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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

More from the Truth Call Chat Room w/ tman23 6-20-17

TruthCall Chat Room

Meatball: plenty of folks mistake opinions as facts in all of this

Meatball: cant stress the importance of looking into things and not running with what gets posted

Meatball: looking to deep into all of this is not healthy

Meatball: got to have balance

The Crisco Kid: I Know I Have The Right To Remain Silent But Not The Ability .....

Meatball: lol

Meatball: everyone wants this thing to happen , but it will or will not in its own time

Meatball: all speculation in my opionion

Meatball: anything can happen over there, the last 3 years are living proof of such

The Crisco Kid: Long 3 Years ......

Meatball: sure the citizens over there would agree

Meatball: that place got blasted back to square one

The Crisco Kid: When I First Started In This The Intel Was The 1st Of Every Month Then Pushed To The Last Day Of the Month, Then From Holiday To Holiday, Now Monday To Wed To Fri The Time Seam To be Getting Shorter But The B.S. Is Still Being Made Up....

Meatball: no doubt...

Meatball: funny thing is... if you go back and look at the history of some of the folks that post so called intel it just proves to be nonsense

Meatball: rates , dates, etc

The Crisco Kid: I Have A had Time Believing That China Wants To Help The World When They Don't Care About Their Own People .....

Meatball: got that right

Meatball: I don't argue that Iraq has the potential , time will tell what happens

BlackGold: I thought that by now the Chinese in the Shanghi gold exchange would have forced the RV, I forgot the hold a triillion or more of our Treasury bonds. they are fixing up China and buying inexpensive Gold at out fake gold price and also don't want to be blamed for destroying the dollar

Meatball: maybe its just this simple... Iraq is just not ready and the circumstances need to change

Meatball: who really knows

BlackGold: When evry single soul in the USA has running water and electricity then we can talk about other countries

Meatball: will never happen sadly

tman23: Big deal coming is the Kurd referendum.....Now Kirkut Governor has announced they are ready to hold independence referendum.....Zebari told the UN it will be held on time..... BUT...members of the state of law say Kirkut has not asked Baghdad for permission....LOL !!

This referendum will be the hammer on Baghdad..... They will either pay the provinces their share and remove the 3 zeros so the economy can function......OR Iraq will be divided....and once Kurdistan succeeds you can bet Basra will want to get out from Baghdad also....

This thing can go in any direction right now...... By the words of the IMF...a nations currency has a strong pyschological effect on its citizens......Post ISIS the only thing these regions have in common is the use of the currency.......

Zig: @tman23 : Welcome back!...glad you have become a regular here!!... :)

FreddyFudpucker: thanks 23

The Crisco Kid: Nice Intel tman23

tman23: Thought it to be weird that Abadi said the CBI was holding 500 million from Qatar.....The GCC states boycotted Qatar for supporting ISIS and terrorism.....

Now the story goes....26 members of the Qatar royal family were falcon hunting in southern Iraq (which is Shia territory and not friendly to the Sunnis which Qatar royals are)....They were taken hostage by a group and 1 billion ransom was paid.......



Baxter: freddy... you know.... it was about two weeks ago.. that Iraq said they were within hours of freeing Mosul from Isis... Longest couple of hours I have ever witnessed..

FreddyFudpucker: I remember that

Baxter: Just wondering.... whats after Mousl??\

tman23: They have Mosul ....the delay is the grand Mosque.....must protect and not damage....LOL....so there are probably 300 ISIS members in around the Mosque....... Drop the mother of all bombs on it !!!!! LOL !! And like John Kerry told the Israelis ......just let Palestine have the holy wall...we will build you a new one......LOL

Baxter: Tman.... so whats the excuse after Mosul?? any ideas...

tman23: @Baxter ...... After Mosul it will be a celebration that Iraq has fought and defeated terrorism for the world........And then the focus will be on the provinces holding referendums to independence.....

And a committee will be formed to oversee the previous committee that was working by proxy through the second designated committee which reports to the high committee which reported to the council of ministers....

but since Kurds withdrew from the high committee and also none no longer serve as ministers in the GOI... they will need to hold vote in Parliament to confirm new high committee members which first must be appointed by the ministers.......

by the time they review the constitution and get a ruling they should be well into the spring 2018 elections..... We are very close !! LOL !! Just a few minor procedural matters before hand...... So we should see the RV SOON.....

tman23: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has arrived in Tehran to hold talks with senior Iranian officials after a key trip to the Islamic Republic's bitter rival Saudi Arabia.

The Iraqi premier was officially welcomed by Iranian First Vice-President Es’haq Jahangiri on Tuesday. Immediately after the ceremonies, the two senior officials started negotiations about ways to boost Tehran-Baghdad relations and the latest developments in the Middle East.........

Jahangiri also said Iran and Iraq must strengthen cooperation on the campaign against terrorism. He added that the two sides exchanged views about ways to solve banking problems and boost economic interaction in several sectors.

tman23: Solve banking problems......LOL !! And a gigantic problem arises for Iran if and when Iraq lifts the 3 zeros.......

Noname: After the invasion of Kuwait the UN Security Council ordered Iraq to pay Kuwait around 52 billion US dollars, as of 2013 Iraq had paid around 41 billion.

I don't know where that number stands today but I do remember Joey ( gatekeepers) reading an artical that stated the security council wanted this resolved by 6-30-17 therefore the complete lifting of sanctions by that time.

With Abadi visiting SA, Iran, and Kuwait these next few days and as tman23 stated elections with the possible division of the country, Abadi doesn't have time to waist any longer, and Mosul may be the key.

The next few weeks or months could see this long ride come to a stop. I like where we are at. Much progress has been made.

​The Crisco Kid: I Sure Hope Your Right ....

FreddyFudpucker: Kuwait has waived the deadline

Noname: U can bit there's something not waved or sanctions would be lifted and the IQD international

FreddyFudpucker: thnere certainly is SOMETHING missing 4 sure

The Crisco Kid: Just Another Kick The Can Down The Road Moment .....

The Crisco Kid: Now Were Looking For The 4th Of July, What's Next The New Year ????

FreddyFudpucker: chin UP kid :)

FreddyFudpucker: what is the first thing ur gaoona do after Kid?

The Crisco Kid: I Really Don't Know I Won't Let Myself Think That Far Ahead ..

FreddyFudpucker: I know

FreddyFudpucker: pay off ALL debts buy a little cottage we have our eye on on Lake Ontario and then plan how to deal with the rest of teh $$

The Crisco Kid: It's Nice To Dream But It Can Be Just A Waste Of Time ....

FreddyFudpucker: never stop dreaming

​from www.TruthCall.com/chat



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