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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 for Mon. 6-7-17


Aggidiedad77 » June 7th, 2017

Here are Monday Night's CC Note....enjoy Aloha Randy.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Monday 05-31-2017

Frank26: Family we have quite a packed program tonight as we move into the second part of our Conference Call our investment study of the Iraqi dinar….we have a lot of information, so much information that what I did was I talked to our TEAMS and we came up with the subjects we want to talk to you about tonight…..

I would say that about 70% of them you know and you know why that is….because DELTA and I post on our forum don’t we…..we can tell you things even at like 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and there is DELTA putting stuff up and you are like…wow we didn’t know that….but you do now….you see me going in there to communicate with our TEAMS….you see me going into TEAM Chat….

Yesterday I answered about 150 questions on TEAM Chat in a 2-hour period and that is why…and that is why you have the advantage because you are able to know what it is that we are studying as a TEAM….I share it with you…..DELTA shares with you….I asked Angel1 to stand down for a while but you are going to see him again in TEAM Chat I do believe….but when we talked as a TEAM we made a decision on what to talk to you about…

There are 11 things…..then I thanked everyone but I said to DELTA….I want to call you back….because last Monday we gave you a recording that was about 30 minutes long….today I am going to give you a recording that is about 1.5 hours long….another recording between me and DELTA…..you see I found out last Monday that when we made that recording….we talk rather frankly….openly….we seem to talk with a little more confidence….I don’t know why when he and I are talking back and forth…and based on the mountain of things we could talk to you about we decided to go with these 11 points.

So here is what we are going to do…..if I decide I want to tell you something during the recording I will write it on a piece of paper and hold it up to the screen….call it sidebar notes…margin notes….cliff notes….whatever you want….but I want you to listen to this conversation between DELTA and I….you are going to learn a lot tonight….and a lot of your questions will be answered tonight….and on top of that there will likely be 30-40% more of an introduction of things you don’t have….for example many of you are asking what did DELTA find on the CBI website…and I said to you…wait until Monday’s CC…..

So let’s kick back and listen to the 11 points we are about to share with you over the next 1.5 hours our TEAM Study….also let it be known that we offer no DATE and no RATE….it is a study….a lava flow of the Monetary Reform and we told you last week that IOO between the 2nd of June up until the 9th of June you would have a piñata, a cornucopia of information….we are in the middle of that time period…..do you agree with us….please enjoy the conversation between me and DELTA.

Recording between DELTA and Frank:

Frank: You know it is amazing they are being so shy….so coy to answer questions….and yet they are spilling their guts all over the place with what they are doing right now….the reason I am calling is that I like what we did last Monday when we made that recording and we played it on the CC….let’s do that again, I want to record us again and play tag back and forth…..let me ask you questions and you answer them in how you feel….you know we told the Family that between the 2nd and 9th there’s going to be an amazing revelation….we didn’t give that time frame as a date….we don’t now when….but we did say there would be a lot disclosed about Mosul and about the IMF meeting….and lo and behold I see them spilling their guts over the last few days a lot.

For example…..let’s start at the beginning…I think it was 3 days ago you brought to the forum and posted like at 2 am in the morning…..Frank the exchange rate has dropped from 1300 to 1200 against the USD….well son-of-a-gun….do you remember about three weeks ago you and I were talking and you said….Frank let’s just pretend….let’s just pretend the rate would drop to 1250….well the CBI 2% would have to follow it…but let’s just pretend it dropped to 1200 to 1….you know like the CBI advisors are recommending….so they could come out at 1.20….well lo and behold they did what you and I were throwing around……what do you think about this….and by the way is the 2% gone completely.

DELTA: Yes Frankie that is a good memory there and I believe the Family will remember that too when you go back to them with it too….you know we gave the opposite example of the CBI having to increase the exchange rate to catch up to the market rate which was ridiculously high like 1300 or something…but then we came up with this example of what would happen if the rate were to drop all the way down to 1200….because right now the CBI sells to every bank in Iraq at 1190 and then those banks to make a profit they go ahead and sell at 1200 dinars to make 10 dinars profit for the private banks and money exchangers in Iraq….

And we said at that time too Frankie as the number drops to 1200 that would be the reverse and what would be meant by that….that would mean the CBI would have to start increasing the value of the Iraqi dinar….because this way the banking institutions will not make money anymore if everyone drops to 1200 or maybe even less than that….they will no longer be making money….let’s assume that it drops to 1190 or even 1180…..let’s look at 1190 though, the CBI would not be making any money now….so what has happened an economist came out in an article stating how well the CBI has done in recent months….he stated they are doing an excellent job with money laundering and increasing the Iraqi dinar in the marketplace coming down from 1500 to 1200….so they are basically 2% compliant and that is no long an issue.

Frank: That is interesting and I am agreeing with you….the CBI has done some impressive things with their reforms, especially their Monetary Reforms….the IMF can’t stop being so proud of them…they constantly are saying they have done excellent….they have done well….they are very impressive….and it goes on and on….so it looks like the CBI is adjusting accordingly….according to the 2% according to what is happening with the Iraqi dinar internally…..this is wonderful….this is an IMF requirement isn’t it.

DELTA: Absolutely, there are only two things left….if you go back and look at the IMF facts for Iraq which is on the forum in the “Final Articles” thread….you will see that the IMF stated 5 objectives that they needed for Iraq to accomplish….and out of those 5 they have 3 of them already done….and there is only 2 things left and one of them is the 2%....and the other was the lifting of the restrictions from their exchange rate.

Frank: Please I will send them a fork lift if they need help lifting it.

DELTA: We can maybe do that, it is very amazing what is going on…but definitely the IMF looks like they are very happy with them…..we as investors watch for them to finish all of these things and we all know they are waiting on Mosul too and that will be way better for investors and then the restrictions on the exchange rate and the money laundering are the biggest things for them to do along with the corruption…and it looks like the CBI has done an excellent job and continue to do so….by following the rules of the IMF and international standards….you all do not want the dinar to go up adding months to the process….I know many have been waiting for so many years….but to wait a little bit longer for what they are doing right now and do it correctly and do it right….rather than do it fast and have to correct it later.

Frank: They learned from Kuwait….that is why Jack Lew from the UST was brought in….he used the model they did in Kuwait…IMO…and by the way this whole CC is IOO…me and you DELTA…and they used the model…and they learned….look you are not going to let this thing go crazy….you are going to cap it….oh man we didn’t cap Kuwait….that’s right….look you are going to control this a little bit better at your borders…and we are going to allow you to float it but we want it to be a managed float….oh man Kuwait didn’t do that….that’s right….the mistakes that were learned a state away in Kuwait have been applied to the Iraqi dinar IMO…..at the final stages they will control this very well.

Back to live……before we continue I want to say something about this 2%....I can’t remember who the member was who went back to the 5th of May CC when I came to you and I shared IMO….Family what would happen if the value of the dinar dropped all of a sudden….the 2% would have to follow it….what would happen if it dropped to 1250….it would have to follow it….if not they would have to do an RV…..well what would happen if it dropped to 1200….well maybe then they could stop the 2% and do the RV because the 1200 would allow them to accomplish what one of the articles in our “Final Articles” thread talked about….to get to 1.20…remember that…..

I believe it was our member named Stranger…you actually went back and dug that up and I thank you….he brought the notes back from then and when you put them up and read them it is almost spooky….because it is literally….and I don’t want to say predicting….but it is literally sharing with you what our study was describing what we are experiencing right now….the phase we are going through right now…..one of the 11 points we are going to talk about tonight is about the fact that the exchange rate went from 1300 to 1200….let us continue with the recording.

Back to the recording:

Frank: Now I thought that was a most significant thing that happened about three days ago….now a couple of days ago you come in and you tell us there were 2 commanding generals in Iraq’s army who came out and literally said….hey forget about it….Mosul we are done man…in fact we are going to make an announcement about it and make a celebration about it pretty soon ok….now it looks like they have chosen the 10th of June, the date the terrorists took over Mosul to announce this…..and that is why we told the Family between the 2nd and the 9th they are going to learn a lot and they are….we are right in the middle of it….today is the 5th we are in the middle of it….so this 10th of June anniversary….that is a date…that is a fixed solid, carved into granite date….in which Abadi is going to allow them to celebrate….and from that point onward it will be a holiday from now on every year…isn’t it.

DELTA: Absolutely Frankie, this seems like what we are looking for because the fall of Mosul was June 10th, 2014 when they fell under ISIS….so it is looking like Abadi is trying to make the same day as the celebration of the Mosul liberation…and that looks like a holiday now every year….we don’t have the exact confirmation yet but it does look like what they might do…and it will be like an Independence Day holiday for them from DAASH and ISIS…

And all indications from the commanders and from Abadi, and the President of Iraq….all of their indicators show that liberation of Mosul is imminent….and has these commanders have said the final neighborhoods to be retaken are all very dense and narrow….you can’t get tanks or trucks into them….you have to go on foot to clean house to house….that is why it has taken more time….this part of Mosul is really very old and if you could clearly see the streets you cannot even get a car through many of them….many are restricted to bicycles or motorcycles only and this is why it has taken time….

But I do agree the 10th is looking like a target date….I do agree with you on the 2nd to the 9th and we will see what is going on….it looks like they have a certain date in mind about the liberation and we will watch for this from the government between the 2nd and the 9th to the 10th we will watch and see what they are going to do.

Frank: I agree, I mean we don’t give a date for the Monetary Reform…but Abadi IMO has given an official date of when he wants to announce the full liberation of Mosul….I think it has been ready for over a month but my opinion isn’t worth anything….but as time has gone by….I believe our KTFA Family has become aware….has been able to accept it….this place has been ready for a long time….

Yes there is what we call the Scattered Fields….the moment they put the pressure on the Grand Old Mosque and the west side….oh my these guys took off….there are no commanders….no generals…who are leading these people…in fact these are the most dangerous people left….they are the ones who don’t want to give up no matter what….they are dangerous….and when they put the final assault into Mosul and the Grand Old Mosque….these guys scattered 360 degrees….in every direction….

Yes there will always be issues with terrorists….that is just the way it is in Iraq….in the ME….but this cancer is slowly being amputated….it is surgically….precisely…..laser precise being removed…and the 10th DELTA I am not saying that is the date of a revaluation of their currency….but I am saying it is a day of revaluation of their dignity….a rebirth of what was ripped from this country…..from Abadi by Maliki and the terrorists….from Iran….from everyone….this is when they will plant their flag on top of the highest mountain…..and announce that we are a sovereign country….and that we are about to celebrate this victory….hint…hint you know darn well what we are doing with our currency…WE….not you….and how many times have we pointed out that this has to be seen as an Iraqi victory and every way.

DELTA: Absolutely and this is what they are trying to do…and actually this fighting with DAASH/ISIS in the last year has given the Iraqi forces a lot of confidence….of course they are trained by the US and they are getting very strong now and they have a good year’s experience so I really doubt in the long run if anything will get into them that they cannot handle….they continue to gain experience and now secure the borders….the only concern I can see is unity….they have to be united….all of the Iraqi’s….the Kurds, Sunni’s, all of Baghdad….they might get rid of DAASH and then have to deal internally….

They do look like they have people working in the background who do not want good things to happen to Iraq….but this can be seen i every country…..the national reconciliation that Hakim is talking about to unite everyone that is going to be good….I hope they can learn from this….and I hope the Iraqi forces can learn some very good experience from this war that has made them a very strong military nation….they are good right now as a ME nation, they have sophisticated weapons and aircraft from the US and this is going to do them good and make Security a good issue for all investors to come in and invest…

And this all helps Security and Stability in the long run and makes them very powerful….to signal to all investors making them want to come into Iraq….look what they have done…they have kicked ISIS out of the country….basically the worst cancer in the nation right now and they have secured that….so as an investor I have a trust with the Iraqi government….Iraq can handle anything and this sends a powerful message to all those who are interested in coming into Iraq to invest.

Frank: You know very well what they thought about us when we first came in….infidels….oh leave our country….they saw paratroopers jumping out of airplanes landing with these German Shepherds standing next to them…in Iraq the dog is not a very friendly animal….it is the beast….to see these Americans who are twice the size of most of these Iraqi’s….dressed like Darth Vader spacemen….with these vicious animals next to them landing from the sky….oh my God what are these people….but as time went by they realized who and what we were….we were not the infidels….we were their answers to their prayers….and they have become just like us…..

When you look at the Iraqi Army….it is hard to distinguish if it is one of our troops or one of their troops….they wanted to be like GI Joe…..they wanted to be like the US as time went by….they are….this concept of the Army uniting itself is one of the best forms of National Reconciliation…..because within all armed forces there is a camaraderie….there is a unity….there is a bonding….there is a kinship that is unknown to most civilians….we are one and the citizens saw their troops evolving to become just like the American GI Joes….not that they envied….but they were in awe of….you know once they figured out who we were they brought food out, they brought shelter out, they brought intel out….they would do anything to help because they saw the transformation of what was happening to their country….and it gave birth to the reconciliation of the whole ME section IMO.

While all of this is going on about three days ago or more…maybe 5 days ago you and I had a conversation about what was happening with the auctions at the CBI…..all of a sudden the auctions decided to start doing 2 auctions in one day….by doing that they ended up accumulating maybe 1…maybe 2…..maybe 3 extra days in one week….their auctions were finished by Wednesday….then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday…this thing about the auctions and the way they piggybacked them that was unusual wasn’t it.

DELTA: Yes Frankie I certainly noticed that at the CBI….we thought about it and are not sure why they do this….why the urgency….why the hurry….why are you rushing….what seemed like trying to get auctions taken care of by Wednesday….we know Iraq is a super busy country…and they have a lot of things to do….often they identify some special plans that have to be done, so they actually work hard to take care of them….but what would it be….we came to the conclusion here that the only sense of the data is they are trying to keep one day free so that when they do announce the revaluation, the new Monetary Reform….that will be that day they have no auction and they have no business….

Because remember when they raise the value and the value has to be before the working hours or after the working hours….they cannot change the rate in the middle of the business day…..by them holding the Tuesday auction on Monday that means that Tuesday is now open and they have nothing to do….so now we are taking every day one day at a time to see if the pattern continues…and it has been 5 or 6 days since we’ve watched this pattern of the CBI and they keep doing the same thing….

We will watch on Tuesday and Tuesday they got no auction…..so let’s just say for example they are to pull the trigger this week…..so now they have Tuesday open so they can pull the trigger right away without them going about their auctions because the auction was already done on Monday….that they are doing these in advance it is very significant to us that there is something going on here and a reason why they are doing that…..they basically need one day off….one day free…..

They are about to do something with the Monetary Reform….this is based on fact from the IMF, the World Bank…..the actions preceded the Financial Reforms from a while back….plus this has come from these respectful economists who have spoken up….where they are asking the CBI to activate the Monetary Reform and the Monetary Policy….it doesn’t get much more clear than that….so the CBI is about to do something…and we believe that is why this pattern has happened.

Frank: You know it seems like again they are obeying the IMF….we’ve been looking for the borders of Iraq to be Safe and Secured….well lo and behold we got it….about a month ago when IMO our troops were done with Mosul….they were assigned to the borders….there is so much Security….when we see there is so much trouble now to get the Iraqi dinar across the border of Iraq into the hands of brokers around the world that want to sell their currency…..that is wonderful….it is the MCP….it is the control of their auctions….it is control of their currency….it is control of their borders so things are not stolen….it is control of their ports and harbors….this is all IMF requirements…..I love the fact that I can now say IMO…..that the CBI’s borders are now Safe and Secure.

While again all of this is going on with Mosul there is an announcement basically from the UNSC to Iraq that says hey we haven’t forgotten about Chapter VII….your Prime Minister Abadi told you that in a couple of months Chapter VII would be lifted…..now if you continue to do things in accordance with the way you are doing we are willing to return back your escrow….what is that about DELTA.

DELTA: That is another significant thing….there are a lot of things going on behind closed doors as you are aware with the UN Security Council and Abadi…..this money is basically an escrow that was put into place by the UNSC with money from the Oil for Food program….during that time back in the ‘90’s Saddam was not able to get cash….but he could use the oil money in a humanitarian way to purchase food for Iraq and the rest of the money was deposited into this escrow account….so just imagine all this money in the bank in escrow with interest building up…..

So now remember Abadi saying two months ago that they would be out of Chapter VII in two months….I’m looking for that date with the UNSC so if I had that I could put a time window on when they could do the Monetary Reform….but technically logic should tell you that if you want to be out of Chapter VII as a sovereign nation that should include your currency too…..you can’t come out of Chapter VII with just the program rate….so in going back here I did find the June date…..the escrow the UNSC is saying they will close that on June 30th and the Iraqi government would then take care of all the funds…..

So I dug further and found the last UNSC meeting on Iraq was December 2016…..there were some that thought what was in this article was new…but it was not….that is what happens when you find something and copy and paste and run with it….I knew others would run with this to other forums thinking it was new….but it was from December 2016….but the significance of this article was it showed all the details of what they need to do…..so in December the UNSC met for only 3 or 4 minutes because everything was pretty much a done deal and they have the agenda of basically how they would take care of those funds….stating that at the end of March they would start removing those funds….transferring those funds to the Iraqi government….

So now what they are looking at is a transfer of all the funds from the escrow account to the Iraqi government by June 30 and the Iraqi government will be in control of the money….there are two things that make this significant….it is the same timing where Abadi said they would be out of Chapter VII…..that was around the end of March where an article came out with Abadi’s announcement about being out of Chapter VII within two months after a meeting he had with UNSC representative….that includes their control of these funds….the second significant part of this in this article they are only talking about $115 billion USD or whatever….we believe they have far more than that they are not telling us about….

Think about this….all this money has been in the banks for like 30 years…..not a million dollars but let’s say it was $20 billion USD for 30 years….we speculate the amount they could have would be between $150 and $180 billion USD…..I remember to that Saleh the advisor to Abadi let the cat out of the bag a few months ago by saying oh yeah we found $160 or $180 billion USD…..so why aren’t they talking about this money….I believe there are Iraqi politicians if they could get their hands on this they would take it away as fast as it is moved…..

But I believe that somewhere in the past was a letter that we’ve seen stating this money can only be used to support the Iraqi dinar….so there is very little being said about it…..also in talking about that article I am not sure how many of you know this….but from how this article was drafted it shows how the UNSC gets paid from all of this….and how Iraq will be getting their money…..by June 30th……and I do believe IMO we will see a new rate before June 30th…..

We also talked about this too Frankie that the last 3 or 4 days from about the 26th of June is a holiday and nothing will get done there…..but during Ramadan it is business as usual….only a reduction of work by an hour or two each day to make it easier for their fasting….so based on all this information it looks to be a high possibility that the CBI may do this before June 30th.
Frank: You know it is interesting because we told the Family that between the 2nd and 9th of June they were going to get a lot of information…and so far during this time frame we have learned 2 important dates in the month of June…..

June 10th the date we have been waiting for the liberation announcement….the victory announcement of Mosul by Abadi to the citizens….and now June 30th…..something the UNSC is dangling in front of their faces….you want this….you want Chapter VII…..two months ago Abadi said you would be free of it….now give us the RV as well by the way…and June 30th might be the day you are free….completely 100% free of everything….a sovereign nation that can do everything they want….and especially with their reforms with their currency.

With all of these things that are occurring as we wait for Mosul to be announced….I see that at least about 70% of the things we are seeing that are coming out of Iraq from articles are dealing with the Monetary Reform…they are dealing with the obvious….

For example….I don’t know who but I bet you IMO Donald Trump….maybe UST….someone told Abadi….you know that Finance Minister you got right now…yeah….move him to another position….why….the same reason the Indicative Rate is not up on your CBI website….we want to fill in the slot with something better….

So the Finance Minister went back to being the full time Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research….what he was doing when Zebari was sacked as Finance Minister….so maybe a technocrat….a man who knows very well about the finances of Iraq is about to be put in….and once again while all of this is going on in Mosul a great portion of the Monetary Reform is right before our eyes….in fact may I suggest it would be kind of interesting to put Saleh as the new Finance Minister because he’s been groomed all these years….what do you think of this DELTA.

DELTA: I have actually been thinking about this….in fact Saleh is a fit for the Central Bank governor….but he would be a good Finance Minister or as the governor of the CBI….even though I did talk about this a while back too….that I am really impressed with Allak as the CBI governor he is impressive, he has done many things as requested by the IMF…..he has done many good things even though up to now he has been a proxy….he is brilliant and acting very smart…and because of all of this they might go ahead and make him the permanent governor of the CBI….

Just look at the accomplishments of what he has done….he could have delayed things even more, but just look what he’s done with the auctions…you know Frankie we’ve talked about Shabibi….he was a really nice guy….but he was a bit naïve and wasn’t that strong a leader at the CBI….yes he had a lot of accomplishments at the CBI….but just in looking at the auctions….they used to have $500 million dollars per day auctions….but look what Allak has done, in get them down to $115 million per day….

And on the Arabic side I can go back and see every bank who participated in any auction….plus each bank will have a letter beside it from A to D and this is an indication of how they performed in their bank audit….the things that Allak is doing with the CBI and the other banks is going to make him a hero when the rate starts to change….they will have two heroes, Abadi and Allak….and it will be Allak who becomes like a superman of the Iraqi dinar….he looks like he will be hitting the jackpot if the dinar will revalue under his watch.

Frank: That is why I said when I asked the question to you….this guy looks like he is well groomed….he has had years of experience under the belt of Abadi….he knows what Abadi wants….he knows the plan of the CBI with the IMF and UST….and again while all of this is going on I really loved the pictures yesterday that showed Abadi praying with the Holy Man….they were all lined up next to each other….I mean that right there….the Holy Man is paid more attention to than Abadi in Iraq….for Abadi to stand next to this Holy Man and to be praying….and all the other pictures where they showed their faces as just jubilant….happy….I can’t help but be happy with them….

You know and I know that a celebration of Security and Stability is coming….but deep in my heart a celebration of the revaluation of their currency is either going to be around the same time or just afterwards….I believe that…..Abadi is asking the international world to come in….not at 1182…..not at a program rate….not at an environment of no Security and Stability….all of these things have changed….the Anti-Money Laundering Law was just talked about again in the last few days….all of these things are extremely impressive….

Now once again while all of this is going on….they talk about the fact….hey citizens we want to do business with you in our banks and if you are interested we are going to be doing mobile banking…you can use your phone…..because we are bringing in hundreds of thousands of electronic devices into our country…we now have the internet….the fastest in fact because we have fiber optics…..but we just got hacked….not really the hacking was so primitive it was a joke….real fiber optics….they really cannot hack us the way you think they can…..we are the state of the art….so citizens….would you like to have mobile banking….why….because we are trying to get you into our banks, we are offering you ever way possible to do this.

What do you think about the ability of the citizens of Iraq to have mobile banking….they can transfer money, they can wire money….this is an international device….what do you think.

DELTA: That is a good picture Frankie of all the technology that Iraq is bringing in…they tried the last time to do a cashless thing….trying to make Iraq very modern like a western country where they hardly use cash….debit cards, prepaid cards….direct deposit from your employer…it just doesn’t work because there is a lot of cash in Iraq….just so many only want to use cash….

You are going to get certain people of course….if you work for the government right now and you don’t have a bank account you do not get paid…..Iraq has 35 million people and so many of them do not trust the banks….they don’t trust electronics….they don’t trust e-banking….so how do you convince those people to come in….mostly older people….the younger ones are more aware, more open minded….but the older ones how do you convince them to bring in their 100 million dinars back at the house how can you get them to open an account…..

But there are two things that could happen which we have talked about and are very important….first they have to add value (TAPE MESSED UP HERE)…..so now this person realizes the 100 million dinars they have is worth a lot and they are scared now that someone will come in rob him….this is one way to maybe convince some of these people to go to the banks and deposit their money…..#2 the FDIC type of insurance that the CBI said they will soon see the light of day with this law….so that is a message from the government that they are backing their deposits and this is a really good thing….part of the issue now though is that if you deposit your money in the bank you cannot get it all back because of the liquidity issues….

So they have to have a way to control this….I am telling you right now even with these two things I tell you now, adding value and the FDIC, still they hear the CBI talking about new currency and other things and being in a rush…..but the bank is trying to show them it will take about 10 years to collect all of this money…..because they know their own citizens will not return all the money right away…..so will there be a time limit….

I doubt that because then the people would be rushed….before there was politics behind it with some reason to finish say in three months….but this time is being different…..you have 35 million to deal with….maybe 5 or 10 million at the most might come in fairly quickly….the others will take time, they will need to listen to their family, their friends, neighbors….they need to hear from others they put their money in the bank, there was no problems, they got their money back, they were able to use an ATM machine….to the ME the word of mouth method is even more important than the media….they trust their best friend and will listen to them to hear their experience….when you hear good from them then they will follow and do it as well…..that is on the only way to convince the people.

Today Frankie there was an announcement from the CBI….I didn’t get a chance to read all of it…but I did get a chance to look at it really quick….they basically have all the details of financials of the CBI…. …..how much gold they have….how much currency they have…outside…..and some kind of currency (could not understand) but they have like 46 trillion….the citizens are the ones with a big chunk…and that was very interesting for the CBI to now show that publicly….before you just had the spreadsheets….but these statements were as of April as far as what they have as gold…and all kinds of other financial details of the CBI…and this was very interesting to see…..because of the large amounts in mattresses and elsewhere outside of the banks of Iraq that is why the CBI is going to give more time to phase out those 000’s notes….this definitely has a lot of good information….and the longer it takes to get that money into the CBI the better it is for us.

Frank: I’m glad you mentioned what you found on the CBI website….the Family kept asking me what did DELTA find….I said I don’t know I don’t speak English leave me alone….that is powerful….huge….these guys could come out at a ridiculous amount for their revaluation….they don’t even have to manage float it….they could let it go for a while but I love the discipline…..I love the order that is now within the CBI….and you called it recently….you said the CBI is working on the Exchange Regime….the method in which they are about to release the value of their currency….it is not going to be a free float….it will be a managed float and I believe we are seeing it right before our eyes….because now it is at exactly where they were talking about in that article…..1200 to 1….that just puts chills down my back to be honest with you.

We’ve talked about this already….but I believe it has gotten worse in the last few days….you see about a month ago we told the Family….Family I have to stop selling Iraqi dinars for about three to four days because my broker has to replace his inventory….now the places we used to get dinars from are no longer able to get it from the CBI which means that those borders have been tightened up tremendously….the IMF requirements of not only the auctions….but of protecting their currency from corruption….from money laundering…..from counterfeiting….all of this stuff it has been followed masterfully…..

And I am extremely impressed with where they are right now….but we are now at a phase that we have been anticipating….you see there has been a very serious liquidity issue with the Iraqi dinar inside of Iraq and with her citizens….do you agree…..absolutely….well now I can say with confidence that now there is also a liquidity issue with the Iraqi dinar inside of the US and with its citizens….it will now become harder and harder as the days and weeks go by and whenever it is they want to raise the value of their currency….it is going to get hard….the uncirculated were the first to stop….the circulated is still out there but even that is about to dry up as well…..these places where my broker used to get their currency….they had ample reserves…but they now dwindle….and to get the Iraqi dinar across the border is almost impossible now….the Iraqi dinar is drying up….how do you feel about that.

DELTA: It’s another indication to watch that we talked about a long time ago….maybe 3 or so years ago about some indication when we would get really close to the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar that some stuff could happen and one of them was liquidity of the Iraqi dinar….as we’ve seen before it was very easy to get the dinar from Iraq….actually most brokers would get their dinar from Dubai or Jordan….you know that in Jordan they do have some banks who have a supply and Dubai has connections as well through some of their banks…but the issue is with new money….

And for the last 6 or 7 months the CBI decided the date they would revalue and that it was about time to stop most money so now it is difficult to get any new currency….you might go through some brokers who may still have what looks like new, but if you look at the date it will say 2004 and not 2013….with the CBI it is hard to get the currency….the borders are very hard to get it across….they are very secure and it is very hard to get even 1000 dinar across the border….because they are really watching everyone….inspecting everyone carefully especially on the currency….

But this is really very good for us because for the brokers outside and everyone the rate will start to increase because of supply and demand….so if the demand gets high and there is no supply that will increase the rate…..one of the biggest brokers now has a note on their website that the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar could change at any time….that is an indication of how hard it is to get….you and your broker said that way before anyone else…you said maybe 2 months ago that my broker talked to me and said it may become very hard to get….it will become harder and harder to get the Iraqi currency….and then every broker after that kept saying the same thing.

So logically why this is very important to us and it should be very close for us to see something….especially with the liquidity…..that could be a couple of things….#1 the CBI is not printing any more 000’s notes…remember most all investors outside of Iraq have the 000’s notes….the last print I believe was in 2013…..#2 is that they are about to lift the 000’s so the CBI doesn’t need to use those anymore and they know when the time is right they will come up with the LD’s with a higher value….and the 000’s will be phased out….and we’ve told you we know the CBI has shredded a lot of 000’s notes…..all indications are that we are about to see something….not just in the rate but the Iraqi market where we saw a drop from 1300 to 1200 or even less than that…..this is just another good indication.

Frank: They are spilling their guts DELTA about the Monetary Reform….they are spilling their guts because they have nowhere to hide….they have no choice but to go about all of the steps they are doing right now….and the steps scream the Monetary Reform in action…..in fact you and I have always said that whenever they get through with an IMF meeting they do things fast don’t they.

DELTA: Absolutely Frankie and before you get to the next topic I have something significant here that I just had a chance to read this announcement….it is about the numbers….if you go to the CBI it is about their financial status for 2017….here is what struck me…they show for example how much they have in gold….but this is what got me here….frozen assets…..outside of Iraq $456 billion….Frankie you remember the article I brought to the Family that said they had something like $1.2 trillion….well this is now saying $456 billion….just imagine what they have outside of Iraq if that escrow amount is released.

Frank: I am really glad you found and brought to us that escrow issue and again all honor and Glory to God….as you know we are copied and pasted all of the time and the other sites are now talking about what you have been bringing to us….and I am excited about what you are seeing DELTA there is no doubt about it….I have my excitement with discipline….you know….under control….I don’t want to leave this subject that you are dealing with….are you done with it.

DELTA: Well another thing they are talking about is an export figure, about 43 trillion dinar….but remember Frankie this is where a lot of people get confused….this is not the M0 figure….they see them talking a lot about 40 trillion dinars….I really doubt they have 43 trillion dinars left….that is impossible…and a lot of people get confused…we all know that any central bank of any nation they are not liable for all the money….they are liable for only 10% of it….so the CBI would only be liable for 4 trillion for example….

So if you take their assets which at that time was $60-70 billion at that time and we are talking 3-4 years ago…..take the 1 trillion in frozen assets like was reported, and divide by the 4 trillion and just do the math…we do know they have a lot of frozen funds like in Switzerland and in New York….it looks like a lot of money and they are not telling us fully what is going on….we do know the IMF and WB is guiding them for the next 3-4 years…and you and I know Frankie and everyone knows if you go to the “Final Articles” thread and you read the benefit of the lifting of the 000’s….the CBI knows this….the government knows this….everyone knows how beneficial this will be for Iraq….there are like 15-16 items showing the benefits for Iraq…..there are a lot of goodies for Iraq but still they are not telling us all they have….they are telling us they have $49 billion left in reserves…how about what they are not telling us…and that money they can use to support the Iraqi dinar in the long run.

Frank: And they have already removed a great portion of the 000’s from the streets so they have that liquidity issue….and that is why they need to lift the 000’s….because they have already lifted the 000’s physically…..now they have to lift them electronically….you can’t swim halfway across the ocean and not swim the rest of the way….they put themselves in this position by obeying the IMF regulations….did you lift the 000’s from the streets….yes we did….we have a liquidity problem now….well now it is time to revalue your currency and introduce the LD’s and the fils that will work accordingly with that new rate…..now another thing….with what you have been reading there….Iraq sure talks a lot about international….Iraq acts like it’s international….they boast they are international…they invite the international world to come in…and after hearing you give us what you found on the CBI website there…..I guess they have the right to talk international don’t they.

Let me ask you…..they are selling gold….they are selling gold at 1182….that is stupid….why would you sell something of precious value at a disrespectful rate….they are going to lose money….what is going on with the selling of the gold….what do you think….is it a fruitful program….do you think it is being used as a currency until they are finished with the transaction of the RV….what do you think about this selling of gold.

DELTA: I think that the Central Bank of any nation they are in the business to make money too…and they know the plan and we don’t and they know the rate and the date….so they are trying to get whatever last of the dinars that are left in the market place pulled in as much as possible and they will keep doing this until they revalue the currency…they are trying to collect as much 000’s as possible Frankie….and people of Iraq they love gold….they don’t like diamonds but they do love gold….

So the CBI knows this and the market vendors know this and this is one of the tools being used to pull in the 000’s before they pull the trigger…the CBI knows all of this….they sell gold to the citizens knowing one day they will go back and sell it back to you….just like with the dollars and dinars in the auctions….it will all come back to them again….same with the gold…with the people it is the dinars that truly matter…and I believe this is what is happening with the gold, they are trying to get as much of the 000’s as possible.

And don’t forget the bonds from 2 months ago…..1 trillion in bonds and they sold all of them within a month….so right there you have 1 trillion dinars were collected from circulation…and I’m not counting the auctions….now most of that is not cash it is electronic….so 150 million per day in auctions but only maybe 29-30 million of that is cash....we all know that in mid-January the CBI was ready to pull the figure….now six months later….I don’t think the money supply is an issue…..I’ll be honest I think right now they could come up with $3.00 and cover that….they talk about management….unity….this is what they are trying to do….the M0 figures….the money is no problem….the 2% is no problem….the IMF is happy….the WB is happy…and they have only one thing left out of those five benchmarks they were given which is lift the restriction on the exchange rate….and all indicators are showing us they are very close.

Frank: Very close….indeed….let’s wind this up by talking about the meeting….the meeting that happened on Wednesday between the IMF and the CBI and included Iraq’s biggest players in their government….I should say more so in Abadi’s GOI….it did not really cover the Security and Stability issues….this meeting is not to keep the program rate IMO….I believe this Wednesday meeting was to announce to the IMF that they are ready to lift the 000’s…..that they are on course to do such a thing….the demand that was put on the CBI….on Abadi to do the Financial Reform I think has been successful….

And here is why…..IMO I believe Abadi was running out of time to get this done in the first half of 2017….that is the end of this month….June 30th…..another thing the UNSC is telling them we are going to remove you from Chapter VII….and within those 2 months that Abadi talked about….and I feel the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar is needed before they give them Chapter VII….this is not a Food for Oil deal or program….this was an agreement made a long time ago and they have done a pristine job with it….I can’t help but stand up and applaud them….how do you feel about the meeting that occurred this past Wednesday with the CBI and the IMF.

DELTA: I think that meeting was done at the request of the CBI and the GOI because if you look at the IMF agenda there was no scheduled appointments with Iraq at all….why would they go to Jordan…..well you see the IMF does have an office in Jordan to help accommodate the ME countries….they are always having consultation meetings with every member country….it appears the CBI and Iraq asked for this meeting to go and talk about their Monetary Reform and lifting the value and I think one of the discussions of the meeting was the Exchange Regime of what they need to do….

Because remember every nation they have to tell the IMF what Exchange Regime they are going to do…..but they don’t have to tell the world that….they can do it privately….like Kuwait….no one knows what Exchange Regime they use…and the reason that they sometimes don’t tell is that they don’t want others to manipulate that….because if it becomes known then other countries can go in and do something bad to mess with their currency….it just appears they were talking of the Exchange Regime and that is really good for us….they are done….they are not talking about the rate anymore because the rate is done and agreed upon…

The CBI, the IMF, the WB, the UST they all know and agree what rate they will come up with…..I gave my opinion last time n the spreadsheet showing 0.91 cents and that if they apply inflation to it we could see 1.10 or 1.20….but this is based on the spreadsheet, but not on their books which we cannot see….but honestly they could come out with any number they want….but they don’t want to crash the market or shock the market…but based on my opinion they will come up with at least 1.00 to 1.20 based on the spreadsheet…..but then they had to discuss with the IMF because they are like the experts who have been guiding and leading them…

So Iraq goes there to discuss their Exchange Regime which they wanted a free float…and it looks like the IMF rejected that stating it could ruin the Iraqi dinar big time…..because there is no guarantee if you come out at 1 to 1 and you free float the currency….remember though if you don’t have anything to export your currency could really go down…..so we think they will do a managed float or fixed whatever you want to call it ….remember too that there has been very little leaked about this meeting….even now on the IMF website there was no meeting scheduled for that day…..because Iraq asked to go meet with them and show them what was going on.

Frank: I said if they don’t give us jack from this meeting that I would be jacked up with excitement….and that has been the case and I am excited by what we are not seeing or hearing out of this meeting.

Let me conclude by saying this and then you add your conclusion….I was aware as a child that there were three dimensions…I could loop up, left, right, down….that was as a child but when I grew up and became a man I realized there was a fourth dimension as well and that 4th dimension DELTA is time….I believe that it is about time….I believe it has about run out and I believe the sands of Iraq are telling us it’s time…I love you my brother say what you want and we will end this.

DELTA: Thank you for this opportunity to express to the Family…I think it was a very good idea to go back and forth….I agree that it is time and remember they are not doing this for us but for their own state….and with Mosul coming to an end they have no other excuses….remember the IMF predicted the first half of last year and it looks like it didn’t happen due to Mosul and ISIS but now all indications are showing that we might see and that we could this done by the first half of 2017….so we watch very closely the next week or two to see what happens….at any moment technically the CBI could pull the trigger.


I want to point out that Militia Man put out a post that I found very interesting, post 291….actually you can find it as the last post of June 3rd, page 15….this was a good summary of the article that DELTA brought to you on that day….but now 3 days later it is ancient history….there is a violent collision of parts of the Monetary Reform that are all coming together like spokes on a wheel….all of these functions are coming together at the center of the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar.

Now the final thing….post #3 from today’s thread from WalkingStick…what did I tell you….he’s not going to be posting a lot….but when he does you need to go look at what his post is saying….this article is saying that the IMF Team reaches staff level agreements on second review of standby agreements with Iraq….in the body it says that the standby agreement aims to restore the statistical and external balance and to improve public financial management while protecting social spending….Iraq completed the first review under the SBA on December 5th 2016 and received a distribution of money.

My point is Family that the IMF meeting from this past Wednesday and this CC that you just listened to today I hope puts you in a better frame of mind….a better understanding of what is happening in this month of June….

Abadi made two days very clear…and both were done weeks ago June 10th and 30th….and we are not giving you those dates as the dates of the revaluation of their currency….you know that…but what we are doing is reporting to you that IOO this is the most excited that my TEAMS and I have been in a very long time…..it is coming to an end in my strong opinion….I don’t know when….I don’t know the amount….but if you were to collect all of their words and present them to a judge he would throw the case out of court….why are you wasting my time….why do you want me to prove that Iraq is about to revalue their currency….you can see that.

I pray you enjoyed your CC tonight.

Dismissed with a prayer.



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