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Sunday, June 18, 2017

"My Exchange Story, Joyfully Submitted" by Littlewish - 6.18.17

Entry Submitted by Littlewish at 12:47 AM EDT on June 18, 2017

Thanks to Tank and the Kre8change crew for your tireless and positive support throughout the wait. And thanks for posting Patrick, and for D.C. ~ Littlewish

My kids and I are sitting around the fire outside on the stone patio of our new home as the waves crash on the sand and rocks in the distance. It's cool for this time of year but the heat of the fire meets the ever expanding joy each of us feels from within. As we discuss how we got to this moment, my kids ask me again to recount the details of the exchange. It was a bit of an adventure and makes us laugh the way it went down.

I pop another toasted marshmallow into my mouth and grin as the gooey melted sweetness squeezes out through my teeth and the corners of my lips. We all burst out laughing because it is this kind of goofey, carefree feeling that we have been reveling in over the last month since the exchange.

I agree to tell the story and settle in to begin. "I am laying on my back with my head cradled by my new therapeutic, chiropractic pillow and my phone is on airplane mode so I don't absorb the cellular and wifi signals while I'm sleeping." (Both kids grin) "Now and then, when I feel there may be a chance that our world is about to be blessed beyond our understanding, I turn it on. This night I didn't have it on because it seemed like every night for the last month was the night the 800s were coming out and didn't."

"This particular night I woke up out of a dead sleep to a voice that is stating loud and clear to turn off the airplane mode so I can receive calls. This was the same voice that told me to 'buy more zim' once when I was taking a little afternoon snooze. I jumped up then, three years ago, and within minutes on Amazon, had bought a few more notes much to my landlord's chagrin when the rent check was a week late. I know. I know. But if you heard that voice like I did, you just couldn't ignore it!"

"I turn off the airplane mode, put the phone down and waited for it. I waited knowing that there would be a rush of notifications come tumbling in. And sure enough bloop bloop, ding!, boyoiyoing! In they came, one after another. There it was, the call I was hoping for from my phone tree pal to tell me the 800s had been released and the game was afoot!"

"The call was made and with pad and pen in hand, I wrote down my appointment time given to my by the angelic voice on the other end of the line at the call center. So sweet. Just like I had imagined it. So easy, too."

"It was 3:51 AM and I thought about trying to go back to sleep, but it was out of the question. My heart was pounding at this point and I just had to get all of my stuff together again. Then I lay down in bed clutching my flimsy, black Walgreens binder with all of my currency and documentation and drifted off for a bit."

"An hour later I was jolted out of my blissful dream of sailing on an old clipper ship with friends and family in the Caribbean with dolphins dancing around the boat. The alarm clock made me jump up. I got showered and dressed, stopped at the natural food store here in town and got an Italian roast coffee and Stawberry scone to munch on the way. It was still quite early and the sun was just coming up as I made my way to the exchange center, which wasn't far. It was only 15 miles south at a small airport near me."

"As I neared the road to the airport, I stopped the car and turned off the engine. I felt a welling up of tears and asked the god within to give me strength and guidance for all that was about to transpire. I still hadn't figured out how much I needed for all of my projects, since I am not a business person and I hadn't the time to figure out how to project the possible costs. I always had felt that there would be some sign that would reveal itself at the right time and I would get what I needed. After all, why would I be told to 'buy more zim' if I wasn't meant to do a lot for humanity? So, I did leave it up to my god within to provide me the answer at my time of need."

"I turned down the wooded road that led to the airport and was surprised to see some bright lights ahead of me in the pink dawn sky. I wondered if there were folks coming in by plane to exchange and that was what I was seeing. But very quickly the three lights came straight towards me and made their way right over my car. I wondered if this wasn't some strange new military technology when at that moment, the lights hovered, changed colors and then disappeared. I suddenly got a feeling of calm and joy as I just knew it was my mom who had crossed over this past year and she must have brought with her my uncle and my grandmother; three of the most generous people I have ever known. I knew then that the exchange process would be easy, especially knowing my mom was with me."

"It wasn't that out of the ordinary to see military at the airport since now and then they would come and go over the years. As I drove up, a man and woman dressed in fatigues stepped forward, took my ID, checked my name against their list and as the woman handed me back my ID, she grinned saying, 'You're about to help change the world!' and waved me in."

"Well that was two for two going into this exchange and I began feeling like I was about to hit a homer as I walked in with my bag and binder."

"As I entered the building, I was a bit nervous and felt a numbness coming over me. I hoped I wasn't going to faint. I was directed to a table with three people who looked up at me and smiled and we all shook hands. The first woman introduced herself and her name was not a common one. It was french and it was my mother's name, Margot. I knew I was in good hands."

"The rest was a blur. I had gone over it so many times in my head over the years, that it all seemed so familiar. I talked briefly about my projects, who I was, which they already knew in terms of my work history, and I negotiated a few terms around the rate which was easily determined, like I had known all along what I needed and so did the staff."

"A fourth person was called into the room carrying a nice leather bag, like a small brief case. In it were lots of goodies including gift certificates, some rainbow currency and a portfolio with all the bankers' info including the name of my wealth manager who had brought the bag in. She was in her 50s and helped me to feel at ease. We made an appointment for the following day because I told her I had some property I wanted to buy right away. My landlord had just told me the weekend before that they were going to sell the house I had been in with my two kids for 10 summers and I had been hoping that I could buy my dream house. She assured me that she would get right on it."

"I left the exchange center vibrating. I was feeling immense gratitude for having the privilege of being able to grant others the joy I was feeling at that moment. I was literally buzzing. I could even hear it, a kind of musical humming that made me realize that I am anything I want to be and right now I wanted to be music. I wanted to fill the air with a music that would heal those who could hear it; every person, creature, and living consciousness."

"I drove home on a wave of music only I could hear and woke you kids up to tell you that we needed to make plans, big plans! So 'carpe diem!' I shouted, laughing just as my Pop would at the foot of our beds when we teenagers preferred to sleep half the day away. And then you kids got up, dressed in a hurry and we all went out for breakfast to begin our new life!"

I slid another toasted marshmallow off the long wooden stick into my mouth. My kids looked at each other. They always loved a good story especially if it involved them. Then they sighed a long contented sigh that only comes from a feeling that all is right with the world, and is only going to get better.



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