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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Guest Posts In Support of Richard/One Who Knows - 6.22.17

Arranged: Top to Bottom | Newest to Oldest

Entry Submitted by Pat at 8:39 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Love and protection to you Richard! Whew! You have been through the wringer. I support and always look forward to your postings on IDC!

Please give the Galactics a big "high-five" for keeping you safe!!


Entry Submitted by Taxibenj at 7:38 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

In support of OWK

Greetings IDC family from France.

OWK : You have my support 1000%. energetically and physically.

All that you do for us is marvelous.. You are devoted to this cause and i admire that. keep it up.. I don't need to tell you but you have the support of much more people that you think or see..

People that don't have time to post.. that don't post because they are shy, that don't post because they don't speak good English, etc etc etc...

this community is grateful (for most of it) for all the effort that you make to keep us optimistic... you bring us up when you sense we need it.. I'm pretty sure your son is watching you and is very proud of you..

Patrick, dearest Patrick.. thanks also for all the "side" work that you achieve.. where would we be without you.. we would be wandering on some infested web sites probably thinking the RV won't happen and generating bad energy waves...

P.S. : accept my apologies one more time... (you know what i'm talking about).

Yosef... : couldn't write a post without talking about you... at first, i was ... how to say... wandering if you were making up all the news you were giving out.. in retrospect, how wrong was I... you put yourself in front line all the time.. giving us out of space info.. keeping us just like Richard on the right path... thank you so much for that.. i'm glad you didn't leave like I read you were going to do a while ago..

All the other contributors... thank you for all your post too.. I've learned a lot from you guys.. and girls..

I hope we will be able to celebrate EACH YEARS .. (on Richard's yacht for example... or mine since he will share his plans) ... all together... the anniversary of the RV release ... or the 800's release......

And who knows... maybe we will unite all together to go free another planet...

To anyone that would come to France.. I will be glad to take you around in my taxi... Patrick has my number .. just in case... but hurry... because after RV.. i will probably not driving a taxi anymore...:):)


Entry Submitted by Soulsister at 6:40 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Why is Richard/OWK's being censored from outing Cabal on this website?

People that are trying to KILL him?!!!

I stand with Richard/One Who Knows!!!! I back him up fully and completely!

Calling all White Knights, Christed Galactic Forces, Angels and Archangels supporting the Divine Plan for Earth: Surround all Voting for Love and Light on this Earth NOW with PROTECTION from the Cabal and remove the Cabal from Earth--one way or another! The Cabal has chosen--they made their CHOICE. We have been more than patient!

I vote for TRUTH, OPENNESS, HONESTY, over cabal controlled fake news, fake intel--that kind of news -- ISN'T LOVING! Why are we CENSORING TRUTH?!!

I vote for Richard/One Who Knows BEING ALLOWED TO POST FREELY! We want the TRUTH!!


Let's clean our house because it's time for JOY friends! Let's allow this stuff to get cleared up so we can BEGIN!


Entry Submitted by DRM at 5:22 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

I support OWK.

Every cabal member, leader, handler, or minion must be eliminated NOW! Not later. Any entity acting with the intention of doing harm to others, or preventing these Divine events from happening, must be eliminated NOW! This includes all on and off earth entity harmful acts. It is time to stop playing games and time to get on with our future.

And...we would not be able to fully utilize the GCR/RV for the main purposes of helping others on a mass scale, and focus on raising our consciousness in preparation for ascension, if we continually have to deal with psychopathic evil scum buckets.

Someone once asked me if i knew why people do harm to others. I thought and pondered for a while, since there are so many reasons. I finally decided that this was a trick question, since I had no good singular answer. However, what I was told was that "people do harm to others because they can."

I realize our situation here on earth is a bit more complex. But...this notion that people do harm to others because they can, oftentimes occurs without consequences. And...based on the lopsided societal rules and regulations we have allowed ourselves to live under, one must learn to protect them-self.

And...it is imperative that immediate consequences be imposed on those willfully committing evil acts, preventing our civilization from positively progressing forward. I am glad the Galactic Federation and other higher multidimensional entities are on our side.

Defending oneself in the face of adversity is not violating the "do no harm" global law. Everyone has the right to defend them-self and their loved ones.

Being righteous, loving, demonstrating sound leadership, and promoting the best for everyone does not mean one must be submissive to harm intended toward them. Especially if they can see it coming.

Far too many people seem to want to have their hand held with visions of grandeur, but when the crap hits the fan they disappear due to the prospects of confrontation and having to take a stand. Isn't this comparable to drawing a line in the sand and deciding which side we are truly on? No one is going to do that for us, This is a choice everyone must make. OWK has made his choice and so have I.

Yes, the Nesara-Gesara law of the land insists that I do not harm others. I am in agreement with that law. However, we have all been given free will, the ability to make our own choices, and thus the ability to protect ourselves from those intending harm. One does not give up that right, unless they decide to.

And...as far as all this nonsense about what prevented the RV from happening, NO ONE knows the true reason(s).

In my view, Intel serves two (2) purposes....

#1: to divert attention away from what is really happening behind the scenes
#2: serves as hope and entertainment while we all wait

I believe that these events represent a Divine Plan and maybe the only Plan that prevents our civilization from becoming #6 on the destruction list. That being said, only the Creator knows when the RV will launch.

If people were privy to exact details and confirmation, it would probably never happen. The GCR-RV-Nesara-Gesara events will happen on God's clock, not ours.

It helps me to consider the outcome of these events in terms of God's time versus earth time. Thinking this way helps to block disappointing conclusions and enables me to do what I must do each and every day, survive and stay focused. I know the events are coming because they have to.

Blessings to All - DRM

Entry Submitted by David Quercione at 5:03 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

One Who Knows,

Richard, you are loved and supported by many of us I included. Your undivided commitment to the RV/GCR is legendary and greatly appreciated. Every time I see one of your posts or videos on YouTube I read or watch with great enthusiasm and respect. I applaud your strength and faith in God and the process of the RV/GCR. In fact, your communications have helped me come back to my belief in God and support of everything you have done since I have been listening to you. You have my complete support and undivided attention to help people through this process. We love you, Richard. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

With much love and support

David Quercione

Entry Submitted by Shauna at 4:50 PM EDT on June 22, 2017


I send all my thankyou's and gratefulness to you. Similar happened here by the way.

Glad you are alright. I will include you in my rosary prayers for protection. God is with us.


Entry Submitted by Moonlight at 4:30 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear Richard,

you are the guiding light on this site and I feel so blessed by your teachings and never ending help and support and love for humanity. No harm will be done to you, for we shield and protect you as you are protecting us. Undividable light force. I will never give up on you and I demand, that ALL your posts will be available to us on this site. We come together as Lightworkers, to hold the light and to defend the light. Our work is to rise the energy on our beloved Planet and NOTHING can stop us. Our Power of Love is growing by the hour! The light always wins!

Thank you from the depth of my Heart. God bless You, Moonlight

Entry Submitted by FromStars at 4:21 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear Richard / OWK!

We are here to stand with you and to support you!

As you have stood for our benefit and help by teaching, answering to questions and keeping up The Divine Light always and all ways, this is the least we can do for you!

Your precious work for disclosing the dark ones is appreciated, protected and blessed. Wish I could follow your example of a fearless Lightworker as being the best version of me ;-)

Thank you, Richard and other fellow humanitarians in IDC!

(* FromStars *)

Entry Submitted by Andrixon Hdez at 3:24 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

I do not usually urinate where the doors open but here is a very clear signal, my apologies if today the hosts are under threats, but that is very noticeable......

Richard OWK, I am with you now, during and after GCR / RV, and if it did not exist then I would be, count on me for what you need.

I reiterate my apologies, but I believe that everyone is free to choose their group, I chose to give my support to Richard, well I say do not fear God has control.

Andrixon Hdez.

Entry Submitted by Kizz at 2:29 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

I lend hand to the majority others in IDC, in full and complete support of Richard / OWK.

I would not really be present on IDC if it was not for the leadership and intel information from the likes of OWK and Yosef.

Let me send a very strong message out to those that oppose OWK, with all my power as a galactic being on earth. To do Harm OWK is to do harm to humanity as a whole.

I send deep gratitude to OWK, Yosef and the GFL for all the intel, protection and security, and authorize the full elimination of any forces/individuals that are not of the light, do harm to others, and that obstruct the RV from happening in very short order.

I stand with you OWK and fully support you in the greater benefit of all that wish to do good for humanity.

Together we stand strong. The light will always dispel the dark.


Entry Submitted by Golden Age at 2:16 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear Richard,

I´m standing with you and fully support you.

I’m so grateful for your service to all of us, calling out the cabal and keeping the IDC house clean. I´m shocked that the cabal keep trying to kill you and I vote for calling them out. They don´t earn any kind of protection and anonymity, just the opposite. They were always operating in the dark, but now it´s important to expose all of them to the light and call them out to finish their evil actions against you, Richard, and that is against all of us who are holding the light high and finally it is against all of humanity.

I came to IDC a few month ago and I stayed, because I felt so much in tune with your high vibrating postings, Richard, and also Josef´s postings and all the positive contributions of the other IDC family members. Just the last weeks it has been a great learning curve in discernment. Thank you so much for this and your unwavering courage, Richard, Josef and all of the DC light family.

Finally I demand that Richard´s postings are to be published immediately. He´s doing all the hard work on the frontline for all of us and risking his life. We have the right to know what´s going on. May all of the cabal, their minions and trolls be removed and eliminated now!

Love and blessings from Germany,

Golden Age

Entry Submitted by Starman at 2:09 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

I stand 100% With Richard and could not believe that anyone would censer his posts after all that he has done for us..

Without the likes of him and yosef feeding us much needed information on this crazy ride where would we be today..

Would we still be on this site?

Would we still have Dinar?


Entry Submitted by Tami at 1:25 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

I applaud OWK for his bravery to name names because that takes guts. He has put his life on the line by doing so and I for one am appreciative. The problems we are facing in this Country now are due to the fact that the truth is being hidden and those that dare to speak up are censored, embarrased or persecuted publicly, threatened and murdered. In the past two years my eyes have been opened to many things I find hard to accept but I keep an open mind to all information and discern for myself what i believe or do not believe. I am free to read a post or discard it if it does not resonate with me. I want to hear the names that Richard is trying to share with us and I was thankful for the information already given. Although some of the names were shocking we must remain open to it and decide for ourselves what feels right and truthful. Those that were accused are free to respond in their defense or take legal action against OWK if they feel they have been slandered. I want the truth no matter how hard it is to hear sometimes. We have been kept in the dark too long.


Entry Submitted by Spinalizer & Alahzar at 1:23 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear Richard/OWK,

Myself and my wife Alahzar stand in total and complete support of you and all the work you do for us here on IDC and the world at large. We both know this is a HUGE task with both rewards and dangers. It takes a strong and determined soul who has the education, information, understanding, wisdom, and an overview of many topics that converge into similar data points. Ascension, geopolitics, finance, Galactic and Earth history, the cabal and ruling power structures which are crumbling. There are not many individuals willing to step up into a position such as One Who Knows has taken, in the spotlight, which also makes one a target, and to fearlessly act according to his own heart for what’s best both for his own safety and for the best of humanity.

What surprised me when I started reading posts last week about NOT staying so focused on Cabal activities/takedowns/Shoot To Kill matters, even ignoring names of said individuals, is that these topics were being ‘swept under the rug’ as they say. Now the rationale presented by certain posts regarding just focusing on the positive, was the more the IDC community keeps talking about the cabal the longer this waiting game drags out, and vibrationally, it keeps the energy of the dark alive and moving.

And while I agree this is truth (what you focus on you create and keep sending energy that way), what one should consider here, this is a totally different game & battle that is being waged. The Old Powers that Were… they never played by the rules, they made up their own rules from day one (and that goes back thousands of years). The have always been liars, cheaters, murderers, blood suckers, pedophiles, Satanists, ritualistic killers. So for us to take a stance whereby we can just keep the vibration high, think positive thoughts, focus on happy things, and that will help the mop up operation in these last days. Well that just won’t work, because in dealing with the hold-outs, the last dregs of these folks…vigilance is utmost and ‘coasting’ won’t work. They thrive on waiting out any mortal humans all the while looking for any weakness that presents. Then BAM!

In summary, if Richard/OWK believes in his heart that staying vigilant and continuing the ‘Whack a Mole’ strategy is the best course, then I believe he has every right, necessity in fact, to use the IDC blog community posts as a tool to further this strategy. And remember. To those who follow Richard’s posts long enough can recall his detailing the necessity of the IDC community holding and maintaining a high vibration while continuing to raise it further. This was urged due to the release of RV funds we all are awaiting, and in specific he stated that the Republic forces as well as Galactic Forces and Ascended masters and even Chinese Elders read our IDC community posts and use it to gauge the very tone or vibration of the community that is working together with these forces. We are all in this together. So by taking a stand against ‘outing’ individuals who need to be put on notice, taken down, killed, whatever, it may set a tone for a very positive and happy community here, but it will ultimately work against everyone here. Imagine this waiting period being over this week, even today. Sure seems like it is going that way. Then for an unknown reason (to us) it rolls into another week; Our happy and positive blog community is not going to stay high and happy for long. Drag this out into July, and things will go backwards vibrationally I am sure. How could it not with added frustration on top of impatience. Trust the process, especially when most of us don’t have access to details behind the scenes what’s going on. And trust Richard who is in the trenches, eloquently, strategically, morally, and gracefully involved in said process, pivoting, adjusting, bobbing & weaving moment by moment as needed.

We are joining forces with the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters to shine light on Richard/One Who Knows, and anyone else involved in this process, to protect you and raise your light quotient high above the morass of entities intent on doing harm, to you and all of humanity. We are all in this together!

Spinalizer & Alahzar.

Entry Submitted by Jeanne at 1:06 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Richard- you have my full, complete, and unwavering support. It is time for the Cabal/Dark Nobility Bloodlines and their minions to be removed from this planet (and existence if so deemed by Prime Creator) at every level, dimension, and timeline effective immediately. Enough is enough! This is the final showdown. Dark, Destruction, and Death? versus Light, Love, and Existence? To me the choice is obvious- Light, Love and existence.

We have been informed that NESARA/GESARA is already underway. We have also been informed that the new Republic is currently being implemented in the background. It is time to bring everything into the Light of day which includes all the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The time for working in the shadows must end now.

Releasing the GCR/RV publicly appears to be the only way to fully expose and remove this evil from our beloved planet (and universe). That said, I invoke my right to live in peace, love, harmony, and light along with my fellow lightworkers here and now as we take a united stand against the Cabal and their minions.

I do not concent to the allowance of further assassination attempts against Richard or any other lightworker by any dark entities. The Rule of Natural Law is Do No Harm. Harm is all THEY know so they must go!

Dear Galactic Federation, Prime Creator, Grandfather, Quan Yin, Elders, Lord Sananda, AA Michael, St. Germain, White Hats, White Nights, White Dragons, Commander Ashtar, Zorra, Sephora, and all other protectors of Earth/Gaia/Terra and Humanity:

It is with deep gratitude, respect, and love that I thank you for all the work you have done on behalf of Humanity. Thank you also for the Faith and support of the IDC community/family. Thank you for protecting Richard, Yosef, Sephora, and the many other Lightworkers here who have put themselves at great risk to share their knowledge with us.

I understand that you are not allowed to intervene without formally being asked. So, I am asking...

From the Goddess of my being I hereby formally request that all dark entities be removed and/or eliminated from this planet by any means necessary and for the GCR/RV to be publicly announced effective immediately. The lightworkers of this community are ready to fulfill their destinys and greatly appreciate your assistance in bringing a true and final end to the Cabal's reign of tyranny.

May we honor your works on our behalf as we are all ONE.

With all my heart and gratitude,

Entry Submitted by B at 1:03 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dearest Richard,

I thank you for all the news and messages that you bring to us here in IDC that inspires and opens our perspective to new horizons.

I look for your posts daily for words of wisdom and knowledge. It's sad that one can be censored when dealing with the dark. We are not in a Harry Potter book where everyone had decided to not name the evil that killed witches and muggles alike, including Harry's parents. Not naming something that causes fear tends to bring on an illusion of power to the undesirable entity or thing.

However, on the focusing the energy on said nameless thing or entity also gives it power and a sense of control.

This is tricky. And deep down you must follow your heart. Perhaps this is opening the door for you to have your own site where family and friends can go. Just saying.

I love IDC, for the many reasons, however, I had to take a break after the whole Tank plea thing. I started feeling like we were or are being baited. For what, not sure yet. Let me give you an example.
The last four or five days, I had an ant situation. It's been raining here on and off for weeks. Well the ants have been getting thru a hole under the windowsill in my room. This hole had been plugged previously and poison dropped last year. But the buggers are persistent.

Insects have no respect. I don't go to where they live to bother them, but if they get into my house, they signed their own death warrant. Anything bigger than a ladybug, my two enforcers(my husband and my son) get because bugs gross me out to the point of throwing up. It's not cute.

So anyway, I have been killing them as I saw them, and put out borax as a natural home remedy to aid in this. I had to turn it into bait with water and syrup. But more kept coming. The first few had reinforcements. And I got tired of committing ant-o-cide and having to bath afterwards. Couldn't get past the creepy crawly feeling. So it occurred to me that they don't like peppermint but I didn't have any oil or tea to spread in the area. Lightbulb, I grabbed the minty toothpaste and sealed the hole. I will have to keep watch but it worked.

Sorry about it being long but you may know more about the evil doers and minions than we do. So perhaps an alternative method may work.

When I put out the bait, it made me look back at how we were being baited.

Anyway, love you and appreciate you, perhaps my story can bring you a whole new set of ideas in dealing with this situation.

With Love And Light To All,

Entry Submitted by JJ at 12:57 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

This is in response to a request that I read this morning with respect to supporting Richard, which I do, whole-heartedly. There seems to have been something going on with posts on IDC so perhaps many are missing hearing about what is specifically going on with Richard right now. I am honored and blessed to have been guided to IDC years ago and do consider this site to be safe and true, filled with genuine Divine Beings who support each other in their own special way, as divinely intended for this experience. And our experience here now is filled with so much more Light thanks to Richard and those who guide him and watch over us. All are included in the huge embrace of love, light and deep gratitude I create each day and night, and I believe we here do the same, and I am grateful for All that is contributed. I stand with Richard and of course Yosef.... there is no mistake that these two souls are here with us to strengthen our bond and assist greatly in seeing us through this grand finale to completion of our old paradigm, with love, truth and determination. Thank you all and gratitude to Patrick for establishing this space. The recent increase in energy blessed me with a new perspective and understanding of what it means when we hear "it's already happened"..... I Know now it has, we are there, and raising our consciousness from here supports that experience for us All. Blessings Continue. Always Love. JJ

Entry Submitted by Intuitive at 12:53 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

Hi Everyone,

My heart gets delighted Everytime OWK or The Company of Heaven or AAM or any light being gets posted here on IDC.

That to me alone is the moust trusts worthy thing I can say. I have reing my life by this intuitive feeling and been now in my 40s there's no doubt in me about him. I stand with you dear Richard.

Not only that, he is to be commended for his courage and his understanding of reality as it is quite correct and necessary for us lightworkers who will construct the arriving golden age to expel what is not conductive to goodness. If you foster and protect the ones that are being selfservingly murderous and full of mischief disguisying them selfs as light, then you need not be a wit to deduce what is going to happen.

Just as necessary is to care and foment the worthy just so is to destroy the negative. Otherwise it will be caos. Do not misplace your tender love for stupidity. What do you think will happen if a father full of love and compassion will not correct his sons when they perform the worst acts and try to get away by playing out their inosense or they "right to act differently" when they have step over the right of all others. You know what that kind of parents will produce...

So carry on Dear Richard unmask everyone, make this DC pristine and proud in the best way. Sometimes the sons are so carried away and so deaf and wiked they must be chastised not because of any delight in violence or rage but because the good parent is capable and willing to go even to the most extreme measures for the spiritual well-being of his sons and of everybody else they will harm.

Let's be firm, strong, wise and of course loving in behind the whole time.

Not an easy task for sure.

Thank you Richard.


Entry Submitted by Sunny Boy at 12:51 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

" Don't show them any mercy, because you ain't getting any !!"

Thats the attitude and response we must have with the Cabal , its minions and whatever is left of those life killers who do not give a damn about any of us the light workers!!

And, ONE WHO KNOWS is risking his life daily 24/7 for the sake of humanity, revealing the truth, and the final release of the RV/GCR...and what's the least we can do right now?!!

Hell yeah Richard, you got my unconditional, relentless and endless support towards the work you do for all of us !!!

Hell yeah, we must dethrone in its entirety from its roots this cabal nuisance.
Cabal is worst than crap under the 120degrees sun !!

Cabal does not want us to be happy at all .
Cabal does not want us to be prosperous and full of health.
Cabal does not want this planet to live in harmony, peace and abundance.
Cabal does not want this Universe to live in absolute financial abundance and Happiness.

And a request for Patrick: ...please Patrick, we count on you and let OWK's emails with the names of those criminals to be revealed in your website. It is essential to know who they are.

We are counting on you and I know in my heart that you are a good soul and you want the best for humanity.

Let OWK do his job and let those emails with the names he mentions of the cabal to be posted and revealed.

We must all join hands and hearts and finally end the cabal control and progress in our planet.

it is a job and duty that all Light workers wanna do and will do.

And, and advise for OWK:...if you have the privilege and wonder of communicating with the Galactic Federation, please ask them to help to release the RV / GCR already .

Once that is released, most of these annoying situations will dissolve and humanity will enjoy a different light on the horizon where hope, peace and prosperity.

I understand the whole universe wants the RV/GCR to happen, but as you well know, we are running worried, really worried that this is getting postpone time after time.

Even the intel Gurus are running frustrated and thats understandable.

Humanity is running frustrated and desperate.

Desperate of the clown of Trump and his stupid way of governing .
Desperate of the ineffective US Congress where nothing is done and all ends and dies there.
Desperate of the maneuvering that legislators do against human beings and favoring corporations.
Desperate that progress can not be achieved in the planet.
Desperate that we can't save this planet from money greed and corporations.

Yes, we are behind ya Richard. Never doubt it.

Thank you for posting my message Patrick.

Thank you Richard /OWK for supporting us as well.



signed: SUNNY BOY

Entry Submitted by Vizcaya at 12:48 PM EDT on June 22, 2017

I am very heartened by all the positive posts in support of OWK's. I love Gary Larabee and understand his reaction to Richard's actions because Gary is such a loving soul and believes that love alone will change the enemy.....I have had relationships where love changed nothing, in fact, my love was used against me. Sociopaths don't understand love, they only understand control at any cost.

I have known for a long time that things weren't quite right in our world. The lack of money, free time or the knowledge to really understand what was going on in our world and yes my laziness to actually do something. But that is done .... I have the time and I have the knowledge and I am spreading the news to anyone who will listen. Once the money is available my/our efforts will increase many fold.

My love/light is with you Richard we all need to learn to defend ourselves it will be important in our future roles as benevolent workers for the good of the world.

Live is ALL there is.


The two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you figure out why.

Entry Submitted by Sugarbear at 12:42 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

I must say that our good friend, and brother, Richard has been enduring much for all of us, and so with immense gratitude, I cannot offer anything but my sensible and righteous support, and love, for him. Stand firm, brother. Know that we are of a common heart, and I AM with you.

Your brother,


Entry Submitted by Concerned US Citizen Doe at 11:41 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

We will always support OneWhoKnowes / Richard!

That's enough!

Some people will never stop hurting anyone else, they are beyond salvation and rescue.

We are "Light Warrior Brigade" ready to put a stop for these minions once and for all.

Thank you Richard! for long faithful service for the light and love. Of course we are behind you, and by doing so we support all of us.

Lets end this and start to have FUN JOY PLEASSURE . . .

With light and love from Sweden!

We are one! Brothers and sisters in arms!




Entry Submitted by Concerned US Citizen Doe at 11:41 AM EDT on June 22, 2017


I support you and respect you 100%. Hope I get to meet you someday! In regard to the cabal members, they do not deserve anything except to be exposed for who they truly are, and terminated. In the words of my (now deceased) young son, Mitchell, the cabal are nothing but "scum-sucking leechbags!" Thank you for all you do!

"Concerned US Citizen Doe"

Entry Submitted by Silent Angel of Light at 12:40 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

I declare my STAND with OWK for Truth in unmasking the true Cabal troublemakers who seek nothing more than finding pleasure in feeding the dark agenda of destruction!

Richard, your purpose in calling out those "known" or suspected of feeding fear and garbage to "we the people" whom are of the light and stand ready to serve the world for the highest and best good... IS SUCH A BLESSING.


Your LOVE to the Dinar family (as I feel I too belong) has brought me Peace in the chaos of deception here on IDC.

May you feel the surrounded protection being sent to you by many Warriors and Lightworker from around the world, and the light friends/neighbors within the universe. . .


God speed to the GESARA!
Our calling to Humanity is overdue but accepted as right-on-time!
Let the New Republic BEGIN openly to the masses!!!


Much Love,
~Silent Angel of Light~

Entry Submitted by Violeta at 11:38 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Richard, I stand with the countless good folks in IDC in support for you. I thank you for everything you have done and been doing for all of us. Very sad to hear of the attacks directed at you and yours, but feeling confident you will be ok. I send you love.


Entry Submitted by A Chilean boy at 11:36 AM EDT on June 22, 2017


I read the whole story of OWK and the cabal attacks against him. Is very terrific that this sick people can do.

Thanks to God nothing has happened to OWK ... I am praying for your life to be kept and all these people, who by their own decision have taken the alternative to continue evil, receive the payment that corresponds to their deeds according to the justice of the Most High.

God bless you OWK

A Chilean boy.

Entry Submitted by Carol V. at 11:32 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear Beloved Richard OWK,

I am raising my hand and standing in your spiritual army at attention.

You have been through so much, just like all of us here on IDC. That is why you understand our needs so much because you are one of us. I'm betting we as a group have probably done all this together before, BUT this time WE Win, hallelujah!!

Richard and Yosef need our prayers and blessings.

I send you MY divine LIGHT so that we can finish this fight and move onto all the fun we are going to have.

I blaze you two in St Germaine's Violet Flames 24/7.

Archangel Michael stands guard with his Blue Sword ready to take down any and all adversaries. Sananda's LOVE carries us through to the finish/starting line.

God Bless Us All,
Carol V.

p.s. thank you Patrick for this most awesome forum.

Entry Submitted by Freedomfirefly at 11:25 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

This message comes from my heart filled with Love and Light for All. In support for OWK, whom
I am very thankfull for all his hard work , time, effort and acknowledge the turmoil that him and his
family has been through on our behalf. I would like to say that if people like Patrick and Gary are being

called to the carpet ,,people that have strived to help the lightworker community. Then we should be
given the names of the people who are trying to tear us apart and the people who have attacked OWK
should be exposed and put out there. I am all for Unity in the lightworker arena but those who work against us need to be exposed so that our victory can be complete and they can be sent back to Source with love thus allowing for Ascension of all.

With Love and Light from my heart to yours, for the will of Mother/Father GOD and the Good of All.


Entry Submitted by Scott at 11:19 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Richard/One who knows, we are so sorry you have to live being threatened. We are praying that you will be safe until this is over.

Entry Submitted by Scott at 11:18 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

I want to thank and give support to Richard for his tireless efforts in the battle to our freedom against the cabal. I feel we are at a time where all truth needs to be released so we can all gain full perspective and move forward. I feel the symbolism I can create in my art speaks better than my writing. This is my support for the protection of Richard and his path in the battle of the Light Forces and the release of truth to the people.

A large gratitude and thanks to Richard, all Light Forces, Grandfather, Quan Yin, The Galactic Forces, Yosef, Bruce, and all others holding the Light and helping us all move forward towards our highest selves.

Light, Love, Joy


Entry Submitted by Joe at 11:12 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear Richard,

My deep support for your efforts to win the Light on the Earth, I am in my mind with you and as our beloved Zorra friend says:


God bless you and all Lightworkers!!!

Please tell me what else I can do for our victory!

Joe from Slovenia

Entry Submitted by Senior Citizen at 11:08 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear Ones,

We have heard today from Richard, our lion hearted one, who is on the front lines of this celestial battle. Richard, you have been very clearly heard. If one has ever been near a lion when they give a full throated roar, it vibrates deeply in the hollow of your chest. It registers deeply.

Our community of Dinarland rests securely upon the support of a three legged stool. Three legged stools are the most stable of stools as they do not wobble as four legged stools are prone to do. Our stool of leadership is comprised of Richard, Patrick, and Joseph. Gentlemen, you have my respect, gratitude, trust, and love. You were called to duty and accepted. Thank you. I cannot possibly comprehend the depths of sacrifice you have offered in your endeavors on our behalf. Again, thank you.

I know that three men, of such unique and superior talents, will know how to resolve this issue in the manner befitting of the heroes you have become to all of us. You are the mentors and friends we have needed. Thank you. I love you for who you are and all you have given.

Each of you is necessary for this mission to succeed. Each has their own predetermined path and contribution. You have joined together for a reason that is larger than the individual. Besides, who ever heard of a two legged stool?

Entry Submitted by ParaPlanePilot at 11:01 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Our Dear Teacher And Helper, One Who Knows, Is in need of our support, and If He's asking, I'm Giving. Dear Brothers and Sisters..., these Gifts in Men, these Master Light Workers, these Fearless Teachers Of Love And Peace, are an irreplaceable Treasure for our continued spiritual development. He is ONE who's efforts on our behalf greatly ASSIST US in being Mentally and Spiritually READY for our most blessed privilege ahead of being TRUSTED Distributors of Unlimited Abundance to Mankind. If we are to remain ready for the Blessings Ahead for us, Courage, Outspokenness, and LOYALTY to One who has revealed the aura of his Heart Chakra through his Words, (his Throat Chakra), and has consistently Taught Only Encouragement with words from a LOVING HEART, then OUR SUPPORT will remain Steadfast !!!

Remember, for all you Bible readers, The Archangel Michael is described in the account of the War In Heaven in Revelation, as a MIGHTY WARRIOR with a MIGHTY SWORD, slaying ALL in Opposition To Our Creators Blessings For Mankind, and is VICTORIOUS !!!

That spiritual WAR, in heaven and Earth is RIGHT NOW IN YOUR FACE !

STAND With Me As I Stand With One Who Knows, Richard Lee McKim Jr. !!!

by ParaPlanePilot

Entry Submitted by TJ at 10:56 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear OWK,

Thank you for risking your life to identify and take a stand against the cabal. They (attempt to) assassinate those they cannot control. Your bravery will save so many innocent people.
Standing with you and praying for your safety and success.

Entry Submitted by TJ at 10:52 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

I absolutely support Richard!

This censoring of him calling out the evil ones and keeping us from knowing the Truth is nonsense!

I, for one, want the Truth!

I desperately want Full Disclosure - publicly!

It is time to awaken the masses and put an end to this illusory madness!

Though I am grateful that I am one of the awakened, my consciousness is still limited.

I read IDC daily, hourly looking for posts from Richard & Yosef & any posts from the Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy.

I am ready for this "game" on Earth to end! And for the Truth to be disclosed!

It is difficult to stay positive and hold high vibrations with this constant "everything is done, any hour now" and then days pass and we just keep waiting. But I will not falter! I Am a Lightworker! I stand and hold steady to bring peace and joy to our planet - Love and Truth to our humanity!

Richard is here for a special purpose! Let him do the work he came here to do! Let him disclose the Truth!

Thank you, Richard! and Yosef! for shining your light on what's really happening out there! You are supported and appreciated more than you know!

Thank you to the Galactic Federation and the entire Company of Heaven for all you're doing and all that you've done! You are Loved and Welcomed beyond measure!

Please make all public announcements soon so that we can stand and live in our Truth!

All my Love & Support, TJ

Entry Submitted by Bogumil at 10:48 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Hello Brothers and sisters

I would like to add my voice in the support of Richard/OWK and his detemination to rid this site of trolls and minions. If OWK needs to name a name it would be in all our interests not to hamper him.

I have been missing some of his posts recently which also means missing out on the latest uplifting and groundbreaking news. This is in spite of fairly regularly checking the site throughout the day on a day to day basis.

Maybe a troll/minion tactic is to quickly barrage the site with multiple posts, in order to push a post that they don't want the rest of us to read, back out into cyberspace.

However I also take the view that any cabal derived troll/minion post, even the 'butter doesn't melt in my mouth' type, can be considered as a criminal assault on both our individual and collective persons and ask the NPTB to treat is as such.

Love and Blessings


Entry Submitted by Supporter of OWK at 10:42 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

I stand with you OWK in getting rid of the cabal and letting us know the truth. Keep up the good work.

Patrick make sure you let the truth be told on the website.

Supporter of OWK

Entry Submitted by DomNag at 10:39 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

Dear IDC Community,

I have treasured Yosef and Richard and this entire website for all the knowledge and guidance that everyone has so wonderfully offered. I've been in this dinar/zim opportunity for several years now and have felt that the forces opposing this gift to humanity monitored and took action against the people using these websites. A lot of gurus and supposed gurus have come and gone but Yosef's and OWK's determination and relentless uplifting spiritual vision always helped to sustain me. Normally in the human justice arena you don't make accusations everything is "alleged" until adjudicated. Slander and libel are real, and the dark forces have used them against truth seekers since time immemorial. But Standup Guy made the very important point that OWK brings us what has been backed and supported by his Sources and the Galactics. I trust that more implicitly that anything in the human realm. He knows the meaning of "do no harm" so if he is calling out those who are working against him and us, he should be allowed to do so. After all it is not the court of human justice or the court of public opinion it is the court of Divine Justice that we are in and I will side with Divine Justice everytime. I hope the censors of OWK's posts realize just what court we are in as well.

Best Wishes to All,


Entry Submitted by Leo at 10:37 AM EDT on June 22, 2017

This is my vote to support Richard on his endeavor to name the Cabal by their names, some of them keep saying that they are not cabal and keep showing their faces out there attempting to deceive us.

I thank OWK for his important contribution to the light, I also pray for his protection and wish he is permitted to continues his work.

Best Regards




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