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Monday, June 26, 2017

Mountain Goat News Briefing for June 26, 2017

Mountain Goat News Briefing

June 26, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Trust me on this. You are going to want to read the entire newsletter today…lol…lol…Yes – Mnt Goat is smiling…

Here we are almost through June and still no change in the rate (that we want). No! – There is not a 1.20 rate in Iraq. Like I said many times a dinar is a dinar and Iraq is still going to continue using the dinar. So why would the rate change in Iraq? Who cares? All the people really care about is not having to walk around with wads of paper notes to go do their shopping.

​This of course will soon all change. They want more purchasing power and this will lead to it. But BELIEVE me, the average citizens, couldn’t care less or give a hoot about the exchange rate. Do you follow the exchange rate of your countries currency on a daily basis? Do you call foreigners and tell then the rate when up or down so they can “run to the bank” and exchange your currency for some other currency? So do you see the illogical sense in even telling the dinar community that the rate has changed in-country in Iraq?

​This does not even make sense to be tracking this for them.

Soon the IQD will be pegged to an SDR basket of currencies. Right now they are still under financial sanctions left over from the Chapter VII 2003 war. Since there are still terrorists in their country and they have the same potential to use the dinar for their benefit, this all makes sense.

So what then happens when this threat is gone? Well we are about to find out. Iraq is about to move on to the next phase if its history. Remember Abadi did tell us that he is working with the IMF to “fully” exit out of Chapter VII sanctions in or about 2 months. This message was given by Abadi to us late last April. We are right on the mark. We expect to hear some news on this subject matter very soon. Can it take longer? Yes! It can take longer but I think the timing is just too canny and I do not believe in coincidences.

Remember all those so called intel “gurus” who keep telling everyone that either Chapter VII is no longer applied to Iraq or that if it does it does not matter? Well…..those people are about to find out just how wrong they are. Of course they have to tell you this garbage. How else can they justify all these years their nonsense of an everyday / any day RV?

Keep telling yourself this mantra: (pretend you are Dorothy in the wizard of OZ and you are clicking your shoes as you do it…lol…lol)

There is no such thing as a “New Republic”
There is no such thing as a “GCR”
Nothing for us really matters for this RV saga other than what is related to the RV inside of Iraq (I am talking about SECURITY and STABILITY, needed laws to bring about both)
The RV cannot be processed out by anyone or any other entity other than the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) with permission (as a courtesy) and coordination with the parliamentary finance committee (also as a courtesy). I have been told this many, many times by my CBI contact.
No US president, US treasury or anyone in China (madam Woo?..lol..) or any other country has the power to trigger this RV or to hold it up!
Repeat these items 20 times and maybe finally you will finally get it in your head…..lol..lol..Get it?

On with more very exciting news…..

Okay so today there was some WOW news for us to note this week. Later on, under the articles section of today’s newsletter, I present three articles related to postponing the project to delete the zeros. The amazing part is that one of them is very recent. I mean VERY recent! In fact it is from today June 26th, 2016. Yes – you read me correctly. I said today! I also show you two past, very closely related articles from 2015 and 2016 timeframes. The BIG question now is – Will they actually do it this time or postpone it again? Time will tell but I don’t think we will have to wait much longer to find out.

I am very excited! How about you?

Articles are below. As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

Abadi will announce the liberation of Mosul at this time

BAGHDAD / June 24, 2017

Special sources said on Saturday that the liberation of Mosul will be the night of Eid al-Fitr after the completion of all military operations in the old city. (This is Monday June 26th)

The sources told Al-Ghad Press that “the anti-terrorist apparatus ended the pockets of a preacher’s organization near the Great Mosque of Nuri and managed to take control of the old city completely.” The combing operations are accompanied by minor clashes that are dealt with very quickly, Capabilities that have enabled it to prolong the fighting. “

The sources pointed out that “the Joint Operations Command confirmed through its aerial survey clean the entire city, and remove most of the people stranded through the safe corridors.”

The sources expected that “the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, to announce the liberation statement on the night of Eid al-Fitr, followed by celebrations in various cities of Iraq.”

Joint Operations: only 6 regions remain to be liberated in the old city and the announcement of the final victory will be soon

BAGHDAD / Tomorrow 's Press:

Confirmed the leadership of the joint operations, on Sunday, that the announcement of the final victory in Mosul will be soon, as revealed that the remaining areas of the old city does not exceed six, warned that the area controlled by Daesh are less than 1%.

A spokesman for the command, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, in an audio recording, seen by "Tomorrow's Press," that " the military forces continue to progress in al - Faruq area also seized control of parts of the old viewing area northwest of Mosul. 

He added that" anti - terrorism forces continue to turn the progress from the west in the al - Faruq area and went to Farouk Street , a main street in the depth of the old area. "

The Messenger continued that" in the southern axis of the Federal police forces continue to progress in a serious head area and the new door and the door of the eggs towards the Khazraj area and still these forces continuing progress " He pointed out that military operations are continuing Ba Joy mounting a large Iraqi army by the airline. " 

And on civilians, the messenger said , "What concerns us is the process of evacuating residents as employed by the organization as human shields , " noting that " the Iraqi forces were able to open safe corridors were thousands of people evacuated and transferred to the stomach to house them and provide medical and humanitarian support to them areas."

The Messenger, "left of the old city of Mosul , only less than 1% , " explaining that " the remaining areas are parts of the regions of Khazraj and we can ow see the Prophet towns of Zarzis Srjkhanh and Ras Al Khor in our sights."

Reuters Video: Mosul battle to end in days as troops advance in Old City: Iraqi general


By Marius Bosch and Khaled al-Ramahi | MOSUL, IRAQ

The battle to take full control of Mosul from Islamic State will be over in a few days and an attempted fight-back by the militants failed, an Iraqi general told Reuters on Monday.

"Only a small part remains in the city, specifically the Old City," said Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Assadi, commander of the Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) elite units in Mosul.

"From a military perspective, Daesh (Islamic State) is finished," Assadi said. "It lost its fighting spirit and its balance, we are making calls to them to surrender or die."

The area now under Islamic State control in Mosul, once the militant group's de facto capital in Iraq, is less than 2 sq kms, the Iraqi military said.

An attempt by Islamic State militants late on Sunday to return to neighborhoods outside the Old City failed, Assadi said, adding the city would fall "in very few days, God willing".

The CTS is leading the fight in the densely populated maze of narrow alleyways of the historic Old City which lies by the western bank of the Tigris river.

A U.S.-led international coalition is providing air and ground support in the eight-month-old offensive.

The militants last week destroyed the historic Grand al-Nuri Mosque and its leaning minaret from which their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a caliphate spanning parts of Iraq and Syria three years ago. The mosque's grounds remain under the militants' control.

Iraqi troops captured the neighborhood of al-Faruq in the northwestern side of the Old City facing the mosque, the military said on Monday.


Iraqi forces took the eastern side of Mosul from Islamic State in January, after 100 days of fighting, and started attacking the western side in February.

Up to 350 militants are estimated by the Iraqi military to be besieged in the Old City, dug in among civilians in crumbling houses and making extensive use of booby traps, suicide bombers and sniper fire to slow down the troops' advance.

Assadi said Iraqi forces had linked up along al-Faruq, a main street bisecting the Old City, and would start pushing east, toward the river. "It will be the final episode," he said.

(I did not bring the rest of the article. It is long. It continues with the same old rehash of the history of fighting Deash. Here is the link if you want to read the entire article - http://reut.rs/2tLLwrP)

​America plans to raise Iraq from the "black list"

BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:

US officials announced that the Foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson, plans to raise Iraq and Myanmar from the list of the worst states that recruit children.

This comes in a move that could raise accusations of the administration of President Donald Trump to give priority to security and diplomatic interests at the expense of human rights.

According to the agency "Reuters" news, a source familiar with the internal discussions said that the planned lifting of the name of the two countries comes despite objections from experts Bureau of Democracy and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Labor, which usually constitutes a foreign policy on the issue. (They are not talking about the banking industry here. We know already from many prior articles in the news that Iraq is now already on the “white” list as they moved to the “grey” list from the “black” list many months ago. So this article is talking strictly about human right violations not finance, combating money laundering and counterfeiting. However I will say this news is still amazing and just what we want to be hearing at this time) of the US foreign minister renews Abadi spoken to Washington 's position on a referendum Kurdistan

Twilight News / Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Saturday the last received a phone call from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday evening.

A statement issued by the Iraqi government, said that "Tillerson congratulated Abadi successes achieved in the battle to liberate Mosul and political and diplomatic success regional openness to Iraq."

The statement added that he "reviewed the results of the recent visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran and the State of Kuwait."

, The statement said, "Abadi pointed to Iraq's clear vision to move the region away from the specter of conflicts and wars, and hard to confirm the orientation of cultural commonalities, historical, and the development of economic interests between the peoples of the region and their countries."

The statement continued that "Tillerson, the price of Iraqi attitudes balanced regional crises and problems, and the importance of Iraq's role in the stability of the region and cooperation between their countries."

It added the statement that "Abadi stressed the need to direct all local and external efforts to focus on the elimination of terrorist Daesh gangs, and not to be dragged to the side battles," adding that "Tillerson agreed with this approach and stressed that the United States will remain focused on fighting Daesh."

The statement pointed out that "Tillerson reiterated the position of the United States not to support the referendum scheduled to take place in Kurdistan, and the need to focus efforts to cooperate with the central government to meet the challenges of stability and reconstruction after the completion of the battles for liberation."

He ended the government's statement by saying that "Abadi stressed the importance of benefiting from the successful experience of cooperation between the army and the Peshmerga in the liberation of Mosul battles, pointing to the need to unify positions and mobilize international efforts to support the strengthening of the financial situation, economic, and building state institutions."

The US State Department has expressed earlier appreciation to the aspirations of the Kurdistan Region to hold a referendum for independence from Iraq, while the promised referendum that distract attention from the war against al Daesh, called to communicate with the federal government in Baghdad on "important issues."

US Secretary said in a statement: "We appreciate the aspirations of the Iraqi Kurdistan region to hold a referendum of independence but conducted attention from the war Payout against Daesh, adding that Washington was" encouraged Kurdish authorities in Iraq to communicate with the central Iraqi government on important issues. "

It is scheduled to hold the Kurdistan Region on 25 of the month of September next referendum, the right of self-determination, independence from Iraq or not, and this triggered mixed reactions internally and externally, but the Kurdish leadership has recently confirmed its determination to proceed to hold the referendum.

(I certainly hope they can move this currency reform into high gear before this period in September of voting on this Kurdistan referendum. This could be another obstacle to the RV. Another one we have to watch out for is the upcoming 2018 elections. We can be assured Nori al-Maliki and his goons will try something. Yes – and don’t waste your key strokes telling me he already said he doesn’t want to run for the office. He is mad and power hungry. You would be too if you can get in a high lever governmental position that can lead to stealing $billions$ from your country and get away with it. By the way- How many of you contacted your Congressman and Senators about Maliki? You can’t change the world unless you become part of the solution and step out of being part of the problem.)

Deletion of zeros project will be implemented in early 2017

(Note the date. This is taken from Iraqi news channels today June 26th 2017. Get what they are doing? They are moving ahead now with the project since ISIS defeat is just about completed.)

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad confirmed the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday that the deletion of zeros project will be implemented in early 2017, indicating that the bank began to develop the first steps of the project.

Keywords and said for "Tomorrow 's Press", said that " the goal of deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency is to support the Iraqi dinar and make it a competitor for foreign currency", returned him as " a strategic project that will serve the country 's economy."

"The bank is working on the mechanisms used towards the implementation of this project is expected to start by the beginning of 2017 , " noting that " the central bank began the first steps of the project by selecting the designs and companies and the country in which it will be printed currency." (Ok so they did start in EARLY 2017. Now they are ready to move to the next phase)

He noted that " the launch of the new currency does not mean the destruction of the old currencies , but it will continue to trade to about ten years , " pointing out that "this period will enable the central bank to withdraw the old currency in accordance with the mechanisms will maintain market liquidity." (I quote “the launch of the new currency”. So don’t any of you so called intel “gurus” tell us again there is not going to be a new currency launched to kick off this next phase of this effort)

The Finance Committee in the former House of Representatives revealed, (2013 August 15), for the postponement of the process of deleting zeros from the currency until after the next parliamentary elections, while confirming that the government is demanding guarantees for non - substituent currency back to the markets and forge. (Ok everyone. Did you read this? I quote “postponement” “until after the next parliamentary elections”. Did you get it? The parliamentary elections were in June. They are over. Did they do this for political STABILITY?)

(Now they go on to re-hash the history of the project to delete the zeros and tell us the times when they wanted to do it, but had to postpone it and why they postponed it. We see 2012-2013 and they next time was in 2015. Mnt Goat was the first and the only one to tell everyone that the currency was going to RV back in late 2015. No one wanted to believe me. So now we wait for the re-education process the CBI told us would happen again. This will be our sign we are VERY close to the event.)

The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed, in (April 25, 2013), that there is no intention at the present time to restructure the currency and the deletion of three zeros of them, denying reports that in this regard. (So the CBI is denying that it is NOT going to happen, which means it will happen.)

It is noteworthy that the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced (April 12, 2012), wait for the application of the process of deleting zeros from the national currency, which had to stop all procedures related to the process mentioned until further notice.

It is noteworthy that some economists believe that Iraq is not ready at present to delete the zeros from the dinar, noting that the deletion needs to be a security and political stability as well as economic stability.

project to delete the zeros 2017

Independent Iraqi news agency October 13, 2016 (note the date. This is taken in 2016 not current. Can you see it is almost identical to the recent article published today June 26th?)

The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank, on Thursday, said the project to delete the zeros will be implemented in early 2017, indicating that the bank began to develop the first steps of the project.

Keywords and said that " the goal of deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency is to support the Iraqi dinar and make it a competitor of foreign currency," returned him as "that strategic project will serve the country 's economy."

he added that " the Bank is working on the mechanisms in place towards the implementation of this project is expected to commence by the beginning of 2017 , " noting that " the central bank began thefirst steps of the project through the selection of designs, companies and the country that will be done Print currencies. "

He noted that" the introduction of new currency does not mean the destruction of ancient coins , but it will continue to trade to about ten years , "pointing out that" this period will enable the central bank to withdraw the old currency in accordance with the mechanics will maintain market liquidity. "

Finance Committee and was in former House revealed, (2013 August 15), the postponement of theprocess of removing zeros from the currency until after the next parliamentary elections, while confirming that the government is demanding guarantees for non - substituent currency back to the markets and forge.

the Central Bank of Iraq confirmed, in the (April 25, 2013 ), that there is no intention at the moment to restructure the currency and delete the three zeroes of them, denying the reports in this regard. it is

noteworthy that the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced (April 12, 2012), for thepatient in the application process of deletion of zeros from the national currency, which had to be stop all procedures related to the transaction mentioned until further notice. It is

noteworthy that some economists believe that Iraq is not formatted for the time being to delete the zeros from the dinar, pointing out that the deletion needs to be a security and political stability as well as economic stability.


Tue Mar 03 2015 15:05 | (Voice of Iraq) (note the date. I am bringing this old article for you to see from the past)

The project of deleting zeros came late after a long delay for this project which may bring back prestige to the Iraqi dinar which has suffered inflation for quite a long time. The Iraqi Central Bank (CBI) will begin this year with the procedures of deleting three zeros from the local currency according to the financial parliamentary committee in Iraq based on the official correspondences between the Central bank and the committee.

Abdul-Hussain al-Yasseri, a member of the financial committee, assured that the project is about to begin to delete three zeros from the local currency adding that the local currency will lower from 4 billion units to 1 billion units which will make currency transfers easier. Al-Yasseri, also, pointed out that the financial committee supports measures to enhance local currency considering the importance of Iraqi economy.

The central bank said that deleting zeros comes within a plan to improve its monetary policy and to enhance currency management.

The central bank pointed out in last August that it plans to delete zeros from the Iraqi dinar to facilitate transactions that are carried out mostly in cash among the challenges that Iraq will probably face when it will delete zeros from the dinar is to withdraw 30 trillion dinars currently used in the Iraqi market then getting rid of them and replace them with new currency.

Observers fear that this may open the door for currency counterfeiting on a large scale taking advantage of withdrawing old currency from the markets. The project of deleting zeros from the old Iraqi currency despite its strategic importance though its implementation should take into account the stability of security policy in the country to avoid any disastrous consequences.

Articles End

So as you know we are hedging towards the end of June already and it is time for some Q & A. It’s been awhile. So let me know what your questions are and George will pass then on to me. I hope to get them all answered by the end of the week. I will do my best to address them.

As usual here are my rules for our Q & A:

One question per person
Must be Iraqi dinar related
I will not answer any questions related to rumors or this other garbage intel given out by some other so called intel “guru”. Go back and ask them why they told you.
Go back and re-read my mantra before you send your question…lol..lol.. 

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat



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