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Monday, June 12, 2017

"Mosul and RV" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


AnimatedRock » June 12th, 2017

So, in light of the upcoming CC (tonight 7 pm est) I have been doing some musing, and I have a little thought here. I don't know how many of you have seen a B rated movie called "I, Robot" that starred everyone's favorite fresh prince.

BUT, I have seen said movie, and there is a detective that finds a hologram from a doctor that contains clues for him as to how to solve the mystery of his death. BUT he has to ask the right questions to get correct responses.

This is how I like to think, I like to pretend that I am talking to someone, and ask questions out loud. (Most of the time I'm talking to the Holy Spirit, but you can talk to whatever friend or imaginary friend you would like to accomplish the same thing)

So I have a list of questions that I am focusing on, in regards to what is currently going on . . . I will answer them the way I would answer them. But I challenge you to copy and paste this into a word document and ask these questions to yourself in regards to our study CURRENTLY.

Q1 - The Budget Appeal on the 13th. What is it's purpose? Why was it moved to the 13th? What is in that budget that prevented it from being passed in it's current condition two weeks ago? And why dont they want everyone to see what is in it?

Q2 - WHY would other countries want to do contracts in Iraq with only Dinar as the currency? If this currency is only good to do business with in Iraq, why would they want it? Especially when the only thing Iraq exports currently is OIL, and they can't buy oil in Dinar . .

Q3 - WHY are trade deals and contracts being cancelled and renegotiated at the end of the month?

Q4 - WHY is the internet shut down for one hour before banks open only from the 6th - 22nd of June?

Q5 - WHY is the CBI training new banking personell between the 2nd and 20th of July? (Hint: IMO it has NOTHING to do with RV going into July)

Q6 - WHY are they doing what they are doing with the auctions? And when do they END?

Q7 - WHY is Abadi leaving the country to go talk to the King of Saudi about Qutar, when he is in the middle of the final stages of "editing" the Da'ash?

Q7 - What is the new purpose of the auctions AFTER this style of auction is finished? And WHY is it so important that the banks that are NOT blacklisted are following the "international foreign currency exchange rules and regs"?

I am not going to post my answers or anyone else's that I talk to, but I challenge you to copy them down and answer them for yourself, and see how many we get answers to in tonight's CC!

I for one am looking forward to it, as I have opinions on every single one of these questions, and how they relate to each other. As I know others do as well.

Upstart » June 12th, 2017

The final act of the pantomime

Federal police advance on Mosul's Nuri district

June 12 2017 11:41 AM Federal police

Federal police on Monday said the forces are advancing on al-Nuri district in Mosul, in a push to liberate the last stronghold held by ISIS terror group.

In a statement, the commander of the federal police Gen. Raid Shaker Jawdat said that the iraqi forces have completely liberated Zanjili district, raising iraqi flag over its buildings.

The forces are pushing to liberate al-Shifaa hospital, and tighten its grip on the northern terror pockets in the northern parts of the Old City of Mosul.

The battle is proceeding according to the field tactics developed by the operations' command, Jawdat said, noting that crushing the terror group of ISIS is merely a matter of time.

These efforts come as part of an offensive launched on 19th of February by US-backed security forces, supported by Iranian-backed sectarian IMIS Shiite militias to oust ISIS terrorists from Mosul, their last major stronghold in Iraq.


Mexsal » June 12th, 2017

Ok so now with post #71 we now go To July for Mosul, meaning no S&S until after that so no RV until next year because that is way past "during the first half of the year"...anyone wants to refute?

PompeyPete » June 12th, 2017

Mosul is a farce...."It's behind you"...."oh no its not" ..."oh yes it is"...scattered fields as we've been told......disinformation? China syndrome....

What has Frank said about Mosul and RV?.....can we RV without Mosul? Has he not told us that this could pop at any time??.....and Delta has told us they could RV before Mosul.....

Are they piggy backing auctions for 2018???? Really....come on...you are kidding us aren't you?

What are you worried about?

StephenMac63 » June 12th, 2017

Interesting....Seems the IQD is being recognized to the point to where you can actually convert IQD to crypto currency.


DLR » June 12th, 2017

"I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends." - Abraham Lincoln

Samson » June 12th, 2017

Private banks and the Directorate of the Kurdistan Regional Tax Association are discussing the problems faced by banks

12/06/2017 - 16:00

It announced that the Association of Banks for Iraq, Monday, held a meeting with the Directorate of tax general in the region of Kurdistan Iraq in Erbil, to discuss barriers between banks and services tax, stressing the need to speed up the opening of a branch of the Bank of the Central in the cities of Arbil and Sulaimaniya .

Said Director Executive of the Association of Banks for Ali Tariq 's " economy News " , that " a meeting held on Monday between the Association of Banks for the Directorate General of Taxation region of Kurdistan to discuss the problem of duplication of tax between the Directorate General of Taxation region of Kurdistan and the Authority general taxes in the government of the Federal " , noting that " communities diagnosed with the presence of weakness in coordination between the Directorate General of taxation Kurdistan Authority general taxes and non - existence of a certified authorized to deliver and receive mail as well as to obtain judgments in some circles tax in the province of Kurdistan to request a budget general branch located in those The province . "

He added that the " meeting stressed the lack of recognition of some of the departments of State and ministries in the government of the Federal acquitted disclosure issued by the Directorate General of Taxation region of Kurdistan , which puts obstacles big on the banks as there is a problem in the amount of fees exorbitant that required by registered companies in the province of Kurdistan for the purpose of opening a branch of the bank ."

He pointed out Tariq to be " the recommendations of the meeting included making efforts continuing to facilitate the work of banks and remove the obstacles that hinder the deployment of its branches and services in all parts of Iraq , including the province of Kurdistan, and the adoption of the budget consolidated by issued by the bank in the province , which has been established where ."

He added that " the recommendations included also giving a period of grace of three months for all banks to complete the belongings of tax in the provinces of the region 's year 2016 according to the budget consolidated and so can the bank to obtain a patent disclosure tax with the postponement of consideration of the tax assessments for the years (2014-2015) to the post - completion of this belongings . "

He explained that " the recommendations included the need for issuing body general tax confirm the acceptance of patent disclosure issued by by the Directorate General of Taxation region of Kurdistan in all departments and ministries of the Government of the Federal and the designation of an employee in the body of the General Tax Directorate General of Taxation Kurdistan assigned to the process of coordination between the kidneys both sides , as well as a label authorized to send and receive mail secret . "

He pointed to the " Association of banks own will call to convene the meeting of a joint comprising the Directorate General of Taxation in the Government of the Federal Directorate General of Taxation in the province of Kurdistan allocated to resolve the problematic registration of branches in Alaqilm " , noting that " meeting stressed the speeding opening of a branch of the Bank Central in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah , and operating system clearing between the branches for the purpose of facilitating the procedures for settlement of financial between banks and institutions other


Samson » June 12th, 2017

The regulatory system and the preservation of public wealth

Visions of the ideas of Imam Shirazi


Of the most disadvantages faced by the Islamic and Arab economies, the phenomenon of wasting wealth and the destruction of resources and disregard for the inventory of resources and public funds, and there is a kind of general ignorance involving responsible citizens on how to deal with public resources, they are in a scientific perspective it represents the property of all members of society and its components without exception ,

it is not entitled to the authority or the ruler and his government, nor to any party or another institution, the acquisition of wealth or part thereof, under any pretext or justification, there is no religion nor custom nor the law nor the values ​​justify or allow even threaten witnesses to the nation's wealth !, so is a wealth red line , can not be Compromised or manipulated, or the issuance of authoritarian decisions that lead to a waste of wealth and lack of protection.

Renewed calls on an ongoing about the importance of the subordination of public wealth to the people or pan the nation, the type of organization maintains definitively the wealth factor on an ongoing basis, and there are those who emphasize the regulatory system and its role in the accounting and rationing, thus leading to a set of theoretical and practical actions that lead to the result protect the wealth of the overtaking, and help to put an end to waste this money means illegal Kelsafqat suspicious, money laundering and laundered,

especially those that occur from government agencies, or entities that have a large force, driven to overcome the fortunes of the people, and when exposed people's wealth and the nation Looting, it will follow the serious repercussions, including the spread of differentiation class in terms of income, wealth, and the infinite wealth of the minority of the society, while the poverty and the poor is spreading in the country that does not encourage transparency in public wealth control permanently and accurately, which means offering this wealth to patterns renewed excesses that can not reduce them away from proper planning in strengthening the law of penal sanctions with measures to help Khmlat awareness, and the development of human and patriotism, and fueling the self-restraint of religious and moral motivation, to leave cases of abuse of public money and focus on economic awareness and connectivity to Yen human dignity that comes from achieving economic dignity.

We also note that in the text of the Lord one of writings of the late Imam, Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad al-Husseini al-Shirazi (may Allah have mercy on him), in his book values ​​(b spent in order to go the extra mile), where His Eminence says: (The economic dignity leads to the result of social dignity), perhaps for this reason, linking specialists between economic and social dignity and dignity, and support for one another, knowing that economic dignity can not be achieved, far from sustainable surveillance procedures with high transparency.

Stagnation and recession hit our wealth

In some countries, there are types of offenses, and there are gangs stealing money in one way or another, but the damage suffered by our peoples of the dual type, theft of money with the smuggling operation and wide outside, The amounts that are overtaking them, are often smuggled and used in money laundering operations and the like , so these riches go to waste without any benefit being lacking legitimacy, and are often monitored and trapping, so wealth remained almost static in most countries affiliated to Islam, have not been employed for the benefit of the people.

Therefore, Imam Shirazi noted a recession because of the wealth and dispersal potential benefits, he said about this aspect: (In fact, there is a huge stalemate hit wealth in the land of Islam). It was useful for us to develop protection and control of public money system, it becomes a part of the protection of the wealth system, so when wealth available abound opportunities for development and investment, and the economy grows true pillars and built him, supported by an accurate system, where pre-planning, and careful implementation, leads to guaranteed results When is an individual or society and an abundance of money, there are more opportunities for the development and experience can develop a serious and effective monitoring system and firm limits the manifestations of abuses.

This is exactly what pay Imam Shirazi to say: (the greater human wealth has increased the potential of progress).

Note that we did not make enough efforts in the protection of our wealth, have been pointing our loss management system that adjusts the rhythm of economic movement on scientific grounds where he confirms Imam Shirazi about this side of his book himself, saying: (the world has become going mostly under the system care and the economy , every group or nation or people lose a two level down to the bottom of Alsavljen).

The need for a regulatory regime developed is one of the most important scientific treatments for not wasting wealth limit, through monitoring the development of the judicial and accounting fair and firm, if necessary, if you are part of the laws package that brainstormed overtaking on public money, so deliberately to advanced systems in order to protect the wealth of the people leakage and excesses.

Global experiences have succeeded in doubling resources

Note that the squatters on the wealth multiply their tendency to injustice, overtaking and tyranny, because of the large number of their money and the strength of their wealth, so they do not calculate any account of the law, because of their ability to deal with this file in ways (blackmail and carrots), intervened in that political deals and the work may enter the work destructive should not be dealt with in good faith, because greed is a human disaster is still until this moment. From here sees Imam Shirazi: (if that man sacked overwhelmed and did not benefit him at the time, but the intensity and fear, but there is no fear of the law nor the severity of the Sultan).

In order to be delve into the subject of wasting wealth scientifically, must be addressed to global experiments succeeded in imposing a sophisticated regulatory system to prevent the waste of resources and wealth, before more than a century, Japan was one of the poor countries, because of their reliance on a strict control of the economy system as you do today, which contributed to the weak economy, lack of wealth, and the lack of adoption of firm economic laws, as well as its lack of a system where effective government were not at that time in Japan, this was one of the poor countries, but when it became aware of this serious imbalance, and corrected things by maintaining wealth and protect them from looting, it has become today At the forefront of major international economies Fbataat the highest sequence list of successful economies.

We read in the book of Imam Shirazi himself, where he says: (Japan invaded the world with it before with making a hundred years was one of the states late, she suddenly took the system and the economy, so I took on the rise even began to threaten the West in its industry). If Arab and Muslim countries wanted to advance and join the contemporary world up, it has to a strict regulatory regime depends on its resources and the movement of its economy, are governed by all economic institutions that is able to spread our economy from cases of wasting money, and not to allow the spread of administrative corruption or money laundering or embezzlement of scientific procedure or any type of cases of abuse that can result lead to the destruction of the economy and weaken the right resources and public wealthy.



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