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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 for Mon. 6-19-17


Aggiedad77 » June 21st, 2017

Family here are the Notes from Monday Night's CC.....enjoy....I would strongly recommend you go back and relisten to at least the part about the recording with DELTA as I am never sure I get everything he says. Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Monday 06-19-2017

Frank26: We now walk into the study of our investment with the Iraqi dinar. For those of you on TEAM Chat you have the advantage to our Monday Night Conference Call because you have the privilege….you are privy to see what I am doing with our TEAMS…..whatever subject that we are dealing with at that moment….

And when we are together on Monday, the TEAM Chat Premium members have already looked into it and studied it a little deeper…..I want to applaud….give recognition…..give a standing ovation to a handful of people who have been becoming very studious with us here at KTFA

To express your opinion is actually not an easy thing to do….because the fear of criticism comes along with it…..but I am very proud of those who are taking our CC notes and our TEAM Chat notes and take the time to write up their own thoughts….and a lot of these lately have not been short ones, they have been very long and tedious, and studious….

I love teamwork….and I love that this is going on at KTFA…and it originates in Premium because they feel they a protection there from being copied and pasted, but it can still happen. I asked if anyone was willing to bring what I do with them in TEAM Chat to the forum and last week two of my conversations were brought up and posted and I appreciate that….this week there weren’t any and that is ok….

On Saturday night I spent two hours with you to the point where you ran out of questions….so for the first time I offered you about a dozen questions….and I gave you the opportunity to answer these questions….which again helped I think in our studious efforts.

As we get started tonight I am going to tell you this CC is not going to be a long one….every Monday we have something….every Wednesday we have something….every Friday on TEAM Chat we have something….tonight we are going to talk and we are going to share…..but it is not going to be as long or as tedious as it normally is….and we want to give Aggiedad a rest like we did last week….there were no notes on Monday from him, only Frosty’s notes, and on Wednesday we had neither of them…..so for today’s CC I want to help our brother Aggiedad and keep it short.

I believe that KTFA has been surrounded by some very good and talented people….and that is why I started out tonight by saying I have to recognize and applaud these individuals that are stepping up at KTFA….your analysis are being copied and pasted all over the internet because they are based off of our CC’s and to be honest you are doing a wonderful job….and for those of you who are going to the CBI website and being studious and then bringing it back and posting it…..I pray to God that people are reading it and understanding what you are saying….because when we read your posts….I couldn’t help but say…..uh-oh….they are catching on.

In fact today Aggiedad comes out and he says….I’m really looking forward to the CC….you know the information….you know the info-mercials too by the way that Frank brings to us and helps us all out….now these Monday CC’s are building in their magnitude aren’t they….with a just reason IMO….

We all have a good idea of what is coming….we just don’t know when or for how much….why….because we don’t give dates or rates here at KTFA…..we can sure offer a study here like no other study is offered on the internet IMO and if you are here you are a part of the cream of the crop….best of the best in my book….

Tonight will be another reason to be thankful to God for where He has led us here at KTFA….pay attention to Frank’s message tonight…..learn from it…grow from it….pray that a new journey is on the horizon for you….the BEST is coming….it can be felt in so many ways….be ready for it….be prepared in all that you do….and yes I will be doing CC notes tonight he says…..yes I agree with this post that Randy did….

And as far as the negativity of the two that I mentioned to you….all I can say is that they used to set me on fire….you old timers….I used to scream and yell like a banshee…..I never fought back….I just simply said it wasn’t fair and disagreed with them…..in a rather silly way…..as a child I thought like a child….and when I first started with you nine years ago I was a child…..you thank me for helping you so many times Family…..I am here at KTFA to thank you….I would like to say for making me a better man…..let’s just say for making me a man….I really do appreciate all you’ve done in my life to help me.

I do appreciate those of you who are becoming such great analysts and ask that you continue to do so and keep doing whatever it is that you can do….I do appreciate it….because you are becoming instruments, becoming teachers, leaders, pillars of KTFA and I thank you for that.

Well Family the last time that we were together…..we suggested that a second zero had been dropped….and we went over the first zero giving the evidence of that IOO (in our opinion) ….and we talked about the second zero again IOO.

Now we barely mentioned that the third zero IMO is not going to wait for a full 30 days like the first and the second zero that we opinionated on….and by the way…..the following was sent to me….I’m not criticizing anyone that is negative….it is the way human beings are and it comes with the territory and I accept it….but I also get criticized by other sites or other gurus….what one said…..”it seems to me that I am in agreement with Frank26 about 2 zeroes possibly being gone….yes it is very possible….I like the end of June and the start of July”…..well isn’t that wonderful and precious because that is exactly what our CC’s taught last week….even though the rest of the internet was about as dry as the Mojave Desert is.

We are done talking about the first zero….we are done talking about the second zero….we are done talking about the third zero….you got our notes…and you got our analysts doing wonderful jobs….going into the CBI spreadsheets and finding the proof of what we’ve given you.

So tonight let me walk you in a different direction….would you like to come along into a different venue….we are going to get off of this road we are on right now…and we are going to get onto different spokes that all lead to the Monetary Reform….the problem is that you will have to pay attention….the problem is you will have to figure it out…..but the thing is you now have some rather interesting people at KTFA that just might be able to help you.

Yesterday Abadi was in charge of an orphan organization and in the translation it is called Orphan Joy….the Orphan Joy program is on its way….it is being kicked off….and the interesting thing is that an article came out today that talked about that…..it was walked over because you don’t know what you are sitting on Family….you don’t know what you hold in your hands at KTFA until you are with me on your CC’s….all honor and glory to our Heavenly God…..and this CC is solely IMO.

The orphan money is being released….I have a very dear friend of mine who told me a few days ago….I am going to release 100 million dinars from my account and we are going to send it to the orphan fund that Abadi has….and I said to the individual….now…..and they said yes we are doing it now…..well your timing is rather interesting….I will say that….well Frank the money has been sitting in Iraqi banks for quite a while….it has been sitting there for a specific reason for these children….and the timing that you find interesting….well why do you find it interesting Frank….

Now that is an interesting way to answer a question with another question so you don’t answer me…..to recommend the release of these funds from your account….your bank account to Abadi’s orphanage program is because you feel the RV is very close….if not rumbling and grumbling right before us right now…..interesting I thought and to share with you Family.

Family that is a spoke on the wheel of the Monetary Reform that is rather powerful…..it is loaded, packed with a lot of information…..you may not understand it….you may only see it from the point of view that you want….oh the RV….let the funds go….why…..because it is going to go up in value pretty soon….ok help the kids…..no it is much deeper than that….and I bring it to you….I wasn’t going to but the article brought it to you today…..if you can understand where they are at…..these children….if you can understand who is taking care of them….if you can understand where the money is coming from….and if you can understand that Abadi is in control of it….you might understand the Reforms of Iraq better.

I expressed to you that IMO once we have Mosul that the speed of the Reforms, especially the Monetary Reform would travel at a much faster speed….at the speed of light….Family IMO the speed is so attractive right now….the speed of many things in Iraq.

Let me take you on another spoke….the speed of the relationship between Iraq and Saudi Arabia is amazing….and you may not understand the value of this either…..this is the SECOND point for tonight that is completely different from what you are reading or studying with other gurus or forums or other places…..I’m sorry to say this because it sounds egotistical but this is a PhD level study….and if you get lost, don’t worry about it, take it to God in prayer.

The relationship between Iraq and Saudi Arabia shoot not too long ago these two were ready to cut each other’s throat….and now they are on talking terms……ring-a-ding-ding….hello who is this….this is Saudi how are you doing Abadi….I’m good….are you going to come see us again…..yeah I had a good time the first time…..we did too….it was interesting what you said….why don’t you come again and we can talk a little bit more…..ok I can do that…..I mean they are developing a relationship at the speed of light…..why….because it is important…..it is important to the US….you see Saudi Arabia and the US are one….in making money.

Jared is also going to be all over the ME….at the same time that Abadi is traveling around on his little tour of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait….please do not forget that I do not believe in coincidences….none what so ever…..yes they are homies now….and to see Jared and Abadi going over there is not a coincidence…..

Now….another thing….stop and think about this….deeply….you remember when President Trump said I am going to assign Jared to bring peace to the ME…..uh-oh light bulbs just came on….that is what is going on right now…..and what is it that we get when we have Mosul….Security and Stability….son of a gun….I guess we got it.

Now I don’t think that Jared is even going to meet with Abadi on this little tour….but I believe they are both on rendezvous courses to accomplish something with ME countries…..I believe they are both there to send a message of peace….actually there is peace now….and to solidify the partnership between Saudi Arabia and Iraq…..you see Saudi Arabia plays a huge part in world economics and with the US.

No one…and I mean no one on this planet Earth produces more oil than Saudi Arabia….10 million barrels per day….no on produces like Saudi Arabia….Iraq is about to be on the same street….they are learning from Saudi Arabia how we do it with them…..they are learning from SA about the power of the USD….in this respect instead of in their country….they are developing a partnership because we have a partnership with SA….we need Iran to do the same….#1….#2 more than likely….fascinating isn’t it.

The American and Saudi Arabian relationship is a good relationship….it is an important relationship and I am here to tell you that it is a part of the Security and Stability that we have established in the ME between America and other ME countries that are a pain in the back side to be honest with you…..maybe it is important now for Iraq to have a good relationship with SA because that is the way we want it.

SA has been….and this is another factor that most people have forgotten about to be honest with you….SA has been in Washington DC for at least a couple of months….remember even back to when I was in DC….meeting with the US Treasury….Dept of Defense….are you serious….why…..they are in DC Family….and the fruits of those meetings are coming about because Abadi is going over to visit with them….and talk about what is going on with them and the US and the ME.

The speed of these new levels…..these are new playing fields….the speed of this new level with SA has increased….and I find this to be an important step….this tour….#1 Saudi Arabia….we like the US too for business….thank you….#2 Iran….yes stop stealing from me if you want to make business….oh ok sure thing….#3 Kuwait….yes we got you covered for Chapter VII….ok….this is an interesting tour that Abadi is taking

Now while all of that is going on…..we told you the auctions were shrinking….remember that….and how were they shrinking….because the auctions were being piggybacked one day before the next auction was occurring…..we thought they were trying to find one extra day an open date during the week or something….I don’t know….

Well….DELTA called me last week on Wednesday right after our CC….and he says Frankie they are doing it again….I said the auctions…..he said yes….they are still piggybacking….yes….well then what is so new about that…..Frankie they are not piggybacking from one day to the next….what are they doing DELTA….it is weird….do you want me to post this on the forum….I said no…what do you have….he said the CBI made an announcement on the Arabic side to all of the banks….they told them that the auction of the 26th….you mean two Sundays from now….yeah….what about it…well they sent a memo to all of their banks in Iraq asking all of the money changers that they are being required to tell the CBI what it is that they need for currency….and we want to know it now….on the 18th…..

I said wait a minute….Sunday’s auction they didn’t piggyback and do Monday’s together……no….what are they going to do….this coming Sunday on the 18th the CBI has asked all the banks of Iraq and all the money changers to send in their requests for what money they need….and it will be done on the 25th….

Wait a minute are you now telling me they are piggybacking one week in advance…..yep….that is weird…..he said Frankie all banks have to submit on the 18th for the auction on the 25th…..we’ve never seen anything like this before in the auctions….it was bad enough having one day piggybacked….now they are doing a whole week……this can occur when they have official holidays but there aren’t any right now…..

I said to DELTA maybe it is part of the last auctions of the month of June…..you know the CBI wants all the financial requests in early before the month even ends…..I know Frankie….the CBI also told the banks they would provide them with 25 million per bank as cash per 3,000 for each citizen if they want to travel…..something is going on with their currency….

I said yeah it sure seems that way doesn’t it…..every bank is to send their requirements for their weekly needs….in a week in advance….and then it will be supplied to them a week later in an auction….this makes no sense but it is not a coincidence is it.

Frankie it could be the last of the usual auctions before they change the auction procedures…..that makes sense…..I know we don’t think Eid has anything to do with this right now….especially with the moon phases are up….it is hard to say exactly when they are going to do this…..DELTA says no….whatever they are doing it is with their currency….25 million….come on Frankie….i can sneeze and we can use all of that money…..they are preparing for an RV….and as far as Eid….the Shiites and Sunnis calculate Eid separately and it is by the moon phases….although each one of them does it for at least three days…..now I believe it will be either the 26th or 27th when Eid will start….

And as far as what this auction is doing….it is overlapping with the other memo….the memo that the ISX sent out…..oh yeah they said the week before that the Iraqi Stock Exchange was going to close for a week….and that is during the time they are doing this last auction right…..yeah they are doing something Frank we just can’t figure it out….so I told him….the pattern is totally different….we have never seen this before…piggybacking and now containing a whole week….not just one day….yeah something is happening with their auctions and their currency and with their procedures…..and their window of buy and sell…..this is indeed a strange request.

When they RV at 1 to 1 the USD will die in Iraq Frankie….that is why the old auctions are dying aren’t they….could be….DELTA but why the 25th….why a Sunday….because we told the Family a long time ago that is the perfect timing…..could be.

DELTA I think they are pushing the month into a time frame of the 26th to the 30th…..for many things….including a possible RV….what do you think….I don’t know….but they are doing something….it is different….it is strange…and it may be related to the third zero….I don’t know….when did this come in….4 am this morning…..Thursday morning….that is when the announcement was put up on the Arabic side of the CBI website….well I tell you what….let’s mark that time….why….because I think that is officially the time they will put up an RV when they do in the still of the night….when we are asleep….and he agrees with me.

IMO Family we are very close and as far as what they are doing from this Sunday into the next Sunday with their auctions….I just don’t know….and you didn’t know this did you…yes go look and give me your opinions.

So the 25th the last auction…..I don’t think so Frankie more like the 22nd…..hmmm yeah I understand…..thank you for your analysis DELTA.

Frankie one more thing…..if Eid is on Tuesday….then this Sunday and Monday combinations can make a little sense…..yeah I guess….or maybe the CBI is trying to find extra days to close their doors…..Frankie each one of these scenarios has the potential to be correct……yeah I agree….well thank you my dear brother….the 26th to the 30th a lot of things are lining up.

You know what DELTA it is more favorable that the third zero would be lifted faster than the first and second zero…..good point Frankie.

Family they are shrinking the month of June and it has gone from a dramatic phase of one day being piggybacked now to a full week being piggybacked….they are shrinking the month of June and it is giving them more capital and more money quickly….through this piggybacking system…and it is now more money and more capital for more than one day’s worth….we wonder what they are doing with this extra money….this is no longer a secret by the way….it is on the Arabic website on the auction website…..they are not even trying to hide this…..I suppose they are to a degree because it is in Arabic.

From months to weeks to day….to now hours….soon to become seconds….did you see that post that I made today….I’ll come back to that.

Let’s wait until Abadi gets back from his SA, Iran, Kuwait tour Family in order for me to maybe say more…..you see Mosul is very simple right now….surrender or die…..there is no doubt that time has always been against Iraq….but now they are getting a hold of time…..and of the Security and Stability that the Monetary Reform wanted….and maybe they are also now getting a hold of their auctions….or I should say the actions of their auctions….seem to be doing an accordion of time in the month of June…

I mean that is what it shows…the fact that you can run the auctions a week in advance….tells us they have a good handle on time….because they were always behind some delay or another….and they have asked their money changers now to do the same….a week in advance….this shows me that the country of Iraq is being run on a different time schedule….a different speed of light….a different purpose.

Frank26: Months to weeks….weeks to days….days to now hours….to minutes….to seconds…and now they run into the future faster….these auctions are totally different Family….this is why Iraq runs into the future now at the speed of light….because they have an international vision….they have a vision of their future…..good for them

They run into the future while handling the present.

Family the Holy Bible teaches us without vision people simply perish…or because of a resistance to a change people will perish….Iraq has been going crazy for many years…..for over a decade….with uncontrolled movement….with disorganized leadership that destroys and creates chaos instead of the vision they have now for order, unity, Security and Stability….

They now have a vision to move into a Revaluation future with the actions that are being presented within their auctions…..this country is changing….this country is being run differently…and the IMF requirements are being fulfilled…..if you walk with the wise…..you will be wise….hence why the US and other powerful international countries are pouring into Iraq….and the reason why Abadi is now going on his tour.

Abadi is right now running for Prime Minister of the next elections of Iraq….with the performance of the Reforms for the citizens….the ME is watching you….the ME is about to get a report about this from Abadi….Abadi is running for a political position as Prime Minister….as I speak with all of these actions….starting with the biggest bully of the ME….Iran.

Abadi is taking control of his country….in the face of those who took advantage them for decades…..no more….”Iraq’s Leaders Hope to Restore Control Over All of Iraq Territories Defeating Islamic State Before an Election Due by the Middle of Next Year”…..you think….you are doing good Abadi.

By the way Family Abadi is not going to Iran to listen or to learn….he is going to Iran as a teacher….to give a lecture….because Iraq has changed….at the speed of light…..they will become leaders in the ME…their currency will become stronger….for their country and their citizens…..Abadi said….”Iran Should Stop Interfering in Iraq”….darn right……stop stealing….get your Popular Crowd out of here…move….and I love the fact that this is what is going on…..their currency will soon become solidly backed….and they will become a donor nation….no longer looking for blood donations….but giving blood….Iran….Saudi Arabia….the ME knows this….and they know the importance of Iraq becoming international.

I know you are pigeon-holed Family that I love….all you want is a date….all I want is the progress of the process of the Monetary Reform….it is beautiful….wonderful…and by the way Abadi….just how did you get this ME tour going…..well Frank…..”Iraqi Forces Started Storming the Islamic State that was Held in the Old City of Mosul on Sunday”….oh really….well yeah…well good for you Abadi….what else can you tell me about it….”A Military Statement that was Released by Us Says That the Historic District is the Last Still Under Control of the Militants in the City Which Used to be Their Capital in Iraq The Densely Populated Area of the Narrow Alley Ways Where Fighting is Done House to House We are Gaining Control.”

By the way….you that want a date or demand things from Frank26….would you like to take the point on this house to house…..”It is the Last Chapter in the Offensive to Take Mosul Back.”

Abadi can you say something else…..”We Thank God for Enabling Us this Victory for All Citizens and to Our Country”….the patience and unity that has brought us Security and Stability…..this is Abadi Family telling the international world….that he is thanking God.

Now how did I put it to you in that post…..Family from months to weeks….from weeks to days….from days to hours…from hours to minutes.…and I bet you before our CC on Monday from minutes to seconds he will have announced Mosul.

About 10 or 15 minutes before our CC was started this article was released…..you want an announcement….he just thanked God….signed sealed and delivered….Mosul.

The international structure of Iraq IMO is organizing itself and taking shape….it is taking on an international form Family….while at the same exact time….in its history the parasites of DAASH inside of Iraq is literally disintegrating….I called it a biological word if you remember….phagocytosis….they have crumbled from within….and they have eaten themselves from within as well…..they are killing themselves….they have even changed their name…..they even tried to change their official seal of representation by abandoning themselves.

Security and Stability has come a long ways and Abadi has thanked God for it….and for the unity….and National Reconciliation….Abadi that was a great prayer….you covered everything we wanted to hear…..10 minutes before our CC…..Security and Stability came at a price….the price of life….to the citizens….to you that are demanding for a date….and I talk to a very small crowd…..for you it came at a price of being impatient….it came with a trail of many thousands of dead bodies…..it came at a price of burying the babies of Iraq…..that starved to death waiting to be rescued….while they were held captive…..while some merely paid the price to wait with dignity and remained silent in prayer….these babies were dying.

I want you to look at post 281…and not just one…there are others…soldiers holding dead babies….their mouths open….their eyes wide open….their bellies blown up….no food….they starved to death….they are picking these up in the final assault of Mosul….they have picked them up that is why you can see…..Mosul….Abadi told you the condition of Mosul today….accept it….and after you finish looking at those pictures tell me if you were one of the ones who sent me nasty letters…..tell me if you were one of the ones in constant need of a date….instead of constant prayer for these individuals.

Candy-TLC in post 296 said…..Frank26 I bet you are a proud professor for God has blessed KTFA with many good students….Amen Amen Amen….hoorah…..I am very proud of all of you.

Now what I had wanted to do right now was ask you what you see as coming to a collision next week….but I am not going to ask you, I have a list I will share with you….it is a reality of what is going on right now…..for example contracts….they were changed and rewritten….which is what we associated with the first and the second that we talked about right…

Budgets that were rearranged which we associated with the first and second and possibly even the third…..the Iraqi Stock Exchange is closing for one week…the last week of June….they have never done that….the UN wants to give them a chunk of money from their escrow account that they are protecting at the end of June…..the UN wants to give them Chapter VII….if they have complied with Kuwait and lifted the value of their currency…at the end of June…the 30th….

Abadi comes back from the ME tour next week doesn’t he….he should be in town shouldn’t he…yeah I guess he should….wait a minute didn’t you say he doesn’t have to be in town….not really because you see a human being can be anywhere on this planet….because you see right now I am at about 1200 different homes….and I am sitting in my home.

Another spoke to draw into this collision with the 4th week of June is that Mosul is being liberated today…based on a prayer….another thing about next week is the auctions….it looks like they could be coming to an end….based on what they did….especially this piling up one week….into just one day on a Sunday….you could include Eid on the 26th but we are not…..the CBI has buy and sell that is being treated different and being posted on the CBI Arabic website….that is being done differently now….that is a lot and I am sure there are more that you can think of on your own…..a lot of things that are coming together in a sort of collision like one electron hitting another electron.

Recording between Frank and DELTA

To give you a little menu/outline….you are going to see DELTA and me talking about Abadi’s trip….about the development program of 2018 to 2022….because we found that to be very interesting….I mean the first one was set up for 2016 to 2020…and basically that was to bring them into the international world….

Then yesterday we see an article that says….”These are the Instructions for the Development Program from 2018 to 2022”….wait a minute…did you guys finish the RV…that was 2016 to 2020….why are you taking this quantum leap and giving us the instructions on something you haven’t even told us you have completed….or have you….I know none of my business right…and also you are going to hear us talking about the buy and sell market rate and what it really and truly means because it is going to change and I gave you that as one of the things that is going to collide next week….

You are going to hear us talking about the one week auctions….you are going to hear us talking about my FRIEND…your friend…WalkingStick….you will hear us talking about Peggy68 and AnimatedRock and Militia Man….so kick back and relax and please enjoy.


Frank: It’s crazy when you think about it…..how did I tell the Family….from months to weeks….from weeks to days…..and now hours to minutes and then I said now watch them tell you from minutes to seconds….what them tell you they have Mosul pretty well done and everything…and then just before our CC I don’t think we could have called that any better…..Vegas couldn’t have given better odds.

DELTA: I’m telling you…just an observation that Abadi would not go to Saudi Arabia without him knowing Mosul is done….last week there was a lot of talk about him flying and going on Wednesday…I didn’t think so and then an article came out that said no he had postponed it until the next week because Mosul wasn’t done and it would have looked really bad for him as a leader to have left during that last bit of critical time…but for him to fly today we know that Mosul has to be a done deal.

Frank: I like how you put it….it is the reality of what is going on right now to see Abadi going to Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia…he is going to go and deliver a message I think…what do you think.

DELTA: I think he is one of the best leaders that Iraq has had ever….the articles coming out are saying he is going there to basically open Iraq economically with those countries….building a relationship on economy and of course to start tourism and all other kinds of stuff….but for him to go there with one agenda he is proving to everyone he is a really good leader and he is trying to unite everyone…..he is really very smart and knows exactly what is going on….for the order of his trip he is definitely smart.

Frank: He’s going to deliver a message….of course we could say he’s going to tell them he’s going to RV but they already know that….but what he is going to do IMO is he is going to go set the ground work…he’s going to go and point the finger right at Iran and tell them look you have to stop this nonsense….

I mean today there was an article about the Popular Crowd not obeying Abadi….stop this….Iran you have to stop trying to mettle in my affairs…..I’m about to become a donor nation….I’m about to become powerful with the USD pegged to it 1 to 1…..I’m about to make you jealous….and if you want to be like me….if you want to follow in my footsteps with the infidels who are making all of this work…then this is what you have to do….stop stealing and work with us…

He’s going out there with a new attitude….a new government….a new everything….a new currency…and then also to Saudi Arabia….wow Saudi Arabia and the US are very close obviously for financial reasons….we may not like each other or even respect each other….but we are together for the purpose of not making babies but making money together….and Iran you want some of this…yes we do….then get on board and stop fighting….stop this war…stop ISIS…well we are helping with the Popular Crowd….liars….I am excited about this new Abadi…this new everything that seems to be travelling at a very fast pace….didn’t we say that the moment we have Mosul everything and especially the Monetary Reform would travel at a much faster light.

DELTA: I agree Frankie and remember you telling the Family that about travelling at a faster light….and we believe that the IMF and the World Bank has given them all this amount of time….they know they haven’t executed things due to Mosul and that is why…and I know there are a lot of people and a lot of nations that are frustrated…..when they go to Article VIII they are not looking for them to revalue like we are, they are looking for them to go international….because they have all these companies all these nations lining up just to get inside of Iraq…..

Once they get inside they will be working and putting people to work and you are looking at the next 10 to 20 years working in Iraq…..they basically have to rebuild these places….I would just like to say to the Family about housing…..in the US it might take 3-6 months at the most to build a house….the houses there are all concrete there is no wood in them…..being all concrete in all the ME.

Frank: It is really funny that you should say that, I was talking to someone today who was asking me, can you get me in there, I represent this lumber company and the last time I was there I did really good, maybe 10 years ago, but I need a connection….I need a chance to get in there….I said you mean you want to build homes and condos and things like that…..he said….no I provide the stakes….the stakes they use to mark their land….oh I see….you know something so simple as that I never thought about it….you are right, there are no trees in Iraq for the love of God man.

DELTA: They do have some wood but their houses are basically made from bricks or concrete…..in the US maybe 99% of the homes is built from wood….but over there the walls and everything is all bricks and concrete, no wood involved in the walls there….and that is why the home building will take longer….you have places like Mosul that were demolished and they need to rebuild all of that and there are many other cities too like Fallujah and others….it will not be done quickly….

There is one South Korean company that is building like a new city to house like 500,000 people and with these types of buildings they will be there forever….this project has taken them 10 years so far and they are not done yet…..something like Mosul would be at least 10 times that magnitude….huge…..so these companies and nations have all bee excited and gotten frustrated a long time ago because they know they need Mosul and they need Article VIII, to move in and create jobs and start projects…..these are big contracts that are talking billions and billions of dollars.

Frank: And like you say that is just one of the tips of the mountains….the spoils of war…the byproducts that are about to come out of Iraq because of the war….yes that South Korean company is a good example….that has been going on for a while….and here is another thing I wanted to ask you about that has gotten me thinking about a lot…..did you see the article that came out yesterday or day before that that said something about….these are the instructions for the market growth of Iraq that covers from 2018 to 2022…did you see that.

DELTA: Yes I did, you know they had a plan a while ago and they basically just keep moving that on because of things like Mosul and they are basically behind schedule….they have 4 or 5 years scheduled and planned to get jobs going and the economy going, working on poverty.

Frank: I love how this person comes back out and starts talking about all of this again…..you see they needed to enter the international market first…..somehow….somewhere they have IMO….I’m not saying they have RV’ed….but I am saying that the Monetary Reform has already done the redenomination and is now working on the revaluation of its currency….and if they have done it….or….have done it and not shown it to the world yet….but prove it to those that need to know about it…well then the development program…the instructions for the development program of their market can go now….

You need the RV…many things need the RV….why are you giving me instructions on the market development growth of your country if you don’t have the ability to do that….this last week of June…again I’m not saying they RV’ed….but you and I know by faith in our studies…they have lifted the first zero…and they have lifted the second zero…and they are in the process of the third zero and it makes sense for them to tell us….these are the steps…the instructions on how we are now going to go into the international world.

DELTA: It is the Minister of Planning that is doing all of this….they do so with the help of the government and the CBI…remember they are the ones who came out a while back with an important article that all of us read that suggested to the government they had to come out at 1.13 and keep it fixed for over 3 years and then come up over 3.00…..so they know they have to get to this point….why keep postponing and putting this off all the time….

And the second point to this is what they speak of for 2018 has to have been created and made ready in 2017 especially for the investors and those coming in….and this is all about what Abadi is doing….the official announcement of Mosul liberation….I did look at that and it does look official….watch what he does or says after he comes back from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait….I know they were trying to do this before Ramadan…before Eid…..this coming week Eid starts on either the 26th or 27th if I am not mistaken….they go by the moon….

Then there is the Iraqi Stock Exchange closing for the whole week….could be nothing or could be something….never saw them close like this for the whole week….maybe for the new year for accounting purposes….but for this week with Eid only 3 days….usually these places don’t announce closings until they get word from the government that we are going to close things from this date to this date…..so it could be something or not with them announcing early….and then the CBI we all know they need time after they close or before they open to make their move….and then what they are doing over the last few weeks with the auctions is another thing.

Frank: That is the other thing I told the Family on Friday that I am going to cover it just a little bit but I am not going into it very deeply because….I mean they need to understand the piggybacking that is occurring right now or that was occurring one day at a time trying to pick up a day or two but now they have picked up a whole week….they are trying to end the month of June faster than it is supposed to.

DELTA: Right all of these things going on….maybe there is something happening before Eid….or just after….so many things that to us make no sense….one more thing Frankie for over a week now 10 days I did notice that some of the spreadsheet is now being posted on both the Arabic side and the English side….the exchange rates of the IQD against the USD….on the first page on the English side…remember before they used to have the spreadsheet….this one struck me by what they are showing as the market price they are showing something they have never before…they are showing the buy and sell rate….

Remember you cannot do that on the market this way….remember the CBI used to do that…remember the CBI does the auctions and shows the rate….the market is for example 1250 right and they show you the spread….now that spreadsheet that stopped on June 5th or whatever….the spreadsheet we used to watch all the time they have move their information to the first page of the CBI website you can see that on the English side and anyone can access it….the exchange rate and the Iraqi market…when you click there….

What they did was basically started on January 1st 2017 all the way down until now….they are doing things different now because with the market price they show the buy and sell….it is like they are getting ready to go international….because remember the market is going to determine the buy and sell….and this is weird because they have never had that….they have had a buy and sell but only for the CBI not for the market….

I’ve seen this for a while but it just struck me why would they show this buy and sell on the market price…..this had been only for the CBI in the past….remember as soon as they go Article VIII and they go international and lift the rate they will let this auction go….then they even told us a while back there would be a private company that would be taking care of things like wiring money back and forth…and it looks like some of the banks like the Rasheed Bank may be doing this right now.

Frank: Way to go there is another indication….but again we only have part of the information….listen did you by any chance get to see the post that WalkingStick made to me….I can read it to you…it is post 44 and he says….Have..(urgent) we talk tomorrow….so last night I responded to him and said sir I can talk now or call tomorrow…but his light went off and he couldn’t ping and I have not been able to get a hold of him…and underneath with the correct number of dots he put HFD and I don’t know what it means….does it mean anything to you…..no I am not sure….

Bless his heart his TEAM was able to prove to us the first zero…and when I told him of the second zero….all he said was mmmhmmm….there’s just been no talk….so I said do you see that I have this…and I can verify it and it happened last Monday…and again it was mmmhmmm….and the final thing…..we only talked like 45 seconds….but I said am I going in the right direction or am I reaching for straws I don’t want to mislead…and again it was only mmmhmmm…..so I said ok.

DELTA: Well from all indications Frankie….you know in order for them to rebuild their country….their citizens are so tired of all that has gone on…but most understand what has gone on…and the guy he has done a tremendous job….this man is going to give a good signal….a powerful signal that you know what Iraq has a new sheriff in town…and of course things won’t be complete until they come up with a new rate and that will be the shocker to a lot of countries that this nation just revalued their currency and look to what it will do for the nation…and that will be really good….

We are there Frankie…all the indications….the market exchanges are a good indicator….things are up….the IMF is up….I want to remind you too a while back, 7 or 8 years ago there was talk about lifting the 000’s actually for the month of July….I will have to find the article…and if that is the case this looks like what the plan is…and just remember that Abadi is way behind schedule for the Chapter VII thing but they have had many things going on.

Frank: Find that article and bring it to me and I’ll introduce it to the Family on Wednesday….we have some very good students now….we have this guy AnimatedRock and we have someone by the name of Peggy68, and we’ve had Militia Man who does good work with Don961 and Samson….these guys their reports of them analyzing our CC’s they have given me a chill a couple of times….because of what you are doing I tell no one about it…but what these guys are doing is like an x-ray of your work and I’ve told them if they keep figuring it out they will give a CAT scan of what you are doing….and I am very proud of them….they are doing a good job of studying with us.

DELTA: I had noticed their postings, Peggy and the others and I like what I see it gives the other members of the Family just more detail of things to be studied.

Frank: I just talked yesterday with one of our members who will be a part of our Team of 7….he is our doctor and he was saying he just got back from Columbia where they set up an operating room, a triage room…and he said oh my God the good Lord has used us to help so many people….to heal so many people….we were there 10 days…..and I told him my brother that is my hunger….I know people want financial restitution….and so do I am tired of living month to month….

But I am excited….I can’t wait to do God’s work….to be at a restaurant or a grocery store and pick up someone’s tab….because I know there is a need….I can’t wait to send you as the Medical Lead of our Team 7 and go back to Columbia…..today you know who told me that 100 million dinars were allocated to the Orphan fund that Abadi is running right now.

Dismissed with a prayer.



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