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Monday, June 26, 2017

"No Currency is a Scam" - TruthCall Chat Highlights 6-26-17

TruthCall Chat Room

Dullenih: While gurus said time frame and other also said intel within this week or isba process but now here found 2018 is more realistic...perhap this is a real scam....never ending or boring starring the site even for more than 10 yr
Dullenih: From site to site or CC or chat room ...all looks same
Doug_W: that leaves you 2 choices stay in and wait OR get out

Zig: It's not a scam...No currency is a scam...but there are con-artists involved in misleading people to get some of their money...but the Dinar is real....
Zig: These con-artists want you to believe that they have information that you need...they have nothing that you need...

Doug_W: amen Zig

Zig: Nobody will miss any currency's change in value...there are no secret 800 numbers...no secret handshakes that you need...LOL
Zig: So keep donating to your favorite BS artist if you wish...they will be more than happy to take your money...lol...for nothing useful in return except for more useless Bullsh**....

BlackGold: some currency's are going to go up, the cabal and others are prolonging the rv while they make new laws and put themselves in position to run the world. We need to wait these suckers out

[pm]Zig: IMO that Cabal stuff is Bull..
[pm]Zig: Wish BobS were still here...LOL

BlackGold: ok IMF and Federal reserve ,world bank

Cree: I am looking for some clarification here. There seems to be so much BS out there that this can be confusing at times. OK, when the RV happens, do you think there will be a time limit for exchanging your Dinar and or Dong, etc? If the RV were to happen today, for taxes purposes, I would prefer to wait until AFTER the TRUMP TAX REFORM as the rates should be lower. ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS?

[pm]Zig: Of course everyone here is entitled to their opinion...that's the beauty of this chat room...agree to disagree...

clay: there will not be a time limit

Cree: clay thanks

clay: yw
clay: currency is currency

BlackGold: Cree I believe its just a simple currency exchange and nothing more

clay: if it came in at $1 I'd wait 90 days and then cash out anyways

Cree: I saw someone was asking about the ZIM. I do not think anyone knows if it will have value. I read a year or two ago that it had an expiration date that has passes to exchange it at a nominal rate. Others think it will be worth a lot. Time will tell.
clay: Zim does not exist antmore

clay: I own some which is useless
clay: Dong will RV

Cree: BlackG I agree. I find all these special rates to be silly. They make no sense to me.

[pm]Zig: Dong?...who knows...

clay: Cree remember dinar used to be 3.22
clay: Dong I want .05

[pm]Zig: @clay : IMO what the Dinar "used" to be means nothing....

Cree: I bought 20T of the zim a few years back for $120.00 not it is worth 5 times that. But is the increase due to dreamers?

clay: Zig never in history has a devalued currency ever not gone to at least what it once was

[pm]Zig: @clay : Hope you are right...but I have my doubts...

Cree: Clay, I remember that but I also read that when it was 3.22. it was a Sadam Rate and not a floating rate. Not sure if it makes a difference. Iraq has more oil then S Arabia

clay: notme

[pm]Zig: @clay : You have a crystal ball?... :P

clay: cree and shares oil fields and shipping ports with kuwait which is almost 4
clay: Zig I sure wish lol

BlackGold: Zimbabwe now has new currency called bond notes 2 and five dollar bond notes, they also use 9 other currencys
BlackGold: just google it

[pm]Zig: @Brow : Not everyone believes all that stuff...

BlackGold: i have no idea if they will honor old currency

Cree: I figure my Zim is worthless but for $120.00 I might has well hold it

BlackGold: hold on to it
BlackGold: just in case

Cree: I agree

Cree: I have to say this site is refreshing. More real then all the others.

Dullenih: Hi Clay...do u think iqd will have value this year based on recent news?hope others could help my question also. Tx

BlackGold: i have one just in case 100 trillion note for $35. makes a good conversation piece

[pm]Zig: @Brow : I never "laugh" at anyone's beliefs...but we all have different beliefs....

Cree: zig - I agree

[pm]mod: @Cree Welcome :cool:

[pm]Zig: @Brow : And some have no beliefs...

Brow: @Zig - True-That Why They will be Left Behind

[pm]Zig: @Brow : LOL....if you say so....

Jo: I believe I am always right lol kidding

Brow: @Zig - That's Ok Not Trying to push Anything on anybody

​Cree: Dullenith - With all that is happening, well does it really mean anything for us? I do not know but I have been in this for over 4 years and if someone sneezes, a guru or member will find a reason to say it iwll affect the RV....

The way I look at it, this is an investment, like buying GE or Apple. No telling where the price will be in a week or a month. All the rest is guessing....

[pm]Zig: @Brow : Well sometimes it seems like you are trying to do just that....

Brow: @Zig - Just Given Heads Ups

BlackGold: i believe the iqd already has value because they are selling oil and no one is going to fool me into believing that Iraq is selling oil for pennies on a dollar. only dumb americans will buy that story

[pm]Zig: @Cree : Yes...just treat it as another investment....

Zig: @Cree : Yes....it can stress you out if you let it...

Dullenih: @Cree ok bro thank u...news article...guru analysis...rest are guessing

Cree: Clay I hope your right, but there is ALWAYS something else. Iraq will have to deal with all the troops IRAN has i their country next....

Zig: IMO it will always be a dangerous part of the world...never will be completely stable but will be much better in time....

clay: Cree thinkin US will take care of that problem

BlackGold: Iran has its problems but its more stable than the US, have you been watching our own news lately. If you believe the Bible,( a nation or city against itself cannot stand

clay: oh I agree we are in trouble

BlackGold: Keep your eye on Yemen and Qatar they have alot of oil and uranium

Romello: Hello everyone

Zig: @Romello : Welcome!!!

Romello: Hello Zig. Thank you

txbrand: lol Doug

clay: TX Romello hey guys :)

Doug_W: :P

Meatman-4-Dinar: Been in this for 9 years. Ready to get off this ride.

clay: hey doug
clay: MM we all are
clay: 7 for me is way too long

Cree: MM 9 years - WOW, are you in therapy yet?

Meatman-4-Dinar: :quizzical:

clay: cree I been for 6 of the 7 lol

Zig: People hold investments for many years...

Doug_W: ran out of fingers to count

Meatman-4-Dinar: Getting close.

Cree: For me it is only a little over 4 years so I am the young one here.... :)

Zig: @Cree : Respect your elders!... :P

Meatman-4-Dinar: It was supposed to happen the weekend after I invested. :aggrieved:

Cree: I remember when I first got into this. I bought some Dinar on a Tuesday and it came on Thursday. I went to buy another million Dinar on Friday as one of the GURU;s said it would RV that weekend.....

Zig: @Meatman-4-Dinar : LOL...same for all of us I think...hurry up or you'll miss it....LOL

foxmulder: @Zig for real going on 11 so what 14 or 1 all the same we wait !!!

Zig: All we can do is wait as in any investment...

foxmulder: @clay afternoon clay

Cree: Then does anyone remember Loechin (or am I not allowed to mention a name)? He called a few hundred of us to Florida to exchange and we went. We waited and waited and waited.....

Zig: You may mention any name in here that you want....

Cree: cool..... I like openness and honesty....

Romello: Going to check on some articles. Be back in a sec...

Zig: @Romello : Feel free to bring articles into this chat room...
Zig: That goes for anyone....TY

Romello: Zig. Ok. Thanks...

Zig: Don't want to "flood" the chat with articles...lol...but the most significant ones would be great....
Zig: Some like articles...some do not....want to have something here for everyone, etc....do your own thing here....

foxmulder: @Brow i got things in my head..... but it ain't 2018 hopefully if so well then then let it but nobody knows what these rodeo as clowns are going to do
foxmulder: @Brow read the earlier chat so excuse me .... i got things in my head alright and it ain't 2018 , but if it so let it be but nobody knows what these rodeo a** clowns are going to do

Brow: @foxmulder - True about The Clowns & I Hope I'm Wrong - But I Just Can't See It Happening- Even With My Rose Color Glasses on

foxmulder: @Brow ya mean dinar glasses ?? lol

Brow: @foxmulder -lol
Brow: @foxmulder - It's coming

noname: I'm thinking soon also Brow, before 18. UNSC amendment (2886 ?)states that on June 30 2017 funds from the Saddom era are suppose to be released, it's in the billions of dollars and was reported to be collecting interest. My understanding goes to the CBI. With elections in 18 Abaddi doesn't have time to kick the can any longer. Late summer we may wake up one morning saying,, what???

foxmulder: @Brow hey , they !! said early 2017 ,, considering this iraq !! they love to pat themselves on the back always have !! arrogant

Brow: @noname - Man I sure Hope You're Right-I do Love Being Wrong Sometimes

foxmulder: I do too ! If they live up to there B.S then perhaps we will see

noname: @Brow I may keep my toes in the sand for a little longer. lol
noname: @Brow toes in the water. lol

foxmulder: and as T.man said as many others what they do and how they treat the 3 zero notes is another ??

Brow: @noname - Must Be Nice & I only live maybe 10 miles from the Beach-Funny Haven't been in Years
Brow: @foxmulder - Think I might have Heard of T.man before

noname: Can you imagine the dollar amount that was taken from the Iraqi people when there currency was cut off. Billions and billions. They want it back and face value for the three zero notes they hold.

Brow: @noname - Don't Blame Them
Brow: @noname - Besides the Gold & other Things

noname: @Brow had a great time. Had many drinks at margirettivillies at the bay bridge. It is so pleasant there and that bridge lite up at night looks very cool on the water.

noname: @Brow at the battleships

Brow: @noname - I'm Ten miles from there
Brow: @noname - Across the Harbor Bridge

noname: @Brow I thought if ya while sipping on some drinks.

Doug_W: GN gang
Doug_W: hope U all have a great evening!!
Doug_W: and S when U come back :P:P:P

Brow: @noname - Fox news is talking about Mosul

noname: @Brow I saw earlier where they said almost complete.

Brow: @noname - You Can't Beat That at all

noname: @Brow first time I ever had fried turkey was there. About 20 years ago

Brow: @noname - Me Too !!

​​noname: @Brow remember last year the news was all about the GOI and here lately there is not much news from or about them. Abaddi must have straighten them out.
noname: @Brow for the last six months it's been about the CBI
Brow: @noname - yea you're right




mod: @TheOptimist Good name WELCOME :cool:

spanki: that would be nice if it did come out at $1.20, i would be a rich man--- Big party at Zigs new estate--

mod: @TheOptimist Good name WELCOME :cool:

spanki: that would be nice if it did come out at $1.20, i would be a rich man--- Big party at Zigs new estate--

ElmerFudd: That would be cool. Roughly $1.50 Canadian.

Elilali: When it says 1 dinar to 1.20, that means something like 89 cents
Elilali: which would still be great
Elilali: I mean $1.20 - 1 dinar
Elilali: Or the other way around
Elilali: It's not $1.20

ElmerFudd: So, do you think it's a slip, that the gave away something too early?

Elilali: No, I don't personally, because on that site it shows the GBP at its current rate




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