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Monday, June 12, 2017

"Living in these Times" by (Anonymous) - 6.12.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8;24 PM EDT on June 12, 2017

K was wondering about 4 plans for ascension (6-11-2017). There are no 4 plans for ascension. These are just 4 ways of (limited) interpretation. There is only one plan and that plan is universal. Not religious, not Financial etc. The universal plan of ascension is about the change in awareness. Our own awareness is inside. It happens from the soul that we are, from within our own bodies. Ascension is about an expanding in awareness. But for that, you have to have an awakened soul. THEN the shift or ascension to 5D is the easiest. If your soul has to wake up ascension becommes a bigger change. If you are your Self with a sleeping soul, you can shift from 3D. If the ego is still in control, it litterly is just 2D what is going on in there because that is just functional in the system of power and control.

When I read a lot of posts, most seem to still control things. I have seen videos of Cindy, I have read post here, from OWK included. A lot of people don’t seem to understand that you have no right to interfere in other peoples life and work. I don’t follow any one, I only experience my own inner proces. Neither from Cindy, nor from this website about the GCR / RV feels pure to me and I’ll explain why. The GCR/RV as explaind still contains a lot control. It is decided for people without people given having to say anything about it. No choice but being in or being out, that’s all. The same bank that was corrupted as hell controles your money, documents from the system of control, like passport, birth certificate etc need to be shown, a ‘wealth manager’ controles your money (can’t handle your wealth yourself?), if the money is meant for projects and job creation it’is also still the same. And the whole exchange is happening behind close doors, in secrecy, also in the same old way. And than, ZIM holders becomming diplomats? Are they more important then any one else? This also is still the system of power positions. Who has the money is in control. Skip that nonsens because diplomats are function discriptions in a system of control. And that can only exist from a conditioned or programmed ego. It still sounds like an agenda that we would have to get rid of and just act as a human instead.Or do you think that everybody who was just a function discription in the dark system goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning being enlightened?

What also is going on, is certain people on this webside claiming they know everything and that this website is the only one on the web that brings truth. There are a lot of websites bringing out the truth about everything. So if you claim this website is the only one, you are still very selfish and you are in control. Then some say Cindy needs help because she works in a different way. Clairly they don’t understand you don’t have the right to interfere in other peoples lifes and the way they work. That is respectless. But I guess it happens because those people claim this webside is the only truth on the web. Think again. Everybody who works in a certain way, is just a piece of the puzzle. The financial system has always been a very low frequency.because it was just about power and control. If something wants to change about that, people have to change, from the inside. From the soul where the universal plan works and nowhere else. Not because of money, not because of religion, not because of spirituality, only because of change inside THEN money also gets a different meaning..What is important is to learn the value of life, which in fact doesn't even know money. Ever seen animals buy stuff with money?

So stop judging other peoples ways of work and mind your own work. If some one really wants or needs help, they will ask for it. Some point everybody will individually find out wether he or she is ascending or not. Where we are heading to, control can not exist and clearly a lot in here also show control. Ascension and evolution is about you as a soul and it is individually. Focus on others and judge about them and you definitely show control. Protect your own group and you definitely show control. Claim this webside is the only place on the web that brings truth and you definitely show control. When does it change? When you can see your way is not the only way. Everybody adds his or her own contribution in the big picture, individual or in groups. What you believe says something about you, and you only. That way people also are judged as Cabal while they are not and they are called fear mongers while they sometimes just find something that makes them think for themselves instead of just believing what others say.

Since on this webside the financial system is a big issue, I’ll say a bit from my perspective. The human body is not meant to do heavy work. That is what slavery is about. The body needs to relax so people can become aware of them Selves. Heavy work hardens the body as it becommes tense. Then people can not become aware of them Selves. So things have to change. I think in the way of the Venus Project. Robots doing the heavy work and people living their lives and become aware of them Selves through relaxation. Robots can perform very heavy work and can do that 24 hours a day. So, why not build the robots instead of humans still working in the old way? Helping humanity is not just about building material projects. It is also about personal attension. When robots do the heavy work, people have time for personal attension and support to become aware of them Selves. And THAT is the flaw I see about the GCR To much material ideas and projets in what I read so far and nothing about personal attension, personal growth in awareness etc. So again it is still the same as it used to be. I feel I couldn’t participate in this kind of GCR if wanted too. Way to limited this way. Plus I only read this kind of thing in American community. I live in Europe and I haven’t seen any european website or group (in my country) that is about the GCR / RV. Personally I feel I would just want to exchange some currency and decide for myself what to do with it, without the rules and control of the old way. That doesn’t work for me. There is a whole world that needs to change, including smaller issues, not just big material projects. Quite frankly, the human race has to shift, not material projects. What was build in a world of control can’t exist in 5D. Everything that is build till now is from a system of control. Want to waste time and money on building that again the same way? Since it seems to be a matter of years, maybe we should start thinking in a different way, in temporary solutions untill ascension is completed. The energy is building but ascension happens in a split second when the energy is high enough.

The Galactics said they feel things are going way to slow and the Chinese elders didn’t seem to listen to that. Untill recently, when it seemed they started to listen. To the Galactics disclosure is the most important thing to speed up everything. Are we going to listen to that or are we going to ignore it and push our own interests? Then I think, okee, first disclosure so things are comming in the open. Then erase control and then GCR / RV without all the secrecy. At least, without the use of all old documents of the system of control. What other proof is there about your existance then you standing right in front? To end this story, I say this: money doesn’t change the world, the world changes when people change. Money is a tool and the result depends on how you use that tool, in the old way or in new ways.



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