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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"I2U" by Kibo Dabi - 6.20.17

Entry Submitted by Kibo Dabi at 11:51 PM EDT on June 20, 2017

Divine consciousness is the unifying structure of creation. The very fact that we call it creation not only implies, but demands that there be a mind, a will, in order to make it so. The mind that thought all of this up, more than any of us here, on this planet, at this time can never hope to completely understand or comprehend, is what we refer to as GOD, in the supreme, ultimate and absolute sense of the term and matter at hand. The thing that we call GOD is just that. It is a thing. It is an it. It is IT. It is neither male nor female and it is both and it is something other, all at the same time. It is everybody and every body and everything and every thing, without exception. Every way, shape, fashion or form that exists anywhere in the whole creation is that mind thinking of itself as that thing as it thinks of itself as all and everything, all at once, all the time and everywhere.

To put it simply: Whatever is, is GOD being that thing. The banana is GOD being the banana. You are GOD being you and I am GOD being who and what I am. It is the same for all and everything, no matter how large or small. It is wholly reasonable and correct to assume that suns and stars and planets and air and fire and water and earth and wood and metal and all forms and lifeforms are aware of what they are and act accordingly. Those forms of such intelligence as to exhibit the ability of free will intelligence hold meanings of higher purpose.

This is to say that, even though the awareness of a rock or a tree or a blade of grass or a pond may be more directly connected to its true meaning in the consciousness of the Divine Thinker in the one thought of all creation, they are what they are and there is no changing that within the time/space experience of the thing that is involved.

Stars, suns, planets, systems, galaxies and the like have much more leeway and choice as their intelligence, as far as they are able to discern elements and energies and distributions and changes with and within themselves at any given moment of experience, gives them the ability to discern their situation and thus, make choices and decisions and act upon them.

Human beings…the intelligent, freewill, ascending vessels of The Divine Experience that is GOD, are aspects of GOD ITSELF. They are the in-depth thoughts of GOD that are designed to experience the most profound of circumstances and situations as best they are able to do so based upon past experience in order to create even more profound future experiences.

And here we are…you and I and us and them and all as one together.

And yet and but and still…not all of us here, on this planet, at this time, are human beings…for human beings are GOD On Earth Shan Gaia Urantia.

There are human beings and humans. There are those with the actual and direct fragment of GOD with and within them and those that without such. There are those that are human and those that are inhuman and there are those that are unhuman.

The human beings and humans exist throughout the whole of creation. They do not always look alike. A human being from another planet could look like a floating jellyfish…but it is a human being and the same can be said for a human. This is something that the beings on this planet will have to do their best to get used to and accept and understand. They will have to change their definite of what a human being, or a human is, in order to better consider and reflect their acceptance and understanding that life is more than universal or superuniversal or multiuniversal or omniuniversal, it is creational. They will have to be able to understand and comprehend that it is not appearances that define the thing in question; it is its divinity, or lack of it, that matters.

While all things are GOD being what GOD imagines ITSELF as being each and every one of those things, without exception, there is that in the One Thought Of GOD that refuses to accept their creator as being their creator, or their God or their master or their lord or their superior or their equal or a thing that can even be considered to exist at all. This is all according to the definitions of thought and feeling and being and doing that is necessary to extrapolate the real functions and experience of such a realm of duality as this is and the advanced form of it that is being demonstrated on this planet for the sake of the whole of creation to observe and experience and learn from and increase their own knowledge in the matter of the dualistic opposition between that which is oriented in light versus that which is oriented in darkness.

Therefore the greatest tension of opposition of forces is found here, in this place, at this time. There is no greater experience than here and now to learn about the greatest opposition between the two forces of love and fear, of light and dark. These and their subsets have pushed and pulled upon and against each other for many thousands of years upon this planet.

Time and time again the cause and effects have been monitored and measured and reset and restarted to explore and determine exactly what it would take for the Light to break through such darkness in order to release and renew and re=establish the rule of light, eternal and infinite, the rule of love, eternal and infinite, on and upon and in and for and by and through and because of, this planet, our beloved Gaia, our Mother Earth and our beloved sister in this, the lives of all of us in and with and within GOD, the Creator, The Thinker of the One Thought of All and Everything that we call ‘Creation’.

I have been here these many years, learning, deciding, evolving, working, serving, and always dedicating myself to the doing of and the being in the Will of The One and The Life of The One, always and forever, no matter what.

I have learned and I have evolved and I have discovered that divine part and aspect of myself and I know that I am in GOD and with GOD and within GOD and there is great communication in that, borne of love of GOD and light in GOD and light of GOD and love of GOD…..

So I am here to tell you that this is happening.

I have no currency and no financial stake in this thing and yet, the GCR/RV is happening and is manifesting even as you read these words. This much I know.

That, the money, is not what is important to me as an offspring, a definitive thought of GOD as GOD being who and what I am in and with GOD as GOD is all around and within and with who and what I am……..as GOD thinks of ITSELF as being who and what and all that I am……me.

What is important is the freedom of this planet and its peoples.

What is important is the ascension of this planet and its peoples.

The GCR/RV is just a part of that. It is what proves to the peoples that there is more…there is more than what they were told and what they were told to believe there was for all and any of us.

We can all be free and secure and in abundant supply and prosperity and peace and love and light…

We can all be housed and fed.

We can all find and fulfill our purpose as individual aspects of GOD and brothers and sisters, human beings, all in the great and infinite and eternal bond that exists between all of GOD’S creature/creations.

We can all love and heal and restore and renew and maintain this wonderful and lovely planet that we all live on and within and around….smile

We can all love and heal and restore and renew and maintain our wonderful and lovely human condition and love each other and live with each other in light and love and rid ourselves of the darkness within us and all around us, from now on and forever and ever and ever……..

We can steady our feet in the place that GOD has chosen for us to stand in

As stewards of not just this planet, but of ourselves, our selves and each other, and this whole universe, as well.

That is how great and powerful we really and truly are.

We came here from all over creation.

We, the experienced in GOD.

We, the high celestial, divine, spirit beings of creation that had the resumes that earned us the right, the honor of being here to help make this happen and to be a witness to it all happening, in GOD, with GOD…

This is who and what we are, all of us that stayed the course, all of us that continued to stay on the path of spiritual upliftment and advancement and evolution against the toughest odds and the toughest opponent ever in the whole of creation.






And now…..you will find, that when the dust settles and the smoke clears, our work, the work of the true sons and daughter of GOD on this planet…in this place and time in space, is not yet done.

It is not enough to see humanity freed from their mental, physical, spiritual slavery. We will still have the responsibility to offer our services to them to help all who want to arrive in that place of spiritual freedom, of the freedom of consciousness of knowing themselves as being in and with and within GOD…and GOD within them all…..The responsibility to help these, our human companions in this life of being and doing and to do all that we can to help gain their understanding that they are themselves in GOD and also GOD in them, that they are not just humans, but they are human beings, they are GOD ONE EARTH AND IN CREATION!!!!!!

And these that accept THE WAY OF THE ONE, THE WILL OF THE ONE, THE ONE GOD OF ALL, with and within and all around them, these ones shall better be able to evolve in the Light and the Love of The One Creator, because of our efforts to do all that we can and could to get them there. All shall go on to create as GOD creates, to be as GOD is, as promised to us all in the PARADISE MANDASTE: “BE YE PERFECT EVEN AS I, YOUR FATHER IN THE HEAVENS, AM PERFECT!”

And remember the words of Esu Immanuel:

“I do nothing of myself except that it is my father in the heavens that does all things through me.”

That which I do, ye may also do, and more. The hills will skip like little lambs for thee.”

And also:

“Greater love than this, no man hath…that he give up his life for his friends.”

{‘Be ye friends of GOD and Christ’….kibo}

And also:


And so……









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