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Monday, June 26, 2017

"Edge of the Seat Situation" - TruthCall Chat Highlights w/ tman23 6-26-17

TruthCall Chat Room

crank7: Hi all

Meatball: afternoon Crank

Goose67: So this is where we can let it all out huh?

ElmerFudd: Poppy was in here? Why did he pop up again all of a sudden?

Jo: @Meatball Tony is probably here lurking lol
Jo: Or under another name?
Jo: As much as I like Bitcoin I have mixed feelings about it also.. the exchanges are like an online bank but you can't call them if you have an issue it's frustrating and risky but their will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin so on that end BTC should only going to go up in value
​Jo: And I sent a small amount of Bitcoin yesterday to somebody and it took 12 hours it used to take seconds so that concerns me also

BlackGold: I believe all gurus lurk here, they all act like they are against one another but i believe they are all in cahoots

Jo: @BlackGold oh I don't know I think they're genuinely against each other lol

BlackGold: worried about bitcoin ? wait until you see fedcoin
BlackGold: lol jo

Jo: Also with Bitcoin in the US they're clamping down on it big time
Jo: They're trying to control the exchanges
Jo: Whatever happened to Freedom

BlackGold: The cabal will always be in control as long as your money is in the bank

Jo: @BlackGold so what do you make of Bitcoin

BlackGold: All our exchange will be electronic just like bitcoin. at the press of one button you can be broke--scarey thought

Jo: Ya scary

BlackGold: everyone will be required to register their silver gold, bitcoin or any other asset
Jo: Ya that seems to be what they are on track with doing with Bitcoin
BlackGold: one world government is here 666 go ahead laugh now unbelievers
BlackGold: You won't buy or sell anything without them knowing
BlackGold: most people don't know flat screen tvs are two way, just not set up yet

Goose67: Not much chat here huh?

BlackGold: nope

Doug_W: we are all napping

BlackGold: Back for a second--you want to know whats funny--they probably run this site and recaps, it not directly indirectly

TWW: @BlackGold I agree and u r totally right, nice posting & some may b cabal plants

txbrand: :glad:

TWW: @BlackGold lot of us Jews as well know all abt the 666 believers or not but we know

txbrand: Just seeing if I could get new on phone

Y7: Hi you all
Y7: Any word on revaule 800# zim or any work lol
Y7: Chomping at bit hope it iz this week

LeLe: Welcome Y7This is not a date and rate chat.

Heron: Yeah, Y7. If you had a date last night, whatever you do, DON'T rate them!
Heron: (c'mon, gang. Not even a little lol ?) One thing we DO have here is a sense of humor.
Heron: @V7 Welcome. Don't feel alone. Chomping at the bit is a big part of why people come here.

ElmerFudd: I'm chomping on Mosul news.
ElmerFudd: Have they won yet?

Heron: Me, too, EF. A big part of it is to see those being held against their will be free and safe. Of course, the other part is that it presumably helps enable the RV.
Heron: Another Sunday, another week begins. How is everybody doing? I have to admit that the timing of the RV and the rest of life is an edge-of-the-seat situation. More than mere waiting. I suspect I'm not the only one.

ElmerFudd: I hear ya.
ElmerFudd: Be interesting to see what happens this week.

Heron: If A, then B. If C then D and E, but not B. If C can't make D happen, then G. Twists and turns. Whew!!

ElmerFudd: If they do finish Mosul in the next day or so, things could go fast.

Heron: Unless Mosul is just a smokescreen reason. Who really knows? The CBI & IMF --- and they aren't talking.

ElmerFudd: True enough.
ElmerFudd: I wonder why the CBI has been so quiet lately? Aside from their new web site.

Heron: It isn't just "flip a switch". Major shifts will happen. I have a feeling the delays are more about shaky feeling that they haven't foreseen something that will be huge.
Heron: MAJOR shifts.

​ElmerFudd: It looks like a lot of changes are taking place behind the scenes, we'll probably just see the end results.

Heron: Yeah. But the post-exchange scenarios are where the real changes start. Economic change can bring unexpected results.

ElmerFudd: True.

Heron: Suddenly there are MILLIONS of lottery winners all over the world. People who have barely had enough to make ends meet are suddenly wealthy. Lots of important jobs suddenly vacated. It can get ugly.

ElmerFudd: Or it might free up jobs for a lot of unemployed.

Heron: IF they have the skills and education, perhaps. But the workforce bandwidth isn't necessarily that strong.

ElmerFudd: Not with all these immigrants.

Heron: Coomon Cure means that EVERYONE get s the EXACT SAME education. That isn't a recipe for a diverse workforce.
Heron: *Common

Brow: I'm for The R/V - But Don't Hold Your Breath it's not going to Happen This Month or Next

ElmerFudd: We don't have that up here.

Heron: *Common Core !!! lol
Heron: Do you feel the workforce is highly skilled but simply lacking opportunity? If so, perhaps your scenario is good, then.

ElmerFudd: Probably a lot of skilled who lost their jobs in 08.

Brow: Lots of Mopping Up to Do- Maybe by year End or Beginning of Next Year

Heron: Don't misunderstand. The long-range prospect seems beneficial, but the short term might get ugly. Perhaps that is part of being hesitant to pull the curtain back.

ElmerFudd: They're going to have to. They can't go international without it.

Heron: Yep. Time to get things going.

Meatball: Evening Heron
Meatball: Evening Brow

Heron: Hi, Meatball! Eh, gumba!

Meatball: Evening Elmer
Meatball: lol
Meatball: Heron... interesting comment on the workforce

Heron: A lot of employers say they have a hard time finding the right skills. And dependability.

​Brow: @Meatball -Good evening

Meatball: going through that now on this contract I am on
Meatball: lucky if folks can pass a drug test down here

Heron: I don't doubt it.

Meatball: then for them to show up is another thing

Heron: Almost like you need a contract that pays XX if they are clean and dependable, or XX if they aren't.
Heron: LOL

Brow: The young Thinks They should be the Boss Now day's

Heron: #Meatball Lower their pay to get their attention, as part of a revised contract.

Meatball: I tell them all the time... I cant stop you from leaving but I can XXX well stop you from returning

Heron: @Brow They got a trophy for showing up at school. Now they expect that the rest of their lives.

Brow: True

Meatball: what happens when you take dodge ball out of the schools lol
Meatball: Warrior... where are you from?

Heron: (man did THAT comment age me!)

Meatball: lol.. careful there

Heron: I had my day, let's just say.

Meatball: we all have
Meatball: some of us just don't remember them

Heron: what were we talking about????

Meatball: lol exactly
Meatball: gonna turn in... Be well Heron.... good talking wit you!

Heron: [limited short term memory]
Heron: same here. Ciao

MightyWarrior: @ Meatball: My Take ? Well ... We have been DIVINELY chosen for this unprecedented opportunity to HEAL MOTHER, HEAL HUMANITY & more ... I believe, We ALL have been Divinely guided (synchronicity ) ... placement of various investment opportunities in our paths to begin with ... irregardless of which was chosen ...

My bottom line is: We have the opportunity, if We so chose; ( as mentioned above ) To assist in the Healing of Mother Sophia -aka- Gaia & All Her Kingdoms ...

​These funds are God's Gift ... through the fantastical foresight of St. Germain ... ( BTW, from chatter about, I understand he is in Human form for this Miraculous Time in Universal History that he is very much an integral part of ... )

Just thought I'd throw that in ... for what it's worth ... Otherwise, I look forward to all it encompasses = ALOT ... I have always taken great joy in helping others but could no longer when I became ill 17 years ago, completely changing my Life ...

That painful path ( still on ) is what lead me to my AWAKENING to TRUTH = LOVE ... The reason, motivating factor in this maddening equation that will FREE HUMANITY ... w/o endless words ... that sums part of it up ... obviously, I AM a Woman of MANY WORDS ... lol ... Also, BTW I AM from Florida ... and ... sorry I took so long, I AM Multi-tasking, ugh !

5tigers: what is happening with the zim now computer crashed just got back online
5tigers: what is happening with the zim was offline for abit
5tigers: guess no one is here

Iqdnewbie: Will the one hundred trillion ZIM note ever be worth anything ever?

Zig: @Iqdnewbie and @5tigers: Welcome to both of you!...Someone who is familiar with the "Zim" will hopefully answer you...Check back!...always can ask again..

tman23: Former CIA Director and Commander of international forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, David Petraeus said Kurdistan Region needs to produce and export about 800,000 barrels of oil at US$105 per barrel before it declares statehood.

“I think, ultimately, they probably do have a right to an independent state and an independent people, but again they’re going to have to get a good deal,” said Petraeus in an interview with Australian Strategic Policy Institute on Friday.

Petraeus believes that Kurds cannot afford to be independent for the time being, arguing that “We calculated at one point – the CIA – that they needed to export about 800,000 barrels of oil at US$105 per barrel.

They are only producing 800,000 barrels on a really good day and exporting a subset of that now in the forties per barrel. So, they still need some of what they get from Baghdad.”

Zig: @tman23 : Thanks for what you are contributing here...appreciate it... :)

Heron: Good morning to all.

tman23: We are in count down mode now........ July starts the second semester of the financial year......stock market is closed now for 5 days......

Parliament has some economic bills to push through that deal with 'BUDGET AMENDMENTS" .......CBI after all these years takes down the elementary school website and puts up the NEW..... If there is no lifting the zeros come start of July....... HELLO 2018 !! IMO !!

james1744: long time at du glad to be here also got link from recapps

Zig: @james1744 : Welcome!!...Tell your friends about this chat where they will be "Free To Speak Their Mind!!"... :)
Zig: Just not free to call other members names, etc....at least we "try" to be civil with each other....

james1744: I have thanks this is lot better. I see a lot of du here whoo hoo

ElmerFudd: Morning all, what is the cheesy excuse for the day?

Heron: Hey -- FYI -- I just did an interesting calculation. I divided the gross profits of US corporations in 1st quarter of FY17 ($1.736 trillion) by the entire population of the U.S. as of June 26, 217 (326,433,373).

It equals $531,808 for every man, woman & child in the U.S. !! That's for ONE QUARTER, not a full year. The only fiscal crisis we have in America is greed!

Heron: https://ycharts.com/indicators/corporate_profits and http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/us-population/ are the data sources.
Heron: Sorry to be holding back like I am, Zig. lol

ElmerFudd: How is it that several days ago, ISIS was in control of 1% of Mosul. Since then more of the city has been liberated and yet ISIS is still in control of 1% of Mosul?

Heron: They round to the nearest percentage.

ElmerFudd: Which should be 100%.

Doug_W: Hello
Doug_W: feel better now Zig?
Doug_W: sorry Elmer

Zig: Mess with me and pay a price...now I am on a mission here...

tman23: Geesh.... Seen Nancy Pelosi on morning news with Charlie Rose....... I can't stand the witch but damn..... really was embarrassed for her...... same goes for John McCain and his questioning at the Comey hearing...... Absolutely 2 perfect examples for having term limits.....

They should play these 2 events on tape.....OVER and OVER...... These 2 are well past having a senior moment now and then..... it has become a daily event

​tman23: The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to allow a limited version of President Trump's ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries to take effect, and will consider in the fall the president's broad powers in immigration matters

clay: awesome thanks tman
clay: she has lost it so has he
clay: glad trump got his ban finally

tman23: @clay ..... These rogue judges legislating from the bench should be dismissed......Either you follow the rule of law that has been established or you find yourself out of a job....and possibly disbarred ........

Meatball: so 2018?
clay: I agree they are not supposed to be political

clay: sure hope not but who knows
clay: meatball

Meatball: hey Clay... hope your well

clay: thanks buddy you too
clay: working till Friday then off to the beach till Tuesday 1st time since 2008 excited
clay: cant afford it but need to go

Meatball: good for you

clay: thanks much needed
clay: no kids
clay: lol

Meatball: bonus lol

clay: MB been 9 years too long

Meatball: tman23... are you still here?

tman23: @Meatball ....yes

Meatball: Tman... what are your thoughts on Iraq changing currency, a redomionation so to speak?

tman23: @Meatball ......... The way they have described the process is "redenomination"...... They just have played a cat and mouse game in not being perfectly clear on the subject...... So we are left with exactly how will they trear the notes with 3 zeros and for how long........

Meatball: so you don't see the changing of currency as a possibility?

Brow: @tman23 - Thanks for your Posts - I believe Iraq won't do anything until 2018 - They can't even Liberate Mosul in 6 months & Then they Have a Lot of Mopping Up To Do !

Meatball: The mopping up assessment is 100 percent on point
Meatball: Speaking of............

[pm]Zig: @Meatball : Thanks for your contributions to this chat room...you have been very active lately which helps tremendously... :)

Meatball: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/mosul-battle-to-end-in-days-as-troops-advance-in-old-city-iraqi-general/ar-BBDeU68?li=AA4Zpp&ocid=spartanntp
Meatball: Zig... no problem.... did you see the repost of yesterdays chat on recaps?

[pm]Zig: No...not yet

tman23: @Meatball ... To think that a 25,000 currency note that was worth $21.50 at one time will overnight turn into a worth of $25,000 usd or $75,000 usd is ludicrous.......

BUT after much research and following.....there is the possibility that it could do just that.... So at the risk of losing 30-40 percent of what we invested ..... WHY NOT !!!

Think of it this way......what is a safer play today....... Buy Iraq Dinar or take an annuity from Illinois State Lottery.....

[pm]Zig: @tman23 : What about Kaperoni's "Float" scenario...slower increase in value over time...

Meatball: Tman... so do you believe the Dinar has the potential to be on par with the USD?

tman23: @Meatball .......absolutely.....100% !!

Meatball: I see 2018 as somewhat realistic .... my opinion only

[pm]Zig: 2018 would be fine with me!

Meatball: Like Brow said.... mopping up and such

[pm]Zig: You listen to Brow??????....just kidding....

Meatball: Lol.. Man has many valid points in all of this

Brow: @Zig - "ZIG" is Like That Damn Chihuahua Next Door

Meatball: lol

tman23: @Meatball .... OPEC is bewildered at oil prices...... by latest articles.....they are sucking wind !!! ......... The region knows they have to get off oil dependency and open up economically....And the very reason the Saudis are cuddling up to Iraq

Meatball: Tman... I read reports from the oil industry predicting ppb dropping ... 25 to 30 dollars per barrel

Brow: @Zig - Just having a Little Fun on This Great "SITE" you run

Meatball: you are on point about them and oil dependency.... what they do about it is another matter

[pm]Zig: @Brow : Sure...but the boss is "mod", the owner....

tman23: @Zig ..... Kap is educated on currency by internet website searching.......'The balsum/samualson affect...........LOL !!!! ......... But he does have history to back up the argument. What we are vested in is and has to be NEVER BEFORE IN HISTORY........ So if we buy into what we hope for........ Then "krap don't float" !!

[pm]Zig: Okay...hope Kaperoni drops by sometime when you're here for an "interesting" discussion with you....

Meatball: There you go Zig... a forum topic discussion
Meatball: remember Trade and Rickey

[pm]Zig: Well Kaperoni debated that before but name-calling resulted...lol

Meatball: a lot was learned out of all of that
Meatball: delete the name calling and set the rules

[pm]Zig: If we could stay away from name-calling during discussions with Kaperoni it would be great...

Meatball: what was that gentleman's name that had the group that came on here
Meatball: drawing a blank on it

[pm]Zig: Wiley?

Meatball: yes.... he came on here and a ton of folks had questions

[pm]Zig: I don't think he goes to chats any longer...same with Trade...Sergio may know...Sergio has not been in here for a long time....

Meatball: Sergio is tied up as usual

[pm]Zig: LOL...Bakery buying time I think...

Meatball: would be good if you could set a time, post it and have a Q and A type thing
Meatball: like you said ,keep it civil

[pm]Zig: I suggested that to Kaperoni...but he did not seem interested...I think he likes randomly showing up from time to time....maybe he will see this...he does read sometimes...

tman23: REALITY.......Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – A court sentenced a Kurdish man to 11 years in jail for stealing milk and diaper for his children on Sunday. His family is currently appealing to reduce his sentence.

Ahmed, whose name was changed by Kurdistan24 to preserve anonymity, is a Kurdish man from the town of Kirfri, located in the south of Kirkuk.

He has been held in custody for a year now for stealing milk and diapers from a market to provide for his children. Recently, the court sentenced Ahmed to 11 years in prison which generated a widespread outrage and criticism from the public on social media.

Ahmed is a government employee with a salary of IQD 300,000 (US $255) per month, but has been receiving IQD 163,000 ($139) for more than a year due to austerity measures taken by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in attempts to tackle the current financial crisis.

According to his family, they pay IQD 150,000 in rent for their house, leaving almost nothing to spend on daily needs. He was caught stealing milk and diapers 14 times from the same market. “There was cash in the shop and more expensive items, but he never touched them,” the shopkeeper told Kurdistan24.

Brow: Like I have Said in the Pass-The Kurds & Iraqi Government Is Pure Evil People as The USA Government (Both Sides)

tman23: Guy steals milk and diapers and get 11 years...... Maliki steals 50 billion......orders hits to kill.....creates division that causes death of hundreds of thousands and destruction of the country......He gets the Vice President position and immunity.......

www.TruthCall.com/chat ​​



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