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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Key to the RV?" - Tues. PM KTFA Chat/Thoughts


AnimatedRock » June 13th, 2017

Since Frank wants us to bring TC (TeamChat) stuff out into the forum, I will comment here instead of discussing in TC, let's have an open, but civil, dialogue concerning the topic you have brought up.

IMO - There are many holes with dates going into anything past the first week of July. And I will state them. Feel free to refute them with holes in my logic or bring up substantiating evidence that I am overlooking.

#1 - The ESCROW Funds - UNSC document specifically states that they have to complete all of the steps to be out of Chapter 7 BEFORE June 30. That means they at least have to have the MR steps completed on or before June 30, IMO (unless there is evidence that needs to be brought to light that I am overlooking) that includes going to an international rate and not a program rate.

#2 - If they are going into July, what is the purpose of them doing what they are doing with the auctions? They benefit nothing from finishing early or by creating "an extra day" in the month of June if this is the case.

#3 - Abadi has promised the Iraqi people a "Ramadan they will never forget" for 2 years now, doesn't look so hot if he doesn't deliver for the 2nd year in a row. Especially with the elections coming up.

Your thoughts or anyone else's circumventing these problems that I bring up? IMO yet again, if Iraq does not pull the trigger on getting out of Chap 7 before the 30th, they lose that escrow money. Which brings up HUGE issues with the investors in Iraq. If they mess this up, and don't manage to get this done in this time frame. Everybody calls their debts due, and it cripples Iraq's economy.

And to top that off, IF they CAN manage to circumvent getting out of Chap 7 without getting out of their program rate. Your guess is as good as anyone's in the world as to when they will, or if they will, revalue their currency any time in the next 3 years. I'm not being a pessemist, I'm just looking dead at the facts. If they can get out of Chap 7 into Chap 8 without seeing a deletion of 000's, when becomes a completely irrelevant question. IMO.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

AnimatedRock » June 13th, 2017

Here is that TC (Teamchat) convo that Frank was referring to last night, just so those of you that were not able to participate can go back and refer to it.

Richard: Rock...what does the present Intel say to you?

AnimatedRock: To watch these dates this week, get the news and analyze it based off what we already know, and look to any day for an international rate, because IMO, Iraq already has that number

James49: Rock iraq has had a hidden rate for years IMO

AnimatedRock: Indeed James, hence the 2 sets of books

Richard: Who benefits from 2 rates ... contractors?

AnimatedRock: They NEED that 2nd set to be able to go international at ANY time

Richard: Right AR.

Peggy68: My thoughts, IRAQ has escrow accounts from every country in the world that they can get from now til June 30th, but they need that rate 1st! Lots of High End officials will be Iraq tomorrow, IMF is giving them another 38 Million or Billion I believe tomorrow or after they post a rate, too much reading brain overload International contracts were put out for bids and the application deadlines for most were June 11th they are ready to get to work! 5 events dominate the global markets next week Investors around the world awaits a number of important events over the next week, amid special attention to policy decisions of cash in several countries. If it doesn't happen this week it's the end of the month! But I still feel we will see the International Rate announced this week and on Forex 13th-16th June!!!

Richard: Well done Peg!! Like lime!

Peggy68: Just my thoughts and my opinion or should I say my assumptions based on what we have srudied lead me to these thoughts,xoxo

Peggy68: haaa

Blinkster: so glad I was watching this before leaving...WAY TO GO, Peggy!

AnimatedRock: Yes Peggy, good analysis, good dates to be watching, but my thoughts extend to the 18th

Peggy68: I know it could go anywhere between now & 30th but I think the above is possible. xoxo

AnimatedRock: The only reason I differ is because of the auctions peggy

Peggy68: Whats even better is watching listening suggesting & learning together thats fun for me.

Richard: So..AR...you expect auctions to be complete up to 18th

Blinkster: i would agree that the 18th is not implausible...whatever the case we are looking at the span on one week

AnimatedRock: There it is peggy

Peggy68: Auctions I think they are done with this this week also

AnimatedRock: Before 18th because if you count them all up including the weekends that they don't do them, farthest out is 17th

Peggy68: We are going to go ABSOLUTELY NUTS watching & waiting this week. xoxo
AnimatedRock: Unless they slow back down to 1 a day

Richard: Got it sir.

Peggy68: Rock I seen that

AnimatedRock: Which there is no indication that they are

Peggy68: No Slowing Down that Lava is HOT...

AnimatedRock: peg

Richard: Then what would that say?

Blinkster: AR imo they will not until post RV.

AnimatedRock: I agree blink, but that is reading evidence we do not have yet

Blinkster: true...having said that we have motive. hehe

Blinkster: again..IMO they will likely cease them entirely after the RV

AnimatedRock: @ Richard, it would say that the auctions are slowing down, lol. Which I believe was stated a long time ago as leading to an RV, lol

Peggy68: Rock how many times so far have the doubled

AnimatedRock: Not cease blink, just use them different

AnimatedRock: Every day they can since the 30th

Blinkster: granted, with different agenda...Frank did say they will never completely cease.
Peggy68: No how many have they so far

Peggy68: think backwards my greatest gift haa

AnimatedRock: No, they have to siphon out USD

Peggy68: Im asking how many days have they doubled thier action days?

Peggy68: If you know that I can explain what I am thinking

AnimatedRock: 18 days so far

AnimatedRock: 9 days, 18 auctions

Militia_Man: Peggy has her fire on.. Nice! A breathe of fresh air is here. I sat backed and prayed and had a little laugh at the negativity in the Forum today and it is most definitely unwarranted. Everything points to end game and we have known this now since the UNSC Doc hit a week ago this last Friday. Nothing has changed that position, in fact your posting the Tenders, is even more bullish now for sooner than later. Whoo whooooooo

Peggy68: Ok they only started this this month an I correct?

Richard: How many days in month needed?

AnimatedRock: Yes peggy

AnimatedRock: 30 Richard, over halfway already

Richard: Ok got it!

Militia_Man: Good deal. Fresh air is in some cases all one needs..

Peggy68: Ok here it goes Im assuming they only started doubling this month they have 21 working days for the month of June they know its going mid June they want to get the most possible out of thier actions

AnimatedRock: Go on peg . .

AnimatedRock: Fri they could have all 30 days done

Peggy68: In my opinion they are only going to do either 10 or 11 actions because time is up!! So taday is the 11th which would be thier possible 10th Auction? I feel they will only do 10 or 11 actions.

Richard: So that zeros to 18th....a Sunday!!

AnimatedRock: Yes richard

AnimatedRock: And is within a week of Ramadan ending

Peggy68: I dont understand where your getting the 18th?

AnimatedRock: Thur auction would piggyback to Sunday peg

Peggy68: I think they could Announce Liberation & International Rate tomorrow we would see the rate on forex between 13th-15th.

AnimatedRock: Could be peg, only time will tell, but I would think they would want budget passed and books closed first

Peggy68: today is the 9th auction right?

Peggy68: they are conducting 2 auctions or is today the 10th action

AnimatedRock: 10th if my math is right peg

Peggy68: Exactly 21 working days , so I believe this to be thier final auction day!

Peggy68: International Rate here we come

AnimatedRock: Hmmm, interesting peg, I hadn't counted the EID holidays

Peggy68: I think Backwards always gets me there!

IOBEY777: Wow...sure is interesting Peggy! Hope it is right!

Richard: Rate before EID?

Peggy68: Do you see what and why with everything that I have put together now?

HOOTOWL: it is like reading a book from the back to the front

AnimatedRock: That does add some interesting math

AnimatedRock: Coinciding with the 12th . . .

AnimatedRock: Wowee, Frank could mean a lot more about us needing to pray
HOOTOWL: joking

AnimatedRock: Sorry hoot, lol.

Militia_Man: It sure sounds like it. Peggy what is your take, more emphasis on the 12th for the Finalization of the 2017 budget, the Autions and the 222 Tenders that were at deadline date of today, rather than the two dates in that article?

HOOTOWL: you did good peggy

Benjamin Shirley: Wow aounds like an exciting conversation

HOOTOWL: ok we are with peggy now..lol

Richard: Yes Ben it is

Peggy68: Everything is completely done and they are readyto go! IMO

Blinkster: I hope Frank is reading this. (!!)

CBgolden: Peggy...you can sit next to me....be on my team

AnimatedRock: Haha, that's what my position was before I left for the weekend peg , then everyone went nuts

Militia_Man: Is that for me Peggy or some one else? If so, I'll be on your side. All done. imo

AnimatedRock: Right MM?

HOOTOWL: i'm just glad we have people who help guide us

Blinkster: DONE-DONE.

Militia_Man: Hoot hoot and Blink Blink!! To that.. lol

Blinkster: Put a BIG FORK in it and serve that thang!

Peggy68: Too funny. but I thought we were all on the SAME TEAM , Team KTFA XOXO

Richard: Hear hear hooooot!!@

HOOTOWL: this stuff right here is what makes this investment worth the wait


Cinderella1906: Wow peg .. Thank you . And thank you to rocky and mm ... we are truly blessed here to have think tanks like you .. I so appreciate you all ..

AnimatedRock: We are ALL on the same team for sure peg!

HOOTOWL: AR do you agree with the math

AnimatedRock: Yes, I was not factoring the holidays, so math now falls between 11-13

DELTA: ISX: Trading sessions will not be held for days from 25 June to 29 June 2017 to coincide with the Eid Al Fitr holiday!!! (wink)

Cole: WOWWWWWW stop trading Sunday thru Thursday????? Nothing is a coincidence family

Blinkster » June 13th, 2017

Hey family..as I was musing over the posts and issues today, something clicked...
We have been thinking "what is the key for the RV??"....this is how we've grown to think of it.

When in REALITY, Iraq lifting the 000's and having an international rate IS A KEY.


1. The release of lingering Ch7 issues.

2. Art 8 entrance

3. The Release of the Escrow funds by the UNSC

And IIRC, if done before June 30

4. Iraq still can apply the rate Retroactive to Jan 1st. (pls correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe that's already gone)

5. And of course the obvious, INTERNATIONAL trade.

Lets stop thinking backwards! The RV needs no "key". The IQD going international IS THE KEY.

Thank you Don, Peggy, AR, etc for these awesome thoughts of study.



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