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Thursday, June 29, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights (Revised) by FrostyTheSnowman for Wed. 6-28-17


FrostyTheSnowman » June 29th, 2017

Family ... my apologies ... I was running late to a church meeting last night, and I missed some gold-nuggets on last night's CC. I will be RE-POSTING the highlights and updated info will be in BOLD print. ( Blue and Italics) Frosty

 ( Revised) HIGHLIGHTS from WEDNESDAY night's call …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Let’s study the IQD that we are all invested in.

Monday was a power packed CC.

Today is the remnants of our Monday’s CC – but we will also cover some new information.

Tonight I’m going to ask you to really focus.

Our time frame … the TIME-FRAME we are in started Monday and ends Friday? (26th – 30th of June). What is inside of those 5 days?

Again … this entire CC is in my opinion.

The UN (during this time frame) – we said there would be a COLLISION of many events … picture a meteor shower of events … all coming together to benefit Iraq. One of those is the monetary reform.

The UNSC told Iraq that on the 30th (the last day of our time frame) that they would give them their escrow – which is a large amount of money.

When you think about it … Chapter VII plays a large part of this. Wouldn’t you agree? Ok.

We all know that there is a remnant of Chapter VII still left on them. Right? Ok.

Part of that is the situation between Kuwait and Iraq – wouldn’t you agree?

Do you think that CHAPTER VII equals the ESCROW that will be given on the 30th? Well Frank, didn’t you just say that Chapter VII will bring forth the escrow? Well … I did say that … but actually it’s the lifting of the value of their currency that will bring the lifting of Chapter VII.

But will lifting of Chapter VII bring them their escrow? Uh … no. What? No. But Frank. No, I never told you that they needed to lift the value of their currency.

I told you that the United Nations had agreed to give them their escrow on the 30th of June. Ok, but doesn’t that mean that … no. To lift Chapter VII, they have to lift the value of their currency. But the escrow, that’s a completely different animal.

It was said by the UN that on the 30th, they would release to them 120 Million American dollars. Dear God! That’s amazing! You see, this was an agreement.

The escrow was agreed to a long time ago – and has nothing to do with the monetary reform. It is a part of the meteor shower that is coming to a collision during this time frame.
It is significant … extremely significant for sure that they are about to get their escrow. Somebody agreed upon something.

Technically … they are out of Chapter VII.

The only thing that’s left of Chapter VII is this UN requirement with Kuwait – and you know very well that Kuwait has no problems. How many of you saw the article with Abadi and other Kuwait leaders with big smiles – because they know what is about to happen -- issues with the missing dead and money owed – “forget about it.” They know what is about to happen.

Kuwait to Iraq – “Don’t you dare revalue higher than us!” Humm … that is food for thought.
This whole CC is IMO … but this whole CC is well calculated. The little piece of Chapter VII … IMO … is null and void now with that beautiful article that came out.

Iraq is under a CHARTER with the United Nations. It is a completely different animal than CHAPTER VII.

The charter the UN has with Iraq says that they will protect all foreign bodies to help defeat terrorism inside of Iraq.

The US government doesn’t want to take over Iraq … no country does … they want to do business with Iraq.

Chapter VII has melted like a snowflake in the desert.

The charter protects nations and Iraq.

Abadi … is that why you haven’t made the announcement yet?

He knows when to HOLD ‘em and FOLD ‘em.

There is something important about Mosul – but we just don’t know what it is exactly … something deeper that we can’t put our finger on.

Any article that comes out and says that the United States wants to take over Iraq is just a threat.

I know Maliki wants to take over the government … but he is soon to pay the price for the tactics that he used.

When Maliki and Obama didn’t resign the SOFA agreement (about 3 years ago) ... the UN (which is the USA) – they kept the Charter alive with Iraq … which is separate from Chapter 7 – so they could go into Iraq and allowed us to occupy Iraq and protect interests. I think that was brilliant and smart.

As we get closer to the liberation of Mosul … I get closer to sharing more with you.

Abadi has been on TV many times this past week.

Did you know there are hundreds/thousands of newspaper & TV outlets in Iraq? Abadi has used these channels to communicate with the citizens.

Delta showed us that the “complete removal of ISIS is happening.”

Alak also did something very, very interesting.

Alak is talking with the citizens (not what you see in the MSM media).

Do you remember … (see final articles) … Alak said that the monetary reform would during the time he said there would be a delay in lifting the 3 zeros. This is a process/progress.

Alaq was interviewed on the 26th (during our time frame) … he said they are lifting the 3 zeros in July of 2017.

Yes, Mr. Alak (who is in charge of the monetary reform) – he said that the last and final zero would be lifted.

IMO … what Alaq is saying is that during July 2017, that last and final ZERO would be lifted.

The reason why they did this over a 90 day period (3 tranches / 30 days) … if they had lifted all 3 zeros at the same time … the shock that would have occurred in the global markets – they would have gone crazy.

This was what was learned in Kuwait in 1999 … and was NOT to occur again in 2017.

That is why they did it over 90 days … and we found the pattern that showed they did it on the 12th of about every month.

There are 2 days left in June to lift the final zero.

So the article says that Alak plans to lift the value in July of 2017.

This 90 day plan did NOT shock the markets or the CBI’s mathematics.

This is not Kuwait all over again. This is a new and improved model.

Aren’t you excited to learn?!!!

It looks like the 3 zero will be done in July family!

The gradual lifting of the zeros … this was requested by the IMF to prevent market shock.

Iran … an article came out where Abadi said that there is too much Iran in Iraq.

Ever since the tour that Abadi made in the Middle East – things have accelerated.

Iraq is not a conqueror of other foreign governments – (like other governments are around them are).

The IMIS will be escorted out of Iraq.

If Iran wants to swap currency … they must get their hands off and out of Iraq!

So Ramadi and Abadi stuck a deal to swap currencies. They agreed that when ISIS is gone, Iran will continue to fight terrorism, but they would leave Iraq. They also agreed to support Iran’s economic recovery. Interesting … here Iraq needs a recovery, but they agreed to do it for Iran.

Something is going on with the currency in Iraq for all of these things to be agreed upon.

If Iran does this ... then Iran’s currency could also go up in value … they just need to play ball … or the sanctions will go back on, and they can forget about any increase in their currency.

Many nations in the Middle East are beginning to see the importance of cooperation.

Notice … Middle East by products, Iran, Syria, Russia – they have been pretty silent lately – haven’t they?

There was a new demonstration on a new laser weapon on an Apache helicopter. No country has this technology. Play ball, or no deals. These countries (that have been a pain in the neck) are now cooperating.


Don’t mess with us! From 2 miles away we can take anything out!

USA backs Iraq … and Iran and Russia got the message!
Frank26: Tentatively … according to this study tonight ... if all of these pieces snap together … then tentatively … tomorrow (Thursday) … depending on where we are at with the terrorists … there might be a good chance that Abadi will declare Mosul as liberated.

Right now … there are about 9 areas where Daesh leaders are hiding out in extremely difficult areas to reach. You saw the article today. The Daesh leaders are killing each other.

The citizens in Mosul and other areas are even killing Daesh members or having the Iraqi forces arrest them.

IMO … the remaining terrorists … the citizens are running them down.

In the Bible … it says that the Lord will bless you 10 fold, 100 fold and even 1,000 fold. While I was thinking about that … I had my notes next to me … I glanced where it showed that the first ZERO was 1,000 to 1. The seconds ZERO was 100 to 1. The third ZERO was 10 to 1.

Interesting … the article we showed you on Monday (about Alak) disappeared on Tuesday morning. LOL.

Delta sent me some info about an article a few weeks ago – this article dates back to 2013.
Here’s a screen shot >>>

It says that “Iraq discloses designs for redenominated banknotes slated for July 2013.”
The article said that they wanted to do this (RV) in June 2013 but Maliki and Obama flushed those plans.

What Delta and I thought was interesting was that the article basically says that the IMF told them NO not in June 2012 – but wait until July 2013 to lift the 3 zeros.

On the internet, somebody posted an article from 2015 … an article said that they would wait until 2017.

The article from 2015 talks about EARLY 2017 … but the article we had on Monday night – that was a completely separate article -- that article has disappeared … and we verified it … it was for REAL!

Alak is using the Iraqi media to educate their citizens, and he’s doing a great job!

We traced the article further. It came from a source known as Alpha Press (we had never heard of them before) – this is NOT a rehash article!!!

Our Teams and the Internet saw the article … but it has since disappeared completely.

Alaq was interview (with pictures) … basically Alak said he would implement the deletion of the zeros in July 2017.

This is part of the educational process.

They are planning to RV their currency … and July seems to be a key month.

The FINANCIAL REFORMS (see final articles) have been launched by the Government of Iraq and the IMF.

This is being done … supervised by the World Bank.

Remember the restructuring of their 2 State banks (Rafidain & Rasheed) … these would have to be done before the lifting of the 3 zeros. They did family. They did.

You see … both forms of lifting the 3 zeros has been done. And with the last of the 3 zeros soon to be gone that is why we also now have a new CBI website with a calculator in it.

If it was for 1184 … they would not need a calculator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is probably the most powerful thing I will say tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me give you some examples.

Some Central banks do not even have the IQD on their websites … because Iraq is under Article 14. Example … the UAE, Kuwait – they know that the IQD is not tradable yet – but they do have it on their Central Bank’s website. Why?

Why does CITI and Visa and MasterCard show the IQD? Why list the IQD when it is not international yet?

Because they (Kuwait & UAE) have shares in the Iraq Stock Exchange. They are just waiting for the IQD to go international … by lifting the 3 zeros that enters them into Article 8.

Abadi told the citizens on TV that he would bring them jobs, infrastructure, poverty will be reduced, etc.! Notice, nowhere does he tell the citizens that he is going to give them an RV.

The citizens don’t care about an RV. A dinar is a dinar in country … it’s going to be 1 to 1 … big deal … whoopee. Purchasing power is another thing – but they’re not rich.

Abadi visits the families in Mosul to give them hope, gifts, money and food.

The citizens look up to Abadi leadership!

They will get their escrow money on the 30th because it was a deal.

All of this money will move over to Iraq … GRADUALLY … and this … IMO … is an indication that they are international.

This money will move to Iraq over a few months.

And Kuwait is happy … because they are a money making machine right now!

This rebuilding of Iraq will make Middle East countries a lot of money.

Give me Mosul. Give me Mosul … I’ve said that for the last 6 months! … as DEALS formed -- (thank you Mr. Trump)!

All they have to do is raise the 3 zeros.

The fact that Alak’s words (article) was taken offline says volumes!

The Minister of Planning said they need to get to 1.13 or 1.17.

Delta showed you … from the new CBI spreadsheet 1.20. I like round numbers too.

Dr. Shabibi always wanted to go back to the 70’s and 80’s.

1.20 slipped out IMO.

Remember it was 2.80 in the 1980’s.

Alpha Press (an agency we weren’t familiar with) was speaking to the citizens of Iraq – not you as an investor.

Abadi has been buying time with Mosul.

Tentatively … Abadi may announce Mosul tomorrow – if not, it’s very close.

Time is money – isn’t it Mr. Abadi?

DELTA – “The total collapse of Daesh in Iraq” – (nice timing Delta!)

Post Mosul will equal financial reforms … to launch the economic reforms.

Companies and countries will make BILLIONS in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Thank you Delta for finding the things that are hard to interpret!

I’m proud of the work of the Apache helicopters. No they are not being used to move LD’s to the banks.

IMO … the LD’s … the banks that need LD’s have them. Those that have them … have enough to launch the new rate of the IQD. The reason why … what they already have in the banks … is enough because the rest will be done with eDinars.

I think this is Iraq’s party – not ours.

I think there are about 7-9 areas with pockets of resistance left.

Abadi gave Iran the message.

I’m grateful for the Iraqi who gave his life to thwart the suicide bomber (that could have killed dozens). He is a hero!

I believe that Iraq will be celebrating with FIREWORKS very soon!

CC ended in prayer/shofar



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