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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Letter to the Family" by Jeff W. - 6.21.17

Dear Family and friends, June 2017

I know many of you have been saying to yourself… “what has gotten into Jeff and those odd Facebook posts”. Well If it were before October of last year I would have had the same reaction if I’d seen them on one of your pages.

Well turns out you can believe in something and have faith in something that you have been told, taught and learned all of your life that you don’t question or look past things that just don’t fit into the normality of our everyday lives; as we go about our days. We were taught that you get up, get to work by a certain time, and work 40 hours a week, We must provide for the things that we want and provide security for our families. We put food on the table and we eat dinner (not so much together anymore) and relax in front of the news and then go to bed.

Maybe we have the weekend off and go fishing or hunting or garage sale hunting on Saturday. Get up and some of us make it a routine to get dressed in our finest and we are off to church on Sunday morning. And at the end of the two-hour long invitation to be saved that has just encroached into some serious lunchtime; we go home and start the week all over again. We are good God obeying and fearing people and we follow the rules that we know will bring us salvation.

Even an inch off of this perfect picture I have just painted for you is grounds for a little bit of criticism, now isn’t it? Some of us might not go to church and don’t like hunting and would rather sit around with a beer and watch a football game.

Some of us are more progressively thinking and like to do. Things like help the humane shelter or do something that will make our government change a law. It is after all a democratic government that puts the people most of us want in place to do what a majority want.

Everything is good until a single group finds a fault and protests. Now the criticism becomes a little more directed doesn’t it?

We don’t want to be prejudice or make fun of anyone. We are good people! We learned what was right and wrong in school. We learn how to build an ideal lives and hope that we will somehow, somewhere find a place of a bit of happiness.

Now I am not a simple-minded person. I know most of you would say I was pretty smart actually. If my Facebook posts has given you all a sense that maybe I’m fallen a little off balance. That is ok with me. For you are looking out from within and I am looking in at you all.

Why do I have the stones to say this? I promise you it’s not from a place of conceit. You all know what a struggle it was for me most of my life relating to a bunch of people. But you all should know that what I have said to any of you has never once been from a state that would cause me to lie or mislead any of you. And I need you to trust in me and know that that will never change. I just need your attention and love.

I am not talking from a place of hurt or pain. As I am sure some of you may be thinking due to the lack of knowing how to cope with Mom’s death and my lifestyle. I am talking to you from a place of amazement, and excitement, a place of awakening from a very deep sleep. I am talking from a place that I was allowed to reach for a purpose. It was because of the pain from all of this that made me open my eyes a little.

Mom always told me that I was put on this earth for a reason; and It has found me. I did not find it. And I am humbled and I am still not in full belief either of what I will share with you all out of unconditional love.

First, I am going to saturate every single-family member, be it immediate or extended (friends). I want you all to look at what you are going to be given to do with as you want. This is a very special time in our lives (and I wish Mom and Kitt and Pearl were here to witness and understand what this actually means). Where this comes from and how it came about to be shared with all of you today technically I cannot discuss with you. This is where a little faith in me comes to play.

I’m frankly trying to still grasp some of it myself. Please do this for me in appreciation: Go get rid of all your bills, buy a home, buy cars.

Know your children will never again want for anything. Know that you will never want for anything again. No more stress and no more worries. You will never have to work for tings that you want but you may find work to make your heart full or to advance your own communities.

This will also give you a chance to look within and figure yourselves out a little. If you are not happy with the situations you have chosen or the people you are bonded with; If you are not happy with your spouse, then this is you time to work that out. Because every one of you in the family has their own gift for the exact same amount. This is freedom to do what you want to do. There are no reasons anymore to not be free and happy to do whatever it is you desire. There will be no more restrictions on anything you want to do.

Then when you have done that and have taken a trip to Hawaii or where ever, I want you to think about something.

You now have a choice to make. This is something requested of me to offer to all of you. I don’t have this choice and I have committed to this. I have become what you call a Sovereign with diplomatic immunity and an obligation to do two things. Be completely invisible and be unconditionally and totally service to others. And for what I woke up to, I’d make that choice in a new your second every time.

Now here’s where I need you to pay attention to what I’m saying and open your minds and eyes to an idea. And remember I love you all very much and I’m coming from a place of proof and truth.

The ideal life I started out this letter with; It’s a complete and ultimate control mechanism to keep the masses of our population and humanity subservient through fear, domination and a false sense of freedom. It is a picture with control mechanisms and very stealth purposely calculated ideas designed to make you believe in a false sense of you can get what you work hard for. All while flaunting it and waving this control in front of our eves knowing we can’t see. And then stealing it out from under you while you gladly agree to do so. All because it’d what we were told that is the way things are supposed to be. Why can’t we see? Because we as a people have been under or asleep with this game since the flood.

The very rich one percent has been a very sneaky and keen puppet masters of every single one of our lives. And to a degree that you will argue till you are blue in the face in defiance of opening your eyes and minds thinking I’m crazy.

I’m not crazy!

God has given a few (and I’m overwhelmed by this) the nudge to wake up a little and a look over our shoulders. And I’m going to be honest. We were a rats hair shy of total imprisonment from this One World Order. And that would have been only the ten percent that were left on the face of this planet. And I am not joking.

You will soon learn that 9-11 was a pivoting point in our history. It was purposefully orchestrated to plunge the masses into a war that would allow the elite and their one world order to finally reach their end game. The people we place in high political position in the Unites States government killed every single person that day all to do a number of devious tasks to keep their grips of power and control. And it was done with the assistance of American built Israel and the control of the Vatican. So if you are submerged in the truth of the bible and the wrath of god you are going to be very unhappy. Although these stories are true, they have, like everything we have been told, is been bent to control our fears and doubts and to put us into a subservient position. This plan was very long in history and has been flawlessly planned and executed…until NOW.

This was not going to be allowed to happen. The treachery of this event will be public ally announced shortly. You have no idea. But it’s time you did. We can discuss all when I see you soon.

For now, it is more important to take the gifts I have been asked to give you all and will become available starting after July 4th 2017. I want you to release all the debt, wants, desires, needs, and take a little vacation for a month if you have to.

I can try to answer any question you might have to the best of my knowledge, but honestly the information you will need for the answers is all available for anyone to see. You just have to know where to look. I have posted, on facebook a number of helpful videos that you probably ignored. (By the way, The internet turns out to be a very powerful tool and a huge piece of how we with the help of others defeated these evil assholes). You might want to revisit if you have not already.

Now I’m going to ask some of you to please help me with the monumental task I have agreed to make, and has honored us all by providing the opportunity for me to invest and reap the rewards fort and made this possible. I have made a commitment to repair the damage that we, under submission, have done to the people, environment and to the planet as a whole. I have been tasked to plant a seed in each one of you in hopes that it will grow and bloom. I promise you it will be amazingly fulfilling and worth witnessing.

We will rebuild our neighborhoods and clean our planets air, water and everything else. We will rid out planet of fossil fuels and bring a new paradigm in of free torsion based physics that includes zero-point energy. And the manipulation of gravity.

While doing all of this, we must relearn our true history that along with these technologies have been hidden purposely from us. You should be amazed and not skeptical of anything anymore. This control has been irradiated from our lives, our banking system and our planet. We are the creators, we have forgotten that. What we project is what we create. We are all a part of one another. Just a single cell in your body has all the information in it that makes you. A proton has all the information of the entire universe in a single proton. As above So below.

What is amazing is that most of us didn’t even know anything was wrong and that was on purpose. Realize that this enemy was impossible for ordinary man to defeat. We had some amazing help that I will tell you about later. But it was defeated. And we few awake are tasked with cleaning up and waking up the rest (sorry Jahoda’s Witnesses but we are the 144000 in the book of Revelation). By the way is not a dooms day story but one of enlightenment and the time for that is now.

You guys’, with me are the first wave if you will help me. I have unlimited resources for this. But these resources have a very specific purpose for direct influence. You have no idea how disappointed I will be if any of these gifts reach a church offering plate. We will talk about this later. That’s why I was allowed to gift you all that you will soon see. And the most exciting aspect of this is not the amazing amount of abundance if monies, for me, is there is already technology that is frequency based that cures every disease on this planet. And they are already in waiting to be shown to us all.

* * *

I will talk with you all after the forth. Jill and Alan, Roy, Amber you guys I will see on the fourth of July. The rest I will fly to and get you guys situated. I have a lot of paperwork to get through. (Kathryn, Neil and Tommy.)

* * *

If this is hard for you to believe, then you still get to enjoy these gifts. They really weren’t mine to give you. I am just one of the few whose been asked to pass them on to you. However, if you cannot get past your programmed beliefs and service to self, then it was nice knowing you, I do not have room in any of this for you may go and enjoy what you have been given. Please live well do not come back for anything else. You are damn lucky to be given what you have.

Things are not what we thought they were.

I love you all Jeff



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