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Saturday, June 10, 2017

"Just Some Thoughts" by Omegaof33 - 6.10.17

Entry Submitted by Omegaof33 at 2:11 PM EDT on June 10, 2017

Thank you to all who are still on the correct narrative. I feel inclined to say a few things and bring light to some of the circumstances. I do not claim to have intel providers or an inside scoop, although my inside scoop is more internal and personal, what i do share is what i am prompted to share. With that said, I understand the segment plan is rolling out now as OWK has stated, along with a few others and I am excited in my waiting for my turn. THAT is the reality you need to be in alignment with. However, things do change at a moment's notice and some re-arranging has to take place. Don't get your panties in a wad if things aren't rolling out the way you personally feel it should. It is not your personal call to make. On that note, I would like to lend a strategy to consider, in the event the segment plan gets compromised or needs to change somehow. If they continue to hack in to this system, I suggest going full on public with everything, including disclosure. Even if that means just showing up. They have been given so much mercy and compassion to see their way to the correct path ahead, and that mercy is most likely going to be subsiding for a time, just to exact some leveling of the playing field and you can try to guess how that happens, but good luck on your search. Sure there might be a few people whose feelings get hurt, but the flip side to that is so many more would be ready to take the reigns, no one would suffer, except with their own ego or their feelings getting hurt by the actions of the cabal over the years, once they learn that truth. I'd like to say this to who needs to hear it.


Have them publicly arrested, have it reported on every news station, so people can see something is being done. Expecting us to have faith that something is happening, yet keeping it hidden for sake of people's feelings, is no different than people unconsciously turning a blind eye to atrocities when they are committed, which we know only leads to desensitizing them to real world happenings, making them even more dangerous than when they knew nothing. I say knowing and truth are the true liberators in our modern world today. How can we call ourselves modern when we are so far from where we should be by now, simply because people wanted to keep things hush hush. Embarrassment does so much to humble people. It sheds light on their misdeeds and makes the world aware. The world is not fragile like glass. We know bad things happen in the world, we know corruption is a problem but feel helpless to stop it, as it makes you feel like yeah you got one guy, but what about the 70,000 others that are there too? well we do to them what we always do, hold them accountable. We no longer live in the times where people's gross deeds go unnoticed, unaccounted, and hidden from embarrassment. Living in the dark is what has kept them in power this long. To expect us to be quiet is to continue what has been. We are no longer in that energy field. I had to get over what they did and forgive it and so will everyone else, eventually. I think I will take a few broken hearts that may last a little while over the liberation that can also be announced with all those atrocities. This is giving them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The person who makes this nationwide speech, needs to keep reassurance in mind, and that will soften the blow.

I am not the NPTB but I am connected to the NPTB somehow and have a feeling this strategy would meet a better ending of the cabal, as it would indefinitely shut them up and allow us to begin our works. In fact, they couldn't stop it if they tried.

All they have left is nothing but mouth filled with fear mongering, hoping for a reaction of the masses. They have at their disposal a few groups of white nationalist, neonazi, and redneck rebels and bikers, and that is their "million man militia" that they are banking on to cause chaos. And yes, they will be acting out of sheer hatred and anger. Look into these hate groups, they are getting very active and the terrorism they wish to take part in has been given the go when trump tweeted covfefe. Watch for those activities to increase, but understand they will not stop us or what we are going to be doing. I think everyone knows by now how very important they really are and how very much their life is going to change. I accept this knowing.

By revealing the truth to all, it would solve more problems than it presents. Look at this way, if any informed masses, you no longer have to hide anything. You can act in the open, solving so many issues that come with hiding truth for sake of the masses' best interest. It will also put everyone on the same page, same narrative and give them insight about what the world really is like. What we do need to know, what we do need to be alert on and be aware of, what really happens out in the world at large, and how matters are connected to everything else. They have been living too long in a bubble of disconnectedness and act as if reality is always going to be either rainbows and butterflies or living in the reality where everything is shit in the world. Either way, they are both right. Right for them in that moment. That moment can change as quickly as a decision to change it happens. Change your mind, not necessarily the physical world. You are here to change how YOU see the world, not how others should see the world. We all, so far, have elected to take part in this endeavor. If the endeavor turns out to be what saves the planet, which i feel it is geared towards, then we have all elected to stay that course, in that alignment, in that reality. If your still here today that is. I wish for all to be conscious of themselves, their thoughts, their actions, and their deeds as that is the truth of all reality, consciousness. Being conscious. And I know many on this site are very aware and conscious of themselves, and add to that, they are conscious of the others in the reality. But you can choose what your focusing on. You don't have to take on the whole world and I think we are being pulled into the understanding that the world's fate in not solely in any one person's hands, although many would have you think that it does, but no, it truly does not. It is a collective, it is an energy collective and yes, you do have to decide what role you play in that collective.

This planet is now controlled by another unseen energy signature/vibration/frequency who placed that directive out there. This is why the directive of "do no harm" is so simple yet so profound, that is covers all areas of life across the entire planet. Do we see people adhering to this right now? Yes, I do, some aren't and that is their fate, but most are. That is why you need stop naming anyone of the past to being the same today. You do not know that and what someone has done before may not be what they are choosing to be now. Not everyone is aware of that simple directive, but the ones who act from the heart have this embedded in their core, whether they are aware of it or not. Most of you naturally do no harm and it pains you to see others doing harm to others, I know how it makes me feel. That was the whole reason I was a police officer for many years. I wanted to stop those who were doing harm. It is my nature, naturally, as it is in yours as well. That is why if you are good in your heart and your mind, then you are already golden, no matter what physically happens outside of you, if you are solid in your heart, firm in your stance, and mean what you say as well as show it in your actions, every day life, then you my friends, are golden and, in fact, the ones chosen. Whether chosen to take part in the most historical moment of our modern times, or simply chosen to be the "way" for others in your life. Just by being you, being present, you are more than you could imagine and more than you give yourselves credit for.

It takes too much effort to do harm. It takes planning, plotting, scheming, even some lying , keeping secrets and cheating. ALL that takes more effort than I can or even want to put forth, just to achieve one tiny small personal goal and most times at the fall of another. See, THAT is doing harm. THAT is where people who live in service to self go wrong. No matter how big or small, it is not the correct way. They feel rewarded because they achieve a certain task which brings their desires into manifestation, so you see how easily doing harm and service to self go hand in hand and can at times get entangled in having a strong will. The new energy field we live in now does NOT support that way of thinking nor does it support that way of living. Intention is what matters and it never hidden. I know I don't have to elaborate on that too much, I think most of us here in IDC get that and understand that, in fact, it is the only peace I can find at times, is knowing how much intentions matter in action.

Some just don't get the directive of do no harm and I can't say they will ever get it. But what I can say is it will not be tolerated here ever again, no more and by no one, no matter their self proclaimed authority. At this point, stay in heart, sit back, watch the show, stay alert, stay committed to your intended goals, and see your way to those goals by your sheer might and the will of God!!! Be the ones you were chosen to be. Live from the heart, do not be afraid, for the strength of LOVE abounds and rules, and no amount of darkness could ever defeat that energy. It has been proven over and over, in my own life, and I can recognize its power as well as use it every day. Do I get it right always, no of course not, but I strive to get myself more in alignment with that way, in every moment I exist. For some, its easier for them to sit back and judge others, examine them, then nit pick them apart, and they would be coming from an aspect of ego, fear and lack and frustration with all that. It takes true humbling power to see beyond the limits of the world and use the power of LOVE to transform the situation. It takes great courage and a courage which I will bow down to, out of respect, because even I have faltered in not being that a few times in my years. When I bow my head to you, it is out of my own awareness of myself and my choosing to respect you, not to be confused with submission. Many people get submission and surrender very confused. I submit to no one except the God of my being, but I bow to those who I respect. God is who is with me at all times, in all ways. Nothing is hidden from the God of your being. Intentions matter.

I read this site daily and it has become my newspaper for valid information, since I'm hearing the cabal hack shit, I will keep my posting very limited to help ease some confusion and the burden it places on IDC, at least until it feels safer to continue. Thank you Patrick, OWK, Zorra, Elders, NPTB, and ONE and all others of IDC's Lightworker Brigade! May we all be blessed and begin.

Signed: Omegaof33



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