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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Dual Reality and Diplomatic Immunity" by Reallucky1 - 6.27.17

Entry Submitted by Reallucky1 at 4:22 PM EDT on June 27, 2017

Hello IDC Family

Hope everyone is getting there plans prepared for what is to come in the next few days. I wanted to give a few more thoughts about why everything is so confusing, not only in our country but the entire world. We have never had a level playing field, where all countries of the world, operate with the same set of criteria. This is what the Global Reset is doing for the world. Every country has had to have an evaluation, of what their country is worth in the International trading platforms, and the world. This plan has been in the works for many years, and some never thought this day would ever become a fruition. The secret societies and the backdoor military operations, that really ran the world. with the illusion the governments and in the US our branches held power, is was a very clever plan. Crimes were actually brought to the UN, and this is why Russia and China, have been having a say in the US decisions. Our country has been proven guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

Most are just now learning as the plans that are being laid out so the people could learn of the missions. These missions that held top secret classifications, and very few every really knew what was going on with our foreign policies, and the way the country has been run. I questioned the many things that were coming in fast and hard, this left me with so much confusion. After years of trying to figure what the hell is really going on, here are some of my conclusions, of course, it is my opinion, so use your own judgment.

GCR Global Currency Reset (5D) vs USA inc Systems (3D)

The start of our economic issues in America, was the signing of the Bretton Woods Agreements in 1933. John F. Kennedy (JFK), did not like that the power grabbing military industrial complex and secret societies were in charge. JFKs decisions were being manipulated because they were in charge of our military and the black ops divisions, that would do the the dirty work to keep the country in line. Many things we have been taught, just never happened the way we were told. Its all a mind control operation, but keep in mind, this is just how they wanted the country to run. The worlds elite and our top producing corporations, hold the true power in this country. This is where the decisions come from, that have kept us in check. When you boil everything down, its all about power and greed. To go for the money. When you figure out its in every single controllable asset we have in this world, its a very dimming reality. That the people we trusted, were only going for the money and control. Very dark sad reality.

This is where the DUAL REALITY plays such a key role. It is what they want us to believe, versus what is the truth. Since they have used this system since the beginning of time, its a slippery slope to decipher. If you know the true history of what has brought us to this point and time, and the origination of the global collateral accounts, you are way ahead of most people. I have dated most of the start of the countries demise, on the Bretton Woods Agreements signed in 1933, and leading to the Nixon decision (1971) to remove the Gold Standard and go to the fiat petrodollar system that we have had since that time. The agencies you see being called out right now, like the CIA, or the DNI or Intelligence services, that just were put in place, to keep us under their thumb. They were not only controlling the masses, and spying on everyone, there was truly no place you could hide from the all seeing eye. The global collateral accounts, that were to be released on the morning of 9/11, dates to the second time these accounts were to be released. The main reason was the Chinese that had bailed out the US, were to be repaid to the Chinese the following day 9/12/01, per the Hague Pact. The Chinese knew they were not getting paid, as the twin towers fell, and then to add insult to injury, imaginary planes were also flown into the Pentagon, where the information about these assets were housed (global collateral accounts and the Gold underneath the Tower 7, that was hijacked during the false flag event). I just have to write this, only because they deserve it so much George HW Bush (41) and Dick Cheney, et al. the master manipulators of this plan. You must know the history of the Bush Family (German) and the connection that Prescott Bush had with Hitler, also the stolen Tesla technology, that this family made happen. In my opinion, the Bush's are pure evil, and the pedophilia became a huge issue during the Bush 41 realm. Stories written at that time about Camp David and the Bushes, along with their father Prescott Bush. being a German spy, and the USA had put sanctions, that no one in this family could ever hold office. These sanctions did not work as history allowed two of the Bushes to become President. This family is a complete fraud, and the special TV show about George Bush (43) and his new art works, was a cover for the crimes to be revealed with disclosure. Its a diversion from the truth that will be revealed at disclosure, but do not let these so called nice guys fool you.

Every one of our Presidents have been CIA co ops, specially trained, with specific missions, to keep us clueless. Starting at birth with the poison vaccinations, that carry many imperfections such as Autism. Then the continual flouride in our toothpaste, chemtrails, and chemicals in our foods and medicines. It is a wonder, we have 330 Million people left in the US. If these were not enough, they created the HAARP and CERN technologies, where they could completely control the weather and even Tsunamis and Earthquakes. This was all from the stolen technologies of Nikolas Tesla. Enough about the evil that has been done how are we to move away from this dual reality dark side.

The country right now is running on two completely different set of books and documents, the global collateral accounts or the GCR (5D), has been put into one of the sets of books beginning in March 16, 2017, the one we will soon receive our gifts and blessings. The other is the bankrupt USA inc, (ended March 15, 2017) that is still running in 3D reality vs 5D, where every one learns the truth, this is the awakening or the EVENT, we have heard so much about. In one reality the first reality the GCR we are all ONE, and work under Natural Law, and the courts, and all systems in the country will be realigned. The other the bankrupt USA inc., (3D reality) is being removed hence the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and all the Intelligence Agencies, that operate without accountability, and have done so much wrong in our world. There is a time period where all the fiat dollars would be removed, hence why the Federal Reserve, will be seen as operational for one year. After that time, see ya. Also why you see all this happening with the IRS, in the NESARA agreements, we have been taxed for our work, we never ever even realized what was happening. This Fica and Wic that was taken out of every paycheck, those were totally illegal taxes, and it is being eliminated. With all the wrongs done to Americans, even when we thought we were free, we were more controlled, than any of us even had a clue. So never feel guilty, or listen to other people tell you, you must do totally righteous things when you have money. This money would never be released, if they had not been proven guilty of so many Crimes Against Humanity, Pedophilia, Fraud, Money Laundering, Child Trafficking by the UN. The list is truly endless, and people have died as a result. Our governments, are being realigned with our Constitution, and thank God for our founding fathers. This system, though easy to understand, when others have laid it out, is keeping everyone confused, because until complete disclosure, the true endless list of crimes will not be revealed. I am now middle aged, my whole life I have been deceived, and will make my life better after all the deceit. When the healing technologies, that have been held in Antartica are released, these have been held for decades because of National Security. The truth the countries pharmo and medical Industries could not make money off of well people, back to the greed and power again. There is a whole other topic the Secret Space Technologies, but I regress.

Diplomatic Immunity

No President can be prosecuted for any crimes, hence the reason Nixon nor Bill Clinton were not impeached. Unless they resign, because every single person in Washington DC has Diplomatic Immunity. The main reason our true records were held in Puerto Rico, and why Hillary Clinton has not been prosecuted. Especially for the President's of this Nation, they can do basically anything they want. President Trump could seal the records, or he could write an Executive Order stopping the prosecution. Why I also know that President Trump will not be Impeached. It is impossible to truly prosecute the President of the United States of America. They are all immune to any USA inc., laws or authorities. The main reason that Washington DC, is not declared a State. They are immune from the laws we had to follow. This is why you may have heard Alaska is leaving the State of the Union, and that Washington DC, and other territories will be made States. Until the new system is in place and the Natural Law will replace the Admiralty Law, they can not be prosecuted until this is announced. The reason why you hear, that until the new system goes in place, most wont be prosecuted for the Pedophilia, or Crimes against Humanity. This is especially true for the Executive Branch, that eliminates them from prosecution. The event is to not only change the way the country is run, it will eventually eliminate all confusion with full disclosure. That is what the NESARA Acts reveal, we will be all told of these changes, but I believe we wont, until the system is changed over. Because there really is no choice, the old system, was allowed to go bankrupt, it was a very controlled system, and the necessary changes are coming. Its like bringing in the Age of Aquarius, is how I have heard it referred. This is because there is truly no accountability, for any of the Crimes done Against Humanity. Not only in the USA but the entire world has faced the wrath of our greed and power. Hence why this power is being eliminated. We are all ONE, none of the ones we trusted, have proven to be on the people's side. The main reason I added this to the end of the post, is I wanted each of you to know that while we are told President Trump will be impeached, that is further from reality than any one can comprehend, as they are changing our system. No one really believed that Trump could win, the Deep State had complete control over everything, this is where the military White Hats, and our own flag officers have come into play. These men and there teams took up the impossible mission, or manning every voting site in the country, and made sure that no irregularities or cheating took place. I personally believe, that Donald Trump, was hired for the mission, as he was popular and his TV show the Apprentice, had very high ratings. They needed someone that was not afraid to take on serious issues, and to face the many assassination attempts that would come. I have read $150 Million US, and the reason that Saudi Arabia, held sanctions against Qatar. These terrorist contracts that were offered out of Qatar, to kill President Trump. Everything that President Trump is now speaking of relates directly to evening the playing field, and bringing the Gold Standard back to America to Make America Great Again. In addition, I was told by many people and web sites, that on the same day March 16, 2017 when the new system was used to replace the USA inc., that Donald J Trump was officially sworn in to the office of the united States of America. My theories and opinions, differ greatly from other people, but I believe this is what is truly happening, and we should all be so thankful, as the Deep State had us sinking, and would have continued. So regardless, of how you feel, I do not care about party, I do not care about anything other than making this nation thrive again. We have been in a very dark spot in history, and a few more years of the same, there may have been no recovery. This was not a ONE man job, this took every single person in the country, whether you knew or did not know the things I have explained, its a TEAM effort. So for every single person, that did anything to make this become a reality, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. The main reason this President has used Twitter and the social media, is because of our controlled media, and our CIA control and spying. So while some hate this, this is the best way to stop the Deep State, in your face out to the people. Anyone that is against an honest President, that wants to talk to this nation, needs to know the reason he is doing this is because we have been so controlled, his messages were being manipulated by the media, and in public forums. The direct contact with the people thru Twitter, eliminates the controlled media narrative.

Hope this helped people to understand just a little of what is truly going on in the country. This of course, is my opinion, but I believe every single word of what I typed.





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