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Monday, June 12, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman for Mon. 6-12-17


FrostytheSnowman » June 12th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, June 12, 2017

AggieDad, if you don’t want to do CC notes tonight – please take the night off and rest my friend.

Before we begin, I have a problem I’d like to address. Some of our members are getting an email (spam) that explains how to help them get out of financial dilemmas … I AM VERY FRUSTRATED AND DISCUSSED WITH THIS … please ignore and do not open this email!

KTFA members … it’s possible that you’re spoiled. We’re having some bandwidth issues. Could you please be a little bit sensitive to the font size, image size and video links that post on KTFA. I’m ok with people posting things, just please help me in reposting the same images, etc. – as the added bandwidth costs me hundreds of dollars each month.

Please listen … things posted on KTFA are often copied and pasted elsewhere on the internet. Get used to it. Likewise, things discussed in TeamChat … I’m ok with it being posted on our thread.

I am VERY pleased with the LAVA-FLOW of the IQD.

Our goal is NOT to leave anyone behind!

I believe that when some are negative – I and admins will remove these posts. We don’t have time to babysit those who refuse to study with us.

Tonight I’d like to give you bits-and-pieces of information that we studied over the last few days.

I made another recording … which I believe that you like … that is kind of like a front-row seat of our Teams study.

Delta and I were with our other Team members, and I’d like for your to hear that conversation.

AnimatedRock (KTFA forum member) has made some detailed study notes of our study here at KTFA, and he had some questions. Tonight we will try to address some of these questions with our Teams thoughts.

Frank26: Here is the recording:

DELTA – it was a requirement from the IMF and the World Bank. They know exactly what is going on. This is very important. I believe that the corruption issues are more important than the Mosul issues at the current time. All of this leads to the dropping of the 3 zeros. Waiting for Mosul to be announced – that should happen very soon.

We all know that the Middle East moves slow. This all should have been done six months ago. All indications were telling everyone that Abadi should have announced it this past weekend. As soon as Abadi gives them the green light – he will do it. Only certain areas in Iraq are not yet done. Very small areas. Not much left to do. The timing … Abadi could have announced it yesterday.

The end of Ramadan and the liberation of Mosul could happen at the same time. My back-wall … 1st week to middle of July. We should be getting more information from the CBI.

FRANK: No one is talking about 2018. Allaq is not talking about 2018. It’s obvious to see what they are doing. Allaq wants to keep everyone informed, but he is NOT talking about 2018. That is VERY encouraging.

DELTA: Yes. If Abadi announced Mosul (that’s what I’m waiting for because it shows SECURITY and STABILITY) – there is one big statement – the implementation of the IMF… (audio temporarily stopped).

DELTA: We have a target from now until July. The IMF – they want to see compliance. There is a group of people that don’t want this to happen – but this time … IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK!!!!! The CBI is doing a tremendous job. This is what I am waiting for.

July at the latest – but I am expecting it sooner. Abadi wants to go international – so maybe … 12-14 days (2 weeks). If they have 99% of the city – they have control! Abadi could announce it today … and so whatever he did in Fallujah. Today is the 12th … he (Abadi) said within 2 months. Something is holding the announcement up. I don’t believe that it’s Mosul. No way it’s Mosul.

Daddy (USA) is done giving them money and any more leeway. The time has come – this is the end. Trump knows exactly what he is talking about!

FRANK: (stopped the tape) – The Pentagon did not say anything about Baghdadi being dead. We believe that now he is a myth. Perhaps he’s had a facelift. They have his DNA right now.

FRANK: That is the end of that conversation with Delta and our Teams.

Now I’d like to address the questions that AnimatedRock had. We did this with Delta and myself on tape. Here is that information:

FRANK: Let me ask you these questions.

1 – the budget appeal for the 13th of June. Why was it appealed? Why was it not released? Why not show it?

DELTA: That is a good question. We did talk about that. Parliament added some things to the budget – which they cannot do! When they passed the budget, they added some things to it … and the budget went to the President … and it sat there for a very long time. Abadi was NOT pleased and did not allow it to go through.

FRANK: Parliament has allowed so much corruption. That kind of garbage has to come to an end.

2nd question … why would other counties want to do business with Iraq and only be paid in IQD. Why would other countries want it. They can’t buy oil in dinars. I told the family that they are rewriting contracts and paying them in their currency – and I may have jumped the gun – these contracts maybe being paid in USD. I was talking about the contracts coming from companies that wanted to come in and do business in Iraq at the invitation from Abadi.

DELTA: When Iraq goes international … we all know they have potential. Iraq knows they have potential and they are getting there. Companies are not looking to participate from a currency revalue standpoint … they are looking at the revenue for 20-30 years. They are looking at capital. They want to help with the rebuilding of Iraq.

FRANK: Companies have spent millions … waiting in the Long-Line … and they await the day to make billions. Why are trade deals being cancelled and renegotiated at the end of the month? They are restructuring contracts – ADDING to them.

Why is the Internet being shut down for just 1 hour for a few weeks in June? Iraq press says it’s for the students – so they can’t cheat.

DELTA: This has happened before. Unfortunately, cheating occurs a lot in Iraq.
Remember, the banks and CBI has generators – they have access to 24/7 electricity.

FRANK: As far as the internet shutting down – my goodness, with the Middle East mind-set of wanting to argue about everything … students may try to negotiate whether or not they cheated.

Why is the CBI training new personnel in July (July 2 to 20th)?

DELTA: When do you expect business to increase? They will need more employees. IMO -- They are ramping up. Business inside of Iraq will increase. Article 8 will help with everything increasing. They are expecting more and more business coming to Iraq.

FRANK: Perhaps they are replacing the corrupt employees.

DELTA: Good point Frankie.

What are they doing with the auctions?

Frank26: We believe they are piggy-backing them for the end of the month – when we expect them to stop.

DELTA: Extra auctions … just in case! It looks like now that these systems in automated … buying and selling is easier/faster. The results of the auctions are coming way-before they used too. The CBI has done a tremendous job on their system and they are ready at a moments notice.

FRANK: We believe that the MR will travel at the speed of light – and now that their equipment can travel at the speed of light … this is obvious what they are preparing to do. IMO – their system is the latest available … perhaps faster than what we have in the USA. This “program rate” is limping on this “high-tech” system. They are preparing for a revaluation – again in my opinion.

DELTA: The CBI and Allaq … he stated that the auctions are transitional.

FRANK: That’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Why is Abadi leaving Iraq to go to SA?

DELTA: Remember the relationship used to be very bad between Iraq and SA. The relationship now is very, very important. For security purposes, we may not know exactly when Abadi travels to SA.

FRANK: I hope he gets to go … deals with the terrorism issue … all positive if he does go. IMO – Daesh is now mainly underground, hiding – they know we are not taking any prisoners.

What is the new purpose of auctions … (piggyback). IMO – it’s because they are about to go international.

Delta, what do you think about Allaq talking about their buy/sell exchange rules? I wonder if they are Article 8 compliant?

DELTA: If you read the FINAL ARTICLES sections … there are about 5 benchmarks they must comply with (with the IMF) to go International.

This should make you more and more happy! The World Bank, IMF, US Treasury … they are very strict! Iraq is just waiting to go international.

Remember, when Allaq said that preparations are underway? They could pull the trigger any day. All indications show that they are Article 8 compliant – we just need to see the true-rate.

FRANK: Most people are just looking for a date, because they don’t know what they are doing with this investment. You don’t buy a stock, and question everyday whether or not it went up in value. You sit and hold it … and watch it grow.

They are ready. They have advanced in technology. The lava-flow will always continue to go.

DELTA: What is going on, is preparatory for the monetary reform. This is VERY ENCOURAGING information.

FRANK: How can someone complain about the monetary reform? This is going much faster now. This is epic history!

What do you think about the Federal Police going into Mosul? Did you see that article?

DELTA: 99% of Mosul is normal … even Abadi talked about it. Life is returning to normal. Schools, banking open.

FRANK: You talked about the Real Estate Bank … and then 24 hours later the article came out … said they were not going to loan until Abadi gave them the OK to do so.

DELTA: Abadi needs to announce Mosul … and you’ll see this happen.

FRANK: The citizens and CBI … they all are in agreement. We are the ones that are confused.

Yes … the generals / leaders in Iraq predicted June … no one can predict the conditions of WAR!

If these Daesh fighters want to fight … well … the last bullet is coming!

DELTA: We are just waiting for the right timing. Expect the unexpected!

FRANK: God bless you Delta for being with us on this tape!

DELTA: You’re welcome. Love you all!

FRANK: I’d like to talk to you from the heart.

John (BlueStar) posted “we’re close”

What you got tonight was a better understanding of what we’ve been studying.

Allaq told us about the allocations/categories that they have accepted and applied when it comes to exchanging foreign currency. I AM GOING TO LEAVE THAT ONE ALONE … THAT IS NUCLEAR!!! This is extremely powerful! We will be adding this to our FINAL ARTICLES.

I believe that we have Mosul … don’t you family?

Today … Abadi came out and said in an amazing report about Mosul. It wasn’t a BIG type of announcement – but it’s everything we wanted to hear.

What do you want to hear?

For some Guru to tell you that it’s going to happen tonight? Or do you want for me to tell you the truth?

When Allaq postponed this back in January … now you are seeing the evidence that things are coming to an end.

Yes, they are moving into other areas to clean them up (areas closer to Syria). Some people throw their hands up in the air … “oh no, now we’re going to have to wait until next year.” DON’T DO THAT!!!!!

I don’t believe in coincidences … Allaq stated all of the issues … and said they have accomplished it. That was announced today! At the same time, we see a report from the US Treasury … announcing they are adding 96 more banks to the Black-List in Iraq. Allaq has been a good soldier! Stability and security was the goal – it’s now wrapped up with a ribbon!

The Federal Police says they are going into Mosul now. They will guard everything now that the troops are gone. Sounds good to me.

Parliament (legal committed – technocrats) requests for the Attorney General to deal with Maliki + 35 of his officials. The stinkin’ politicians will be dealt with. That’s a lot of banks! 780 + another 35 … WOW! They are not playing around anymore.

IMO … Abadi made a statement about Mosul. What the IMF wanted … there it is.

Maliki … IMO … he got immunity when he wasn’t able to steal the election the last time.

IMO … and this whole CC is in my opinion. Nothing can be done with Maliki because he has immunity. The PTB call the shots – made arrangements. Maliki … you are lucky that you have immunity. You gave up the Prime Ministership without a fight.

He will fade away like a bad soldier.

No announcement was made on the 10th.

No dignitaries visited on the 12th … BUT WE HAVE SECURITY AND STABILITY!!!

KTFA forum members are educated differently than anywhere else on the internet.
Now … from my heart.

I hope that you found tonight CC informative and gave you hope.

Before the beginning of this CC … I played 3 songs … while those songs were playing … we got a phone call about the monetary reform and it was VERY ENCOURAGING!!!

We have shared with you that they are paying at a different payscale.

You saw the articles about FLOATING … changed in purchasing power.

IMO … the Iraqi citizens … advisors in Iraq … they are much more advanced in knowing what is going on then you and I.

The phone call told us that another step of the MR.

I am not going to share that with you – because I was told not too. Instead, we brought Delta in … and what I heard was a shock!

I know you want this currency to revalue, so that you can see a capital gain so you can improve your life and the lives of others.

I don’t know WHEN it’s going to happen … but I sincerely believe it will happen in the year 2017 … end of story!!! What we learned today as a team … it happened!!! The lava-flow is moving forward.

So … we got Delta on the phone and we talked … we had an assignment for him. Delta will now look for it on the CBI website … and if he does find it … then we will show it to you.

They explained it back in January … the MR is a gradual process to get to 1-to-1.

IMO … they have turned the dial … flipped the switch on another amazing HUGE step of the monetary reform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMO … whatever the RATE or DATE is … this is coming to an end!!!!!

Let’s wait a week … maybe 10 days … maybe 2 weeks … when the EVIDENCE is there … a 2nd GIANT STEP OF THE MR HAS OCCURRED!!!!

What number do I like?

Do I like things in one’s … in two’s … how do I like my cookies? Do I eat one, do I eat two. That’s right! I always like things in THREE’S!!!

It’s all in-country … and the 2nd STEP has occurred. Perhaps in a few days/weeks we can prove that to you.

Need a lift?!!!

I hope you enjoyed your conference call.

Oh … I also put out a call to our 3 Musketeers. In their opinion, they said something about July 8th. I’d like to talk to them about that. Again, we are NOT giving you a rate or date … but I’d like to know more about what you were referring too.

If you decide to go back on LiveStream … you may not see what we are talking about. We have had weather issues all night long – and we may not even have a recording of this call.
CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/hY5XEI39j



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