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Monday, June 26, 2017

"My Thoughts on the RV and Trump Support" by Reallucky1 - 6.26.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 2:58 PM EDT on June 26, 2017

Hello all IDC Family

First I would like to share what I have been told by my parents about the RV since most reporters or Intel providers are on blackout. I have shared my family has many deals with the Chinese and they are in one of the Tier 1 largest groups the Admirals Group. It was reported to me that they announced the RV in London on Friday night heading into our Saturday morning. What I have not seen reported by anyone, and I do not know why is the reaction of the citizens in London to the RV. There were many protests and riots that broke out in the streets, as a result, because they always test the reactions of Europe before they hit the US with the news. I do not know how long that it will take to reach the US. Besides the Qatar/Saudi Arabia reports that we have seen and read, the reactions in London were not at all what they expected. The citizens were not happy that this happened without them being able to have a say in what happens to there country. May be a very similar reaction in the US, as the secrecy is now there worst enemy.

It is now just a matter of time before the RV will hit the US. I do not know exactly how they will get the announcements out to the people. In my opinion, the rates will just appear on the Forex, with or without an announcement to follow. I also reported we are not waiting on the safety or the security any longer, what we are waiting for is our new currency to be announced, and for the Fiscal Services of the US, now housed in Reno, NV, to go live and be active. I will report that I check this site often and today, there are updates that go into June 22, 2017. There are also links to three Amendments that were added, but after reviewing them they are just additional currencies that are going into the first basket currencies that will be RV when the rates appear. None of them were any currencies that we have been studying, but it is significant that changes were made, and the website takes on a new appearance. From what is reported from Iraq, and it now being in the Eid Al Fitr holiday in the ME, we are now in my opinion, just days away from this reality. I will add the links to the Fiscal Services reports, if any of you have ever gone to this site, it has changed quite a bit since the last reported date of March 31, 2017, when the currency exchange rates went live in April.

*No more Intel so if you are one of the ones that hang on Yosef's every word, you may want to quit reading this post. My thoughts and opinions differ greatly, and I will no longer be suppressed, because you can not handle other opinions. I am also going to give my opinions, about OWK, if you can not handle being in direct opposition, then do not read.*


Today the Supreme Court upheld President Trumps travel ban, does that sound like something the country would do for a POTUS that will be removed in 5 1/2 business days according to Yosef's latest Intel reports. My point being that while people continue to listen and some believe what is being told to us, it is not what is truly happening in our country. Regardless of what the Intel provider is telling you. I have tried really hard to not comment about any of this stuff, as we are so close now, I was trying to just let the time pass. I have been haunted by this decision the last three days, and it is now keeping me up at night. So here goes. I have researched all about what is happening in our NESARA acts, and that the country is going into Natural Law. After nearly a century of the courts using their Admiralty Law (for corporations), it has now been brought to the light, that this system can not prosecute the people, its a complete diversion of fraud. Judge Anna Von Reitzinger, who I have mentioned many times, brought a lawsuit against the banks and fiduciaries of this country, she won a $292 billion dollar suit against our banks. This is what has brought about the Natural Law system. The reason I am telling you this is because it shows, what is really happening vs. what we are being told by Yosef and others. Yosef revealed that the Roe vs. Wade act has a chance to stay in tact, that is untrue, because under Natural Law, the DO NO HARM, has been proven to harm the fetuses, and it is against our new Law system. Abortions will be ruled unlawful. The act will be undone, as it is a harmful rule (man made) and literally millions are being murdered every year. I am no anti abortionist, I am just reporting information that has been misguiding you by people that we trust. I am also not in any way, criticizing Yosef, his reports are key right now, as OWK has left the IDC site. I will mention that this President has signed 37 new bills, and signed off on 153 Executive Orders. Most of the EO were unjust trade deals and Obama's horrendous regime orders.

You have heard Zorra and OWK, tell you that Obama has nothing to do with the RV, and if you watch these House Oversight Committee meetings that have been happening since last year, at record pace, many of the cases and things that are really happening are showing up in these meetings. Obama, Lynch, Comey and Clinton, et al, are being investigated now by our DOJ, and the death of Anton Scalia, is under review. It was reported on many sites that Justice Scalia met with Obama on Air Force One just prior to heading to his West Texas Hunting retreat where he died. You can believe whatever you think is right, but Yosef is presenting information from the most radical liberal views that are in our society. Maybe its his plan, to get us to realize that these liberal views, are controlling our minds and we must step out of this matrix, I have no idea. I just know in my studies, that none of the stuff I have learned about our new systems and laws, is lining up with the information that Yosef makes public in his reports. I had people call me names, tell me that I am disputing the information and that I am a cabal agent, or what is my agenda, I have no agenda. I have read that NO ONE IS THE LEADER, so I know that they are realigning many countries, with the help of the ones in charge. We are all ONE and that is what the new law will suffice. The constant rambling about this President, when I think he is doing a fabulous job, is my only purpose to show that I do not believe even one word that this President will be removed or impeached, and his time is running out, as he has 5 1/2 business days, to get this out into the public. New flash the impeachment proceeding have not even made it to light, how is he going to be stepping down by 4th of July. With the Rasmussen poll at right at 50% do you not see that will never happen. First the sheer numbers and us still having our 2nd Amendment there is no way that the NESARA system will do anything that could affect our safety or security. This would be in direct contrast to what Yosef has said. To get the currencies revalued, they do not want a civil war to break out, and safety and security is a huge part to the Nesara acts. Keep in mind also, that the Republicans have majority voting power, and more and more Democratic seats are being overtaken by Republicans more than 1000 seats lost in the last ten years. Says a lot, just by the volumn of seats lost. I just beg you to ponder, how these radicals are to impeach or get the President to resign, when the Republicans have complete lock on voting majority in all houses.

I am not one to be silenced, and my opinions are not only important they matter. They matter because I completely believe this site has changed and not in the best way. Ever since OWB became OWK, I feel we are being used as mind puppets, with the carrot still dangling in front of us. How long can we continue to stay and believe everything we are told, with the concept that money will be coming our way. Desperate people continue to cling to anyone giving them information, whether it be right or wrong. The Hitler mind control, that if you tell a lie long enough, eventually people will accept it as truth. This is the concept the media has been using, and this is the concept this site has taken on. It has haunted me and disturbed me to no end. If you dare have an opinion that is different from OWK or Yosef, the trusted army will be there that have been trained to fight the opinions that differ. I am not here to fight or create drama, I just want the truth, that is it. Many sites on the web are not only criticizing the information we have been given by both Yosef and OWK. I do not listen to what they say I go with what I believe. Before OWB became OWK, I hung on this mans every word, but it has gotten weird the last few months. The loving kind man that knew so much changed when he became One who Knows. His ego began to appear, and we went from having trolls, to they are all cabal, to the Grave Site Scenario. Many this man called out, and have grave stones, are still reporting and posting daily. While we have been told they have been handled. When Richard called out Tank and Dr WC and Fisher, that is when it really started going to a bad place. Not only do these sites, say terrible things about Richard, they are still operating today, and all appeared on the Real Truth Call, although it is reported it was Yosef's last Real Truth Call. Maybe its the timing that we are at the end, or maybe its loyalty to Richard, who brought Yosef to this site, who knows all I know it is disturbing to say the least we are suppressed with our thoughts and opinions.

I pray many of you use the vast amount of information on the web from many sites, this has helped me put everything in perspective. I truly do not want this post to be cruel or negative or mean, I just want others to use their own brains, and not be influenced by the so called Intel providers, that are clearly misdirected themselves.

You have to ask yourself, do your really believe that OWK left this site because Patrick would not post the cabal names? If you do believe that, I have some swamp land for sale in Florida. If anything Patrick used his common sense, and did not put peoples names on the site, that had not been proven to be of evil intent. I personally believe that OWK left, because he used channeled sources for his 40 man assassination attempt, and did not reveal those sources to us. I also feel once he was questioned, and knew that the information would come out that it was channeled many would be upset as it was presented as a 40 man gun fight happened in this mans front yard. No worries he has proof, he never sat the phone down with Daughter of Terra. Hello IDC, if you had a gun fight in your front yard, would stay on the telephone? Please give me a damn break. I believe his channeled sources, told him of this episode, and he relayed the information in real time as it actually happened. Do you not see the craziness in this story? Then the next day, Pat G revealed that Richard would no longer be posting on this site. After he called Patrick, the website owner, a cabal agent, it might have created a little friction with the owner of the site that is working very hard to keep us informed. Just letting every one know, that none of the cabal is handled story, has been proven to be true, and I wonder why this story was even conveyed to us. That is a whole different ballgame. I just have not seen one person, lay it out like this and I am completely ready to take the fallout from all of you. I want you to understand, I am not against anyone, and have no back door agendas, and all I want is common sense to be used. At first I gave Richard a break, with the lose of his son to this evil, I question why the channeled sources were not revealed, what is the big deal with that, because then we would know it was not a real time scenario. The truth does not have a life line, it never gets old or goes away. Just what is the purpose of revealing this information at all? So his troll whacking and grave site scenario could be shown some relevance? Its a confusing scenario that only Richard can answer, but if you can not see there are some issues with this story, then you are one of the ones, that also believe the President will be impeached next week. Neither of which will happen, and you can check it we only have to wait about 8 days, until my story will take on relevance.

I added all the links at the bottom so you can read, what I have have told above.




We're Fighting the Muslim Ban at the Supreme Court


Police pack into the City as strict measures imposed on London protests




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