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Monday, June 5, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman for Mon. 6-5-17


FrostytheSnowman » June 5th, 2017

Don't miss the recorded conversation between Delta and Frank tonight on LiveStream! Well worth your time!

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, June 5, 2017

You may see Angel1 join you on TeamChat as we have a lot of information to share with you tonight.

If I decide that I want to tell you something … I will write it on a sheet of paper for you to see … kind of like “margin notes.”

Please listen to this recorded conversation between Delta and I – which is about 1.5 hours.

REMEMBER … we offer NO DATE and NO RATE on this forum!

REMEMBER … this entire CC is in MY OPINION!

From June 2nd to the 9th we said you would have a PiƱata’s worth of information.

FRANK: It’s amazing how shy and coy the CBI is being … yet at time they spill their guts out regarding what they are about to do.

We didn’t give June 2-9th as date … but as a time period of when we would see a lot of information.

Remember when you posted … “What if the exchange rate were to drop to 1250?”

DELTA: What if it dropped down to 1200?

FRANK NOTE: This is about 2%

DELTA: If they dropped down to 1190 or 1180 – the CBI wouldn’t be able to make money anymore.

BTW – they have done a great job in getting within the 2% compliance.

FRANK: I agree. The CBI has done some impressive things. The IMF can’t stop being so proud of them. It looks like the CBI is adjusting accordingly to the 2% -- to the rate of the IQD internally – which is an IMF requirement.

DELTA: Exactly! The IMF stated that their sole objective were a few things, and that is it. The IMF looks very, very happy.

FRANK NOTE: Next is: June 10th.

DELTA: Everything is looking very good for investors. The biggest obstacle was corruption.
We’ve been waiting so many years … but it was good that they waited until they got it right.

FRANK: Yes … IMO … that’s why they brought in Jack Lew – they learned from what happened in Kuwait. They needed border control, needed to manage the float. They are going to control this very well.

** FRANK stopped the recording to point out that “Stranger” KTFA forum member … “what would happen if the value of the dinar dropped all of the sudden?” The 2% would have to follow. What if they got to 1200 – well then, they’d have to do the RV. Stranger brought out some great points – almost spooky (in a good way) as to how it matches the phase that we are going thru right now.

FRANK: Delta, you said that 2 commanding generals said that they were basically done, and they would be celebrating a victory pretty soon --- and perhaps the 10th – which is the anniversary of the caliphate declaration. Would this be a time that would be celebrated as an Iraqi victory and the defeat of Daesh?

DELTA: Exactly … it looks like this might be what they will do – turn it into a holiday. Old Mosul’s streets are very, very tight – you must go on foot, door-to-door. Let’s watch from the 2nd to the 9th (or 10th) and see what they are going to do.

FRANK: It seems to me that Abadi wants to declare a date. The last remaining Daesh fighters are very hard-core – they don’t want to give up. But, this “cancer” is being removed! The 10th … I’m not saying that is an RV date … but that could be a date of their DIGNITY! Their rebirth! This could be when they are going to plant their flag as a sovereign country – no longer under control of Iran and ISIS.

FRANK NOTE: Next is: NR (National Reconciliation) and GI-Joe

DELTA: They will secure the border. My only concern is UNITY – the Kurds and everyone, they must get along. There will always be some evil people in Iraq – but it looks like they are ready for a victory.

Security is the big issue for investors. Once they have shown that they eliminated ISIS, this will help investors feel better about Iraq.

FRANK: You know very well what they thought about us when we (US Troops) first entered into Iraq … with German Shephards at our side. They now realize that we are their friend. The army uniting itself in Iraq – there is now a bond and kinship that all Iraqi’s are now one – just like the American GI-Joe’s. This has given birth to a whole national reconciliation.

Delta, while all of this is going on … about 3 or 5 days ago

FRANK NOTE: Auctions

All of the sudden they started doing 2 auctions on the same day – accumulating 1, 2 and sometimes 3 within a week. Piggybacking these auctions was unusual.

DELTA: Why the urgency with the auctions? They cannot change the rate in the middle of a business day. So if you take a look at the auction they did on Monday (that means they have nothing to do on Tuesday). Tuesday, they have no auction. Interesting … that means they could pull the trigger on a Tuesday. This is really significant to us – something is going on … and there is a reason why they are doing it. Based on the demands of the World Bank, the comments from the economists to ACTIVATE – it doesn’t become any more clear than that.

FRANK: It seems they are obeying


FRANK: Once again … this the control of the MCP, ports, harbors, all IMF requirements.
IMO – the CBI’s borders are now SAFE and SECURE!

While all of this is going on with Mosul … they are willing to now talk about returning their escrow.

FRANK NOTE: UNSC ESC (sorry, I couldn’t see the rest of the note)

DELTA: The United Nations Security Council … remember Saddam could NOT get cash. Since the 1990’s … imagine all of the interest that has been building-up in that escrow account.

What is going to happen, the escrow … they are going to CLOSE THAT ON JUNE 30th!

I dug a little further … and on Dec 2016 – that article shows the process of what they needed to do. The UNSC met, and the agenda showed that by the end of March the GOI would remove those funds.

Remember … Abadi said they would be out of Chapter 7 in two months.

Think about it … for the last 30 years … if you had 20 Billion in the bank … plus interest … how much would you have by now? We think between 150-180 Million.

This money will basically support the IQD.

The UNSC … they get paid on that.

We should see a rate way BEFORE June 30th.

Ramadan … remember, it’s business as usual in Iraq.

FRANK NOTE: New Finance Minister

FRANK: So far … we have learned 2 important dates in June.

June 10th – the liberation announcement by Abadi to the citizens.

June 30th – something that the UNSC is dangling in front of Iraq.

June the 30th – just might be the date that Iraq is free … free to do anything that they want – especially with the reforms of their currency.

While we wait for Mosul to be announced … about 70% of the things we are seeing in articles are dealing with the monetary reform. Dealing with the obvious.

I don’t know who … but I’ll be that the UST told Abadi to move someone else … and this guy gets moved on from Finance Minister.

I believe that a Technocrat will be put in his place.

May I suggest that it would be interesting to put Saleh into the Finance Minister spot.

DELTA: Saleh would be excellent for that. I am really impressed with Allak as the acting CBI Governor. He has done a lot of things – very smart. Maybe they might put him in as the permanent CBI Governor.

Shabibi was a very nice guy, but probably not the leader they needed.

I think Allak has a very bright future.

FRANK NOTE: Dinars drying up.

FRANK: This guy (Allak) has had many years of experience, he knows what Abadi wants – including what the UST wants.

I loved the picture of Abadi praying with the Holy Man. The Holy Man is paid more attention than anyone in Iraq. Their faces were jubilant. A celebration is coming.

I believe that the RV will come right behind that.

The anti-money laundering law was extremely impressive.

Mobile banking … hundreds of thousands of devices are coming into Iraq with fiber-optics.

DELTA: Based on all of this technology … they are trying to modernize Iraq. Direct deposit with employers, less corruption. As you know, Iraqi love cash, but did you know that if you work for the government of Iraq, you cannot get paid if you don’t have a bank account?
FRANK NOTE: WS article #3 today’s forum.

DELTA: IMO it will take Iraq 10 years to collect all of this money. The Middle Eastern mentality is such that they don’t trust the banks. Iraqi’s trust their friends, and when their friends have success with the banks, then the banks will have success.

For investors … the longer the Iraqi citizens keep their currency in their mattresses – the better it is for us.

FRANK: Everyone has been asking me “what did Delta find on the CBI website?” I said I didn’t speak English.

You said that the CBI is working on the regime – it will be a managed float – which we are seeing right before our eyes … 1200 to 1 – that just puts chills down my back.


FRANK: The places that my broker has gotten dinars from in the past (CBI) has dried-up.

This due to Iraq tightening-up control. There has been a very serious liquidity issue with the citizens. I can now say with confidence … there is not a liquidity with the IQD within the USA – it will become harder and harder (as we get closer) to get uncirculated dinars. My brokers sources are dwindling. The IQD is drying-up.

DELTA: That is another indication that we’ve talked about before – when we get close to the RV would be liquidity. In the past, dinar could come from Dubai … but for the last 6-7 months … it’s become very hard to get any new currency from Iraq. The CBI, it’s very hard with the borders being more secure. Supply and demand outside of Iraq will tighten. This is very significant for us! The CBI is not sending anymore 3 zero notes. The last printing of the 25k notes was in 2013. When they introduce the lower denoms – they don’t want many 25k notes around. As you’ll recall, they have been shredding the 3 zero notes.

FRANK: They are spilling their guts, because they have nowhere to hide. The steps scream the monetary reform in action.

As soon as they get done with an IMF meeting – they move fast.

DELTA: The CBI financial status … they list how much they have in gold, etc. Look at this FROZEN ASSETS outside 456 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is basically frozen assets that belongs to the government. This is really huge!!!!

FRANK NOTE: More important than gold

FRANK: I’m excited about what we are seeing. I’m excited, but with discipline.

DELTA: I’m still watching the numbers. 43 Trillion dinar … this is NOT the M0 (?) figure.
We all know they don’t have 43 Trillion.

The gold reserves … about 4.315 Billion.

They are not going to give us the M0 figure – or else I could give you the rate right now.
FRANK: They need to lift the 3 zeros physically … now they just need to do it electronically.
Iraq sure talks a lot about “INTERNATIONAL”

They are selling GOLD at 1182 – that’s stupid. Why would they do that?


DELTA: The CBI of any nation is in business to make money. They know the date, they know the rate. They will keep this up until they are ready to RV. They will collect as many 3 zeros as possible. Iraqi’s love gold and the CBI knows it. This is one of the tools of the MR that the CBI is using BEFORE THEY PULL THE TRIGGER.

Think about it … if a citizen buys gold … someday they will need to sell that gold .. so the CBI wins twice.


Also, remember the BONDS.

FRANK: I know … they bought them all.

DELTA: Right there, you have 1 Trillion Dinars that they collected from circulation in ONE MONTH!!!!!!!! And that is NOT counting the auctions!

Think about it … the money supply is NOT an issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think about the oil !!!!!!!!!

They are worth about 50 Trillion dollars!!!

The IMF and the World Bank is happy.

They just need to lift the exchange rate.

We are very close.

FRANK: Very close

What about the IMF meeting on Wednesday – which included Iraq’s biggest players in Abadi’s GOI. This meeting IMO … is NOT to keep the program. IMO .. this meeting was to tell the IMF that they are ready to lift the 3 zeros.

The DEMAND on Abadi to do the MR has been successful.

I believe that Abadi is running out of time to get this done by June 30th.

I feel the MR is needed before they give Iraqi Chapter 7.

DELTA: As you know, the IMF has an office in Jordan. They don’t want to tip-off any other country as to what they are doing. The rate is taken care of – they know EXACTLY what rate they will come up with.

We could see 1.20ish … but they can come up with any number they want.

IMO … 1.10 … 1.15 … 1.20 to start.

If Iraq did a free-float – it would be a disaster.

They just need to do it and move forward!

Remember … this is the first time they’ve openly talked about the IQD.

The IMF … shows “no scheduled meeting” for that date.

FRANK: It’s now been 6 days since that IMF meeting … and we basically haven’t heard anything. This is VERY exciting to me!

I believe that TIME has about run out.

It’s time!

DELTA: Thank you very much for this opportunity. With Mosul coming to an end – they don’t have a choice. All indications show that we may see this by the end of June. It is possible that we won’t see anything … but because of Abadi and the UNSC … you don’t do all of that if you’re not ready to do something. Let’s watch over the next week or two weeks to see what happens.

No matter what … the CBI can pull the trigger anytime they want to.

FRANK: I’d like to point out POST #291 (last post from 2 days ago) – June 3rd

This was a good summary … and now 3 days later … it’s ancient history.

There is a violent collision of the monetary reform that are coming together … just like spokes in a wheel.

POST #3 – Today’s thread that WalkingStick posted. Remember when I said, when WS posts something – you need to pay attention to it.

The IMF meeting that happened this past WEDNESDAY … I hope this put you in a better understanding what will happen in June.

We are NOT giving you the dates of June 10th or June 30th as a “date” – but our Teams are very EXCITED – more so than in a very long time.

All of this is coming to an end.

What is the next phase?

Will dinar holders begin to sell to those without dinars?

Preparation of a VICTORY WEEK.

I told you last week … Maliki has been told NOT to run for a political office. That’s true.
CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/v9IX5gfxl



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