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Thursday, June 22, 2017

"In Support of Richard (OWK)" by Victor - 6.22.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 1:35 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

I believe Richard (OWK). I support his work and I think he is telling us the Truth. It is shocking to me that we have fallen so low that He has to ask for support here. How come everyone is not ashamed it has come to this.? Who let this house be taken over by ignorance and Lack of Faith and Cabal ways.

Don't you all recognize it when someone tells you the Truth ? Apparently not. It appears many have listened to the Cabal arguments and have fallen for the dark deceptions and you are no able to see through the lies. This is all an issue of Levels of Consciousness. How many times has Richard spoken of these levels. I have spoken of these levels, but the problem is that when you are at a low level of understanding, you don't know it. The proof of this low level is the fact that we are in this situation.

The wall of the castle have been breached and there is not much time to get the intruder out. Do you even recognize the intruder? You may say you do and you want him out and you want to go and help the whole world with LOVE. All good .........yet even Richard has spoken on this point, but it appears to have gone over many peoples head and they did not get it. We are transitioning from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimensions. You can't use the tools of the higher 5th of only Love to fix a problem at the lower levels.

At the higher 5D everyone is already in the state of LOVE and that is how you operate there. To bring those tools here and expect them to work with the Cabal, which is at a very supper low level of consciousness. What level of consciousness do you think people are that abuse children and want to destroy this planet and kill you is at? Do you really think that LOVE will work on them?........NO it will not. Love for them is something that they are repelled from.That is a very Naive viewpoint that will not work on the larger scale with them. This is Not even the view point of the Galactics, which are fighting this problem because we asked them too.They are the ones implementing the STK actions......not OWK.

Just because we can not see the Galactics and the other forces that Richard (OWK) has contact with, it does not mean that they do not exist. They do exist. I know from personal experience that I had some contact with ...."Grandfather".....Now can I prove it to anyone?....NO I can't. Do I even really understand how to contextualize that experience? NO, not really except to stay open to the Miraculous and the amazing and a Reality that is much bigger than I understand at this moment.

Now, I also know from personal experience. That everyone that OWK called out as Cabal, is Cabal........sure felt like Cabal to me. I did not even need OWK to point them out. By their writings and by their energies they exposed themselves. OWK just did the dirty work of shinning his light and sharing it with us so we could see. So we who can not see yet will have a chance.....that is loving and risky. Look at the attacks from the people here, in his own home?

He gave us a chance by disclosing what is trying to hurt us. Many here it seems, are not even at the level of understanding this and they could not even see evil, even when they borrow OWK bring spot light........Sobeit.

And so it is that now the Cabal have won a big battle here and have moved in. I personally am not interested in staying here and in listening to others, if they are not aligned with what OWK says. If they are against Truth........why do I need to hang around here.? I don't ......unless this is a place of others like myself that can hear the Truth and we assemble here. If I have to listen to the ones that OWK pointed out and then try to save the rest of you who can no see or hear?........Well.......I am not doing that.

The only other person I listen to partially is Yosef. I don't resonate with the Trump bashing there and don't believe it. I listen mainly because he seems to have some Intel, yet so far none of what he has said has panned out? May be like all the accusers here that say that OWK and his latest calling out of the cabal has not panned out.....when it has panned out. I mean pretty harsh standard on OWK when Yosef gets a constant pass.

Since I can see Trolls, for what they are. I liked it that OWK confirmed my viewpoints of them. Also...... Do you really think that the Trolls would roll over and play dead and admit that OWK has exposed them?.....NO they will not admit it and will lie when exposed. That is what they do......geeesssh.

Now the one who surprised me here recently, is Patrick. He has made a choice to let the Cabal back into the game and kicked our or silenced OWK to the level of not being able to speak the Truth and help us all. That has to have much culpability as does our silence here and now if we do not speak up. This is the time to be counted and this is the time that the Roman soldiers are asking you......."Do you Know .......HIM?.......(OWK).....are you one of them?"

How will you answer?.......will you deny him three times?.......This is the kind of Level of the GAME we are playing at here NOW. This is it. You will not be helped by ALL the Zim in China if you don't have the Truth in you. What good will that money do for you if you can not even go up in consciousness? None of this is easy stuff. You will have to leave behind all your wrong believes and take a leap across the top of a building and fly like NEO in the Matrix. That is the kind of leap many will have to make here and I hope that Patrick makes this leap himself.

So far OWK has not been wrong about a thing.......for example. I think Yosef has been wrong about quite a few things. NOT one call of his has panned out yet? Off course Yosef is saying he will be proven right at the end. Now do we really want to wait until the end to find out OWK was right all along and we could not see it?

That is bad and if that is the level of the consciousness here...........then no wonder the dates do not materialize and the RV gets delaye again. WE ARE THE PROBLEM HERE.........Change yourself first. That will at least let you stay open and not fall for the very real Cabal here now and the IDC that they have taken over.

The energy here has fallen a great deal now with this change in policy. If we don't put Truth first here again...........there is no reason to come here. Act now and give OWK full speaking rights, we need it and it is not negative. Cabal lies are negative.......not the other way around.

Much Love Victor



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