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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"I Need at least Two Partners" by Eric - 6.6.17

Entry Submitted by Eric at 3:34 AM EDT on June 6, 2017

One of my humanitarian projects has required a lot of head scratching. First off, being a little older like some of you folks, I have worried about the coming generations. X, Y, whatever you want to call them, they are becoming so much more disrespectful, lazy and in whatever words you want to put it, I fear that this is not getting better any time soon.

So i started scratching my head, wondering what exactly caused this shift from the good old world of "My Three Sons" and "Leave it to Beaver" to what we have now. If you ask around, some will say movies, TV, music and video games.

Next I started scratching my head about how these things could be reversed. If you put a video game in front of the average teen where he has to do good deeds compared to Grand Theft Auto, where they car jack violently, deal with drug dealers and hookers, shoot people and all sorts of other mayhem, you might as well ask them to sit down and binge watch episodes of Barney the Dinosaur.

I scratched my head about how to set forth an incentive for them to play a video game that would plant the seeds of better morals, ethics and human values. My degrees are in IT so I am going to take on the video game portion. At the bottom of this you will see the basic part of this Humanitarian Project that I will be taking on but first I need to describe what I need in a couple of partners.

First, I need someone who would be interested in working closely in the music industry. I am sure there is someone who is musically inclined who hopes to produce their own music, become a writer for some musicians or something like that. This person would be working with and contracting with people, musicians, singers and bands in every musical genre.

The first part of the contract is to stop putting out negative, discouraging, violent or otherwise detrimental music that goes against the morals, ethics and values we want to instill. The second part would be to help them or encourage them to create music that builds those morals, values and ethics, including self-esteem, self-control and respect for others.

The second and third partners would attempt to do the same in the Television and Movie industries, encouraging a slow shift to more wholesome programming and by programming, I want someone who understands how we have been programmed by what we see and hear. This will include cancelling some reality television shows, replacing them with something like what Zig Ziglar had at one time tried to get on the air and overall just bring intelligence and morals back in style.

I have a bunch of projects that I will be working on and I have some IT people ready when the money comes. I'm not asking anyone to give me money but hopefully these partners will be able to fund their portions of the same project, working together with the psychologists and other specialists that you will see outlined in my project proposal below so that the entire project can work together on the hearts and minds of everyone, not just in the United States, but all over the world as a Whole-Earth Healing Project.

I watch Dinar Chronicles for updates and real news as well as some other boards and sources. I'm not channeling anyone, working with aliens or whatever else. I live on top of the earth as we know it, just a regular guy who hopes to find other regular people with incredible potential and desire to reverse things that have gone wrong with our world.

Please don't contact me asking for money as I have none. Literally. I have payday loans and pawns that are keeping me in my apartment for another month. I have plenty on my plate with the projects I have in mind so please don't contact me wanting me to help with other things. My email address will be at the bottom after my project proposal if you want to partner up. Please be kind. Don't flame me. Don't disrespect me. Just help me if you want and look the other way if you're not interested.


Return of Respect as a Social Norm

Those of us pre-generation X remember when the average person had much more respect and appreciation of their fellow humans. We have seen the younger generations become much more lazy, sticking with nothing for long, very little respect, no appreciation for their fellow man, very little attention to anything that does not benefit them greatly and as a whole largely uninterested in the ethics, morals and values that life in the 1950’s or ‘60’s held.

I have sat down with several of these and watched episodes of shows like Leave It to Beaver and My Three Sons. I explained that this was the social norm at one time and they agreed that there is no semblance of those ethics, values or morals in today’s society. Most of them would rather live in a “Grand Theft Auto” themed fantasy world.

While I do not believe that Video Games, Television and Social Media are entirely responsible, I believe that there is good reason to believe that at least some of today’s decaying value systems can be attributed to these three sources.

Stage one of this would be to assemble a good team of programmers and psychologists. We will interview the psychologists carefully to make sure that they understand and can be on the same page with our plan. We will create a virtual gaming world, much like Grand Theft Auto (GTA), where people can interact with Non Player Characters (NPC’s).

Unlike GTA we will have unlimited gaming levels where the players have to do nice things for the NPC’s. Some NPC’s will ask for help, for example, some will obviously need help or even a well placed complement in order to gain points toward advancing to the next level.

Each person playing the game will register with an address, recent picture and some kind of profile. At the end of completing the first level we will deposit $10 in their account. At the end of the second level they will have to do more nice things for the NPC’s in order to get their $20 and so on.

We will register this Amazon-Cloud-based game on gaming engines such as Steam and it will cost nothing to play. Through word-of-mouth advertising I expect there will be lots of people playing the game and we will make every attempt to make sure that each person can having only one gaming account.

As they increase in levels they will start sharing stories of good things, encouraging quotes and such in the gaming world at first and then in the real world as they increase in levels and getting higher pay. The people posting are reinforcing good things in their heads while those that read their posts are reinforcing it from another angle.

With the psychologists guiding the story, we will “plant the seed” of doing good deeds through the lower levels and they will continue reinforcing this thought pattern as they go up through the levels, each one having new challenges, some easier, some harder, but the basic idea is to get thing thinking about being kind to others, showing respect and appreciation for the people and things around them.

When they advance to higher levels, let’s say they are playing a level to get $1000, we will send actors and actresses to find these people and put themselves in a position to need help. We can gauge their responses to real life situations and later give them examples of why they passed or failed. Let’s say they have to be nice or help three people for $1000. We later send them video of them telling one of our actors to “Get the F… our of here” when they asked for help. We send that to them, tell them that is why they failed that level and ask if they want to try again. Of course they will say yes but now they will know that we are expecting them to be nice in AND out of the game.

We might throw in bonuses. For example, a 100 word essay about how they actually helped someone or did a kind deed earns them $50. Even if they made it up they will have at least thought about it and reinforced the idea. Then verbal essays on MP3’s uploaded to our servers will exercise the same thought pattern but using different poles and neuro synaptic pathways of the brain, further reinforcing the ideas. We might even have video contests where one or more players collaborate to send in videos of themselves doing good deeds. 

Soon we will have conditioned them to look for opportunities to be nice outside of the game, unsure if they were one of our actors or not. They will not know if they got credit and we will send them an in-game message when they passed that level and announce “Keep up the Good Work, your next level earns you $1500 (or $2000) or whatever."

The money invested in this game and the repercussions of good manners, appreciation, respect and an overall return of morals, ethics and values would be worth every penny. Soon not only the younger generations will be looking for opportunities to do good deeds, but every generation will experience the joy and satisfaction that helping others and being kind can bring and be the recipient of it as well.

Partners in the Music, Television and Movie industries will work on the same theme and further reinforce everything. Some of the music will be featured in the game so that they will receive programming while they play. It might even be possible to make movies and television shows that are based on the game. I am not sure. I just know that I'm not interested in these other industries and so those are the partners I am looking for.

My email address is be_35@hotmail.com. I thought I would wait until the money came out before I would look for these partners but I've been scratching my head again. The people I am looking for probably won't be on this board after this all goes down so I need to reach out and make contact now. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and other projects and I know I can make this work with the right partners.


My name is Eric



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