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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Projects for June 2017

"The Next Big Step is here" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Imagine your great ideas, spreading throughout the World in every country and town. This is the next step. After the Funds, come the Ideas, then comes the action. Let us utilize this information resource by both sharing our ideas there, and then implementing as many of them as we can.

Thank You Patrick for setting up this great Community Resource for us all to Help The World in the most efficient way we can. After the Money, Ideas for Projects is the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE COULD HAVE AND SHARE. I for one, am Very Grateful for this wonderful resource. My wish is that people are able to find enough ideas to match the funds they have available.


Just post your ideas here on Dinar Chronicles by sending an email with your Ideas and plans to: UniversalOm432Hz@gmail.com Then we can all see them.


Humanitarian Project Ideas for the Month of June 2017

Entry Submitted by Endangered Species at 11:33 AM EDT on June 1, 2017

As we wait for the RV, people starve from store bought food that lack proper nutrition. My humanitarian project is simply to feed people nutrient dense foods at a price cheaper then McDonald's. Growing food in the city using greenhouses and aquaponics can deliver food at a much cheaper price then any other business around.

So I ask for your love and support.


Much Love,
Endangered Species ______________________________________________________

Entry Submitted by Peter at 5:10 AM EDT on June 5, 2017

The other day I looked at a picture of a free energy unit on f Neil Keenan’s site.

If you combine such a unit whit a cooling unit you could replace all diesel/gas using cool units.

These units are used for refrigeration on shipping containers and delivery vehicles.

You will create jobs, clean the air and reduce the transport cost.

You could also use them for powering (depending on capacity) ships of different types and size.
This wil clean up the rivers and coastal waters.

Dismantle all the old not in use ship’s / buildings etc.

Use only electrical vehicle’s in game parks.

Use only electrical cars in the tourist rental business.

Write out a contest for replacing wheels on luggage bags.

Sincerely Peter

Entry Submitted by Sandy at 3:51 PM EDT on June 5, 2017

Provide Ozone Therapy Machines www.Promolife.com to people struggling with Lyme's Disease. Lyme's disease if not treated correctly leads to Arthritis,Fatique, Depression, Cancer, Headaches, Brain Fog, Parkinson's ALS, Eye and Live damage, etc. Ozone therapy is being used all over the world but very limited in the U.S.A

College or Trade School Assistance for Foster Care Children when they graduate high school.

Adopt two cities.

A Single Father Program. Father's raising children by themselves need help running a household, caring for needs of the children.


Day Care
Cleaning Service
Baby Sitting Service
Meal Service

God Bless,


Entry Submitted by Valerie at 6:16 PM EDT on June 5, 2017

Here are two Humanitarian Project Ideas.

#1) Provide food, clothing and housing to impoverished communities on a massive scale. But then also provide a way to expose people to a large variety of trades and arts and sciences. They can explore and discover what kind of productive activities they are really good at and would love to do. Next they can get training, starting equipment and mentoring.

#2) I would like to see a study on psycopaths/sociopaths. They are a small part of the population, but do a great deal of damage. How did they get that way to have no empathy for others? How can people learn to identify them and protect themselves and their groups from such negativity? Is there a way to help them develop compassion? If that needs more research, what limitations can be put on them as a consequence or until they begin to catch on?

Napoleon Hill said the number one ingredient for success is a 'positive mental attitude' while the greatest cause of failure is the 'negative influence of other people'. So these are important questions, and it would be a worthwhile study to help protect the strength and harmony of groups. Perhaps in 5D it will not be an issue anymore, as all will be transparent, but meanwhile the information could be immensely useful.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:33 PM EDT on June 5, 2017

We want to create jobs and put America back to work utilizing clean/green energy.
We have several proposals, but want to offer our, “200 Mega Watt Solar Farm” proposal as our Humanitarian Project idea.
We have the design and all of the costs in a line item cost breakdown analysis. Our numbers have been certified by the underwriters.
Total project cost $868,000,000

Please contact me if you need additional information?

Entry Submitted by Mobius at 8:33 PM EDT on June 5, 2017

Wow, now for me, this is like the field of dreams.

I've done my homework in regards to what I'm aiming for. Curiously, when you seek something, life puts the right people in your path.

#1 rule, do not hurt the planet or people, she and they had enough.

So, here it is, my projects I will be starting with.

- Provide to family & individual in need. (direct help via trusts)

- Build geothermic power stations to take cities or local area of the grid.Remove Nuclear plants and dams.
- Build the Telas Antenna
- Buy or reproduce the Brazilian Energy Device (21 Watts input, 5 to 15 KW/H output)
- R &D Labs for Clean Energy

- Build housing project. House will be made of COB and built by 3D type of device.
- Roofing will be made of recycled tires (last 50 years min. Better than the 3 years life spend of a tire)
- Each house have a green house and for each 5 houses, a big green house to supply equally the 5 houses it belongs too.
- Each house will be of the grid. I already know how to heat, cool and light up each house, without solar, hydrogen.
- 1 partner already built a house 20 x 30 for 55K (Canadian) with insulation of R80 ofor the walls and R120 for the ceiling with heated floors and cold ceilings for ''air conditioning''. Same thing for customs sized freezer or refrigerators (finished with noisy frig).
The house is very efficient but not my first choice since the materials used are not biodegradable... but still, in very cold places, this method may have it's place.
- The same heating tech can go into green houses for all year long culture.
- Access to light bulbs that lasts 30 years. (Already developed)

- Direct $$ help to the people + organisms in place to provide housing, education, detox, food, etc.
- Clothing
- Specialized help

- Mobile dentist clinic
- Mobile grooming salon for the dogs living with the homeless
- Healing with chemistry is over and not working. Time to bring the Physics into action. The same tech astronauts are using and it works... obviously. I'm testing one of these device at the moment. They have been around for at least 35 to 40 years. I was kind of furious when I learned that this tech have been around for that long but not in the public domain at large.
- Health clinics for alternative medicine (already started)
- R & D on Self healing center and human potential.

- If the TELAS CAR is proven not toxic for the body (Electromagnetic frequency emission), I will help build 200 to 300 recharging stations equipped with Vegan food restaurants & health clinic to boost the energy of travelers. That should create over a 1000 jobs.

We are told that the electric box in our home have 200 Amps and that the Electromagnetic frequencies of this boxes are too much and are affecting our health. TELAS car are 6000 amps and are using Alternative current (like in our houses) instead of Direct Current. Something to think about & verify before promotion & supporting TELAS CAR... same with TELAS SOLAR.

- R & D on hydrogen car.
- R & D on Antigravity.

Infra Structure
-Replacing lighting poles on the street with the 30 years light bulb. The light pole will be autonomous via solar + capacitors and possibly more.
- Change the usage of Alternative current for Direct Current.
- Replace water pipes & fix roads.

- Provide financing of a special needs for the children.
- Green houses for give food to food banks, schools
- Contest among the students on projects based on a theme aiming at finding solutions not available at the moment. 100% financed.
We (the people) will keep the rights & plan of these solutions as a base for future developments & contests. The winners will have a shot at managing the development & market their inventions (more job) in our labs. - Teach about self sustenance, plant fruit trees all over.
- Teach about high quality food & cooking classes.

- Bring Energy to the jungle.
- Teach how to build a house (they do not know in the jungle)
- Build new tech for health
- Create jobs.

- Bring all the knowledge we have and build it there, if they want it. (Create jobs over there)
- Finance rebuilding these nations as they see fit without personal profit.

Middle east
Finance rebuilding these nations as they see fit without personal profit.

Artists / Cultural events
- Build Theater for outside and inside representations, festivals (more jobs) & work for the actors, dancers, school projects, etc.


I can't manage all of them by myself. Once these concepts are implemented, they will be available to the world if they wish to replicate it with the maximum support we can offer.

That's the plan... to start with. Many new jobs in perspective. I have 13 pages of project ideas and I can't wait to start.

Keep on dreaming Dinarland, it's gona be wild !

As above, so bellow.


Entry Submitted by Sathish at 6:35 PM EDT on June 6, 2017

Dear love one, I am Sathish from India.

I am a frequent visitor of Intel dinar.. i am seeing many interesting posts and thought of sharing my project to you. But i have no idea how i can be part of this project whereas i live in India and I dont have any clue how i can get funds to execute this project. I see most of the post are with respect to Americas or UK or Europe but for India i do not know how this can be executed. My Goal is to have collective conscious and awaken as a whole.Money may help to get rid out current debt or commitment but that is not the solution as a whole u know :)

My ideas.

First of all I need funds to make better earth than comforting or providing funds for money needed people.

1. I wanted to create awareness about the awakening and the foolish mind programs by which everyone are made blind losing their actual identity and living like slave.

2. I wanted to make this earth beautiful by planting as many plants as possible - i cannot do it on someone's land. I have to procure huge land at various location only to plant trees and make Earth green.

3. Health cure by natural remedy for many needed people, which i cannot be able to do it for free, i need to grow herbs in a big land to meet the supply for various people.

4. Schooling about the reality and not the current education system which is a fool system to deviate from the actual destination.

5. Save people - who are already aware of this awakening but not able to come out of their day to day needs and debts.. i want to liberalize them from the job chains and have them eliminate fear of earning and other dependent fears.



Entry Submitted by pixel one at 2:07 PM EDT on June 7, 2017


Im here to save the world for woman and man ! we neet a 800# nummer for that !
Clean natur projekt 2018.
How can we get it ? Online ?

Im from germany

Peace 4 everyone

pixel one

Entry Submitted by Ivan at 6:30 PM EDT on June 7, 2017

Here are my ideas - see attachment. Can't wait for RV!!!

Best Regards,

GCR Humanitarian Projects.pdf

Entry Submitted by Isaac Tilden at 12:00 AM EDT on June 8, 2017

I live in a small town of niangua mo. I would really like to open a grocery store here. Build a park for the kids in town too. I would also like to build a dude ranch for kids. Teach kids responsibilities An help them get through the hard times. Praise the lord. Thank you. Isaac Tilden.

Entry Submitted by Vinsky at 3:44 AM EDT on June 8, 2017

Will build/provide a soundproof multi-dimensional building where children of all ages can attend music class 5 days a week, 4-5 hours a day complete with nutritious meals for free. Music class will also be available to adults but children are priority.

A team with musical talents in piano/ various instruments/voice teachers/music teachers and tutors will be hired to teach children to learn to sing and learn various instruments- to improve their self esteem and well being.

The TEACH THE WORLD TO SING ACADEMY will be established in countries or places where there is abject poverty and where children have forgotten to be like children. This is a tribute to the children of Aleppo, Syria. Iraq, to the children of India, and also to the war torn place like Afghanistan and its neighbor Pakistan; also to the children of earthquake ravaged Haiti and impoverished Cuba. All lessons and snack/meals will be offered free.

The structure of the Academy will reflect the culture of the country where it is located.

Exploratory research and studies will start in a neglected area or city in the United States.

We need to collaborate with IDC lightworkers/professionals who share this same PASSION to spread love, peace and goodwill throughout the world through songs and enhancement of their musical talents. This is one project close to my heart.

Plans and discussions are ongoing.

Ps. Patrick, please attach the musical video on June 4th "Don't Worry. Be Happy".

Much thanks to you and God bless you and your family.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:51 AM EDT on June 8, 2017

Hi Dinarlanders

Here's my Humanitarian Project that I have been working on many years now but du to lack of funding, it is going very slowly.


DESCRIPTION: Establishment of a seed production farm of the heirloom fruit and vegetable cultivars and the establishment of an International Association of seed Producers and Distributors.

This project will be held at our fruit farm that we already possess in Rio Frio in Costa Rica.

The goal is to research and produce the seeds of heirloom cultivars of fruits and vegetables that grow in Central America that had been used by humanity for thousand of years, to ensure their survival and make them available internationally. The acquisition of land adjacent to fruit production will be necessary. Thereafter, an Association will be set up to ensure communication between the various producers and to form an international seed bank that will serve to enrich the genetic heritage of plant foods available to producers and to the public and to avoid their disappearance.


If you feel like helping me right now, you can go on my crowdfunding page and donate wathever you wich, it will be very welcomed.



Entry Submitted by Felicio Korb at 2:16 PM EDT on June 8, 2017

Hello, my friends.

I am Felício Korb from the State of Rio grande do Sul, Brazil.

I am a teacher and we have a project for Education for workers and poor people who live in a Village without classes.(Technics)

The Project is ok by our authorities and Governments.

We only need resources(money) to start it.

Our purpose is: - prepare people for life

- prepare people for a job
- prepare them to be happy and healthy
- be good citizens. No more...

Here in our country we speak Portuguese.Sorry if my English is not so good.

More details, about our project, it would be better, for me, to explain it in Portuguese.

This is our idea.

See you

Felicio Korb

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:04 AM EDT on June 9, 2017

My idea is to focus on education for other countries teaching basic principles as well as GESARA. This would have to involve developing the necessary materials/curriculum etc. This would require finding educators in the various countries to assist them financially. In under developed countries more would be required to produce text materials for the elementary pupils.

Entry Submitted by Juan Luis Juarez at 6:28 PM EDT on June 9, 2017


Below you will find my project proposal for humanitarian aid PROJECT OF A TECHNOLOGICAL RURAL CITY as well as my curriculum vitae both as PDF files.


CV Juan Luis Juarez English.pdf

Entry Submitted by Goldie at 3:10 AM EDT on June 10, 2017

Dear Family,

My Idea for the following PROJECT is based on a post I read here a few weeks ago which unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find today. But Many Thanks to the author of that post who ever You are!

The post I read was about creating available resources for Our Family after we've all moved to our new 5DHouse built by Dear Patrick him knowing we would eventually find our way to it.

The Idea that came to me was;

What if our new 5Dwebsite/House had a built in Universal Translator a la Star Trek? ;)

I don't know much about computers but I remember having seen many existing websites having "buttons" with Little Flags on them up in the right corner on their homesite.

I envision Our new 5Dwebsite having 209 "buttons" with Little Flags on them!

And as we get more settled on New Earth the required number of "buttons" would continually decrease until just ONE remains.....


Entry Submitted by Ernest at 8:14 PM EDT on June 10, 2017

Hello DIC,

I have been reading the Humanitarian Projects for a while and after reading a submission by Eric B and a few others along the way I thought I would my thoughts on the topic.

The arts have been a part of my life personally and professionally from grade through high school, to the military, university, working and producing, in non-profit community arts programs, state prison and as a Performing Arts Director for a major U.S. city. As many have said , "do not forget it called SHOW BUSINESS". The arts are not only an integral part of life and the measure of a humanitarian and cultured society and dare I say civilization. The arts are job creators and community economic development simulators and engines that drive education, innovation and technology. Don't believe me. Check out animation in terms of creativity, technology, innovation, educational requirements that drive the show business and commercial profit making success as an arts related focus. Say TOY STORY. BEAUTY & THE BEAST FROZEN etc.

MY GOAL AND OBJECTIVES is to use my company to provide special event program development, production, management, marketing, and promotion and consultation services to stimulate cultural destination tourism and arts driven mixed-used real estate community economic development projects in Arts Culture Entertainment Innovation and Technology Districts in the urban cultural core utilized to anchor job creation and community economic development.


A MIXED USE REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT designed for the top 20 primary and secondary urban markets that combines infrastructure real estate development, utilizing the latest digital and green technology, urban hydroponic and acquaponic facilities in aesthetically designed LEEDS Certified built environments. The projects can be scaled based on the infrastructure in each city and may include the following elements.

A Health & Wellness Center - with healing arts (dance, yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts, et al), Retailcomponents such as, Restaurants, Theaters, Media Center, Cultural Arts Center (acting, writing, music, theater, visual, photographic, audio, ceramic, culinary aarts, et al) Cultural Arts Library, Housing for seniors and veterans in aaa synergistic mixed use environment.


Support non-profit arts programs, artists and arts organizations providing technical assistance, grants, staff support, board development and program support

An After School Arts Education Program for youth

Child Care Programs

Senior Arts Programs

Veterans Programs

Inter-generational Arts Programs

Pre-School to Grad School Educational Scholarship Program

Community Cultural Credits volunteer program where youth earn award points working in certain areas that help the community that help toward earning college scholarships, or technical training school scholarships Train local journalists and documentarians

Annual fundraising programs to instill community pride

Hire youth, young adults under the mentorship of professionals to create website and social network marketing programs in support of the overall project and its programs.

Create national and international cultural exchange programs to replicate similar projects in other countries such as Africa.

Other humanitarian project include an education project related to S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. I woudl include an "A" for Arts so that it reads S.T.E.A.M. and support a S.T.E.A.M. a Magnate School for middle school through high school and to those continuing to college award full scholarships, summer employment and/or volunteer activities.

There are other non-arts related projects, but building and re-imagining urban areas utilizing the the arts to support the ingenuity, creativity and imagination of young, middle aged and older generations of people will reinvigorate our local , state and national communities and what it really means to be free.


Entry Submitted by Karrie Camezon at 3:57 AM EDT on June 21, 2017

My father passed away in August. His life's work was ensuring food safety in canning operations. We have a patent for an item which could be used in underdeveloped countries to ensure access to healthy food all year long, year after year. Additionally it will encourage micro businesses, particularly among women. It would be my joy and privilege to push this through the final steps to get this manufactured and distributed in areas where it can change lives!

In God's hands,
Karrie Camezon

Entry Submitted by Esther White at 9:32 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

(The healing cities).

First of all, I would start with setting up crisis teams all over the world to open facilities and treat the homeless starving sick people spreading healing technologies, food, clothing, and living care for everyone to every facility ensuring they're not like sardines cramped together in a large structure, buy existing apartments up that can act as transition homes. Then hopefully the scarring of the past can be healed.

These people would be given everything they need to recover and be healthy and whole again.

My idea is to build communities from either very depleted small towns or build from scratch.

Big cities have big problems and the infrastructures

Are already in place with to many harmful issues with the current technologies

So rural or small towns is better to build the new human friendly colonies

Earth burm homes that are both eco-friendly with free energy technology and sheltered living for every person

.Clean drinking water
.healing technology
.income for living and maintaining community city
.a community that is not only highly advanced with technology but lives and shares organic hydroponic and earth grown food from non gmo crops
. Technology is given and taught to use
by experts that can handle ongoing training for all of the community so not one is left out. Of coarse aptitude is important but if someone wants to learn they can.
.schools via-home computers and hands on learning centers where expert training is offered, teaching true history and future technology to our children through multiple facets including story telling and reading to the children of our origins
Adults to have ongoing training for all necessary fields in the new high tech age
Each community also having nature at its fingertips and understanding the need to stay connected to the earth, having activities such as kayaking, if near by water.
.Meditation sanctuaries to be taught for personal growth, healing and spiritual understanding, growth comes from self nurturing- love for others causes us to naturally follow this practice
.Horse trails for those who wish to enjoy nature, but a well managed and humane home for horses as they are not property.
.community hiking trails and outdoor/indoor exercise facilities with training available for those who wish to stay fit
. Honey bee sanctuary

Natural honey farms so we protect and utilize these absolutely critical to the environment creatures!

.Also to be given a humane loving environment as animals are not property.

.technology sciences and spiritual growth would be the objective and no one would be charged money for any of this as the exchange for this would be to learn all they are interested in doing as everyone would have a list of things they can do to help each other manage the community by giving a few hours a day of their work.

Eliminating common jobs and paying the community to keep itself structured and sound by being overseen instead of ruled.

To manage itself is the goal.

The list goes as far as the imagination can take it.

These communities would be large enough to be small towns, but small enough that maintaining would be easy and technology for each community would be a huge advantage.

places where all who strive to live in harmony are welcome and those who have never known it could be placed their to live well and happy after they are healed from the damages done to them through war and abuse of many kinds

We are human after all and we are all connected to the one infinite creator!

. These communities could supply enough food for a large city if they are strategically placed around larger cities and this could provide much financial support as well as the many other offers of goods and services. This is something I've always wanted to do since I was a very little child...

I want to lift up all of humanity and take them forward to a place where there will be true peace and love for the rest of their lives. Maybe one day there will be no need for money! In the love and light of the one infinite creator

Esther White

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:46 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

As simple as can be put;

Back in 2001 I worked on a sustainable water treatment project that was so unbelievable at that time that their product was limited in success as they had no clue how it worked or what would. I spent following 3 years on my own perfecting to the point I became a target to this day. I share with caution.

The product is a 100% safe lactobacillus based 9 strain nano size bacteria. It was so revolutionized and new, it was found under an electron microscope at Univ of Mo Columbia by a top 100 World renowned Scientist whom has since passed. However, 3 years of testing and data showed the following results;

1) Any body of water, any tract of dirt, any animal or human body would be "cleaned" of any and all "contaminents" such as but not limited to: carcinogens, heavy metals, unnecessary carbons, any hazardous materials, etc.
2) They eat the contaminants as food and turn it to harmless oxygen, thus oxygenating the body introduced in.
3) They reproduce every 3 seconds, so within literally minutes, they proliferate to zillions.
4) They balance the PH level of said bodies.
5) After the above accomplished and body returned to a "clean" or normal state, they feed on each other to a low level and the last few die off.
6) The EPA "off the record" approved for downstream use as milk is harmless.
7) The product tested in
a) wastewater lagoons- removed solids from 90% to >10% in 30 days.
b) Wastewater treatment plants with too many solids. Reduced dramatically.
c) Water treatment production plants. Reduced hardness in water due to limestone well storage under ground units.
d) Dairy animals. Introduced in lagoons. Removed solids. Introduced in food, increased milk production. Increased overall health of herd.
e) Introduced in used motor oil. Separated carbon carcinogens from good oil.
f) Mosquito infested bodies of standing water. Killed larvae, reduced population to nil.
g) Whirling disease in trout. Completely eliminated to return fish to healthy state.
h) Limited testing on multiple diseases/unhealthy conditions of animals and humans. Every animal and human health condition tested on produced complete/perfect health within 30 days. List confidential of testing.
i) Soil/plants watered with mixture of product produced balanced nutrients and PH with faster plant and producing plant varieties with larger/healthier plants, cleaner soil, larger yields faster.
j) Product can be absorbed in multiple ways. Airborne, skin absorption, oral.

The above was all accomplished in 3 years by a Team of 3. It attracted some VERY bad folks whom caused us to shut it completely down and scatter across the country deciding we would wait for the right time to dust it off and reintroduce to humanity. Advised to never patent under "old system." Our plan to get back into a production facility and to train others (as many Countries as possible) so that our product becomes the go to for planet clean up and environmental/human-animal super pro biotic safe for all life and our environment.

We have a Team of 6 waiting to go with proper funding. We can double every 30 days in production for 6 months and expedite from there the teaching process. We have 6 other countries on 3 continents interested so far. We are not moving forward until funds in bank as to ensure 100% success. Free product (cheap to make), Free production training after full background/vetting process by legal Team member.

Anyone wishing to join/learn more can contact Patrick with their information and location for more. Thank you.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:58 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Hello People, my name is Miriam Guezala, I`m from the Basque Country (Bizkay Gulf). I don`t hold any other currency but my own earned Euros, (not much and with great efford), but I`d love to make people benefit from this Land`s Telluric Force, for I feel Mother`s Magic stronger than any where else I`ve been.

My vision; Gorgeous domes in Nature, in very chosen places, to enjoy and heal from...Everything!!! I think we should all pass through some kind of very loving therapy and also to thank our magnificent flesh ships for ALL they`ve endured, Waking up our latent DNA añd more.

I need the money and the advice of some Galactic or Inner Earth, or whoever, or maybe the Keshe Foundation, cause I only have the dream, my friends.

Thank you all for being here at this Special Time, I send you Golden Sparkles!

Entry Submitted by KIBODABI at 10:12 PM EDT on June 22, 2017


Please know that in Chicago, IL, there are many closed public schools just wasting away.

These schools could be renovated into housing for the homeless and they have enough space to include not only private residences, but also a common kitchen/lunchroom, recreation area and enough room for medical facilities and services and that will need to be addressed in servicing and rehabilitating the homeless community to be better able to take their place/places in the new world that is blossoming even as you read these words.

I ask anyone that is a currency holder to consider that the infrastructure is already in place to help insure that homelessness is eradicated and that the services necessary to help those being served to contribute to the better and greater good of the new society awaits anyone with the funding and resources to do so.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.




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