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Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Interesting Concept" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Peggy53 » June 10th, 2017

Iraq Tenders Global Procurement / International Contracts

The oil industry dominates Iraq's economy, traditionally accounting for nearly 95% of the country's revenues. Agriculture is not sufficient to meet the country's food requirements. Iraq's chief crops includes wheat, barley, rice, vegetables, dates, cotton; cattle, sheep, poultry. Iraq is one of the largest producing countries in the world for the best kinds of date. Main industries are oil refining, food processing, textiles, leather goods, cement and other building materials, tobacco, paper, and sulfur extraction. Iraq has been highly dependent on foreign economic aid in recent years, from both Western and Arab countries. A major trading partner of Iraq includes United States, Turkey, and Syria.

One way Iraq and many other countries bring in International Contracts are through Procurement,

"acquiring goods, services or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding "



March 3rd -Jun 11th-2017

Services & Products Needed 11-Jun-2017

222 Requests of Procurement/Contracts

200 Requests posted between May 13th-June 11th of 2017

Deadline for ALL 222 Procurement Applications ( June 11th 2017 and After)


Peggy53 » June 10th, 2017

I thought I might try and help with a better understanding of realizing Iraq's goals and deadlines they have tried to set up for themselves. Although nothing may ever be set in stone and only God himself knows whats in store for us we do the best we can.

When mankind runs a business or a country and your good at what you do and driven like " Prime Minister Abadi & President Trump" are those deadlines are set in your head to accomplish with no other focus. When you have compassion & empathy for life you prioritize your values while trying to meet your deadlines and goals.

International Contracts are HUGE $$$$ each will create endless amount of jobs and they will stimulate the worlds economy,they cannot be requested or obtained without an International Exchange Rate, so if you look at just this one website of many procurement sites, it clearly states the deadline for applications begin on June 11th, 2017.

Based on the above information and many other things we have learned based on research I really think the likelihood of Iraq posting an International Rate this weekend has a GREAT PROBABILITY!!


DLR » June 10th, 2017

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." — C. S. Lewis

G-Man » June 10th, 2017

Boeing having commercial planes ready for Iraq on July 1st is huge. This is beyond very exciting.

Someone I know that has worked with Boeing in the past had the WF approach to this investment. Not anymore. He is all in. He said it would be really difficult for the planes to be delivered under Iraqs current situation.

PappaJack » June 10th, 2017

April 21 with all of it's events, most no think/remember it Frankie , so Mrs. PJ suggested that we just add the 72 -78 days ,as it appears they grow the value till then! I THINK SHE HAS SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO BE CONSIDERED !!!!!

WK » June 10th, 2017

Very interesting concept! Starting from April 22 then...today is day 50 and days 72-78 would be July 2-8... Independence week! …………Oh if only...!

Don961 » June 10th, 2017

JUNE 10, 2017

Abadi, during a breakfast with the leaders of the popular crowd: now we got to the last stroke of the liberation of the territory of the "Islamic state"

Baghdad (dpa): Iraqi Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi said on Saturday evening that Iraqi forces have reached the last quarters to liberate territory from the control of the organization of the Islamic state "Daesh".

He added Abadi, during a breakfast with the leaders of the popular crowd: "now we get to the last stroke to liberate land and we caution and continue with the same determination and unity to eliminate Daesh and that a large part of the successes is that we have deprived the enemy of the incubator."

Abadi said that "Tal Afar and Hawija will free them soon, and our troops on the border and secure the borders of our country is not crossed and do not want access to the second side," in the Syrian territory signal.

The prime minister said that "the unity of Iraqis in the face of terrorist gangs Daesh contributed to achieving victories today and that the door is closed, which came from him Aldoaash across the border as these areas were not under the control of previous governments."


Peggy68 » June 10th, 2017

Baghdad / Wael blessing


Preparations unannounced in Baghdad
To celebrate the liberation of Mosul

Taking place in Baghdad, several days ago, preparations for "unannounced" to celebrate the liberation of Mosul, to coincide with the third anniversary of the fall of the city , however , the organization Daesh.

Controlled organization, on 9 and June 10, 2014 on the city of Mosul, before imposing its control in subsequent days , the number of cities.

And received a number of ministries and instructions concerning the celebration of arrangements, invitations have also been directed to Arab and foreign guests, including artists and media professionals, to attend the event.

During the past few days, had not been interrupted media quasi - governmental, for preaching what it called " a week great victory", referring to the near Emancipation Proclamation of Mosul , to coincide with the anniversary of its occupation. The prime minister promised Haider al - Abadi, 3 weeks ago, the establishment of a major official and popular celebrations in the event of the final declaration of victory over Daesh in Mosul. Ebadi said, at the weekly press conference last May, said that " the government will prepare a special program to mark the occasion, and will be an official and popular where official and popular institutions all contribute to the celebration of all Iraqi provinces." The combined forces separated from the complete liberation of Mosul, a small area in the heart of the old city, holed up inside about 1,000 armed men , in addition to tens of thousands of civilians. According to the latest military estimates, it has been recovered 97% of the city center of Mosul.

Victory in the memory of the occupation

and revealed sources (range) for preparations conducted by a number of service ministries, including the Ministry of Culture, to establish a great festival for "declare victory" in Baghdad.

These instructions are very limited circulation linked to military action and security - sensitive field related to the situation in Mosul.

And will attend the ceremony, according to leaks, Arab media and artistic figures. It is likely that the concert will be held on June 10, or other nearby days.

The website published the seventh day of the Egyptian, recently apologized to one Egyptian actors, to attend the ceremony in Baghdad, who confirmed that it will be held on 12 - June.

The website quoted the artist Khaled El Sawy, who wrote on the official page on Facebook, he officially apologized for attending a ceremony of Iraqi security forces, slated for June 12 (June) present, on the occasion of the victory of the Iraqi army to organize "Daesh" terrorist.
He attributed Sawi, according to the site, the reason for his apology to technical engagements, as well as concern to travel to Arab countries in the coming days.

The paper said that "this celebration is scheduled to be attended by a number of Egyptian and Arab artists, in addition to a number of public figures in Iraq."

The Nayef al - Shammari, deputy Nineveh and a member of the security committee, said Iraqi forces are trying to resolve the battle of the city on the anniversary of its fall , however Daesh.

Shammari said, in a statement (term) yesterday that " the military leadership has developed a new plan to liberate the old city center of Mosul , " expected to enable the Iraqi forces plan to control the rapid heart of the city.

Confirms MP Nineveh " the importance of transforming the anniversary of the fall of Mosul to the day of the victory."

But Saad al - Sabri, the government spokesman, says that " the celebration is linked to the establishment of full liberalization of Mosul." He added Sabri (range) that " the challenge of time is , however , the military leadership, which we hope to be soon."

The prime minister said during his press conference last, that "Daesh is controlled by a small point in the center of Mosul, but will not underestimate them." And he denied that he had "identified on the fall of Mosul to declare liberation of the city from Daesh."

On the other hand Deputy close to the prime minister that the liberation of the city process will take longer.

The MP said (range), speaking on condition of anonymity, said that "Abadi revealed to us the existence of some problems in the editing process, and that the declaration of victory will be after Eid al - Fitr holiday."

Federal police said yesterday, it controls 75% of the Zndjeli neighborhood in central Mosul. The team said Raed Shakir Jawdat, commander of the federal police force, the "pieces of the northern axis impose full control over 75% of the Zndjeli neighborhood and close to many of the Bab Sinjar northern port towards Nouri mosque in the old city."

Since more than 10 days of joint forces are fighting in another neighborhood adjacent to the old city. It is expected to take the old alleys editing process takes longer.

Federal police announced that they had killed 193 sniper and blew up a booby - trapped wheel 414 and 1053 and 405 armed wheel motorcycle. She noted that the drones have killed 1221 terrorists, while able to deal with explosives dismantled an explosive device 483 and detonating an explosive device 283 other teams.

Wishes the end of the fighting in

turn , says MP Ali al - Badri said he had information confirming the existence of preparations are under way on "leaps and bounds," to declare "victory in Mosul , " the anniversary of the fall of the city or close to that date.

He Budeiri, in connection with (range) yesterday, that "Iraqi forces will, in the coming days, near the lighthouse of humpback, central Mosul, and then the rest will fall automatically neighborhoods."

It is expected deputy state law that " the declaration of liberation will be in the last week of Ramadan, and will be connected with the Eid al - Fitr celebrations."

The military leadership, parties close to the operations, handled a number of appointments for the liberation of the city, the most recent mid - current month of Ramadan.

In the meantime, Deputy Nineveh that "time early" to talk about declaring victory in Mosul.

The MP said Mohammed Nuri Alabdrih, in a statement (term) yesterday, "there is still heavy fighting in the area Zndjeli and healing, and do not think he can edit those areas and the old city in the coming days."

The humanitarian situation increases the difficulty of fighting there, as the United Nations has recognized the deaths of more than 160 civilians while opening "Daesh" fire on thepopulation.

He wished MP Abed Rabbo, who oversees a number of tribal fighters in the south of Mosul, said the liberation of Mosul as "soon", but asserts that " the battle is greater than the size of Wishlist."




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