being, my spiritual, mental and emotional being and my Grand Heart of ONE. I ALSO ASK FOR PROTECTION, as well, for my unsuspecting beloved true family and friends (who for the most part, do not have a clue about Ascension, GCR or cabal --so shouldn’t be punished for their unwitting association with me—who is NOW TAKING A FULL STAND. )

I ASK FOR THIS PROTECTION, not because I am afraid, but so I may continue to HOLD THE LIGHT for the sleeping masses to match. So I may continue to HOLD THE KNOWING that THE GOOD WILL OVERCOME the dark…..THAT ALL IS WELL, NO MATTER how things appear. THAT WE, the formally Meek, ARE NOW STRONG!! That WE ARE SAFE. THAT WE”RE STILL STANDING…..and, it’s almost OVER. This is my Mission at Present. Maybe it’s many of yours here on DinarChronicles.

Richard, you won’t be the last person on the battlefield….I WILL STAND WITH YOU.
Sincerely, Lori Blackwell…..So Be IT and So IT IS!!



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