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Friday, June 2, 2017

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 for Mon. 5-31-17


Aggiedad77 » June 2nd, 2017

Here are the notes from the Wednesday CC....enjoy Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Monday 05-31-2017

Frank26: Family we walk into the second part of our conference call tonight the study of our investment, the Iraqi dinar.

Now once again our last CC on Monday…..all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father….it was rather powerful…it had some amazing information in there.

DELTA tried to call me Monday night after our CC, but I had him leave a message, then I left him a message that said I would call him on Tuesday….

Well early in the morning on Tuesday he made a post on the forum and it was in Arabic….he was a little gun shy, a little unsure if he should put the information up….because he hadn’t talked to me yet….and I found it kind of humorous because yeah DELTA it is in Arabic but everyone translated it….they all know what it says…and it turns out he and I got to talking late last night….and he says….Frankie…..Frankie something is strange at the CBI….I said how….it is with the auctions….how….

Well every day they put up the auctions…and they put up the numbers you know if they do any auctions…but something strange happened yesterday….which was Monday by the way….I asked if he could explain it to me….yeah you see Frankie there is some weird stuff going on behind the CBI website….in the auctions section….well explain to me what you mean by that….he said they are piggybacking…..I said they are piggybacking the auctions….yes….

I said but they normally only do that during the holidays right….yeah they are piggybacking….and it makes no sense because there are no holidays is there….and I said no that I am aware of…you are the one who knows….he said…no there are no holidays….Frankie they are taking 2 auctions in one day….they are piggybacking them…they are speeding up the auctions so they can end them early this week….and he says what is interesting to me is that they are leaving Thursday open…..this has to be for a reason…a purpose….oh and by the way Family as I am talking to you a lot of this isn’t making any sense to you….but I promise you before this CC is over with tonight it will….in fact…I have a surprise for you….

I made a recording of DELTA and I talking to each other….because when we talk together we will say things we don’t say to you….so I told DELTA if you don’t mind I am going to record us for the Family…and he said ok…..Frankie they are doing this piggybacking on purpose…..you see on Monday they did an auction and they posted that they did an auction on Monday….but you aren’t going to believe it….it also included Tuesday’s auction….really…..yeah….and then Frank today…which was yesterday when we were talking….today’s Tuesday auction they posted it…and guess what….what….it also contains Wednesday’s auction….again

DELTA that is only when they have a holiday….I know something is very unusual…..and then….don’t tell me today on Wednesday they posted Wednesday’s auction along with Thursday’s auction….yep….something is very odd…..they do not do it this way….and something like that is only done when they have holidays….so he says Frank the more you look at this I believe they are rushing the auctions to allow them to be done by this weekend…..why do you think they are trying to get them done by this weekend DELTA…..because they are meeting today on this Wednesday and tomorrow they may do something……hmmm that is a good point….

We said that once Mosul is liberated the Monetary Reform would travel at the speed of light….and DELTA said….well this is about as fast as you can get Frank….maybe they are rushing these auctions….two a day….for the finalization of their Monetary Reform…maybe so because they are meeting right now in Amman Jordan with the IMF and the CBI and some of the most powerful people of the Monetary Reform….

I said yes I know….doubling up auctions….rushing them…..leaving Thursday open…..do you think they are going to shut down the auctions….no Frankie I don’t think so….they will continue to do auctions…but the key to answering your question Frankie is that they are controlling the auctions more….they are controlling their auctions the same way they are controlling their borders…..same way they are controlling terrorists….not only in Mosul but in the Parliament…..and they are moving fast….

And this thing about the auctions….how they are doubling them up….it’s like if a landlord said to you….Frank you got to move out of your house…this week…ok….get your junk out of the house right now….this week….ok….and give me the keys on Thursday….wait a minute what about Friday and Saturday I still need time….give me the keys on Thursday…..something is causing the auctions to be sped up.

This whole CC is in my opinion….everything we offer to you tonight ladies and gentlemen and KTFA Family is in my opinion.

They are keeping Thursday open for a reason Frank and it is fascinating….well it is fascinating to me too DELTA…these auctions are being done ahead of time with no explanation Frank….this may be nothing….but this has never happened before….this is a pattern broken…and that is what we study.

DELTA do you think that Mosul is very close to be announced….well it should be it is done…yeah I know….what about the article that came out today that said the final assault to get the….you mean the Grand Old Mosque…yeah….he said….Frankie that is weeks ago almost a month ago they got the Grand Old Mosque……he looked at the link for the article and he says Frankie the link is about a month old…..the media just put that out….the media is very irresponsible….I agree with that DELTA….I agree.

In fact that is why WalkingStick doesn’t post anymore does he….yeah pretty much because there is nothing for him to post…we have no files….anything he posts is just a regurgitation….it’s kind of like asking me for a date and a rate…and I say I don’t offer it….and then the next person asks the same thing but with different words…..the articles that are coming out are so old….they make Greek mythology look young…and that is why WalkingStick and I talked…..

He gave me his report….it was extremely impressive…and I told WalkingStick that Samson and Don961 are doing a good job…and he said they sure are….so I told WalkingStick….do me a favor….stay with us as long as you can….and only post when you know the Family needs to read something….he said affirmative….

So the next day after that which was yesterday, Tuesday, WalkingStick comes into the forum and puts up an article that says….”Critical to the Hour Days to Declare Mosul Liberated…..that was WalkingStick’s way of trying to tell you Family that Mosul is liberated….the Grand Old Mosque has a flag on top of it….it has been up there for many days….inside the Grand Old Mosque they are now holding services….you see when the final assault started and we told you when it was about 3 weeks ago….that is when they scattered and what did we tell you on Monday….those remaining individuals scattered….we called it the Scattering Fields remember….and those are the ones who are being removed right now.

So if you want to say Mosul is not complete….fine….and you say the Grand Old Mosque is still needed….fine…and you base this on getting all of these little mosquitoes….fine….but that is not fine with me and my TEAMS we know darn well it is liberated….that is why the Monetary Reform is travelling at a speed right now that you have never seen before….logic is logic.

WalkingStick wants to tell you about the auctions….stopping the auctions during this Monetary Reform process that we are going through right now was one of the options they had from the IMF…..so WalkingStick’s interpretation of the auctions is that maybe that is what is going on right now.

WalkingStick also wants you to know that optical fibers have been put in…now he told me this on the weekend and I didn’t give it to you…but today you see an article don’t you…..you saw an article today that said….”Optical Fiber Cables Which Will Give the Iraqi Citizens the Price Available to Iraqi Citizens”…..optical fibers…information travels at the speed of light with optical fibers….

And today they told you in an article…that is contemporary…that the optical fiber cable that is in Iraq now for the citizens to get the price…what price….the international prices….oh you mean world prices….well yeah that is what the internet is….that part is ending with us….our people will be able to reach across the world….we’ve installed the internet system…..we’ve installed the optical fibers…and WalkingStick wants you to know that the banks in Iraq are now also installed with optical fibers….electronics is doing an amazing job of lifting the 000’s of the Iraqi dinar….

This is the Monetary Reform process….does this make sense to you Family…are you motivated by this….encouraged…willing to thank God for what you just learned here tonight.

“Iraq Launches a National Project to Provide the Internet to All Iraqi Citizens”….it says in the article this will bring the citizens the fastest network in the world….and at a cost of significant less than by currency management….you going to drop the costs from where they are from the management system that has them….you must have an RV in plan huh….this whole CC is IMO Family.

All banks in Iraq are now optical network connected….this is also a requirement from the IMF for the Monetary Reform….TA-DA….and WalkingStick wants you to know…that the testing of all these optical systems….all these fiber optics….the testing is done….that is why they are working now at a very fast speed of light…and they wanted to accomplish this by the middle of 201 the article said…..this project is for the citizens, the country….this is huge…and I thank you WalkingStick for bringing us the detailed information.

WalkingStick is there anything else you would like to say with us…yes….what is it sir….you ever play baseball….no I played football….know what a squeeze play is…..I said yes….to pick off a runner between second and third….

Well tell the Family there is a squeeze play going on right now between Maliki and his party…and tell the Family the PTB….whoever they want them to be….have told Maliki don’t you even think of running for any political office…..the PTB who are doing this are hitting on Maliki very hard right now….the US wants Abadi back as the Prime Minister….so there is a squeeze play….squeezing the lifeline out of Maliki…and his funds…his assets…and his support….you see WalkingStick wants you to know there is a way to touch someone without touching them

The last thing I will share about WalkingStick….I told him…if this coming Wednesday….now mind you we had this talk a few days ago….I told WalkingStick you know what…the IMF/CBI meeting….this coming Wednesday if I don’t hear jack about that meeting….I’m going to be jacked….he laughed and he said that is so right…yes…

He said Frank there is too much information about the Monetary Reform….and it is leaking all over the place….but recently pretty much since the release of Iraq from terrorism…it’s like taking a Pepsi bottle and shaking it up and then removing the cap….the Monetary Reform propaganda is exploding in Iraq.

WalkingStick decided to post something again for you today Family….may I take the time to highlight this…we’ve both said this before but I really want to encourage it now….when you see WalkingStick post something….even Samson….Don961 will stop what they are doing….I will stop what I’m doing….you should stop….you should take that article and dissect it, understand it, eat it, everything you must do in order to get the message…

First of all I should say to you that he said the mobile banking system in Iraq is going to start this coming Sunday….that was an IMF requirement….then he says….I don’t have details I will update you later…and then he says it is interesting that the Minister of Finance has been removed….I said you are kidding me….no you can say he’s been removed but they are saying he resigned…..al Issa he has moved on to be the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research…maybe they will replace him with a technocrat that knows a little bit more about their Monetary Reform….WalkingStick says I agree with you Frank because this MofF he lacked a lot of knowledge.

You see the speed of the Monetary Reform in Iraq has picked up tremendously….and the meeting that occurred today like I said when I talked to WalkingStick about it a few days ago if we don’t hear anything about it that will be fine with me….because they are not going to tell you anything about that meeting today….over the next few days they will give you cookie cutters….they will give you the standards….oh yeah we talked and we are happy…we got things accomplished….we are doing good thank you….whatever.

You see after this Jordan meeting when did we tell you that you should pay attention to information….from the 2nd to the 9th of June….well today is the 31st…well by George the 2nd is only a couple of days from now isn’t it….so maybe from the 2nd to the 9th you are going to learn a lot about the meeting of today.

These auctions were not cancelled but they were altered….I mean as the citizens of Iraq actually need the USD’s….they don’t go to the CBI auctions anymore….they are being controlled….they can actually to a bank in Iraq and get up to about $3,0000 worth of USD….but it is not like it used to be….auctions will be better….they will be controlled better and this is exactly what the IMF wanted for the Monetary Reform.

This Jordan meeting….the talk…..the subject….I would like to tell you IMO it is not about a rate….now before you go out and say oh man….they are not talking about a rate Family….they got all those things established and agreed upon….IMO today it was a conversation….a talk….a meeting….a long one….about the exchange regime of the CBI….you saw the article that came out about it….I was going to make a copy and talk about it but unfortunately the phones suffocated me….and all the things I was doing….so I went on our forum…and I took the article and wrote the word BUSTED….

Did you see that article….look at post 212, page 11 of yesterday’s thread, Samson put it up….basically it is some guy who comes out at this meeting in Jordan with the CBI…IMF….and he said….hey don’t blame me….weren’t you the one who said they aren’t going to float their money…..no I never said that….I think he said it, the guy over there next to the water fountain….no I didn’t say it….no I’m all for this….the IMF is going to float the Iraqi currency that is cool…and I am not denying it….don’t look at me….this source didn’t want to give his name either….they are not talking about the rate Family…they are talking about what to do with the rate….the exchange regime for the CBI is to float their currency….but it will be a managed float….that will go about 72 to 78 IMO to a CAP.

We have a member on our forum by the name of Chris05….they are relatively new to our forum but I really like what they said to the point where I wrote it down on a piece of paper…he said….this source who doesn’t want to identify who he is….you know he is just eluding that the IMF is supporting or is positive towards the concept of floating the dinar….yes Chris 05 because it is in one of our “Final Articles”….and for them to come out of this meeting today and pick this one person out of the blue and say….weren’t you the one that said….no…no I didn’t say it….in fact they are going to float…yeah…that is what they are doing here…it is cool….I found that to be very humorous Family.

We have another member on our Forum by the name JustWhoIAm….that is a beautiful name you gave yourself….post 165….I found it humorous because they said….you know this unnamed source I bet you that is Sammy….if you were with us on our Monday Night CC you know what we talk about….but no it was not Sammy….he told everyone the plan….they are going to float…and you have to raise the value of your currency….get it done….let’s go.

We feel we know who this person was but it is not important.

It is not going to be a free float….that would be too dangerous….that would hurt the citizens and it would hurt the rate….because the exchange rate would go up to about 3000+.

IMO the meeting today had nothing to do with the rate…there was no rate talk….but it was more so on what mechanism the CBI is about to use for the revaluation of their currency….the mechanism that the IMF told them to use….the mechanism they agreed up on in December 2016 and wanted to accomplish it in the first half of 2017.

Now I am going to say something to you….pay attention….for this meeting to have this article come out….this is contemporary….screams a lot to us….they are going to tell you they talked about this and that…and it is going to be boring…it is going to be a cookie cutter….but you see already the leakage of information….what was it that WalkingStick said….Frank there is too much information about the Monetary Reform out right now…and for this individual who wouldn’t give his name at this meeting…..no denial from me, yes they are talking about the float….

This whole CC is IMO….I want you to know something….I think and hope I have your attention now….what I want to tell you Family is that all currencies on this planet earth float….if you look at the USD today you will see there was a buy and sell for it and a slight fluctuation that is a float….look at the Canadian Loonie, the Mexican peso, the British pound…..all currencies float in the international theater….

And the IMF and the CBI are having a meeting right now where the leakage came out that tells you….yeah they are talking about the float….what are you worried about Family….let them go about their process…try your best to be patient….and not lean on this as a financial gain….but lean on the cross of Jesus Christ that will bring you to this eventually.

All currencies float Family….so to deny a float is simply silly…the plan is to float the IQD…..because that is how all currencies do it internationally…yeah they were busted big time….this guy should have kept his mouth shut.

This is the first time we get to see the CBI spill it’s guts on the Monetary Reform on the plan that was agreed upon….not a fixed rate but a managed float…..the CBI agrees with the IMF….so the CBI becomes stingy at their borders and at their banks with their currency as you saw last week.

Yesterday you saw the CBI say that we have revoked three licenses from three of our banks…..more Security huh….three banks really…yeah they thought they were smarter than the average bear….like a two year old and he is just sitting there and he gets caught….we told you….we warned you….follow everything we are telling you to do…..but we are used to stealing….bribe is part of our culture…..we are supposed to pocket some money….five finger discount is my right….I’m supposed to lie….I’m supposed to steal…..not any more….ok alright you caught us, now give is a second chance….

No….what do you mean no….give us a second chance….don’t revoke our licenses….get out of town because you don’t even belong to our nation….now this actually goes deeper but I’m not going to get into it right now…..but I am very proud of the Security that is being found inside of Iraq…..it is tremendous.

What does the US Treasury have to do with policing people….they come out with a list of names almost 1,000 long that scared those who were on the list to death….and they ran….today an article comes out…..before I get into this article I just want to tell you those little yellow cartoon characters are so funny….oh we have a Hawaiian one….check this out…..so cute….they have this Minion movie coming out….their boss the villain he decides that he wants to be a good guy….he wants to raise a family….and the Minions are shocked….how can our leader all of a sudden decide he doesn’t want to do evil anymore, he wants to do good….

So the Minions show a picture of their boss surrounded by family members and the dog and they are watching TV and he’s being a regular good old guy….the hundreds of Minions who are there in the room as soon as they see the picture they start to shout PU…PU…PU…and then they show another picture where he’s holding a gun and sword and a grenade in his mouth and being an evil guy and they all shout…BUENO…BUENO….BUENO so if I don’t like something from now on I’m going to go PU….PU….or if I like something I will go BUENO….BUENO…..

So why did I give you this long explanation of the Minions….because today this article Family come out……. ”We the Parliament Integrity do not know anything about the international investigators and Abadi he agreed with them without our knowledge”…..you think…you are the ones on that list…..the Minister of Finance moved his chair today and the music didn’t even stop…..surprise…..cockroaches run.

Yes there are so many thing from the borders to terrorism to Parliament being cleaned up there are a lot of things that are very impressive….and the Monetary Reform is like I’ve said a lava flow that just continues to move.

Family it was a little over a month ago that the GOI tried for a third time to once again sell bonds….and they sold a bunch of them didn’t they….oh boy did they sell a lot of them….so today the CBI comes out and says we’ve organized a public auction to sell the treasure remittance notes by the Minister of Finance under THE PLAN for the current year….really…yeah because the bonds worked and everyone bought them in Iraq…yeah….all to build your reserves to launch your budget to help your RV…yeah….why is it that this article that brought this to us….why is it on top of the article it says June 21st 2017….I don’t know….excuse me….me no speak the English….here we go again…..WalkingStick there is a lot of leakage of the Monetary Reform isn’t there….yeah too much.

You see Family terrorism in the Parliament IMO was more dangerous than the terrorism in Mosul….my goodness that is good….someday they will write a book and they will bring all these famous quotes….this is how we feel as a TEAM in our study and we want to tell you….terrorism in the Parliament was more dangerous than the terrorism in Mosul.

This meeting like we told you is occurring today in Jordan….it’s not to keep the program rate….it is the announcing of the lifting of the 000’s is on course….and to report it to the IMF that demands to have this information.

You know on Christmas morning when you wake up and there is a bike that you have to put together or a lawn mower that was bought as a gift that you have to put together….oh man…..let me have the instructions….these instructions are the size of a bed sheet and they are in a foreign language too….how am I going to put this thing together….

The IMF has given instructions to the CBI…THE PLAN…and IMO the CBI and Abadi have followed these steps….step by step….the progress of the process…and IMO the CBI is putting all of these steps together very well…..there is no talk about the rate IMO…..it is all about the process of the PLAN of the Monetary Reform…..

In fact the IMF came out earlier this year and said…Iraq has done an excellent job on the process of their Reforms….yeah I believe so too….yeah there is an urgency no doubt for this Reform…..you have it inside your soul….but trust me Abadi has it inside of his heart too…..there are many institutions that can at any moment put the debt back into Iraq…..well I thought you said I was forgiven for that…..well you are not forgiven….now give it up…there was a plan….I don’t see it….but we are about to do it….there is an urgency in Iraq….besides in your heart.
Frank26: Now let me just tell you one more quick little thing because then what I want to do is play a recording for you….Iraq buys 30,000 tons of rice from America…..these contractors we talked to you about on Monday they are buying goods and services for the Iraqi citizens….so they can buy them with the Iraq dinar…and they are…

I would like to suggest that if you want to study this issue….and the gravity behind it….the immenseness behind this purchase of rice….I would like to turn your attention to another member of our forum by the name of Tpnoble53….they made a post #181 on yesterday’s thread, page 10…..

I really recommend you go look at it…you see he is a retired farmer….instead of reading it I will ask you to go and check it out….here is a retired farmer that broke down what 30,000 tons of rice is like….the citizens are receiving the purchasing power….the propaganda of the Monetary Reform…they know….they are understanding….they are learning….it is all good.

Now listen to this recording that DELTA and I made of what I talked to you about, you will hear DELTA’s point of view, you will hear the flavor of his words.

NOTE from Aggiedad…..I am going to just try and summarize this recording, you may want to go back and listen to it yourself.

DELTA: As you know they do an auction everyday but for the last three days they have done 2 auctions each day, it basically looks like they are trying to speed up the process of the auctions where they look like they are trying to have Thursday off or they are trying to do something….if you remember Frankie I said I was going to watch another day to see if the pattern continues and it looks like it did and again today I am really very excited because there is more confirmation of what you and I talked about, that they are really doing something behind closed doors.

Basically what they are doing….on Monday they did an auction and they posted the results for Monday…..and then they did an auction for Tuesday and posted the results for Tuesday on Monday….but as I said this is only one day let’s watch on Tuesday and see what happens….but Tuesday, yesterday, the Tuesday auction had already taken place on Monday and on Tuesday they said by the way the auction for Wednesday it took place on Tuesday….which that was weird again it was the second day for doing the same thing….

And then today on Wednesday which that auction took place on Tuesday and they announced the Thursday auction which is June 1st it took place on Wednesday….so the question now is what happens tomorrow on Thursday they have nothing to do….so we don’t know why they are actually doing this but this is the first time we see this type of pattern….it has happened once before but they had a Thursday holiday….but this week we all know there is no holiday for Thursday….

It is very possible this could be something or it could be nothing….but it is really very weird and unusual pattern from the CBI….(garbled)…..so now we have on Thursday a 50-50 chance they might come back from Amman Jordan as we know they meet with the IMF and maybe show us something on the exchange rate or the value….but definitely the stuff they are doing right now it doesn’t make any sense….unless they are rushing because they are about to do something…..

Now remember…there are obligations of imports and exports….and the auctions have to take place until the Iraqi dinar becomes international and recognizable…..then those auctions they are not going to cancel them but what will happen is you won’t need the dollars anymore….you can walk into any bank in Iraq and get foreign currency up to a limit of 8,000 or something like that….

And when the Iraqi dinar becomes a recognizable and tradable currency then you will be able to pay your bills with the dinars…and then you won’t need all of these kinds of auctions…..it just looks like the point behind all of this this week we might get IMO we might see something from the CBI by Thursday or into Sunday….it makes no sense for the CBI to rush all these auctions….so now they are not going to do any auction on Thursday because it already took place on Wednesday…and that just doesn’t make sense…..something is odd here Frankie.

Frank: Got it and like you say this is unusual and this only happens when they have holidays and they “piggyback” two days into one auction because the following day they will be closed and that makes sense…but for them to do these “piggybacking” things it is almost as if they are trying to run faster than they can walk…..

So yes DELTA there seems to be an urgency within the CBI….there seems to be a much faster pace in everything they are doing….we feel there is a faster pace in the Monetary Reform….but God only knows if this unusual action within the auctions is part of the Monetary Reform as well….

I am also kind of excited by what I saw today….the only information that is coming out of the CBI/IMF meeting today is some unknown character that is saying I never said it wasn’t going to float….I never said anything about denying the float….don’t blame me….which is so evident, so obvious, so blatant…that in that meeting they are talking about the value of their currency and the floating and what it will do….

Why in the world would a little kid when questioned by his Mother and Father what are you doing…..I didn’t do it…I didn’t break that….why did you admit that, I just asked what you are going…..they are admitting before they even tell us what they are doing in that meeting…..I believe that meeting today in Jordan is very pivotal….very important…it is going to determine what we told the Family from the 2nd to the 9th that there would be some information that there would information for us as investors in this currency….

And I believe that is what is going on….because today they are just going to give you their standard…yeah we talked…everything is cool….thank you very much….except for this one guy who is saying…hey don’t blame me for saying anything about the float….but I believe we need the weekend to come and go….so that from the 2nd to the 9th they can tell us an awful lot about what they did at that meeting….what do you think.

DELTA: That is actually a very good observation Frankie but the reason I wanted to talk to you is specifically about this because article is very huge and as you read it again and I’m reading it in Arabic too….basically what is going on Frankie….they are having this meeting the CBI/IMF a quarterly meeting….they have a benchmark they have to follow…and there is only one thing left for them to get the rest of the money which is to lift the restriction on the exchange rate…..

So this meeting and this article…what is going on here….remember they are not talking about the value…they are talking about the exchange regime…now remember when you have a rate….it is up to each country what they want to do….a free float, a managed float, or whatever they want to do there….

So now the CBI looks like they have some kind of suggestion….I think there was some government official who was recommending to the CBI to free float the currency…..so when this meeting took place this was with the CBI….so when they told the IMF that…remember the IMF they are in charge right now…Iraq cannot do any type of movement without the approval of the IMF….so this meeting the IMF told them no you cannot free float the currency…but if you remember I have talked about this so many times on the CC’s….why the free float doesn’t help Iraq….

But only those countries with a lot to export like the US and Canada…but Iraq has nothing to export except oil….so if you free float the currency….and this is what the IMF said in the article if you go back and read it again….they said a free float will hurt the Iraqi economy and it will hurt the Iraqi citizens big time….if they were to free float the currency right now the dinar would reach at least 3,000 dinars….it would be a disaster for Iraq….so the IMF indicated their rejection of that….so what they are doing here….

It looks like they have a rate and a target….but they are not discussing the value they are discussing the exchange regime and the confirmation of the stuff highlighted in the article….but the IMF rejected to free float the Iraqi dinar….so now what is left….it looks like based on this information right now…..it looks like they are saying no to a free float and they are agreeing with us….

So right now it looks like based on this information and we assume this is correct and I have no doubt about it as it comes from the IMF and the Iraq meeting in Jordan….that they have to come up with a fixed rate where they want it to be and then they will increase it to wherever they wanted it be….and this is the first time to see all agree that the IMF is talking about the Iraqi dinar….so now we are in the final stage to see something….

I really believe this meeting will not be very long….the CBI went there specifically for these reason…remember the IMF has an office in Jordan and this office is in charge of countries like Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq…this office was opened to help these countries not have to travel all the way to Washington, DC and help them with matters…..and yes the flight from Iraq to Jordan is only like an hour so they can go and meet and then come back to do whatever they need to do….this meeting was significant because Iraq asked for the meeting because they need the permission from the IMF to not only do the currency reform….remember they also have to choose the exchange regime like I explained it to you….

So it looks like the CBI had a meeting before the IMF meeting to do the free float and come up with a rate I believe….and it looks like the IMF rejected the free float….so the CBI only has one option to do….they need their rate…and I’m not talking that they have redo the exchange regime just that the float has to be fixed….so it will be very interesting to see what the CBI will come back and do….

I do believe Frankie like you’ve told the Family to watch between the 2nd and the 9th because there should be a lot of information come through on Mosul, the Monetary Reform….I was very happy when I saw this article from the IMF because it is more confirmation about the stuff I talked about earlier and the auctions and they are trying to rush them because it looks like they could be pulling the trigger very soon based on the information that we have.

Frank: Yeah you know the media has to have something and today I made a post about that article….about the float article….about the unknown source who is saying hey I didn’t deny it…don’t blame me….it’s a leak…..the media has to have something….this so-called denial about their float it is silly because the plan has always been from last summer and then from December of last year when the IMF met with the CBI…..week after week and they are in the “Final Articles” thread….the plan was to float it…and control it…manage it.

Here is the surprise I have for you….I consider this to be a leak from this meeting….because this meeting should be tightly sealed…know what I mean….shut up….don’t be talking about what we are talking about in this meeting…and then this guy comes out and starts talking….what’s your name, John Doe….what’s your name, don’t mention my name, but just don’t blame me…..just don’t blame me of course they are going to float this thing…and that leak alone was so powerful…

ITEAM exploded and here’s why….do you know DELTA that every currency that is international is floated….that is another leak….these guys are talking about floating the Iraqi dinar on a managed level….well why are you talking about that….because it sure smells like you are about to raise the value of your currency to bring it into the international theater…

And of course they say we no speak English….well then stop…stop leading so much information….every currency….when you woke up this morning DELTA….I know your role with us is to look at the CBI and study everything you can about the Monetary Reform….but if you went to Forex you saw the USD rise and sink today….every international currency has a buy and sell rate….every international currency floats….except for those in a program rate….and now all of a sudden these guys can’t hold their water….were already talking about it before this meeting….

Because they know what the plan is….they know the regime….they know the process….they know the progress….they know what the IMF told the CBI and they know that the CBI said we agree….ok let’s get this done in the first half of 2016…no they couldn’t……ok let’s get it done in the first half of 2017….there is quite a difference between 2016 and 2017….the advancement is galactic…where they are at right now with their Monetary Reform IMO as of today is the same place they are with Mosul…in the very last steps.

DELTA: That is a good one Frankie and you know me really very happy….that is another confirmation….because it doesn’t matter what exchange regime they are going to do….the point is they are talking about the rate…the rate has to move…they have to lift the restriction from the exchange rate…and it looks like all of the things for Iraq that the IMF gave to them since 2015 and the meetings they had in December 2016…everything is done…there is only one thing left….everyone knows it….lift the restrictions on the exchange rate….meaning the value has to change…and it has to fit the exchange regime like we said.

By the way Frankie….the Gulf countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, they are all fixed…they are not a free float.

Frank: What I meant by that is they all have a buy and sell which causes a fluctuation and it is a form of a float, every currency is floated that is international….except the program rates….and now you are telling me you are going to float your currency…..it is because you are about to go international….the only way to go international is by lifting the 000’s that handcuff you from not being able to do that…but that is a very good point too my brother I understand what you are saying.

DELTA: The IMF has good plans with the CBI and it appears they are about to do something….I’m not sure they will do something on Thursday and is that why they wanted Thursday empty and not do an auction and why everything has been a rush this week….

We are going to get more and more information from the IMF….remember too that Abadi told us 2 months ago…and that should be exactly today or tomorrow that Iraq will be out of Chapter VII….they would be international basically and we do know the UNSC is having a meeting but I don’t have the exact date and this should be the final thing left for them to do with Iraq…..but technically the UN is not going to take them out if they don’t go international first and then of course there is Mosul….and they know this…the CBI, Abadi, the government, everyone knows that….and just think about it Frankie if Security and Stability is not an issue anymore….

The CBI will be talking to the IMF about the exchange rate….so that is another indication that the CBI and the government are about to do something….they have no choice….I believe they have been given a final due date….I know they have had grace period after grace period….but I believe this is the last one…..

Abadi knows that….the CBI knows that….everyone knows that…and that is why they are now moving at the speed of light…..I believe you told the Family a while back that when you see them getting close to taking Mosul that you will see the Monetary Reform moving very fast…and this is what we are seeing right here and even more confirmation of what you told the Family a while back about that.

Frank: I’m not going to toot my horn but it seems like the speed of the Monetary Reform picked up even before Mosul was announced….in fact I don’t even think we need it announced….but he’s going to do it mainly for the citizens because they want to celebrate…and he’s given them a date on the 10th to celebrate…

So eventually that announcement on Mosul is going to come no doubt…..but I love the police action how they have really cleaned everything up….that list from the UST that scared the living daylights out of all those ministers….they scattered…in fact there was an article today from the Parliament Integrity Committee…hey we don’t know anything about any internationals investigators coming in….Abadi did that by himself without our knowledge….

No kidding…that way he has caught all you thieves who have been stealing….you’ve been caught….BUSTED….and on top of that yesterday or the day before the CBI once again….I mean the CBI is at the forefront…they have taken the front seat at all of these articles…the CBI said we have revoked three of our licenses from three banks here in Iraq…..well good for you CBI….again that is like a little two year old sitting there doing something he shouldn’t be doing and Mom and Dad say what are you doing….nothing…..no we don’t play that game no more…..

The borders they are being controlled…..all of a sudden people were saying where do we get dinars….I don’t that is your business….this is exciting…..and my FRIEND is saying that everything they do with their bookkeeping…their accounting in Iraq….it’s all fiber optics now…and today an article came out that says the fiber optics were either in place or they were putting them in place for the citizens and it would affect the prices for the citizens….well yeah….and there was another article that said they are going to have the internet but now have the fiber optics that will now allow the Iraqi citizens to buy products internationally….but you think they can buy them with a program rate….no.

DELTA: This is all really great….we’ve known that the CBI has been ready since January when they came out and put something out about a delay because of Security and Stability….we knew at that time there were two things corruption even more than Mosul was corruption and then Mosul of course….we’ve seen the CBI talking so much….we’ve seen on Iraqia television they are talking about how the money laundering has declined in Iraq and they are watching it like a hawk…and this is going to help the dinar climb in value….

And now they work on corruption….if all they are doing doesn’t get people excited I don’t know what will….they have to lift the restrictions on their currency….they cannot keep using 1182 because that is a program rate….you have to come up with a rate they have agreed upon….they cannot come up with a free float, if they did they could come out with a rate of maybe 10 cents or even 5 cents and the market rate would float on supply and demand…but remember they have no exports outside of oil and the IMF has not agreed for them to free float their currency….

Remember too they have not gotten any more money from the IMF since like December….they need to lift the restrictions on their exchange rate if they are to get more money….I’m expecting because of the rushing with the auctions they have done this week that we should see some really big announcement coming from the CBI after they come back from Jordan….if not Thursday then into next week….and we’ve talked about this many times that every time they come back from an IMF meeting right away BOOM they do something.

Frank: Between you and me I found the terrorists inside of Parliament to be more dangerous than the terrorists they were fighting in Mosul…this meeting they are having in Jordan right now the IMF/CBI…..historical meeting…it’s not to announce that we need to keep the program rate….they are talking about the lifting of the 000’s and how that is on course…and for the CBI to finally tell the IMF that we are ready….that we just wanted to report to you guys that we are ready….and the obvious leakage of what their topic is….well that is the headlines of the Monetary Reform….the float…

Let me ask you something DELTA….a few months ago the CBI impressively along with the GOI was very successful in the third time around in selling about a trillion dinars worth of bonds….did you see that today the CBI said they organized a public auction to sell treasury remittance notes by the Minister of Finance….under what they are calling THE PLAN….what do you think of that….they went from bonds to now treasury notes for their reserves….for their budget…for the RV.

DELTA: His response was mostly garbled to me so I couldn’t put together notes from it at this point.

Frank: You know what I called that guy you told me about the economist, I call him Sammy because I can’t pronounce his name….I would bet you my ponytail that he is at this meeting in Jordan and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone maybe Sammy or some other person told these negative people that were saying oh no we are not going to float our currency….we are not going to raise the value….I bet you they approached them at this meeting and said…..yeah….yeah what are we here for…tiddlywinks convention…..no…what are we doing here….we are talking about the Reform and the float of our currency…what were you saying before….I’m sorry….well go tell the media.

Frank: I said on the Monday CC that I sometimes feel like a juggler….I have to keep juggling the members of KTFA….because if I don’t juggle them and I drop one…you know I will feel bad and I don’t want to leave anyone behind….today there were two people who came onto our forum and posted some very silly comments….yes you have the prerogative to come on and post oh I give up oh I don’t know, they keep saying this, oh this or that….ok you have the prerogative to post your negativity and I have the prerogative to get rid of it…..because I don’t have the time, you don’t have the time, none of our Team members have the time to babysit these emotional needs of financial woes….

These are people who don’t belong in this investment…they are not investors…..they are innocent people…they are school teachers….they are Joe factory worker…they are Suzy Homemaker staying at home raising the children….they don’t know what they are involved in…and the negativity that I saw this morning to be honest with you it did not depress me it irritated me….I just removed them….

Yesterday I had a gentleman and I won’t say his name….but I was in TEAM Chat and he has an opinion and he says that Mosul is not liberated….well I agree with you we even said there is a scattering field….those that were left in Mosul when we brought in the heavy stuff they scattered and ran in every direction and they ran in every direction out into people’s homes….out into the desert…but this person insists that Mosul is not liberated….that the Mosque is not liberated….and I disagree it is liberated they are having services in there….they have a flag on top of the Grand Old Mosque…but he insists…and just like the negative people’s posts that I removed this morning….this individual I did not remove him because I know his heart is wanting to help….

But we established a border….you stay on your side…..I stay on my side….because I do not believe in your intel and you do not believe in mine so let’s move forward….in fact today an article came out and it said the final assault on the Grand Old Mosque is about to happen….when I saw that I thought oh that is going to make him look good…but the problem is when we traced it the article is almost 3 weeks old…..and these people think they know what they are talking about….and I am not proclaiming that I know everything but our TEAMS are pretty darn good…everything we’ve ever shared comes about and if I said it incorrectly I make the correction…but I am tired of the negative postings…..I’m tired of someone coming into my own home and telling me no you are wrong…..the recording became garbled and Frank turned it off at this point.

I pray to God that tonight you were able to see things a little better….a little more clearly….we don’t offer you a date or a rate…I’m sorry….and I’m not going to say I wish I could….we cannot give you these things for a speculative investment….there were some of you that I noticed were saying that well Abadi has said the 10th…maybe he will be right this time….be careful….if you are trying to spot on……if you are trying to bulls eye a date for this revaluation…you are only hurting yourself….you are only letting yourself down….you are the one who is torturing yourself….we are not…but you told us there is a good chance….look this is a study….we are playing the odds based on what we learn…

We are not giving you a date because that is absolutely impossible to do on a speculative investment….for that matter it is against the law….we study together and we try to understand what I call the lava flow which is the process of the progress of the Monetary Reform….well now tonight you learned a lot of good things…

I’m pretty sure that tonight you will be able to put your head on that pillow and take this CC to God in prayer and feel good about it and wake up tomorrow that between the 2nd and the 9th of next month that we believe you will see the results of what is happening today in that meeting of the IMF and CBI….because they are not going to give you any information except for what was leaked out today when the unknown character said no I’m not denying we are going to float…thank you very much….

So I think it has been a good evening a good CC….and we should be at peace…but I also know there are people who are desperate for financial resolution….that you are more broke than an old record I understand that….but you cannot depend on a speculative investment to fill those needs for you….I’m excited but with patience and calmness with an inner peace….with an understanding.

When a commercial pilot has some 200-300 people that he is responsible for in that airplane when he sees the airport some 20 or 30 miles ahead he doesn’t get all excited and jump up and down and scream….he goes through the procedures…the steps….and he lands that airplane properly…and even when he disembarks everyone he is still not done with his mission.

Allow the lava flow to move Family study it and watch it….but if you need financial money may I suggest you don’t follow us right now….if money is so what is needed in your life right now….you should back away from our study…this is not your source of income….this is your source of a study of a speculative investment that you got involved with….you bought a stock from a company called Iraq….the stock is called the Iraqi dinar….for a dividend that is called a revaluation.

Dismissed with a prayer.



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