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Thursday, June 22, 2017

KTFA CC Brief Summary by Aggiedad77 for Wed. 6-21-17


Aggiedad77 » June 22nd, 2017

Hello Family......here is a "brief" summary of notes from last night's CC.....enjoy....and don't forget to go and look through post 6 of this thread....there are many nuggets to be mined there. Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Wednesday 06-21-2017

Frank reviewed points from the Monday Night CC.

Frank26: You learned of the buy and sell now on the CBI website; CBI comm to all banks, how much money do you need for the 25th, let us know by the 18th, a week in advance, these and many other things were discussed on Monday.

Yesterday DELTA found something else on the CBI website….talk about later.

Abadi’s ME Tour (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait)…IOO (in our opinion) not a good time to revalue if Abadi is not in Iraq and my TEAMS backed that up.

Draw a circle in the center of your paper….inside put June 26th – 30th. (Mon – Fri of next week)…..now draw some spokes leading to this center circle.

We said there were some collisions that would happen next week, like the CERN Collider in Switzerland….let’s draw what we think will be colliding with these dates next week.

ISX closing for a whole week

UN Escrow Account -Billions of USD ready to return to Iraq

UN can free Iraq of all remaining sanctions (Chapter VII)

Abadi returns from ME Tour to Baghdad

CBI Auctions – Piggybacking a day at a time, a week at a time, ending in June faster

Liberation of Mosul – GOM was blown up today

Celebration of Eid – Could we do a lot of celebrations at once…yeah

CBI Abnormalities reported by DELTA

Abadi met with new Saudi Prince, talked about oil and oil contracts….second SA meeting for him.

Abadi in Iran…..stop stealing….get your hands out of my country…..if you want some of these oil contracts straighten up your act.

Abadi in Kuwait…..Chapter VII…..IMO when Iraq and SA went to DC to talk about the billions of USD being poured into Iraq….that was what caused the actions we are seeing right now with Abadi and these three countries and is also covering reconciliation with these same areas….and Iraqi Reforms, as well as Security and Stability.

Abadi is saying….we got “IT”…..what is “IT” Abadi….stands for International Toys…..Paul Revere ride in Iraq…that I am as international as I am Iraqi….this has been our goal since last summer….IMF has helped us reach this goal…agreed upon goals from back in December 2016.

But they are not international yet in the sense of what we are looking for….they have the equipment, knowledge, the advisors, the IMF/WB/UST, they have every modern necessity to be welcomed by the international market…and lo and behold they were yesterday.

No issues with Kuwait…Chapter VII should be lifted….but not yet, because the 000’s haven’t been lifted….YET.

Saudi Arabia was easy, new Prince in charge who does not like Iran…..new Prince met with Donald Trump….new Prince met with Abadi about oil….it went right by everyone.

Iraq has built an international bridge just as the US connected the east to the west with the railroad in the 1800’s….they have connected their bridge into the international market and are about to cross it….but they need to remove the third zero before they can brag about being international

Once they lift the 000’s they are Article VIII, international….all their goals crossed off.

Studies have taught that any break in a pattern is very significant with Iraq and the ME….they wait to the last nanosecond to get things done.

Let’s look at this announcement I made for you today around 4:30 telling of the blowing up of the Grand Old Mosque and showed information that came to him about it being blown up….Abadi spoke and said this is the defeat of ISIS….shortest caliphate in history….

The mosque was gained and lost 2 or 3 times….last time ISIS came into it they booby trapped the mosque and then blew it up…..this “boom” is significant…..soon you will see how important this was….this was more of a symbol for al-Baghdadi than it was for Abadi……

It was built in the 1100’s…..they have been building a new mosque near the river….this was no surprise as this is how the terrorists operate and our troops knew that and just waited for it….ISIS knows they are done…..last caliphate structure of DAASH….by blowing this up they admitted defeat.

This whole conference call is in my opinion.

As we speak they are destroying the remainder of DAASH….citizens have been liberated and they are now going to announce victory….our troops are pouring in wherever DAASH is at as we speak tonight.

The CBI has been quiet this whole month of June….but they soon will talk.

They soon will walk across this international bridge and they will bring with them the final zero.

The ISO, the International Standards Organization wants to give Iraq a certificate for doing outstanding in their international standards efforts…but at a program rate…come on….no comment….why put your shoes on before the socks.

They are more respectable internationally because they have defeated DAASH……they are being watched and many are in agreement to bring Iraq into the international market….but they don’t talk about it because they are waiting for the last zero to be lifted…..not one country accepts the dinar as payment…but they sure act like they do.

Doubts are melting away….they see Abadi act like Donald Trump…this is the first time the ME is seeing leadership from a ME country….that is connected to the USD besides Saudi Arabia….a dramatic change….giving countries faith in Abadi…and soon in their currency based on the Monetary Reform process.

Look at today’s thread on our forum…..post 6…this is a compilation of articles that I put together so I could talk to you tonight.

There is a bill to be presented on Capital Hill S-1241, introduced by Diane Feinstein…what this bill says is that you as an American citizen you cannot horde gold, silver, foreign currency, American dollars, nor crypto-currency….well that is weird because I consider me with my savings account in my bank as me hording my USD….just starting on that technicality it is unconstitutional….let me ask you something….do you not horde dinars.

So let’s look at page one of our forum post 6…..I talked about Peggy68 a member of our forum on Monday….she is answering someone’s question in this first quoted post….I told you that Peggy was giving you an x-ray of our CC’s and told you if she continued she would give you a CAT-scan of what we do…..look on the first page of the current thread to see the detail of post 6.

One last thing, I shared this little bit about a man named Will, from 2010 he told me he had come back to the Lord, remember I showed you a little video of a man who came back to the Lord, because of Andy, Randy, all the prayer warriors, you Frank, everyone and now I’m on the street corners of LA preaching the word of God….God Bless you sir…..from an atheist to a street preacher and a seminary student now….I want to thank Frank for walking in the way of the calling that is worthy of the Lord….I put that up also because I am proud of you Family because you are becoming more and more studious.

I don’t share everything with you, it is the way I am and it may cause frustration with some of you, but it is how I am, I do thing with a purpose not on purpose….and this purpose has taught you to study in a different way.

Last thing I will share with you is a recording of 2 minutes of what DELTA found on the CBI website.

DELTA: Frankie Frankie, I know we talked today but I’m just calling you about an urgent update as I am looking at the CBI spreadsheet which has been updated…and is very funny that I was talking to you earlier that I was waiting for that and it just updated about 15 minutes ago….

For the month of May they are showing 0.94 cents…I know the last time we talked about this it looked like April was at 0.91 cents but they updated that to 0.94 cents so….from March it is looking like a 0.07 cent increase to the end of April and it is the same in May, so about a 0.07 cent increase…

Maybe that doesn’t sound like much but if you have a million that is about a $70,000 increase….of course we are in June right now so it could be higher than that….so it is possible it could be close to 1 to 1 by the end of June.

This is all good and I am not going to explain any further than what DELTA explained to you.

Dismissed with a prayer.



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