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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Loans" - Peoples Dinar News Discussion 6-8-17

Peoples Dinar

MrsClassy: IMF grants Iraq $ 840 million in August next

According to a source of Mali early, Wednesday that Iraq will happen in the month of August next to the amount of 840 million dollars from the Fund Monetary International within the agreement to prepare the credit that was signed in the year 2015 .

Said the source , who preferred not to disclose for his name 's " economy News " , that " the negotiations that held by the delegation of Iraq with the Fund Monetary International in Jordan , which was launched in the day the last of the month last resulted from the agreement Ba divorce , the amount of 840 million dollars from the loan of $ 5 . 3 billion dollars in the month of August next . "

He added that the " Fund Monetary International praised the efforts of the government of Iraq in achieving reform and economic " , noting that the " Fund Monetary International promised Iraq to obtain a loan of up to 15 billion dollars and an interest rate of a few very not exceed 2 . 5% ."


MrsClassy: Baghdad receives a loan from the IMF worth $ 840 million

Mali, said a source familiar with Iraq that will happen in the month of August next loan from the International Monetary Fund in the amount of eight hundred and forty million dollars.

The source explained that the loan is part of preparing the credit agreement signed by Iraq with the IMF in the year two thousand and fifteen. He pointed out that this amount is part of a larger loan of five billion and three hundred million dollars agreed by Baghdad with Jordan Fund during negotiations last month.


beachrider: Are they dyslexic???

Thepreacherman2017: It would be lesdyxic to them

Futuremoney: whoops..sorry guys , don't need it...we just found hundreds of millions in a suitcase at the border...Merry Christmas!!

wldcat03: Another loan. Geeesh they have borrowed a ton of money. When does it stop? I feel like these loans will continue to delay the inevitable. Just an opinion.

Jacktt: I think they need the "you know what" to pay off "these you know whats"...

Rockin'RV: Hmmmmmm....makes me wonder about another delay on the deletion of those zero's.....hmmmmmm

Payray: Those loans are a means of control... Just like our Federal Reserve controls the US via loaning us money at interest...

It can also be said that it makes the IMF is there to help so to speak... We all know this would not be necessary if they would add value to their currency... Which of course begs the question, "what is truly going on?"... My speculation is that Iraq is now going to be run by corporations that are controlled by those who control the worldwide money supply... There is an endgame to all of this, and it is contained within scripture... There is an empire being built with Satan at the helm.

Analigizer Bunny: Or maybe it's just a working capital loan. If they RV their currency they're going to have a big hole to fill all at once. Why not fill it with someone else's money and pay it back over time and build their credit at the same time


MrsClassy: Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Wednesday, he "found the amount of US $ 50 million

History of edits:: 2017/6/7 20:49 • 290 times readable

Abadi: We found $ 50 million in the Qatari fishermen bags

[Where - Baghdad] said Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Wednesday, he "found the amount of US $ 50 million in hunters bags two countries.

According to an informed source told all of Iraq [where] that "the prime minister revealed that he was forming a committee made up of the internal intelligence service and the judiciary and the Central Bank and representatives from the State of Qatar regarding the Qatari money that entered Baghdad airport," he said, adding that "the competent authorities found 50 million dollars in their bags. "


MrsClassy: Central Bank of Iraq holds hundreds of millions of dollars

June 8, 2017 | 11:40 - Number of readings: 151 View

Abadi: Central Bank funds are being held in the country and achieve legal entry to Iraq

Network Iraqi position Prime Minister, "Haider al-Abadi," said the Central Bank of Iraq holds hundreds of millions of dollars and other European currencies that entered the country on board a Qatari plane landed in Baghdad last April, and achieved legal entry.

And extracted the money from a Qatari plane at Baghdad airport, after it was prepared to pay as part of a deal Alaraj Qatari fishermen kidnapped in Iraq.

He added, "Abadi" during the meeting with journalists and academics in his office in Baghdad on Wednesday evening, attended by "Iraqi position" (June 7, 2017), "Baghdad verify the source of the money, worth 250 million euros and 50 million dollars," adding that it "held the Central Bank of Iraq."

He continued, "There is a specialized team investigating the entry of these funds into Iraqi territory with the participation of a representative from the State of Qatar."

He explained, "Abadi", that "the money recovered from the bags under the supervision of representatives of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Iraqi intelligence services as well as from a party representing the country side and experts from the Central Bank of Iraq to put them under legal follow-up."

The Gulf media said this week that the money that prompted Riyadh to accuse Qatar funding of some factions of the popular crowd forces in Iraq.

The group of Qataris were on a fishing trip inside Iraqi territory and kidnapped in December 2015 by a group that includes dozens of militants in the desert adjacent to Saudi Arabia, before they are released in the last April.

The newspaper "Financial Times", said in a report yesterday, that the establishment of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain to cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar, and the closure of the land borders and the suspension of flights with them, was caused by "a ransom of $ billion provided by Qatar for the Liberation of members of the royal family were on a trip for hunting falcons were kidnapped earlier in southern Iraq. "

The report added, quoting a source is relevant, "What angered Saudi Arabia and its allies is the Doha so the large amount of money to Al Qaeda-linked group fighting in Syria, as well as Iranian security men," pointing out that the parties involved in the deal to release the abductees, was including government officials and three leaders of the Iraqi Shiite militia soldiers in the Syrian opposition factions and leaders.

The report also said that " the amount of $ 700 million payment to Iranian figures and factions of Iraq backed by Iran to liberate Qataris 26 kidnapped in Iraq, and Doha paid about $ 300 million to a group (Fatah al - Sham) opposition in Syria , which is affiliated to al - Qaeda in exchange for the release of 50 Shi'ite militants were prisoners of their " returning to the issue of the abduction of Qatari fishermen,

The newspaper reported that the crisis "began with Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq abducted Qataris in the month of December 2015, where a number of their leaders confirmed that the hostages were taken to Iran."

According to diplomats, the reason behind the kidnapping of Qatari was to give Hezbollah and Iran as a pretext to negotiate for the release of Shi'ite fighters being held by the "Fatah al-Sham" group in Syria, which included a deal to release the kidnappers later a separate agreement to facilitate the evacuation of the towns of "Kefraya and insipidity" Shia, which is encircled by opposition militants Syrian versus other besieged by gunmen loyal to the Syrian government.

MrsClassy: Uhh, it like, just appeared! Gimme a break, Do you think we are that stupid!

​MrsClassy: I didnt say much, but, I felt from the articles, that they were playing, us. Hang in there and Hold On, I believe this train is pulling into the station, I was thinking about Kims Prophecy, Ill tell you all someday how we met.

In one of his prophecies, he kept saying, and Ill paraphrase, when Iraq starts pulling back, think about that, they have now been watching their borders, also refuse to go outside their borders to fight. That article, spoke volumes to me. All the other predictions, were a get ready for me. Trump, DOW, etc.

And now all of a sudden, money appearing, Gold, Oil, list goes on and on. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.

This may not of happened in your time frame, but, its going to happen in Gods time frame.!!

Wasco: Well said, MC, well said....

Songbird: I'm checking out back for some abandoned hunter's bags. :)

Duck fan: I've already checked the bottom of my pond......
And Quack nabbit.......<_< Nuthin but mud... And fish poop..... Still.




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