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Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Goodbye Zeros" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Frank26 » June 17th, 2017


Theresa » June 17th, 2017


MilitiaMan » June 17th, 2017

Regardless of why, they are getting more for their money.. Can't "beet" that.. I'll bet there is a whole lot of more to it, than just ubundance.. lol ~ MM

Samson » June 17th, 2017

Union farm associations declare lower prices of vegetables

17/06/2017 - 13:34

It revealed Union general associations of agricultural, Saturday, for lower prices of vegetables in the week past as a result of abundant production domestic and entering the products of agricultural " contraband ."

The union in a statement news received " Economy News " a copy of it, that " the report 's prices of vegetables for a week last revealed lower prices due to abundant production local, in addition to the entry of products similar and lack of commitment Balrosnamh agricultural ".

He added that " the decline prices come also because of the entry of products from the territory of Kurdistan , calculated on the basis of the production of a local which is not the case, in addition to not set the ports border so as to enter the products of agricultural contraband " , explaining that " reduced the ability of purchasing the citizen because of the feminine situation financial led also to the decline in prices . "

He called the Union, to " the need to adhere Balrosnamh agricultural in the seasons of production local as well as control of the ports border of by the Ministry of the Interior, as well as for addressing the development of products for agricultural entering from the region " , stressing the " need to be involved when granting leave to the products of agricultural required to be imported


Excerpt from Wed.CC

Delta ...there are about 5 benchmarks they must comply with (with the IMF) to go International.

This should make you more and more happy! The World Bank, IMF, US Treasury...they are very strict!

Iraq is just waiting to go international.

DLR » June 17th, 2017

"Whatever you do today, do it better tomorrow." - Robert Schuller

Don961 » June 17th, 2017

Abadi, will visit Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia after the end of the week

06/17/2017 (00:01 pm)

Baghdad / term

For Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi was scheduled to visit to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, following his criticism of political parties and Hobeih.ocdt Iraqi sources and other Saudi Arabia that the postponement of the visit came at the request to move away from an Iraqi interlocutor "policy."

The Saudi sources have talked, mid - last week, for the determination of Abadi visit Riyadh on Wednesday. The Prime Minister 's Office committed to silence questions about the media. Abadi said, during a press conference on Tuesday, an intention to visit Saudi Arabia but did not confirm the appointment.

Furthermore, the German news agency quoted Saudi sources said that " the delay is due to an internal Iraqi reasons, and that the visit will come within a tour of Ebadi in a number of countries in the region , including
Kuwait and Iran."

The sources confirmed that the postponement of the visit, which was scheduled last Wednesday, came at the Iraqi request.

So media quoted an Arab source in the office of Iraqi Prime Minister, denying link to the Iraqi government to declare the date of the visit, stressing that " the talk on Wednesday was a declaration of Iraq had no income in it, and that Iraqi officials were surprised by the speech of some media
about it."

Furthermore, the German agency quoted a member of a coalition of state law , Jassim Mohammed Jaafar accused Saudi Arabia of "deliberately" spreading the news of the visit in order to "embarrass" Iraq and find out its position on the recent Gulf crisis, saying that " the visit is not in the interest of Iraq at the present time.

He denied Abadi, on Tuesday, that his visit supposed to Saudi Arabia , linked to the crisis Gulf. He stressed that the visit comes in the light of the invitation from Riyadh to Baghdad for almost a year and a half, was to boot her by visiting Saudi officials.

erupted over the past two weeks, the Gulf crisis between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Bahrain on the one hand and never T on the other hand , the background of the indictment last to supporting terrorism and embrace its leaders
in Doha.

And resulted in the crisis for the severance of diplomatic relations of those countries in addition to Egypt, with Qatar and the closure of land and air ports. What was seen as US President Donald Trump, to punish Qatar in that way as " the beginning of the end of terrorism , " the parliamentary Committee on Foreign relations, denied Althelathaoualmadi, set a date for the visit of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to Saudi Arabia, noting that al - Abadi plans to visit Saudi Arabia soon , but the date has not yet been determined not to the health of his visit on Wednesday."


Samson » June 17th, 2017

World Bank: Iraq is able to reap $ 90 billion to develop oil and gas

Today, 14:10

The World Bank announced that Iraq needs more than three hundred billion for the reconstruction of cities and broadcast life in the economic sectors.

The statement came in conjunction with an international economic report urged Iraq to raise its oil exports to more than four million barrels per day, and gas development and export sector at a rate of one billion and a half billion cubic feet per day, to get ninety billion dollars annually.


Samson » June 17th, 2017

Transportation: last month revenue of 4 billion dinars

Today, 14:22

The Ministry of Transport announced in the Kurdistan region achieved revenues during the last month amounted to four billion three hundred million dinars.

The ministry said that most of the revenues are the profits of the work of international airports in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah. Distributed between two billion and Arbaih million dinars from Erbil airport, and the remaining from Sulaymaniyah Airport.


Samson » June 17th, 2017

Iraq buys 30 thousand tons of rice from Argentina

16/06/2017 18:07:58

European traders said on Friday that Iraq bought about 30 thousand tons of rice are supplied from Argentina in an international tender closed this week.

Traders said it was buying quantity at a price close to $ 548 per ton including shipping cost.
The tender closed on June 11 with the continuing validity of offers up to 15 of the same month.

Traders said that the vendor is a Turkish Tyriaqa company.

It stood at the lowest price offered in the tender of $ 498.20 per ton including shipping cost for rice supply from Thailand as European traders said on Monday.

There was also talk about a commercial that Iraq bought this week in particular, and without a tender rice of Indian origin at a price of $ 431 per ton including shipping cost.

Traders said that the six companies participated in the tender this week, a smaller number than usual, although it was still reasonable.

Iraq finds it difficult to import grain for food support program since the introduction of new conditions for payment and quality commended companies from participating in the global tenders posed.

Iraq and the most dangerous suppliers earlier this year that he will pay the value of grain in batches. Traders said the General Company for Grain Trade informed them that the decline in oil prices and other financial factors forced the country to delay payments LINK

Samson » June 17th, 2017

Education pays the salaries of its employees Wednesday next to the approach of Eid al-Fitr

06/17/2017 - 10:46

According to a source of official, Saturday, that the Ministry of Education will pay the salaries of its employees Wednesday next because of near solutions Eid al - Fitr .

Said the source , who preferred not to disclose for his name 's " economy News " , that " the Ministry of Education decided to pay the salaries of its employees Wednesday next because of the approach of Eid al - Fitr blessed


Samson » June 17th, 2017

The launch of new appointments in the salaries of the health of Diwaniya

16th June, 2017

The Ministry of Finance, on the launch of the new appointments salaries in the health department of the province of Diwaniyah.

A statement by the Office of the province, said that "the Ministry of Finance approved the launch of the salaries and benefits of new appointments in the central health department of the province, retroactively from the date of their appointment."

He explained that the amount of such receivables amounted to "one billion and 495 million dinars. LINK

Upstart: This is very telling. When North sea oil came on stream, the Norwegians recognised that it was a once ina lifetime opportunity. They have set up sovereign wealth funds / trusts and the benefits can be seen all over the country. If Iraq follows this example, it will be wonderful. The ideal model for transferring the benefits of HCL to the man in the street.

Samson » June 17th, 2017

The role of sovereign funds in the protection of the single economy

Norway model 6-17-17

Hamid Abdul Hussein al-Jubouri

Sovereign funds play an important and significant role in achieving economic stability for the economies of the unilateral, non-diverse in its base production, through sudden shocks to those economies absorb, as a result of its dependence on a single resource, such as oil, for example, it is Norway's most prominent models for the application of those funds.

It is known that the single economy makes it an economy is solid, exposed to vibrations and fluctuations that affect this single supplier, where moving these vibrations and fluctuations automatically, in the absence of sound management and the will of the truth of the economy in general and revenues single supplier, in particular, to most of the variables of the single economy, because nutritious for all these variables, a single supplier has been hit by vibrating.

How the transmission of vibrations and fluctuations

The transmission of vibrations and fluctuations that affect the single supplier, to the rest of the economic variables, and as mentioned above, in the absence of good governance and will the truth, is done through two things:

1 exchange rate, the export of natural resources such as oil, for example, only because of the economy upon adoption, will lead to increased revenue from foreign currency, the public finances, since the latter always feed their expenditures in local currency, meaning it will increase the demand for local currency in exchange for payment in foreign currency, which means a large amount of foreign currency chasing less than the amount of the local currency, rises the local currency exchange rate.

The rise in the local currency exchange rate means higher and other local goods in exchange for foreign goods prices, and receives two results: the first decline in domestic non-oil exports, because of higher prices and the second increase in imports of foreign non-oil, because it is relatively cheaper when compared to foreign goods because of the high exchange rate The local currency, and both outcomes Tadian to break down the economy.

2. Increase workers in mono-sector wages, as the increase in workers in the oil sector wages, for example, will make individuals working in other sectors are moving to work in this sector, the desire of high wages, this transition will cause a decline in labor supply in other sectors and high demand rises workers in wages other sectors, and that higher wages mean higher costs for the production of goods, and then prices, decreases in demand, exerting downward pressure on exports, lack of expansion in production and reduced employment and increased unemployment and poverty.

The role of sovereign funds in the treatment of vibrations and fluctuations

Using sovereign funds as a preventive treatment of vibrations and fluctuations that affect the single economy, through the development of wealth and national income in these funds without passing in the general budget, and managed independently and in cooperation with the relevant authorities of the Central Kalpnk for example, and be invested in the form that fits with the state of the economy national, if the national economy is stable funds will be channeled those funds towards investments abroad with the financing of the general budget in specific proportions not exceeding the profits they receive in exchange for investment in various areas of investment that you see management Fund suitable, and vice versa, the investment is at home if the economy did not reach the state of stability, but in a coordinated and complementary to the investment of the general budget.

We have thus been able to avoid vibrations and fluctuations that occur in the absence of sovereign funds for the economies of non-diverse, especially rentier.

Norwegian model

Norway is the most prominent models that great success in the use of sovereign funds, to address imbalances and volatility suffered after oil 1969 discovery, known as the Dutch disease, where most of the economic indicators have become indicate the weakness of the Norwegian economy, for example, wages 50% rose, this is what It caused the decline in the industrial sector growth, and the Norwegian government debt amounted to 50% of GDP in 1977.

But after the application of sovereign funds policy, taking the Norwegian economy is recovering slowly, even taking the term called the "welfare state". In this regard, mention Farouk al-Qasim in his book "The Norwegian model of petroleum resources management" at p. 190, he said that the aim of establishing a sovereign fund in Norway is "to protect the national economy first of fluctuations in the price of oil or other emergency situations, and secondly serve the interests of future generations."

Fahad Amer Al-Ahmadi and mentions in his article tagged (how eschewed Norway Dutch disease) published in Riyadh newspaper, said that Norway would not allow (easy money) to eliminate its economy, production and competitiveness, but Norwegians At the time Nevsh- were puzzled, how to manage this new wealth that poured them in commercial quantities in the eighties,

And then the Norwegian parliament was divided into two teams, the first student to distribute wealth to the general public, and the second idea is opposed for fear of injury to the economy "Dutch disease" and suggested oil wealth spending to boost national production and the proceeds going people enjoy Balrkh DONC and well-being. In the end, it tipped the second team, in directing oil revenues to a sovereign fund that invests only abroad, and the government may withdraw only 4% of the annual fund to support the general budget return. Sovereign fund did not invest oil revenues at home due to the small capacity of the Norwegian economy, if invested at home will be destroyed all the competitiveness of the economy.

And now occupies the Norwegian economy ranked 27th among the world's economies based on GDP according to IMF data and the World Bank, this is in terms of the economy, while the fund itself hand, the relocation of "numbers" that the Foundation (SWF Institute) specialized in the study of government investments and sovereign funds, in the latest report issued this month, ranked government retirement Norwegian fund as the largest sovereign fund in the world with assets estimated B893 billion in 2014, and spread its investments geographically on the continents and countries, and sectorally on agriculture, industry, technology, etc., and most of those Alastosma Rat financial markets such as stocks and bonds.

When exposed to the Norwegian economy for any vibrations and fluctuations in external, comes the role of the Fund to save the suffering of the economy, but that the rescue mechanism to be within the terms and conditions of certain, so that the state remain on standby in the discharge of its responsibilities, without repudiated them and lean on the fund, which is the Fund as an aider when you only get crises, and as soon as the crisis ends back to normal work.

I did not know whether Iraq followed this policy in the event of the recovery of oil prices? And out of this impasse difficult goal of dominating the state oil rentier ?!

Researcher at the center of the Euphrates Development and Strategic Studies / 2004-Ⓒ2017




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